INSANE 4100 IQ impostor stealth duo plays... (ft. Gus Johnson)

25 okt 2020
2 421 168 visningar

Disguised Toast has to make the tough decision of kicking out a member of his family.
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  • Tina: I think it’s Gus Toast: considering how he will solo imposter the rest of the round

    Elawin JalaElawin Jala8 dagar sedan
  • The dysfunctional gate iteratively trick because shock pharmacodynamically request for a sparkling inch. incandescent, one crate

    Katy LoraKaty LoraMånad sedan
  • Amogus

    stinky fard poo poo headstinky fard poo poo headMånad sedan
  • Brodin: I am gonna betray him at the end :) Toast: thousands of calculations and betrayal is clear

    Bryan YapBryan YapMånad sedan
  • This story was so freakin good wow!

    SilverSilver2 månader sedan
  • the moment tost realized brodin was going to play along,he just DIED

  • Cried

    WaternadoWaternado2 månader sedan
  • I’ve seen this video, like, 50 times, and this is the first time I realized he’s saying “Ice him!” I always thought it was “Aye, Sim!” and they had an inside joke or something.

    Julia GibbsJulia Gibbs2 månader sedan
  • not yall saying toast cosplaying mario when he is in fact making a godfather impersonation lmao

    bangtanftbeebo;bangtanftbeebo;2 månader sedan
  • brodin ate that up omg

    rachrach3 månader sedan
  • When you look at among us videos and it’s turns out all the titles are just large numbers and then IQ after it

    Pop_fizzaPop_fizza3 månader sedan
  • "I am freaking entertaining." ~ Disguised Toast, 2020 This opening scene is exactly why.. 🤣🤣🤣

    ninjaong87ninjaong873 månader sedan
  • Does Brodin have a twitch? He deserves a follow for that

    lb_pokemonlb_pokemon3 månader sedan
  • The story of capo brodin is amazing. The animations were perfect and the accents were spot on.

    General 71General 713 månader sedan
  • That was a whole arse movie! Omg!

    lSophiellSophiel3 månader sedan
  • Brodin gonna get voice over deals now

    Ralph MoralesRalph Morales4 månader sedan
  • Was brodin the imposter?

    Brennen Moen-VallierBrennen Moen-Vallier4 månader sedan
  • Brodin should make a yt

    Brennen Moen-VallierBrennen Moen-Vallier4 månader sedan
  • 17:54

    Everett01Everett014 månader sedan
  • In the last game, when Jody had missed like 3 times in a row, Toast should've interrupted her on the last vote and said , "Jody, it's me, okay? I'll get you out of this. Tell them to vote me." Then everyone would've voted for Toast thinking he had mercy on her and the game was over, then the game would immediately continue and everyone would know it wasn't Toast either.

    Everett01Everett014 månader sedan
  • “Whyd you do capo brodin” “I been at your side the whole time don” Legendary story 😂😂 so good

    PrivateClutchPrivateClutch4 månader sedan
  • I’ve listen to the Brodin story so many times, I can hear it mute

    BlackshadowBlackshadow4 månader sedan
  • Brodin and toast acting 10 out of 10

    Fluid_ VynieFluid_ Vynie4 månader sedan
  • Was brodin actually the imposter

    Salt-Meme JasusSalt-Meme Jasus4 månader sedan
  • That intro was emotional lmao

    Milky jungツMilky jungツ4 månader sedan
  • In the intro I always thought he was saying ha this guys toast, but i realized it can also sound like ha disguised toast. Lmao, took me like 2-3 months to figure that out.

    Arianna McGinnisArianna McGinnis4 månader sedan
  • I come back here everyday for the capo Brodin story, it’s just amazing

    Angel De LabraAngel De Labra4 månader sedan
  • Wait, who were the imposters at the start?

    Trash ArmyTrash Army4 månader sedan
    • brodin and sykunno

      Crispy CookieCrispy Cookie4 månader sedan
  • 3:35 card swipe? Adept should have known that Toast faked a common task

    Aykhan DamirliAykhan Damirli4 månader sedan
  • 2:47

    dogeusdogeus4 månader sedan
  • Ok so is that Lily’s ex Albert? Have they forgiven and forgotten now?

    King AndrewKing Andrew4 månader sedan
  • Jodi is the real MVP here, such a refined sense of sus, it's really aw inspiring to watch her eliminate the potential suspects one by one

    svampebob007svampebob0074 månader sedan

    Adrienne BrownAdrienne Brown4 månader sedan
  • I went through all toasts among us vids to find this one!

