Behind The Charge with Sergio Perez at Red Bull Racing

8 feb 2021
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With unrivalled access we take you 'Behind The Charge' and follow Sergio Perez around the Red Bull Racing factory as Checo meets the Team for the very first time!
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  • I can't wait to see Sergio and Max work together. 2 professionals and fast drivers. Both are among the best in tyre management too.

    René van der HartRené van der Hart5 minuter sedan
  • A la carga Checo,con todo

    H.Isaac DominguezH.Isaac Dominguez14 timmar sedan
  • Checo deserved this seat. He worked so hard and has proven he can do the job. Im also happy for Max, now they can realy stop the Mercs!!! The best luck Checo youre verry welcome here in Holland!

    Richard GuttelingRichard GuttelingDag sedan
  • Excellent pairing! Go Redbull go Checo!

    Randy VargasRandy VargasDag sedan
  • Mercedes fan here. Rlly wanna see Red Bull do well here. Such a sportsmanship team.

    Praise ErinlePraise ErinleDag sedan
  • I'm excited for Sergio at Red Bull. I'm excited to see what the team can do with two cars in play each race, rather than Max left by himself to fight Mercedes all by himself. Because I'm sure Checo will be a hell of a lot better than Gasly or Albon were. Bring on 2021!

    misskit123misskit1232 dagar sedan
  • I don't like first days or last days. It feels awkward and I feel anxiety

    crxdelsolsircrxdelsolsir2 dagar sedan
  • Primera carrera de "Checo Pérez" en Red Bull Racing//Pole position// Accidente con Bottas nos quita el podium// F1 Esports

    Jp OnlineJp Online2 dagar sedan
  • Vamos Checo, Vamos México !!

    Oscar RojasOscar Rojas2 dagar sedan
  • Good luck, Sergio! I hope you win a lot of races, and make life tense for Max.

    Andy HarmanAndy Harman2 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait, let the 2021 season begin. I am very curious how it will go.

    ScuderiaDiMarcelloScuderiaDiMarcello2 dagar sedan
  • Emoción de ver a un mexicano en este equipo

    José CarvajalJosé Carvajal2 dagar sedan
  • so happy he gets this chance, he deserves it 100%

    Vanessa GVanessa G3 dagar sedan
  • That facilities.....Damn!

    Tay Tzu LeongTay Tzu Leong4 dagar sedan
  • I’m so excited to see Checo in his first circuit with RedBull.

    Alejandro FrancoAlejandro Franco4 dagar sedan
  • The office size base of red bull can run small countries

    Kenny G GKenny G G4 dagar sedan
  • Grande Willyrex

    juliox370juliox3704 dagar sedan
  • But where’s the Checo merch??

    TEEVEE ClubTEEVEE Club4 dagar sedan
  • Now I have a driver to like at red bull!

    NXT_is_SEATTLENXT_is_SEATTLE4 dagar sedan
  • I love to see him at Red Bull. Such a nice guy and humble. If there is a driver on the grid I would want as a friend it would be him. Best of luck Checo

    Erik JErik J5 dagar sedan
  • Nice guy, great driver, good choice

    KC'sKC's5 dagar sedan
  • I'm so so happy Red Bull done a good thing here. Sergio got great results for his previous team and was treated like crap at the end and even helped pay there wages when in trouble. But good things come to those who take good risks. I believe he can improve the team. By getting more consistent results like finishing 1 positions in front of behind Max. Last year Max was getting results and the second car was letting them down. I'm going to be supporting Checo this year. 🤞 he can do it

    james rochejames roche5 dagar sedan
  • All the best Checo!!!

    Proxima bProxima b5 dagar sedan
  • Podrias subtitularlo en español

    Haiss HaiissHaiss Haiiss5 dagar sedan
  • Greetings from Brazil! Go checo!

    Acerola VermelhinhaAcerola Vermelhinha5 dagar sedan
  • I am so glad that Sergio has a seat for next year. He is one of my favourite drivers. Always such a level headed smart driver, very impressive 👍 I can't wait to see Sergio tearing up the field in a Red Bull, Watch out Max!

    Brendan CunningtonBrendan Cunnington5 dagar sedan
  • Cannot wait to see what Checo does with this opportunity! He’s going to be epic 👌🏻

    lilliana lullililliana lulli5 dagar sedan
  • I'm with Checo Perez. I'm with RedBull ... We'll get podiums and a lot of points, I'm sure of that.

    FIX MADFIX MAD5 dagar sedan
  • Wow, the campus is so big, really impressive!! 👍😳 Really looking for for Sergio at rbr this year!

    HG MHG M5 dagar sedan
  • Humble, well spoken Sergio is going to SHRED the field this year.

    SpikeafricanSpikeafrican5 dagar sedan
  • Im so happy for you Sergio! So much respect and love all the way from Turkey.

    Sertac GencerSertac Gencer5 dagar sedan
  • Camera off, masks off

    JucaJuca5 dagar sedan
  • Go Checo!!!

