Learn to Handstand in 30 Days? || Max’s Monthly Challenge

28 jun 2019
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  • Was great working with you max and pretty sweet gains for only 30 days starting from scratch! If anyone is keen on learning to nail their handstands I will be releasing free weekly tips videos on my channel seworld.info/tv/Y-YD70zoyxyqEpemuUGOzg.html Also checkout my Instagram @subyhandstands to follow along with my own handstand journey as well as that of my students. Happy practicing!

    Sundi SubySundi Suby8 månader sedan
  • How tall are you?

    Min Liang ChiMin Liang Chi2 månader sedan
    • 6’3

      Max HertanMax Hertan2 månader sedan
  • wow, love it 💚💛🧡💙💚💜🤎

    Jonathan WeissbergJonathan Weissberg4 månader sedan
  • I've learn to handstand for 15sec in 30 days and I'm still working on it

    D_E_A_D_L_Y H_O_L_L_O_W_SD_E_A_D_L_Y H_O_L_L_O_W_S4 månader sedan
  • Yeah bro, I'm 6'1 and also got over the fear of doing a handstand.

    mujahid janjuamujahid janjua5 månader sedan
  • At the moment I can do a headstand but I'm too scared to do a handstand 😂

    Milly CarringtonMilly Carrington5 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/eaG02LLDb52mzJs/video

    Virender ChaudharyVirender Chaudhary5 månader sedan
  • Would really try to see u handstand

    Jehan WadiwallaJehan Wadiwalla6 månader sedan
  • really its great. i m also learning hands stand please help me

    Rakesh DangiRakesh Dangi6 månader sedan
  • Really enjoyed this video, I am right there with you. I have wanted to be able to handstand forever, now with quarantine I'm finally able to make the effort

    Douglas NolanDouglas Nolan7 månader sedan
  • so much effort put in. Thats really dedicated of you

    Khai NguyenKhai Nguyen7 månader sedan
  • #quarantinegoals

    Alexandra SarafoglouAlexandra Sarafoglou8 månader sedan
  • 0:35 LMAO I thought that guy would die. then all of a sudden it was like... it's OK, he's Spiderman 😂😂😂😂

    Choco_ CrystalChoco_ Crystal8 månader sedan
  • I started 3 days ago, I will be back when i can do it

    Son GohanSon Gohan8 månader sedan
  • I did it like you but i did too pike push ups for more shoulder strength. Important: squeeze your toes and try to hold your legs together Nice work and thumb up

    PhsicoGERPhsicoGER10 månader sedan
  • This content is so humble, down to earth and relatable! It's nice seeing someone who isn't a genetic freak doing these things.

    Robert Crawford III WilsonRobert Crawford III Wilson10 månader sedan
  • Congrats for all your effort!

    Tobias LanziTobias Lanzi10 månader sedan
  • I've been practicing handstands for over 2 years now, the max hold was 12sec. I also have to stop due to hurt shoulders that get in the way of my normal training, and when i resume its back to 5 sec, I wont give up, my goal is 1min, if it takes 5 years all good.

    Cabrera FitnessCabrera Fitness10 månader sedan
  • Keep your arms straight for god sake! Arms/elbows should be 100% STRAIGHT!

    HogbergPhotographyHogbergPhotography10 månader sedan
  • It is way easier when you get the form right. Looking at the floor between your hands and placing the hands way closer to the wall will help. Remember that the balance comes from your fingers, so push down with your shoulder, do not bend the arms, keep the core tight (do not flail, that can actually hurt your back) and the legs straight and together, with feet pointing up. Your body must feel like a single block that is always falling over, and you bring it back to balance with a light tap of your fingertips.

    Giorgio MenalloGiorgio Menallo10 månader sedan
  • Excellent video!

    Luiz Braga CândidoLuiz Braga Cândido10 månader sedan
  • I've been working on these for soooo long lol. I'll do like 10-15 second holds but it's not consistent yet

    Edwin OrtizEdwin Ortiz10 månader sedan
  • you are motivating me to do handstands .. also on the way

    Natalja Nasta KreiterNatalja Nasta Kreiter10 månader sedan
  • super nice!!!!