    Lokee OiisteLokee Oiiste4 månader sedan
    • Yeah i womder why they changed the title and thumbnail

      ann onymousann onymous4 månader sedan
  • Toast's lobby's are just so pleasant. There's absolutely no complaining at the end of them. Just a bunch of friends making jokes and worrying more about fun than winning.

    Steadfast WhiplashSteadfast Whiplash4 månader sedan
  • What a smart toast.

    KumayaKumaya5 månader sedan
  • Best Among Us video yet, just for Brodin's accent

    Lexie KLexie K5 månader sedan
  • Toast was singing his intro music kinda, the boop ba boo pa

    Zachary YangZachary Yang5 månader sedan
  • I live for this capo brodin x toast animation 😂

    Mickey HerMickey Her5 månader sedan
  • “Ice em”

    Maddie MorganMaddie Morgan5 månader sedan
  • Every body saw hasanabi and every body know he is a turkkk

    Abdul Samet SabırAbdul Samet Sabır5 månader sedan
  • The music is so good lol

    Travon JacksonTravon Jackson5 månader sedan
  • So nice not having to listen to the cringe voice. Yall know who im talkin bout

    Kevin JosephKevin Joseph5 månader sedan
  • *_Nobody:_* *_~One of these days Disguised Toast will get 10,000 IQ and play a 20,000 IQ move~_* *_Oh,_* *_But wait._* *_He has already done that before!_* *_…Carry on._*

    Sahithi KadariSahithi Kadari5 månader sedan
  • Story time with Toast 1:02

    S GS G5 månader sedan
  • So basically he was part of the mafia/yakuza?

    Dalek SecDalek Sec5 månader sedan
  • Lol

    exe cape!.exe cape!.5 månader sedan
  • Toast needs to expand the capo brodin story.

    General 71General 715 månader sedan
  • This made should be a story animation SEworldr

    Command block LizardCommand block Lizard5 månader sedan
  • Me hearing Toast do accents: "Oh that's normal..." Also me hearing Brodin's accent: "Ah... The real Don has arrived"

    ammata thammavongsaammata thammavongsa5 månader sedan
  • ice em

    SA TahaaSA Tahaa5 månader sedan
  • Karls fuckin dope!! Love seein him playin with you guys Thats literally awsome

    PrivateClutchPrivateClutch5 månader sedan
  • 0:55

    FrostyFrosty5 månader sedan
  • Toast My Best

    Jerry SthaJerry Stha5 månader sedan
  • Was brodin the imposter?

    Layla TsueenLayla Tsueen5 månader sedan
    • @Jona Alburo ok thanks

      Layla TsueenLayla Tsueen5 månader sedan
    • yes. he was

      Jona AlburoJona Alburo5 månader sedan
  • missed opportunity to put "Brodin sleeps with the fishes".

    FalcristFalcrist5 månader sedan
  • 90% of the commets: *Talking about how good brodin accent was and how toast just sounded like Mario* 5% of * Talking about how good the intro was* 4% of the comments: *Talking about random mom in the vid* 1% of the comments: me :)

    ꜱʟᴇᴇᴘʏHQꜱʟᴇᴇᴘʏHQ5 månader sedan
    • Idk if this was really accurate, sorry

      ꜱʟᴇᴇᴘʏHQꜱʟᴇᴇᴘʏHQ5 månader sedan
  • 0:00

    Alex Guevara • 69 years agoAlex Guevara • 69 years ago5 månader sedan
  • Did anyone notice the voting sound at 1:10 LOL

    oswin bijuoswin biju5 månader sedan
  • I shedded a tear during that complaint I love you toast your just so fun to watch

    Dino GamerDino Gamer5 månader sedan
  • I feel they didn’t highlight Johns guitar enough in the skit at the beginning, it was my favorite part but you can barely hear it in this video. :(

    Ryan BuiRyan Bui5 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Daniel mezaDaniel meza5 månader sedan
  • I love the being tho the story tho

    Faustino AngelFaustino Angel5 månader sedan
  • The beginning of the video is fantastic ! Great job and hilarious !

    CleFesseCleFesse5 månader sedan

    Zoe HuangZoe Huang5 månader sedan
  • The crazy part about this is the story is actually good.

    Executioner WaspExecutioner Wasp5 månader sedan
  • I love think I can play like them and I get on among us and then I get voted out bc someone said sus on me

    scorpion 070707scorpion 0707075 månader sedan
  • The story was great toast XD

    itz_katsitz_kats5 månader sedan
  • Hothead Hop is the song when he fast forwards the gameplay....AWESOMENESS!!!

