Dogs vs Cats: The Diversity Paradox

18 feb 2021
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Different dogs look incredibly different - but that doesn't mean they are necessarily more diverse.
To learn more about this topic, start your googling with these keywords:
phenotypic diversity - the range of different observable traits in a certain organism - for example, size, color, strength, and friendliness.
genetic diversity - the variation in the genetic information within and among individuals of a population or species
artificial selection (or selective breeding) - a process used by humans to develop new organisms with desirable characteristics
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Kate Yoshida | Script Writer, Narrator and Director
Josh Taira | Illustration, Video Editing and Animation
Nathaniel Schroeder | Music
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    • 1 why do we need to know the name of the narrator while other videos they just go along with it saving minutes? will knowing kate help us in the video? no 2 it sounds like she tries super hard to be cute and eccentric, just lay it all out next time we've been watching your videos and some of them just strikes us as really try hard pedantic

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    • please lose the repetitive music it distracts from the narrative and the narrative is a bit sing-songy too which also distracts i can’t finish watching this as it is forced and sounds phony

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    • Was feeling a li'l cat-atonic until watching the video... Thanks for the upload! Instant sub for you!! 😎👍🏼

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    • They are already breading serval cats into house cat lines, which makes them a fair amount bigger.

      nacorannacoran7 dagar sedan
    • Interesting video but the narrators voice is rather annoying

      Liam MorgansLiam Morgans8 dagar sedan
  • gaint donestic cat breed existed is called Savannah cat ... is Great Dane version of cat

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  • Masks PROTECT YOU and people around you!

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  • Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me get through the pandemic!

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  • People who buy animals based on what they look like are shallow at best.

    ToriaToria6 timmar sedan
  • CATegories, heh.

    Kaiser BasileusKaiser Basileus8 timmar sedan
  • I really hope we don’t over breed cats like we have dogs....

    Apothegmatic RealityApothegmatic Reality9 timmar sedan
  • I think the most non diverse is humans. We come in pretty much the same size and same shape except for a few different colors...

    Cornucopia VideographyCornucopia Videography10 timmar sedan
  • I think breeding a large Maine-coon/lynx/cheeta/serval mix and then refining ou the different traits would be awesome (long legs of the cheeta, serval and lynx, no retractable claws, like cheeta, amicable and emotionally less temperamental, like a coon and a serval, more loyal and family oriented like a cheeta and a serval and a coon, large paws to make up for the lack of claws, like the lynx, then benefit from the health of the wild types), like successful wolfdog breeds, like the German Shepard, savanah cats have proven very successful (part domestic, part serval). And using 4 types of stock like this could render a varieties of coat colors, patterns, types, sizes, etc. If love a rich grey/spotted, medium/fluffy, lanky, social healthy cat that's 35 lbs, wants to snuggle and doesn't ruin my furniture.

    ravissary79ravissary7910 timmar sedan
  • Stop breeding. Genetic diversity is good!

    Mr AnderssonMr Andersson13 timmar sedan
  • different cats act just as differently as dogs, if you get to know them :) timmar sedan
  • Videolarınıza Türkçe altyazı da ekleyebilir misiniz? 🌱

    Oyun GüncesiOyun Güncesi14 timmar sedan
  • Maybe we could also consider the health of the animals, too.. Pfft, jks, who cares about animals life experience, let's breed squash faced cats in kitten farms, they will look so cute!!

    Ben WalkerBen Walker16 timmar sedan
  • Thumbs up for the puns.

    gowzahrgowzahr17 timmar sedan
  • "big domestic cats would just be tigers" y'all are so... do you know what a wolf is.

    Arin KeplerArin Kepler19 timmar sedan
  • „another 100 years and careful breeding“... lets not :)

    カルマ [Karma]カルマ [Karma]20 timmar sedan
  • So dog genes are just very Versatile

    ErobErob21 timme sedan
  • Can't wait until diverse cats bomb middle east

    thevirqthevirqDag sedan
  • I hope we don't do to cats what we did to dogs.... some of these breeds are genetic monstrosities whose whole existence is a plethora of disease and pain

    BouncingBobBouncingBobDag sedan
  • I think we already know that very big cats are dangerous

    logitech4873logitech4873Dag sedan
  • oooooo

    fishyfishyDag sedan
  • Very good example of the difference between phenotypes and genotypes

    SCP TimeSCP TimeDag sedan

    90% of Everything90% of EverythingDag sedan
  • Humans have been Inbreeding dogs into heavy healthy problems.