    Natalja Nasta KreiterNatalja Nasta Kreiter10 månader sedan
  • Why did i get a handstand ad out of all things.

    Vivi CupidVivi Cupid10 månader sedan
  • I should lose weight first

    Ngati HineNgati Hine10 månader sedan
  • Not trying to be interesting, but I managed to do a wall kick up stand on my second try...

    Gentrit SylejmaniGentrit Sylejmani10 månader sedan
  • Liked your concept max doing something new for 30 days is really awesome.

    Rajan SharmaRajan Sharma10 månader sedan
  • Thanks for making me feel better about myself. Now to Try and perfect the "Handstand Pushup". This is gonna blow.

    Dudeist PreistDudeist Preist10 månader sedan
  • i know this is an oldish post, but the trick to handstanding against the wall is your gaze, gaze between hands and not behind you, notice you are always looking to your feet when kicking up, shift eyes between thumbs, will be much easier

    Mark DMark D10 månader sedan
  • Press pause at 0:01/ 14:34 :DDD aeh good video tho :D

    bob bämbob bäm10 månader sedan
  • Poor teachers. Body shape should have been corrected early in his training. Arse to the wall!

    Gary BurrowsGary Burrows10 månader sedan
  • Try learning a L-Sit in 30 days. L-Sit for 30 seconds on either a floor, parallettes or a chair.

    peepoo stockpeepoo stock10 månader sedan
  • I’m proud of you prince harry.

    peepoo stockpeepoo stock10 månader sedan
  • How tall are you, Max? ...probably I'll find the answer in the comments below, but I'm kinda lazy right now... :-) Also trying to learn the handstand (also to hold it), but not focusing on it (doing it after a climbing / bouldering session). Thank you in advance! btw., I'm 1,9 m tall

    ilja_wilja_w10 månader sedan
  • awesome job man! one tip I would say is to put your hands closer to the wall, eventually. The frog stand is key!

    Nathan PikelinNathan Pikelin10 månader sedan
  • dont look sraight when you do handstand look down to the floor it makes more balance

    hristaka _hristaka _10 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the video .. really helpful

    SwapnilSwapnil10 månader sedan
  • How tall are you Max Hertan?

    original sinoriginal sin10 månader sedan
    • 6”3 🙏🏼

      Max HertanMax Hertan10 månader sedan
  • Bro plz findout n say me that whether doing handstand can stunt out height

    Balasubramani ABalasubramani A10 månader sedan
    • Nah, you’re all sweet

      Max HertanMax Hertan10 månader sedan
  • I was never doing this and i learn after 5 gym visits by myself. I can walk on my hand now but it's harder to stay in place.

    MasełMaseł10 månader sedan
  • Good job brother!!

    Lucas VegvaryLucas Vegvary10 månader sedan
    • Thanks brother! 🙏🏼

      Max HertanMax Hertan10 månader sedan
  • I am surprise you haven't been told that, but lock your arms and have the distant as close as possible as your shoulder witdh, you will notice how little shoulder muscle you need to use in a handstand. This might get rid of the strength constraint and all you have to do is just focus on balancing

    FA'EZFA'EZ11 månader sedan
  • Anyone else have blood rush to their head after 10 seconds...? What can I do about this 😫

    TheOnly enVyTheOnly enVy11 månader sedan
    • @kungfuchamps thank you

      TheOnly enVyTheOnly enVy10 månader sedan
    • 1. The more you practice the less this will happen 2. Warmup before helps 3. Don't hold your breath 4. You will get used to it, gravity pulls down.

      kungfuchampskungfuchamps11 månader sedan
  • Thats good✨🙋I'll do my best✨

    ミスターダイナマイトミスターダイナマイト11 månader sedan
  • Great to see someone realistically struggling with this and improving bit by bit. So many of the tutorials make it look easy and then it’s disheartening to find it so difficult.

    Alex BaumAlex Baum11 månader sedan
  • havent dont a handstand in ages. you just got me to stand up and see if I can still do it! Also, I've been doing handstands all my childhood and teenage years until my wrist started being not happy and I had to stop... I never managed to have full control over my handstands... but maybe I might now attempt to. Right now, I am at a level that you've reached after 30 days, so I don't have much more to go! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ChuulipChuulip11 månader sedan
  • 1 month Planche challenge!

