Minecraft, But We Are All Colorblind...

19 aug 2020
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Minecraft, But We Are All Colorblind... It was really cool to be able to see Minecraft how @GeorgeNotFound does! This was really weird...
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This is a Minecraft 1.16 mod that allows us to see with the same colorblindness that @GeorgeNotFound has. It was really interesting to see through @GeorgeNotFound 's eyes and see the game the same way he does. Things were really different and Minecraft looked how I would never have expected it to do. I love doing these type of things with my friends.

  • Plot twist: George and all the other colorblind people are not colorblind and are actually normal and all the people who can see “normal” are actually colorblind

    Kyle Dylan Johansson EdgeKyle Dylan Johansson Edge26 minuter sedan
  • It’s getting to the season of holly, and I just feel so bad that he can’t see red and green since those are the two iconic colors of Christmas...

    M from NorwayM from Norway41 minut sedan
  • George just has shiny eyes. The odds are 1/8192 for every baby born

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  • This video is very close to 1mil likes keep going guys

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  • This video is basically 22 minutes of Sapnap and Dream roasting George's vision

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  • Here before 10 mil views and 50k comments

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  • Sap is a absolute savage making a video for George's disibillity

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  • sap i wanted to say your amazing, your perfect your just so perfect don’t listen to everyone that’s being rude cause you have a amazing community that thinks your perfect

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  • Cool thing is, what george sees as diamond is way more accurate than the blue diamonds.

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  • No one: Dream: ITS BLACK!.......... it’s not the color it’s supposed to be.

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  • Its close to milion

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  • Sounds Nice When Dream looks like an mango And im color blind so if i see green i see Brown, (Ew)👁️👄👁️

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  • Plot Twist: Sapnap and Dream are also colorblind

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  • Wait.. Nothing changed? O-ohh..

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  • george would look at the golden in gd and actually think it's golden lol

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  • This video is not good for bullying i really feel bad

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  • Sad true, 10milion views even not 2 m subs, its 90%

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  • i feel bad for george

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  • dream says “crazy” alot

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  • no, he can't see red , purple and green

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  • 18:35 dream was being such a good friend😊😊😊

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  • i fell bad for george

  • Dream team: whoa!!! I feel bad for George George: ?????? Other Players: why are these guys looking at colors??

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  • You guys are bully George lol 😂

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  • When they turned it on and started reacting to the colors I was just sitting here like, "But.... but nothing changed?" The fun of being colorblind

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  • Beginning of the video: "Everything is bland and look dead"... End of the video: "Oh! Lava is liquid gold! Gold fire! Blue portal, so awesome!"...

    SimboissSimboiss14 timmar sedan
  • Th Rascon George says he sees nothing is because he’s color blind and that’s how he sees so you changed his screen now he probably sees how you do now. Here think of it this way cuz I make no sense he sees the portal blue and you change s it blue so he thinks it’s pirple

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  • The emeralds are now Mario coins

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  • I love how they all have the same intro!! ❤

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  • I know this is Minecraft but what if this was real life 😳

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  • I can just see george on christmas- red and green everywhere-

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  • Nether portal color: Blue Me: I remembered that legend it once called aether

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  • Imagine what a Christmas tree would look like with George's vision

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  • "ITS BLACK" -Dream 2020

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  • extra protanopia

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  • imagine him learning the colors green and yellow in school "why did you just hold up the same color?"

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  • I’m blue yellow color blind so this is like tripple color blindness rn

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  • ´´its all yellow?´´ allways has been

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  • I want to see dream play mc color blind I. Gonna share this all over telling people to like it for that last 40k to get to a milli

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  • respect for GeorgeNotFound

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  • yall saying the ender portal looks like dark purp with the colorblind thingy. I'm sitting here like WOAAH ITS SO BLUE!!

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  • "George, we love you the way u r" 🥺

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  • The fact that it almost hit a million like

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  • Them: Oh wow i feel so bad for George! color blind me: Yea yea i'll just stay over here... minding my own blue nether portals that make me thirsty..

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  • when everyone sees gorge's colorblindness: everyone: ?????????? Gorge: this normal when gorge sees colors: gorge: ???????? everyone: this normal...

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  • Why don’t the items change colors?

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  • Dang look at the 👍

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  • Umm 8 vids 1.8 mill wtf

  • Its getting close to a million likes dream

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  • mario coin 6:23

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  • wait, dream was yellow?