    SownheardSownheardDag sedan
  • 3:16 Hundred years later, catgirls arrive...

    NayshjinNayshjin2 dagar sedan
  • YEAY human sized natural hunter that like to play with their food

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  • I want a giant cat.

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  • pog.

    Expiration DateExpiration Date2 dagar sedan
  • Diversity is a human concept!

    DANCERcowDANCERcow2 dagar sedan
  • 3:20 I would hate that so much

    Euclid TheoremEuclid Theorem2 dagar sedan
  • "Categories" I see what you did there.

    Zen Zeno 2011Zen Zeno 20112 dagar sedan
  • 3:23 No. The answer is 'no, it wouldn't be.' Actually, the answer is 'no, what's wrong with you who WOULDN'T want that?' but that's a mouthful.

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  • Love dogs! Have my own vid for kids on choosing the dog.

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    • Nice:) Will show my kiddo!

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  • Yeet

    Molly_music bandMolly_music band2 dagar sedan
  • Why would you try to breed cats like the dogs. Don't you guys know all the side effects the breeding caused? Are we all gonna pretend that doesn't exist and just sacrifice the cat's genetic health just for some unnatural huge cat?

    RokicatRokicat2 dagar sedan
  • This is all selective breeding, not genertic engineering. A lot of science folks like to equate this technique with those like capsid engineering, gold guns or CRISPR. MinuteEarth didn't do this here; it's just a point to make.

    Man In The HillsMan In The Hills2 dagar sedan
  • to everyone pointing out that we have lions Panthers and other wild felines, yes and we also have wolves and foxes. This is obviously about domestic pets. you donuts.

    ShakeitbabycakesShakeitbabycakes2 dagar sedan
  • Why so many downvotes?

    Joseph AngJoseph Ang2 dagar sedan
  • Je souhaite qu'un jour les gens comprennent que tous c'est croisement de chiens ne donne que des chiens au physique ridicule, avec des difficultés respiratoires ou avec des maladies génétiques, bref des petites abominations qu'on adore. De plus en plus d'éleveurs de chat cherchent à faire la même chose, leur but n'est pas d'améliorer une race ou encore de régler un problème, ils veulent seulement vous vendre un " bien " plus cher.

    Production PfiProduction Pfi2 dagar sedan
  • Selectively breeding dogs has led to a lot of problems in recent times. We haven’t messed with cats & that’s probably a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, different types of dogs for different jobs makes sense, but there’s no justifying what’s been done to brachycephalic dogs

    Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
  • I want cat with stilts and short body and cat with stubby legs with long bodies please

    Edward EstrellaEdward Estrella2 dagar sedan
  • Aahhh I’ve been wondering about this ever since I was a kid 😸

    EmiliapocalypseEmiliapocalypse2 dagar sedan
  • Considering how cats are generally assholes, it'd be really foolish to breed them into huge assholes

    hydrolife techhydrolife tech2 dagar sedan
  • 🐱: oh, I watch cats 101! They're pretty easy to memorize! You should watch it too! There's the Maine coon, SFSH/SFLH, Persian, Exotic, DSH/DMH/DLH, BSH/BLH (British blue), Bengal, Savannah, Siamese, OSH/OLH, Angora, Van, Bombay (DSH black cat), Russian blue (RSH), Somali, and the Abbie (or the abyssinyan if you have time)! 🐶: ehh? Dog breeds?...I regret watching dogs 101...there's the pit bull--_pit bull is not a breed!_ ok ok...there's the staffy, the bully, the frenchie, the chihuahua, the German shepherd, the bearded collie, the border collie...uhh...Boston terrier.....uhhhhhUOAAAAAA THERE'S TO MANY OF THEM (only zoophilists and ailurophilists can relate. 😹)

    just an SDR fan herejust an SDR fan here2 dagar sedan
  • Humans differ more than 0.1% in their genomes...

    Herr BönkHerr Bönk2 dagar sedan

    Arthur BellonArthur Bellon2 dagar sedan
  • A cat person definitely made this

    toad sagetoad sage2 dagar sedan
  • Kitteh

  • Short answer, we’ve never really bred cats past their base forms. So we really only see regional genetic differences dictated by availability of mates vs a specific breed genetic difference based on desired outcomes of mating by us an outside influence. AND this is probabaly due to the fact cats aren’t really domesticated as much as acclimatized to living in shared environments with humans. And why is that you ask? Cats have really had one primary job. Vermin extermination. Which they’re naturally pretty good at..... Dogs have had many more jobs that required very different behaviors and even physical characteristics that had to be planned for or protected during the breeding process to maintain instinctual behaviors or remove them.