    Mathew SMathew S11 månader sedan
    • unreal

      PlancheDoWakacjiPlancheDoWakacji11 månader sedan
    • Would be insane!

      Max HertanMax Hertan11 månader sedan
  • You can do better, the wall is not a good idea to progress

    • cocatezz the better choice is to try again and again to enable hold handstand

    • What is a better choice?

      cocatezzcocatezz11 månader sedan
  • To improve your kick up you should keep your stronger leg's knee below and then you should kick up into handstand and use your other leg to get little swing. For your hands to completely lock out or to improve shoulder strength you should try Pike push-ups and other alternatives. To improve your balance you should look between your hands while you are in a handstand position. You can try doind handstands on paralletes

    Tushar TiwariTushar Tiwari11 månader sedan
  • impressive

    FabiBangFabiBang11 månader sedan
    • Thank you.

      Max HertanMax Hertan11 månader sedan
  • it's been a year I learn handstand. man, my hands are just too weak

    Riris Bayu AsroriRiris Bayu Asrori11 månader sedan
    • 💪🏻💪🏻

      Max HertanMax Hertan11 månader sedan
  • Well done! You did well, giving your time and your best. The important thing is always to be grateful in every step we take. That is what matters! Thanks for sharing your video, it's inspiring! 🧡

    Marsielle AguiarMarsielle Aguiar11 månader sedan
    • Thanks Marsielle! I couldn't agree more about the gratitude :)

      Max HertanMax Hertan11 månader sedan
  • Bro can I know how many hours per day u practice?

    Priyanka.g PriyaPriyanka.g Priya11 månader sedan
    • Maybe 20 mins a day.

      Max HertanMax Hertan11 månader sedan
  • That's good progression.How long did you workout everyday,I mean what's the duration of your workout .....thumbs up from India👍🙂

    Anand SridharanAnand Sridharan11 månader sedan
  • WOW, Salah teaching you to handstand :D

    KamilKamil11 månader sedan
  • The secret, if you want to call it that for the kick is to have the foot that does the kicking very close to the wall. That keeps your body's center of gravity close to the wall, so that instead of lifting it up you are only rotating it and your actual kick is super light. The first leg to go up is kept straight and just pivots up, your hip joint being the pivot point. If you want to improve times do lots of military presses, where you lift a barbell from shoulders to over your head.

    martin sinclairmartin sinclair11 månader sedan
  • Trial ideas: walking on hands, 1 hand handstand.

    andthereisntoneandthereisntone11 månader sedan
  • This is insane! I went exactly through the same thing, I am a lil tall compared to others, and I couldnt do it a month ago, and now im at the punt just increasing my ballance

    Henk HenksenHenk Henksen11 månader sedan
  • Fantastic, I’d like to know how tall are you and what’s your weight? If that’s not to personal. Thanks

    Wim MWim M11 månader sedan
    • 6”3, 88kg 👏🏻😊

      Max HertanMax Hertan11 månader sedan
  • I was skeptic when i saw the title. "There is no way he can learn handstand in 30 days,i have been trying for a year now." But im pleased that you show real progress. Really hope you keep learning this skill.

    Chieu Bao AnChieu Bao An11 månader sedan
    • He's have a good teacher right?

      WanHaikalWanHaikal10 månader sedan
    • @Chieu Bao An do you have an instagram? I can help you with your handstand.

      PAPA DANKIPAPA DANKI11 månader sedan
    • @Chieu Bao An what i learnt from my experience is that doing pike push ups and wall push up really helped my handstand hold and just doing handstand hold on the wall for sets really helped my free stand handstand hold now i can even do 1-2 hand stand push-ups

      Manish RaiManish Rai11 månader sedan
    • @Manish Rai i am now able to hold for 15 secs best. i mostly figure it out on my own. The first few months thing got quite easy but for the last 6 months i really can't improve at all so there i am on the internet searching for a solution

      Chieu Bao AnChieu Bao An11 månader sedan
    • A year ??? I went from zero handstand to 30second hold in like 3 months u r probably not doing progressions and not consistent

      Manish RaiManish Rai11 månader sedan
  • Was noone in the first few days telling you to stack your shoulder? Thats why it was so difficult for you. You’re arms were way too bent and quite far apart. If you hand then directly under each join and without tilting the pelvis it would of felt a lot easier.