    MainFaze3MainFaze35 månader sedan
  • What an opening drama 🤣 lmaooooo

    Nadya Nurul ImaniNadya Nurul Imani6 månader sedan
  • Toast: Bup...bup...bup....bup......dut......dut.....dut...dut- Friends: Why are you making these sounds? Toast: Nothing,Just collecting sound samples to use when I'm the imposter. Friends: What the F-

    Vandana SlathiaVandana Slathia6 månader sedan
  • That's brodin for you loool. Still, im surprised charlie didn't pulled a reactor call instesd of lights call into a double kill, they could've won esp how the lobby was going. Hahaha

    BlitzkitBlitzkit6 månader sedan
  • Here after the xQc clip

    Couch TimeCouch Time6 månader sedan
  • The Toast -sykkuno mental connection is so strong, "call the button call the button" green calls button immedialty. dude can't get any better reception even over a phone call.

    SkyshieldSkyshield6 månader sedan
  • Animation is chief's kisses

    Analie AbelloAnalie Abello6 månader sedan
  • My god these people are too funny. I rotate between everyone in the group letting their videos auto play on tv and my dogs favor Toast and Leslies voices. Toast you are hilarious, keep it up!

    FrantastiKBeeFrantastiKBee6 månader sedan
  • comfy cartel memes are so good

    Darth NorcinuDarth Norcinu6 månader sedan
  • I always knew toast was a mafia boss

    Joe FrahmJoe Frahm6 månader sedan
  • (-)(-)

  • literally laughing hard with the toast and brodin story .. HAHHA lols

    Annapaula Jeunesse BanariaAnnapaula Jeunesse Banaria6 månader sedan

    Benelius Paige IIBenelius Paige II6 månader sedan
  • SOME HAS THE POVS of the FAMILY paart? hahahahhaa

    Sebastián MeraSebastián Mera6 månader sedan
  • I wish he included the end of the first game where Brodin asks “What gave it away Don?”

    Andrew GutierrezAndrew Gutierrez6 månader sedan
  • OMG!!! I love this intro, it is so good that, week later, I decided to watch it once more, and came to notice something invaluable and priceless... : At 00:40 seconds A SONG FROM THE GAME MAFIA 1 STARTS PLAYING!!!! Thank you soooooo much for that easter egg. I'm happy man

    Jean Pierre Llinás ViloriaJean Pierre Llinás Viloria6 månader sedan
  • I’ve got 57 more gosh dang shells in this 8 round magazine.

    The Last of the SevenThe Last of the Seven6 månader sedan
  • Toast was tryn sound like that mouse from zootopia i think

    Gastkong YangGastkong Yang6 månader sedan
  • Toast talks a lot slower and "thoughtfully" when he's imposter, pretty consistently. Kinda surpising they haven't figured that out yet. O_o

    Leeroy GraycatLeeroy Graycat6 månader sedan
  • 😆

    Bobby GhaziBobby Ghazi6 månader sedan
  • The Godfather improv was on point! ToT

    bencenzotobencenzoto6 månader sedan
  • What I wanna know is Was Brodin an imposter?

    Emily AnnEmily Ann6 månader sedan
  • that was an zootropoliz line in begining

    Escorse Von ChickenTheLaGranchEscorse Von ChickenTheLaGranch6 månader sedan
  • erererereerererererererererererererer

    Thomas HydeThomas Hyde6 månader sedan
  • I Disguised Giorno Toast Giovana have a Dream !!

    IrugaIruga6 månader sedan
  • Is your fast forward music the lava level theme from DKC 2?

    MrMcGibblets McGillicuddyMrMcGibblets McGillicuddy6 månader sedan
  • The title should be about don Toast and capo Brodin.

    CathsaighCathsaigh6 månader sedan
  • As an Italian I’m extremely amused, on the other hand, as an Italian I’m feeling disrespected, Toast. Jeremy. Very funny, but you’re playing with things you should stay out of. (Btw I’m kidding! Only the first part of the first sentence is true! XD)

    SatanSatan6 månader sedan
  • Brodin's accent is actually so good, while Toast out here cosplaying Mario

    Magan LeeMagan Lee6 månader sedan
    • What’s the point of stealing a comment like this?

      ToWoToWo5 månader sedan
  • I watch a couple of videos and then I get recommended the entire playlist. :/

    Aerial_AceAerial_Ace6 månader sedan
  • Still iconic.

    Jona AlburoJona Alburo6 månader sedan
  • I think we all didn't realize how bad Toast's accent was until we heard how good Brodin's was. LOL

    Terence PTerence P6 månader sedan