Pikachu's Cry in Pokémon Yellow Explained

10 jun 2019
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How was the Game Boy able to play Pikachu's voice clips in Pokémon Yellow, and why does it not sound all that great? It's all explained right here.
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  • A user named Intron on my Discord server mentioned to me that I should try using dithering while down-sampling the sound effect to make it sound better. I did just that and it sounds way better! You can have a listen here: cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/287031518533124096/587755536565403812/comparison.wav

    Retro Game Mechanics ExplainedRetro Game Mechanics ExplainedÅr sedan
    • uhh, what's a rf64 file

      sara rosariosara rosarioMånad sedan
    • Yes! Dithering makes it better! The 1-bit sample must also have been dithered as a 1-bit sample sounds HORRIBLE otherwise. :) In fact, i was lightly shocked when i heard the quality and saw the waveform. Most examples of 1-bit sounds on classic machines is way worse. Also, the original high quality sample is certainly NOT 32 bits. :) You can't actually sensibly record such a large dynamic range due to acoustic and electrical noise. And since this sound was produced in the 90's i'm certain its bit depth is 16 bits at most. You may have stored it (basically for no good reason) as a 32 bit sample. Maybe you naively decoded it from an MP3 or such. But 32 bits is an incredible amount of overkill for sampling audio. 32 bits provide a dynamic range of over 192dB. That's waaaay bigger than the dynamic range of human hearing. Normal audio equipment seldomly provides more than about 100dB of dynamic range. If you have a very good (pro) system then it may go down to 120dB. This is still less dynamic range than 24 bits (which is the standard in pro converters) provides. That can code about 144dB worth of dynamic range. So all in all, imagine the softest sound a CD can produce, basically the LSB of a 16 bit sample. Now imagine that that single bit is basically a whole full 16 bit worth of signal. That's what 32 bits basically gives you. (Yo dawg, i herd you like CD so i put a CD in your CD so you can 16 bit while you 16 bit...) It has the effect of coding a whole CD worth of signal at the amplitude of just the lowest bit. But the thing is that under any sensible listening situations you will not hear this bit. You would have to pump up the sound so loud in volume (to hear the bottom of that 32 bit scale) that your ears would be instantly -obliterated- (in fact, probably your face too) if any full scale signal came along. So it doesn't make any sense at all to use 32 bit samples (well, there are exceptions when GENERATING sound waves, like in a digital synthesizer. But that is different.). And since the sound is sourced with a microphone from the real world you can be sure that it's going to be all noise below, say 80dB anyway (talking about a good microphone). Studio's these usually work at 24 bits bitdepth and that allows them to basically crank up the volume on certain soft sounds without losing quality. It allows for a margin of error and it's enough for pro's. Anyway, i'm blabbing too much. Hope i explained this properly and you learned something :)

      Wasaaap DroidWasaaap Droid5 månader sedan
    • What if you do one and a half?

      Izlwox OkhyfbIzlwox Okhyfb7 månader sedan
    • Better than dithering would be to apply a lowpass filter to the audio with a cutoff of something like 1 kHz, then downsample to nyquist. You don't need a very high sample rate to make a good sounding human voice, but you definitely want more than 1 bit per sample if you can get it.

      willis936willis9368 månader sedan
    • I used to have a gameboy demoscene rom that played an entire song by the punk band "The Exploited" with an animation of their logo over the top of it on Gameboy color hardware. I had another that played an FMV of the trailer for The Matrix.

      widgetphreakwidgetphreak8 månader sedan
  • Thank you for this video! I did not understand anything Not your fault tho I'm just dumb

    Selina B.Selina B.10 dagar sedan
  • I don't know a lot about the technical details, but there is a video about tasbot playing portals still alive on a Gameboy Color by feeding the RAM with the (compressed) sound Data just using user input (about 1000 inputs per second). They did use some compression techniques to improve the quality even more than this one, even though I do believe that the data would exceed the ROM by a large amount.

    SchilduinSchilduin14 dagar sedan
  • As impressive as this is, somebody at gamefreak heard this during playtesting and said yeah, we should keep this in.

    SpraySpray17 dagar sedan
  • Interesting...when you look at the bit-depths it's kinda like aliasing, but for audio.