    Duke NecromancerDuke Necromancer11 månader sedan
    • Just got up to the point you mention they cant lock out.. thats the first time ive ever heard this sort of thing. Biceps are too tight? You need to get the mobility back. Its not your shoulders that should feel burned out. It should be a whole body thing not an individual thing. Thats why you stack. The feeling goes equally all the way down.

      Duke NecromancerDuke Necromancer11 månader sedan
  • haha!

    Sanjay PandeySanjay Pandey11 månader sedan
  • According to me one should develop good shoulder and wrist strength.

    Anil ThapaAnil Thapa11 månader sedan
  • I normally don’t comment on videos but I definitely found myself yelling out loud “push through your shoulders” or “kick just a little bit harder” and cheering when you finally kicked up to the wall! Speaking as a tumbling coach this is AMAZING progress! You’re so close-I feel like if this was a 40 day challenge you would have got it. Kudos to you for sticking with it when I know your shoulders were about to fall off!

    soclose2hersoclose2herÅr sedan
    • Thank you so much 👏🏻 I had a blast. :)

      Max HertanMax HertanÅr sedan
  • when ever i see that afro man with you i see progress, he really looks great teacher.

    Khaled KTGKhaled KTGÅr sedan
    • He is and he has a free downloadable guide I put in my description 👏🏻

      Max HertanMax HertanÅr sedan
  • U had a very weak core at that point it wasn't wise to start a hand stand

    Ibrahim SalehIbrahim SalehÅr sedan
  • can you learn how to handstand walk?

    michaelhernandezjrmichaelhernandezjrÅr sedan
  • Why is prince harry doing handstands

    RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)År sedan
    • And josh peters

      Woody HewitsonWoody Hewitson10 månader sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Nepali music and newsNepali music and news11 månader sedan
  • try to learn a muscle up in a month

    Life's GreatLife's GreatÅr sedan
    • That video is coming tomorrow!

      Max HertanMax HertanÅr sedan
  • The progress is super impressive in this video! The thing I like to tell people when teaching them how to do a handstand is to try to block their ears with their shoulders. This will cause you to keep your head in and your shoulders open, which straightens out your handstand (also helps keep all your weight on your hands making it easier.) Keep up the good work!

    Alex St GeorgeAlex St GeorgeÅr sedan
  • This video deserves more views and likes... I really appreciate your effort man..

    yusuf abdullohyusuf abdullohÅr sedan
  • Thanks for sharing. I have been working on a handstand for too long and still need the wall or get about 10 seconds on the floor. I have to get serious and get the hand- stand off my list of things I can do.....I’m knocking out muscle-ups though. Working towards the slow muscle-up.

    Bob StalnakerBob StalnakerÅr sedan
  • evolution has taken eons of time for us to walk up right on our feet. so now you can see why walking on hands it quite a challenge

    paul maloneypaul maloneyÅr sedan
  • Very good man

    Vu TongVu TongÅr sedan
  • i cant kick it

    Phong Street WorkoutPhong Street WorkoutÅr sedan
  • I found this vid after am doing my daily handstand for 6 days...man ..i know the strugle,am keep falling like dumb rock when am doing kick up wall..but in day 7 i finally manage unassited kick up wall in few sec..from there i know i can do it more..thanks bruh ..keep doing a good work

    Rio AdigunaRio AdigunaÅr sedan
  • Wow. When you started, it was pretty pathetic. But you made tremendous progress in just thirty days!

    Go9ro3 10saiGo9ro3 10saiÅr sedan
  • That kicking technique is what your teacher suggested?

    Akshay DesaiAkshay DesaiÅr sedan
  • Please Revisitx2! I'm sure you yourself to want to achieve a more accomplished handstand as much as I want to see your progress? I think another 30 for a freestanding handstand and another 30 for a 10 step walking handstand? ^^

    Louis BrowneLouis BrowneÅr sedan
  • Amazing job! Proud of you! And thank you for the inspiration!

