Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black and Latino lieutenant during traffic stop

12 apr 2021
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Bodycam and cellphone video shows how a Virginia officer pepper-sprayed a Black and Latino Army lieutenant during a traffic stop in December. Christina Ruffini reports on the details of the stop and the lawsuit against the officers.
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  • Why wouldnt they just ask “yo where’s ur plate ?”

    WhalesnamedsharkWhalesnamedshark30 minuter sedan
  • American soldiers have no respect in public lol

    Pistolia GamesPistolia GamesTimme sedan
  • Cops are probably taking testosterone supplements and can’t control their rage and desire to dominate everything. It’s common among older cops and should be something that’s looked into. Respect to the soldier for staying calm and surviving.

    Jon WarburtonJon WarburtonTimme sedan
  • Very unfair.. Sad this happened

    sai ramsai ramTimme sedan
  • Sprayed, pointing weapons at him, and kicked... How are not those police guys arrested? I mean just getting fired its kinda easy. 30 days in temporary jail and fined and fired. To make them regret what they did. You cant just empty a pepper spray on a lieutenant cause you hold one, and threaten to shoot him.

    Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainmentFlavius Daniel MindSIEntertainmentTimme sedan
  • -COUGHS- excuses -COUGH- lies the police say -Cough cough-

    Nobody And nobodyNobody And nobodyTimme sedan
  • In my country even the lowest in rank or even the simple soldier (here is mandatory to join) is above every police officer if they want to search you or ask you anything is in your hand to say yes and if they even try to do a body search and the soldier don't want has the constitutional right to ask for the military police to come and do what the simple police wants or try to do. Happened to me years ago at a central spot in our capital and it were the hardest unit back then named MAT it means like Restoration of Order Unit and they truly are hardcore, anyway i told them (i was in my civilian clothes had the weekend off) if you want to search me call the military police to do it if you want to ask me anything about where I'm going now or what i am doing here be my guest but DO NOT ask NOTHING that has to do with my military service plus give me your names and badges (they had nothing to identify them) so after they get super nervous their supervisor came said sorry after i show only at him my ID and that I'm free to go. True story no bs this is how was working back then now idk to be honest

    beturmoney onmebeturmoney onme2 timmar sedan
  • Never ending, it will keep going on and on and on for this so call VALUES of USA.

    Alam AlexAlam Alex3 timmar sedan
  • Scary!

    Sen ThamizhanSen Thamizhan5 timmar sedan
  • Noob Police.

    Tim tv story - Tagalog horror storiesTim tv story - Tagalog horror stories5 timmar sedan
  • Is it still racist if a black cop pepper strays a black military citizen?

    Psychological PolarbearPsychological Polarbear6 timmar sedan
  • Oh...my god🤦‍♂️😩... he is a soldier from your country and not a criminal.

    Dewo ApandiDewo Apandi6 timmar sedan
  • Stupid discrimination racisms in America. Shame america laws

    Chaol Arshad96Chaol Arshad968 timmar sedan
  • Wooooooooooow!

    Gorge CarlinGorge Carlin9 timmar sedan
  • Black lives matter

    Ivan LIvan L9 timmar sedan
  • Every one of those thugs should be fired and jailed. Everyone!

    Gorge CarlinGorge Carlin9 timmar sedan
  • Some cops smh

    Justin MauigoaJustin Mauigoa10 timmar sedan
  • damn...

    Ese TekoEse Teko10 timmar sedan
  • A black dude in a nice new car....thats a recepie for disaster.

    Emeka AmamasiEmeka Amamasi11 timmar sedan
  • He fight for american interests,and they handcuff him,good job ,////The ,,democracy" has not exist.

    cristall acristall a11 timmar sedan
  • "I'm honestly afraid to get out" "Yeah you should be" Ummm sir...and his hands were out if the window, why was he peppersprayed? That's insane "you are resisting arrest" yea who wouldn't you are waving around guns and yelling I wouldn't trust that either

    anonianoni12 timmar sedan
  • Thats what rasist deseved

    Dwi PrianggodoDwi Prianggodo12 timmar sedan
  • I dont understand why we are only shown an edited version of what i would have to assume is Bodcam footage of an incident that we have no business drawing conclusions for based on what is provided.If notice the only reference to the reason for the traffic stop is given by the anchor employed by the broadcast station . ( He said / She said) If you had the slightest bit if consideration for what your viewer's ( informed opinions) were , i would suggest providing them with an unedited , full account of the situation at hand .This is how TRUE JOURNALISTS & REPORTERS inform their Local and NATIONAL viewers of newsworthy events happening around their world for the sole purpose of public awareness , in order to preserve moral conduct and ethical standards for determining what is right and wrong in our societies.