    The Metal OneThe Metal One17 dagar sedan
  • God this video is like the most AMAZING thing ive come across on 2020. Bringing sound and computing together is my favorite thing considering those are my two hobbies. Then LEARNING how the gameboy CPU actually controls these sounds in one of my favorite handheld video games ever made... Its just a CAKE. A beautiful, delicious, almond extract icing, tons of fondant, perfect decoration, nice thick layers... holy FUCK ive never been more happy with a videos construction and content like i am right now. EXCELLENT work sir.

    3V03V018 dagar sedan
  • Pokemon yellow was the superior pokemon and you cant argue with me on that.

    3V03V018 dagar sedan
  • I could not understand anything but still this was very entertaining.

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  • this dude said "come-promise" instead of "compromise"

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  • Eevee in Pokémon Let’s Go/Sword and Shield explained: “You see, they recorded a bunch of lines, put them in the files, and that is it."

    Agent ParadoxAgent Paradox23 dagar sedan
  • This one gave me a good laugh, I love the comment section for this one. *PIKACHU!*

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  • Me: *sents bulbasaur* Pikachu: *grabs microphone, eats it, and screaming* P I K A C H U

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  • Looking at that Assembly code gave me high school CS PTSD

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  • P I K A C H U

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  • No one: Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow: PĮĶÆÇHŰ

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  • The pikachu cry seems patched and a bit higher pitched than other pokemon. It was the pikachu from the anime type of cry.

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  • Pikachu used Hyper Voice. A critical hit. Ears fainted

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  • Fascinating stuff, but my guy, wtf is a "com promise"

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  • P I K A A A A A A C H U U U U

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  • It's crazy the only 20ish years ago a game like this would require a whole team of professional programmers but now I could make a game like this on a computer with better graphics and sounds

    Just CubifyJust Cubify25 dagar sedan
  • Pikachu sounds like a 8 year old kid using a bad microphone in counter strike

    Azereus MumkoAzereus Mumko25 dagar sedan
  • This man seriously just went "fuck it, I'm making you learn assembly" when making this video

    Marisa NyaMarisa Nya25 dagar sedan
  • I was not expecting to see my Microprocessor Systems homework in a video about Pikachu's cry *slams desk* I just can't escape the assembly language. But your explanation of assembly is genuinely better than my professor who's coded in assembly for 20 years. LEAGUES better ;__;

    ChampofLowBrassChampofLowBrass26 dagar sedan
  • The editing is amazing. Great video! Thank you for teaching me something new

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  • M y e a r s

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  • Gigantamax Pikachu: You're weak. Pikachu in Yellow: I'm you!

    Mateus SoaresMateus Soares27 dagar sedan
  • Therapist: Pokémon yellow pikachu isn’t real, it can’t hurt you Pikachu: *P i K a C h U u u U*

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  • I had yellow on my gameboy but all my data was erased and I got so far and couldn’t get myself to do it again

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  • Eating cornflakes while watching this dude and having no idea what the heck he's saying bc ive never finished primary by moving countries be like

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  • How bout 0.5 bit

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  • Pikachu scared me the first time I spoke to him in that game xD

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  • You know, I really hated taking my computer architecture class and doing all the assembly code but hey I can actually understand this now. Don’t know if that’s worth it 😅

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  • I genuinely thought my cartridge or gameboy was simply broke or something for pikachu's voice

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  • Me: Hey pikachu, how're ya? Pikachu ready to destroy my eardrums: Well, you see...

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  • Pikachu needs a better mic.

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  • i didn't realize pikachu was a discord user

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  • Am i the only one that doesnt see anything wrong about pikachu's compressed voice? It is bad, but it isnt THAT bad.

    NikoNiko29 dagar sedan
  • Couldn't they have used all 4 volume settings to get a better result?

    Landon JohnsonLandon JohnsonMånad sedan
  • What sounds like a good general video idea is to take a concept of a game, restrict ourselves to a set amount of processing power, and see what optimization/fancy code we can come up with to achieve a game/function. A good example of this is a game "Micro Mages" where the developers managed to fit a multiplayer game on an 8bit NES game.

    vjm3vjm3Månad sedan
  • **laughs in Pokémon red version**

    Blue Snow GuyBlue Snow GuyMånad sedan
  • I think the sound with pikachu heard is mabye cus they wanted to make to actually talk (like in anime)

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  • i like your funny words magic man

    Egg ThanosEgg ThanosMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: they wanted to do the voices of all 151, but they only did half before scrapping it for all except Pikachu.