    Attila ÁrkiAttila Árki5 dagar sedan
  • A huevo Checo, te la pelan todos!

    Damian UgaldeDamian Ugalde5 dagar sedan
  • Wishing you all the success at Red Bull, Checo! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❣️

    Abhimanyu KohliAbhimanyu Kohli5 dagar sedan
  • Netflix made him look like the evil guy in D2S

    Tushar KumawatTushar Kumawat5 dagar sedan
  • Hell of a nice guy

    Brian GarciaBrian Garcia5 dagar sedan
  • I'm supporting perez buying red bull since he signed... vamos sergio!!!

    Roman SoppeRoman Soppe5 dagar sedan
  • México 🇲🇽 está contigo Checo Pérez 😃👍

    Gerardo GGerardo G5 dagar sedan
  • As a Mexican, i would like to thank you for the subtitles in spanish. Having Checo in RedBull means also that the latin audience will be checking your content in social media. I’m proud of Checo, of listening words in spanish and to see the Mexican flag in RedBull Racing. Como Mexicana, me gustaría agradecerles por los subtítulos en español. Tener a Checo también significa que la audiencia latina estará revisando su contenido en redes sociales. Estoy orgullosa de Checo, de escuchar palabras en español y de ver la bandera de México en RedBull Racing.

    NixsabelaNixsabela6 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else like how quiet the building is? Just saying

    Toyota Supra BoiToyota Supra Boi6 dagar sedan
  • Look how bland red bull office spaces are, wonder what the employees really think about working there

    Harry JonesHarry Jones6 dagar sedan
  • More excited about Perez in an RB than Verstappen at this point!

    Akash AgrawalAkash Agrawal6 dagar sedan
  • Vamos checo

  • when you see sergio wearing that mask, he looks like a normal journalist writing about red bulls history and stuff...

    Lukas OnrejasLukas Onrejas6 dagar sedan
  • A great driver and excellent person, will give F1 Red Bull Team probably the most competitive team ever!!!! Congrats Sergio, you dereve this, will be following as always

  • Sergio will be one of the guys I'm following this season, idk, but somehow I think he's gonna kick some a*se. Opportunity of a lifetime, he'll be grabbing it with both hands. With the right equipment underneath him for the first time, let's see how hard he pushes Max in the same car.

    ahlapskiahlapski6 dagar sedan
  • Soy yo o todos se ven chikitos?

    VillagerVillager6 dagar sedan
  • Red Bull making the charge for the Championship for 2021!!

    KL HuffmanKL Huffman6 dagar sedan
  • Impresionante ...

    oxxido wingsoxxido wings6 dagar sedan
  • he isn´t used to such a big team.

    onlyjake _420onlyjake _4207 dagar sedan
  • Formula one is so boring to me. I’ll take road racing any day over this. I’ll NASCAR. Road racing cars have past formula one in tech. The Porsche LMP prototype smoked F1 cars around the track on lap times. Look it up

    Maximus MMaximus M7 dagar sedan
  • El toro mexicano found home

    Davemr edo d mxDavemr edo d mx7 dagar sedan
  • Still a pity to see literally everyone wearing those muzzles

    Patrick MiddelkoopPatrick Middelkoop7 dagar sedan
  • Pity of the masks though

    Patrick MiddelkoopPatrick Middelkoop7 dagar sedan
  • Sergio is a very humble man. And a really nice guy.

    Dave FearDave Fear7 dagar sedan
  • hi

    Fade_NerzamkFade_Nerzamk7 dagar sedan
  • Never knew that Red Bull Campus is so massive! I wonder how it compares to the smaller teams

    William Theodore MoningkaWilliam Theodore Moningka8 dagar sedan
  • It just looked like there wasn’t going to be an ending to this factory and everything🤷🏼‍♂️😂

    Lars F1Lars F18 dagar sedan
  • iVamos Checo!

    SwedishStud1SwedishStud18 dagar sedan
  • oh man will I buy some redbull

    fredcastor1fredcastor18 dagar sedan
  • I'm really happy for Checo and hope he can make a difference with the Mercedes. Now Red Bull has the best couple of the grid. Many podiums comming soon :D

    Gustavo Contreras CuevasGustavo Contreras Cuevas8 dagar sedan
  • the real question is: can he beat max?

    lifeongroundlifeonground8 dagar sedan
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    Mitch’s True GamingMitch’s True Gaming8 dagar sedan
  • Good well Sergio, greetings from Guadalajara...

    Christian VivancoChristian Vivanco8 dagar sedan
  • The only thing i fear about the Max / Sergio duo is that they'll be too busy competing against each other, instead of Mercedes. It would be really amazing to see them tactically break down Hamilton and Bottas though.