    CraigCraig13 timmar sedan
  • These guys are idiots reporting . He got pulled over due to not being able to see the plates on the car. Nothing to do woth race!

    Jeremy FloresJeremy Flores13 timmar sedan
  • Nobody saw the begining of this. He failed to pull over for 1.5 miles which makes it a high risk stop.

    Jeremy FloresJeremy Flores13 timmar sedan
  • This makes me.so angry why do police think they have the right and power to do what they want this is why no one has any REPSPECT for the law now.....

    tracie Dtracie D13 timmar sedan
  • Dam STUPID COPS. Stupid dumb Ss they should off got life in prison

    Smokin88 88Smokin88 8813 timmar sedan
  • What

    1911191114 timmar sedan
  • If this didnt go public, he would still have his job

    William HandyWilliam Handy14 timmar sedan
  • Wow this is how we treat our military?! Just freaking pathetic and people have the nerves to say this is not happening smh...let me guess they're going to dig up his past to see what kind of student he was smh

    JoyAnnJoyAnn15 timmar sedan
  • What is going on in our Country ????? Corruption seems to be Moving through our country as quickly as covid-19 has. And the victims far out number those of C-19 !!!!!!

    Traky boyTraky boy16 timmar sedan
  • All you have to do is comply ..pendejo

    Xavier ReaXavier Rea16 timmar sedan
  • Gayle King she try to get away from her conspiracy theories creed of blacks assassins creed on royal family!! Our civilization and society needs people We can Trust

    Barbara HamiltonBarbara Hamilton16 timmar sedan
  • 0:57 “I’m honestly afraid” Cop: “yeah, you should be” well..

    Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez17 timmar sedan
  • Idiot cops

    Florian MaurerFlorian Maurer18 timmar sedan
  • Why do you have to mention his ethnicity tho...

    T_M_R_O_T_RT_M_R_O_T_R18 timmar sedan
  • Stupid police. Something is fishy

    Dai DAiDai DAi18 timmar sedan
  • Like WTF YO...

    corviauscorviaus18 timmar sedan
  • Didn't obey the law? Because I had beenpulled over and Officers always with respect...

    Rocky ORocky O18 timmar sedan
  • Why he was pull over?

    Rocky ORocky O19 timmar sedan
  • So what's he been up to since being fired? 😄

    Adam KlaseAdam Klase19 timmar sedan
  • It’s about time they’re held accountable!

    Jerry LopezJerry Lopez19 timmar sedan
  • Heart breaking

    Dazyredfox87Dazyredfox8720 timmar sedan
  • Blacks should come back to mama Africa!

    Okeyo OkothOkeyo Okoth22 timmar sedan
  • It takes about 13 to 19 weeks to educate a police officer in USA. Wonder why they struggle.

    Ståle AndersenStåle Andersen22 timmar sedan
  • “If you want to chill drink water NO CHARGES FILED you can leave tf

    Brian PulidoBrian Pulido22 timmar sedan
  • That police should be sued😔

    shane lorraine arcillashane lorraine arcilla23 timmar sedan
  • Legal killers!....

    Lee DoorsonLee Doorson23 timmar sedan
  • I'm Latino as well, and I've been harrassed by cops in the past, but I wasn't in my Army uniform.

    spiter22spiter22Dag sedan
  • Because he black man.recism

    Firdaus LajangFirdaus LajangDag sedan
  • How dare those cops treat that Army Lue. like that what DISRESPECT.🤦‍♂️

    GSD Mickey29GSD Mickey29Dag sedan
  • All he had to do was get out of the car .. COMPLIANCE

    Ronni FisherRonni FisherDag sedan
  • This is America

    jesse 911jesse 911Dag sedan
  • It looks like a bad theatre scene ! As a European, I have the impression it is all made up ! But it it's real life, impressive...

  • That's just racial profiling 😪

    oZonefnoZonefnDag sedan
  • Land of the “brave and free”

    CezaRus 47CezaRus 47Dag sedan
  • Dont just believe a "nice" cutted Video to Show police violence. Here is a good breakdown what and how really happend. seworld.info/will/jJ-mstOur4KbuWA/video

    Ryujin1980Ryujin1980Dag sedan
  • Class act

    Peter PanPeter PanDag sedan
  • So he had his license plate behind a dark tinted window. Driving slowly. Sounds like you're regular drug dealer , of course his not but still. All the signs lines up to what they see on a regular basis.