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  • *PIKA*

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  • wow assembly code is fascinating thank you for explaining it

    spectral.readingsspectral.readingsMånad sedan
    • I always wondered why the game paused when pikachu spoke and now I understand it was cycles

      spectral.readingsspectral.readingsMånad sedan
  • Holy crap! You are such a genius. This was an amazing technique by the original gameboy crew and you made it significantly better. Amazing video

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  • I always loved the sounds of starting up yellow with that beautiful song

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  • i disagree. assembly is simple. once you read 274972 manulas

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  • ear-rapely loud

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  • Person playing Pokemon yellow Chubby yellow lagomorph: *E A R R A P E I N T E N S I F I E S*

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  • I thought my game boy speaker was broken until this

    Ciro gaming!Ciro gaming!Månad sedan
  • I think I’m underestimating how well I can understand assembly. Although I wouldn’t be able to write any of this stuff from scratch I was certainly able to follow along in this video real well.

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  • Asmr pikachu

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  • 14:03 com-promise?

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  • 14:04 com promise

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  • Regular: Pikachu! Game boy: PIKACHU

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  • 7:40 "Things are about to get pretty complicated..." You mean than it was already?

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  • When i emulate yellow on my psp pikachu's voice sounds totally different, like its actually a different voice actor or something

    Highly VurgultisHighly Vurgultis2 månader sedan
  • I am going to take this as if I flick a light switch on and off very fast, the clicking noise it makes will eventually sound like pikachu

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  • They unintentionally invented modern memes with this game

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  • Yellow was what I got for Christmas in '99, and though I was playing on a regular ol' Gameboy I thought him following you around and making the voice was neat!

    Kurt StedmanKurt Stedman2 månader sedan
  • Whats sad is that Pikachu says its name now a days but Raichu doesnt

    SugarrpopSugarrpop2 månader sedan
  • "It freezes after the first pikachu" so... basically a "Yellow Scream Of Death"

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  • RIP headphone users.

    GamerZ LogGamerZ Log2 månader sedan
  • Ok I patched a rom I found but it doesn’t accept any input past the title screen

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  • comPROMISE?

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  • This makes vinesauce's corruptions with Yellow much more interesting about stability of this operation!

    AmbipieAmbipie2 månader sedan
  • So thats why its piercingly loud I thought ikue was screaming

    AmbipieAmbipie2 månader sedan
  • I love old 6502 style assembly code. I don't have experience applying it to games but I do understand it enough to follow along with videos that use it. I have a ROM corruptor that I wrote that takes assemblies into consideration.

    GWSGWS2 månader sedan
  • Was it Gamefreak of Nintendo that managed this? Gamefreak is currently seen as a lazy company for their work on the 3d Pokémon games, but looking back at this they seem to have had a really good understanding of the hardware they had to work with

    Stijn EngelsStijn Engels2 månader sedan
  • Little Nicky and Cannon Fodder probably do the circular buffer method, using a low sample rate by using a low wave pitch, and then making extremely slight pauses to update the waveform. When this is done, a minor buzzing sound is created, which is definitely the case with Little Nicky and Cannon Fodder.

    Nikku4211Nikku42112 månader sedan
  • "If you could follow along with the assembly in this video, congratulations" I mean... Uhh... I've beat Shenzhen I/O and I sorta get it. Understand it? Hell no. Follow along with it? Sorta? I get what you're doing, and I know those optimizations you're doing are damn hard to really get right... but I certainly have no idea what half the commands you're using are.

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  • 14:03 Was "com-promise" an intentional combination of compromise and promise?

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  • 1:34 And on the bottom, it's barcode that drawn by Pikachu and compressed into a solid rectangle, but we see this only because we zoomed out, if we zoom in, it's actually square-looking lines.

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  • Nobody Pikachu’s call in the 90s: EARRAPE

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  • Apparently they tried to do a lot more of these cries for a lot of different Pokémon in Yellow. Almost all of them sound like screeching and / or static.

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