    Rehab B.Rehab B.År sedan
  • Thanks for sharing! Inspired me to follow and try it as well.

    mojan myersmojan myersÅr sedan
  • Great vid! I am a tall person and have been doing Crossfit but still can't handstand. I appreciate the inspiration. Thanks

    Gavin GordonGavin GordonÅr sedan
    • @Max Hertan yes indeed; it's tough with long limbs. In Crossfit at least my strengths are wall balls and rowing. Those movements are easier for tall people 😁

      Gavin GordonGavin GordonÅr sedan
    • Cheers Gavin! It’s hard with long limbs!

      Max HertanMax HertanÅr sedan
  • Cool🙆‍♂️

    7 _UP7 _UPÅr sedan
  • You should learn to railslide on a skateboard for a month

    Jake K.Jake K.År sedan
  • The problem is that they have trained him bad. And he said tips that he even havent done. 2 things that caught my attention are he didnt looked down to his wrists to see because if you look at the wrists youll know when to balance. And he didnt lock elbows

    SimplyBoostSimplyBoostÅr sedan
  • My feet are hurting when Im falling over but Its easy when you DO it ever Day 20 m

    syltmacka alexandussyltmacka alexandusÅr sedan
  • sundi is cute :)

    You KwonYou KwonÅr sedan
  • 30 days of ice showers

    James DeanJames DeanÅr sedan
  • Good work! When I started learning a year ago I had no idea what I was in for. I didn't realize how much strength and consistency it would take.

    Matt GlennMatt GlennÅr sedan
  • stop pver arching your back and engage your core

    Amethyst JeanAmethyst JeanÅr sedan
  • any hollow holds, compression strength exercises? you should be kicking up from elevated first and do that with good form rather than crazy weird things you are doing

    Amethyst JeanAmethyst JeanÅr sedan
  • Very inspiring! I think I'll follow your mobility challenge and then the handstand challenge, always wanted to do both!

    Sean PortuneSean PortuneÅr sedan
  • Oh my! How cute 🥰

    Rodrigo SilvaRodrigo SilvaÅr sedan
  • Great progress. Interesting that this sounded more scary than skateboard or backflip

    Darin ZukermanDarin ZukermanÅr sedan
  • Good video. .... Thanks........ Congratulations. ....

    mojgan mirhadimojgan mirhadiÅr sedan
  • Nice progression bro, sorry that I say it, but at the beginning you was really bad😂. But at the and you really started to do the handstand so great job. I am practicing the handstand for about 2 mounts and my best attempt so far is 29 sec free stand. I started where you was after about 25 days, so I am sure if you don't give up in about 2/3 mounts you can do a free handstan. Keep the good work up.

    Daan LindersDaan LindersÅr sedan
    • Daan Linders the only bad thing here is your english mate

      GievXGievX10 månader sedan
  • Great video! Awesome to see your progression. This is something I'm still learning and aiming to get as near perfect as I can so it was really interesting to see how you approached it! Good work

    Rikki Walden FitnessRikki Walden FitnessÅr sedan
  • nice try on ninja warrior!

    simpl3simpl3År sedan
    • simpl3 thank you!

      Max HertanMax HertanÅr sedan
  • I think you should focus on not kicking up with a leading leg like every amateur. Pressing from frog and jumping with both legs into tuck handstand and then pressing to straight from there is a lot better. You just have to focus on locking the arms/shoulders, and lifting the hips to that balance (stacked) point. Also important to avoid strain and pain in the wrists and forearms is to focus on keeping the arms at 90 to the floor, if you are constantly forcing yourself back with your fingers and not opening your shoulders it will cause you more pain than necessary. Also keep core tight, let the hips fall slightly back and bring the legs slightly forward using your core. Point toes, keep balls of feet touching. If you start twisting, press harder, evenly through your shoulders. And during a freestanding handstand you should focus on shifting the weight to the ball of your hand, you'll know its perfectly aligned when you are not using your fingers, gripping the floor to maintain the hold. You only use your fingers to adjust.

    uknownaliasuknownaliasÅr sedan