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  • "blue is just.. Blue " -sapnap2020

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  • Try playing cakewars on Mineplex :)

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  • t r a n g

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  • nothing: Not even a single human being: no one: not even a random bear in the woods: Dream in the nether: WHHAAATTTTTTTTTT!??!?!?! ITS BLACKK!!!! . . . HOW IS IT BLACK??!?!??

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  • 1:32 this has to be my favourite part of the video

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  • your guys's excitement is so precious!!

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  • I have the same colourblindness as George this makes me so happy ☺️ but it is also so weird because everything looks so amplified Edit: I think what they’re using is a code for someone who has no red cones in their eyes whatsoever. George does have red cones, and can still see some red, it’s just that the cones don’t work properly. That’s why they were seeing it so brown for some things that are actually red, and George was saying it still looks red for him. Edit again: MAGMA CUBES ARE RED??? FORTRESSES ARE RED??!!!!!🤯

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  • Сап нап))

    RaZr9D YTRaZr9D YTDag sedan
  • For the colors that dream cannot see, that look similar to another, he should get a custom texture pack to change lime or cactus green to have a blue ring around the item, indicating that it is meant to be green, instead of thinking it is yellow. And for purple, putting a yellow ring around the item would indicate that it is purple, instead of thinking it is blue. I know that must be confusing, so read it out loud and it makes more sense. Just having a different color on the block to be able to say that it actually represents a different color would help George a lot in bedwars

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  • Wow. That's what George sees. Dang.

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  • George, I have this same condition

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  • how does it show up normal in their hotbars?????

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  • Red = Black Pink = Gray Purple = Blue Blue = Blue Lime = Dandelion? Yellow = Yellos Orange = Gold

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  • If george see this video he will se it different lol

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  • When they were on the platform smacking eachother and they said the platform was brown I thought it was like a really dark green 👁👄👁

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  • Black Neighbors Next Door: passsing by Dream:ITS BLACK! Also Dream:THEIR BLACK Dream Also:Everything IS BLACK

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  • Im the same as george and when they are talking about the grass and the portal Im like: 🤭

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  • Can we have the mod? I would like to try a survival world and play with it, try things and all Oh and maybe u guys could do a “beating Minecraft but colours are differents (and George has a mod with what we see)

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  • "oh, so he just cant see red and green-?" George on Christmas: .... colo(u)rs- THERE ARE COLO(U)RS??!??!?!?

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  • *asks what color it is* Their hotbar- Am i a joke to you?

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  • 13:24 "What color am I?" *Bottom of the screen: "Am I a joke to you?"*

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  • guys quit saying "The title should be Dream and Sapnap calling Georges eyesight disgusting for 22 minutes" or "sapnap saying ew for 22 minutes" this is completely different for them and they react to it like everyone else would. yes its perceived as rude but its a huge change and George and them are close friends so he most likely isn't absolutely offended. By the way, this isn't just George's eyesight. A l o t of people suffer from multiple types of Colorblindness. I myself have a Colorblind friend and we joke about it all the time, he finds it hilarious. stop getting offended for someone else that doesn't really seem that bothered by their friends making jokes and being confused. jesus.

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  • This is just dream and the team being astounded and George is just walking around casually

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  • George driving: 🟤🟡🟡

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  • 1 mil cmon!

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  • Sapnap: Not many people who watch my videos are subscribed Me: sees that he has 1.84M subs

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  • Watch dream snap nap and gorge

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  • after watching this i had to go into my own minecraft world so I could cherish the original colors

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  • Ngl, emerald looks awesome as gold.

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  • Hello sap nap

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  • I think you cured George of his colorblindness he said the portal was a dark purple or who ever that was I think it was snapnap dream or george

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  • The video is honestly really close to 1M likes.

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  • Kindergarten teacher: what’s your favorite color? Little George: I don’t know 👁💧👄💧👁

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  • Minecraft on RTX, but we all are colourblind

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  • honestly im color blind with like blue and purple like when i see purple its blue and blue is purple! its like my eyes swapped the colors... 👁️👄👁️

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  • Almost a million likes!!!! We can do this!!

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  • How does he play among us

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  • this video made me appreciate the color green more

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  • Before 10 million viewers:

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  • Everyone like it

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  • 40k more for dream to play with this on MCC.

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  • Ummm.... George is green and red color blind? WHAT ABOUT CHRISTMAS!?!?!?

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  • 16:03 semoane on America in a hospital after seeing theyr child

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  • Did George give dream and sapnap his eyes?

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  • When dream notices he might have to play with color blindness because the vid has almost 1 million likes

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  • My eyes hurt

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  • George in double colour blind? XD what does that means more strong xD OMG lol

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  • Wow almost at 1 million likes

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