A time of change | Ep. 52

30 apr 2021
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So this is my past two months wrapped up into 20 minutes, with all it's messy, hard and beautiful moments. There is so much going on in my life right now, both on the surface and inside, which I know a lot of you can relate to. But I am very glad to finally have time again for creating videos. I've missed you!
I hope this little video can bring a smile on your beautiful face, or maybe just a moment to relax or enjoy some highlights from my life the past weeks. Hope you'll like it!
Sending you tons of love! ♥
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Tenderness - Tony Andersson (Musicbed)
Yearn - Chris Coleman (Musicbed)
Drifting - Nick Box (Musicbed)
Mountain Spring High - Gabriel Lewis
Patchwork Heart - Justin Wade (Musicbed)
Taking me high taking me low - Johan Glossner
Unfold - Steven Gutheinz (Musicbed)
Running Circles - Cody Francis
My Old Man - Lindsey Abraham
Light in your hand - Sad Moses (Musicbed)
Time without end - Spectacles wallet and watch

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  • Greetings From Israel Following Your Chanel for the past Year ,I truly feel Joyful & Happy knowing you as a person. You are so special & Unique . It is a privilege and Honor . Wishing you All the Best Love

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  • Did you know, Jonna, these bisons exist also in holy Tibet ?

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  • Very nice 👌

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  • I missed you. ❤️

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  • You are like an angel to me, it radiates wonderful energy. "We can be really happy, when the heart feels faster, than the mind thinks."

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  • this video motivated me to do my homework and study for my exam! thanks?

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  • Can you please bring out a video again because I need something different to Mall again besides everyday Corona your videos are sooo relaxing pleaseeeeeee

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  • Your husband is really admirable👍

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  • Be like a Jonna, Be like a Jinton

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  • I wish I could donate towards getting Daniel a vacation. Kindness deserves kindness.

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  • Beatiful place

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  • Мотивация выучить английский и смотреть видосы данного канала.

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  • You're an inspiration and your videos are all amazing! 💖

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  • I am so sad I'm now up to date with all of Jonna's videos! What will I do now to have calming and inspirational breaks from my working day? Maybe I should start again from the beginning!

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  • 🌺Aloha from Hawaii🌺I’m a new subscriber I love your videos thank you 😊

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  • How can I like this video more than one time????

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  • Love from India ❤😍

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  • It has been a difficult year for many people. Thank you for taking the time to share your ups and downs with us. It is very inspiring. Don't forget to practice your nyckelharpa, Jonna.

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  • Love it this so much

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  • Hello Jonna. I think I’ve watched all your vlogs already there’s a full of positivity in it.. I’m looking on your next episode..😘

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  • mozart would be my first choice.

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  • one request.........slo mode snow ride with choral music. thank you.

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  • AND THE FINAL CLUE....................IS UP TO YOU ")

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  • second clue is something moving around you ........................

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  • a clue is something above .......................it shines everyday

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    Rad ShawnRad Shawn20 timmar sedan

    Rad ShawnRad Shawn20 timmar sedan
  • Such a beautiful video... beautiful beyond words! Thank you Joanna 😊❤️

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  • Bien gracias

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  • I really wished that I was going to some school that had a nearly as great view as the old school in the video has! And I really wished I could now work in a nearly that great school as that old school is 😊😅 - unfortunately here in GER schools are often in the middle of a bigger city today…

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  • ✨when someone has control of your mind they have control of your emotions...how you view the world, yourself & others, do not absorb, react or respond to abusive personalities...there’s nothing more peaceful than connecting with your own soul, it’s the most powerful relationship you will ever have

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  • Lo mejor que me ha pasado 🙇‍♀️😍🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

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  • thanks a lot for share your fantastic videos with us... the time will come i will visit north sweden to see this great nature with my own eyes.... untill now i was not higher then falun lol

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  • I love you scandinavia

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  • I always love your hair colour. How do you dye it?

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  • I'm a bison.

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  • Dear Jonna, you are an amazing person 🤗 so gentle, so kind

  • Please translate langue indonesia

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  • Веселые люди, хочу к ним

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  • Hello from Romania and thanks to Daniel for making us feel so good :) Lots of love for you Jonna. You're such an inspiration.

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  • It seems that she is unhappy these days. I fear her personal life is going through a crisis

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    • Yes, lots of us have noticed. It's such a shame as they were a great couple.

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  • Hiii.I am a new subscriber.Love from India.

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  • That van needs a lot of TLC

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  • Hi what kind of camera do you use to make videos?

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  • Im promoting your Channel, the new version of fairy in modern time. Loving here from Philippines hope i can visit your place, God's willing! Keep going be like a Bison! God bless you and your journey! ♥️

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  • We are surrounded with a lot of problems nowadays, especially in this difficult times facing this Pandemic. Thank you Jonna always and forever grateful for your videos. I will be goin to walk in the right path. Living in the countryside is such a gift of life. That is what I'd do now. Your place and community is such spectacular to live. Loving you from Philippines.

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    • I was hooked with Daniel to lend his hand to help.

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    • I can't wait for the upcoming video in your Van road trips Jonna.

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  • I want to go snow but i cannot 😥😥i hope soon i can go to the snow and enjoy thats my dreams😥❤️

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  • This is the purity needed for our dark world.

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  • Hey i I’m from Sri Lanka. I really like your videos and it’s always make me feel so happy❤️ Thank u so much Jonna❤️❤️❤️

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  • Nice video, congratulations, awesome life coaching mantra

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  • Your videos always make me feel so good. Hello from the States! Southeast...one day will venture there, for now will dream, be transported by your videos and asked, Are you a Swede? (Yup I’m a tall blonde)💕

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  • I'm not exaggerating, I'm being completely honest right now: Jonna Jinton is the only person by far that can make me feel better at my worst days that I'm trying so hard to battle with my mental illnesses. She inspires me to be kind to myself and others, to take it one step at a time and most importantly she shows me that life is worth living. Jonna you have saved my life in so many ways and I truly love and appreciate you. You're such a unique person and I'd really love to meet you one day! I'd like to thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. I feel pure gratitude whenever I watch your videos. (Everything I said is 100% true! I'm not exaggerating). Thank you Jonna Jinton!

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  • One of the best things about you is that you turn old, useless things into heartwarming, wonderful, useful things. I want to thank you for the inspiration that you gave me and of course for the environment, nature and the world (I don't know, maybe every Swede is like this)

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  • the weather is very cold but you are able to get through it, words of wisdom that make you tough and strong like a bison, keep your spirit and hope you always be healthy my friend ...

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