    Some BodySome BodyDag sedan
  • 2:37 Yo WTF is he talking about? So he would take his handcuffs off if he doesn't press charges? This can't be real

    Ραφαήλ ΣοτολίδηςΡαφαήλ ΣοτολίδηςDag sedan
  • You think this is an isolated incident? People of color driving new cars getting pulled over for nothing has been happening forever!

    Adam BrensenAdam BrensenDag sedan

    Osbal BaldeOsbal BaldeDag sedan
  • To everyone who thought: MaYbE iF hE cOmPLiEd, ThIs WoUlDn’T hApPeN.... You’re the problem.

    Nathan KemlingNathan KemlingDag sedan
  • Thank God that officer was willing to dismiss everything and get him a bottle of water! Im sure that water will make the whole situation worth it. And now with the free water, no charges will be put against the officer.

    Suni VSuni VDag sedan
  • Police in US are comedian?

    thendric saydntthendric saydntDag sedan
  • Someone who puts there life on the line for there country just to return home for the local police force to treat our solders

    Linkin HingaiaLinkin HingaiaDag sedan
  • Good. This police officer is an embarrassment to those good cops out there trying to serve their communities.

    x NaBrx NaBrDag sedan
  • You’ll probably change your perspective after watching this.. seworld.info/will/jJ-mstOur4KbuWA/video

    JLive ProductionsJLive ProductionsDag sedan
  • So happy that POS got fired

    tornado tom2tornado tom2Dag sedan
  • 🇮🇱🇺🇸👎👎🐖🐖🐖

    Carr2 OmanCarr2 OmanDag sedan
  • Some White: 4.9k of us dislike this video

    R4ndom PLAYSR4ndom PLAYSDag sedan
  • Only fired? No jail time? Wow.

    Rico ARico ADag sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fIbby7TUg6Srrok/video

    SungodSungodDag sedan
  • Good thing I don't live in that facking county 🖕🏼🇺🇲

    everythingman 215everythingman 215Dag sedan
  • that's why the US is not the BeSt CoUntRy In ThE WoRld

    Tobias STobias SDag sedan
  • Can we say taking advantage of authority 🤦‍♂️. Smfh

    Donald ClaxtonDonald ClaxtonDag sedan
  • Le faltaba la"capucha blanca" al policia rasista!

    Christian FazioChristian FazioDag sedan
  • Fired

    Sir Stamford RafflesSir Stamford RafflesDag sedan
  • Stupid police

    Chie irie MarleyChie irie MarleyDag sedan
  • I think they went too far with the traffic when they pull them over he remained calm with his hands hanging out the window

    Jamichael DykesJamichael DykesDag sedan
  • Imagine thinking you're entitled because you wear a military uniform

    Eduardo QuirozEduardo QuirozDag sedan
  • Tell the whole story, fake news

    Sims FishSims FishDag sedan
  • In gulag this officer would've been eaten alive by the lieutenant!

    Mohamed SMohamed SDag sedan
  • Anymal you call officer what a joke

    Arthur Van der EijkArthur Van der EijkDag sedan
  • Keep surving them

    Arthur Van der EijkArthur Van der EijkDag sedan
  • Those cops should be hunted down and treated like they did to them two guys that serve our country thankyou you for protecting us against the evil tyrant cops

    Richard MattsonRichard MattsonDag sedan
  • Absolutely despicable behavior on the part of the police.

    Jennifer SaarJennifer SaarDag sedan
  • 3:05 Yep, you can't...wrong color

    Jump AroundJump AroundDag sedan
  • Wtf is wrong with usa

    MuratMuratDag sedan
  • Imagine fighting for this country and u get treated like a war criminal. How fkin disgraceful.

    Galaxy264Galaxy264Dag sedan
  • Quick i need other cops to make a tiktok video talking about this......wait what?? They only make videos for Lebron?? Oh ok

    DJ BuenaventuraDJ BuenaventuraDag sedan
  • Why adding "black and lation" adjective to the title. Not relevant and obviously misleading the message of the video.

    Lorenzo PesericoLorenzo PesericoDag sedan
  • If these terrorists weren't wearing badges, they would have faced charges of extortion, use of a firearm during the comission of a violent crime and assault in no time.

    NatureBoi Hikes782NatureBoi Hikes7822 dagar sedan