    Super DuperSuper Duper9 dagar sedan
  • his own money to keep his previous employer afloat says it all really. Really hope it goes well for him.

    kolim jonekolim jone9 dagar sedan
    • Which which lmao... they kick him? You people have to treat us Aquarius better ffs 😂

      LiberalAlitaLiberalAlita6 dagar sedan
  • I really don't want him to succeed because I'm an Alex fan but gotta admit he deserves to be in F1 and in a top top team

    MrRhubarbsMrRhubarbs9 dagar sedan
  • checo perez will give a lot to talk about this 🙌🏻

    2 F HUESCA MOLINA Erik Daniel2 F HUESCA MOLINA Erik Daniel9 dagar sedan
  • Props to the Marketing and Productions team at RB for creating great content.

    Faaz ArshadFaaz Arshad9 dagar sedan
    • 日本語訳が聞きたいな

      kolim jonekolim jone9 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait to see Checo battle max out front this year he's a amazing driver and he's experienced as well.. hopefully the car is as good as it can be

    Michael N.Michael N.9 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go checo 🇲🇽

    Alejandro UrquidyAlejandro Urquidy9 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait to see this man put my country's flag at the top step of the podium.

    Daniel OrdonezDaniel Ordonez9 dagar sedan
  • Great to see you Sergio at Red Bull. You will do an amazing job this season. Good luck.

    Paul BaldockPaul Baldock9 dagar sedan
  • Vamos Checo!!!

    Danae BarreraDanae Barrera9 dagar sedan
  • Sergio! You have proven yourself! and deserve what is coming, I believe in you! you are a humble sportsman to whom we can all aspire! Good Luck and God Speed!

    GeneweedGeneweed9 dagar sedan
  • Ya quiero que comience la primera carrera! 🏎🏎🐂🐮🐂

  • I do not care if he wins or loses. There's more to life than winning. I wil now support RED BULL because of him. I hope they are respectfull enough to honor such a nice guy!

    Gilles GardulaGilles Gardula9 dagar sedan
  • Manos les va a faltar a todos para pelársela a checo

    David EmilianoDavid Emiliano9 dagar sedan
  • very impressive

    Stefano4932Stefano493210 dagar sedan
  • It's more like a hobby for me.

    Friedrich SigelFriedrich Sigel10 dagar sedan
  • Checo is a good signing

    Maduka AustinMaduka Austin10 dagar sedan
  • What a classy guy - can't wait to see him competiting for wins.

    Daniel EvansDaniel Evans10 dagar sedan
  • "Luis asegúrate que Checo esté viendo la carrera." "Luis make sure Checo is watching the race." "Hi Fiona, I'm Sergio." Checo showing how to be a human.

    Just one moreJust one more10 dagar sedan
  • 日本語訳が聞きたいな

    T KT K10 dagar sedan
  • I reckon I'm more excited than Sergio

    Steve HoltSteve Holt10 dagar sedan
  • Please Sergio, Max and Red Bull... save us from the tedious Mercedes wins! It's time for Red Bull!

    kevin nkevin n10 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure Sergio will do well. Great driver.

    DruidDruid10 dagar sedan
  • Told us when Checo going to do he's tests?! All the Mexican people and fans of Checo and Red Bull want to see him start kicking asses ✌😎

    Eder LozanoEder Lozano10 dagar sedan
  • Love checo. Upset to see him leave us.

    G AND G GamingG AND G Gaming10 dagar sedan
    • Are you fucking dense? I was obviously referring to him leaving racing point.

      G AND G GamingG AND G Gaming8 dagar sedan
    • What? He hasn’t left? He’s only just started his Red Bull contract

      Nathan_1617 • 16 years agoNathan_1617 • 16 years ago9 dagar sedan
  • VAMOS CHECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nehuén GabrielNehuén Gabriel10 dagar sedan
  • Really like Pérez, i always have but i fear Max will eat him alive. Max is just getting stronger and stronger each season. I hope i'm wrong and they will be closely matched.

    rikkierikkierikkierikkie10 dagar sedan
  • Segrio Vamos!!

    Manoj PatankarManoj Patankar10 dagar sedan
  • Good luck Sergio you deserve to be there At Red Bull

    paul higginspaul higgins10 dagar sedan
  • Viva Latinoamerica Checo!!!! Que orgullo.

    JMBJMB10 dagar sedan
  • kcuF Red Bull.

    AgentHEKTAHAgentHEKTAH10 dagar sedan
  • Es hora de demostrar lo que sabes hacer Checo!! hora en un equipo grande RedBull. Créetelo porque has trabajado duro y tu experiencia te respalda, los mexicanos creemos en ti !! Dale duro, dale seguro y a ganar !!!!!!

    Luis Fernando RamirezLuis Fernando Ramirez11 dagar sedan
  • He’s a very impressive person. Great to see a decent person is being rewarded with a great drive. Unlike mazepin

    ChrisChris11 dagar sedan
  • I love sergio perez and i love red bull racing . plz continue 👍

    Adib youssef AbdelkhalekAdib youssef Abdelkhalek11 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

      Adib youssef AbdelkhalekAdib youssef Abdelkhalek9 dagar sedan
  • 2:26 - A reunion from the *2011 & 2012* Sauber team right there.

    SIXITHSSIXITHS11 dagar sedan