    Bertelli JustinBertelli Justin2 dagar sedan
  • We bred dogs into the forms we needed. We didn't need to do that with cats, because they already had the exact body plan we needed.

    Prince ThunderflarePrince Thunderflare2 dagar sedan
  • This amount of paronomasias in one video should incur PUNitive measures

    magruseRmagruseR2 dagar sedan
  • Dogs are different because they have been bred for different jobs. Cats are always unemployed free loaders.

    Warwick LewisWarwick Lewis2 dagar sedan
  • We already do have giant "cats." Living with a tiger is ill-advised. A mastiff-sized domestic cat would probably be just as bad.

    Janet N.Janet N.3 dagar sedan
    • you don't know what "domestic" means

      eduardoeduardo6 timmar sedan
  • cat video, i watch, i click like

    severed6ssevered6s3 dagar sedan
  • This female is annoying

    theiconiumfoundationtheiconiumfoundation3 dagar sedan
  • Instead of breeding bigger cats like with did with dogs, why just not domestic tigers ? No suburb boy with a pitbull will annoy you anymore

    CaptainDangeaxCaptainDangeax3 dagar sedan
    • Because dogs are inherently more “domesticated” compared to cats. A pitbull is more trainable than a cat

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
  • That's because cats are already perfect.

  • I hope we never recklessly breed cats. Munchkins are a scary trend.

    Hannah W.Hannah W.3 dagar sedan
    • What we’ve done to brachycephalic dogs in recent times is abhorrent. You’re right, let’s leave cats be!

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
  • "CAT-er-gories" Oh, hell no. No, you did not!

    Jay BinghamJay Bingham3 dagar sedan
  • 3:19 cat looks like its about to make a tiktok

    Cherub 1979Cherub 19793 dagar sedan
  • 3:19 KILL IT

    Cherub 1979Cherub 19793 dagar sedan
  • Breeding program not likely. Remember that when you bred to a standard the ones that don't meet that standard go in the trash. Notice how most breeds were developed in Germany , well at that time they also tested new medicines on death row prisoners not lab animals . It was a different time with different ethics.

    Kolila GephartKolila Gephart3 dagar sedan
    • @Warwick Lewis Selective breeding can be problematic even if done using “humane” methods. Case in point: brachycephalic breeds like pugs. Looking as dumb as they do sometimes comes at the cost of THEIR EYES LITERALLY POPPING OUT IF THEIR SKULLS, but that’s a price some breeders are willing to pay

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
    • Or you could just humanely sterilize the animals you dont select and sell them as pets. Like most breeders do.

      Warwick LewisWarwick Lewis2 dagar sedan
  • This is bizarre. I thought of this question for the first time yesterday after seeing a small cat. I shared it with no one and didn’t speak it out loud. The. This video appears in my recommended. Simulation?

    Seth SchaffnerSeth Schaffner3 dagar sedan
  • I don't know about breeding giant cats, but I would be quite happy with more tiny kitties

    Matthew CromeMatthew Crome3 dagar sedan
  • this was the most annoying thing I ever watched

    TheGhostHAGTheGhostHAG3 dagar sedan
  • Also dogs being social animals leads them to adopt expected behaviour.

    KaiserinmeliKaiserinmeli3 dagar sedan
  • catastrophic. a ha I see what you did there

    J HyourinmaruJ Hyourinmaru3 dagar sedan
  • We need giant cats NOWWWWWWWWWWW

    Toki HoshiashiToki Hoshiashi3 dagar sedan
  • It’s because cats are useless

    Lucas PattisonLucas Pattison3 dagar sedan
  • Disliked because you depicted the scientist as a black person - that's not representative of the real world, and thus I must conclude that you've engaged in virtue-signaling, i.e. "wokeness"... I hate that stuff.

    MK WarlockMK Warlock3 dagar sedan
    • Disliked your post because it implies all human beings are racist trash- which is not representative of the real world. You wouldn’t say this crap in person to others unless you wanted to be eliminated from the gene pool.

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
  • A friend recently asked what breed my cat was.. I was like, “idk just cat”

    Sam EppinkSam Eppink3 dagar sedan
    • My cat is inbred. He’s very cat. He just forgets how to cat sometimes. In case you’re wondering, it was not my doing, he was a stray at first

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
    • Purebred, 100% cat!

      VictoriaVictoria3 dagar sedan
  • The reason cats are all so similar is because cats are perfect already.

    KotaKota3 dagar sedan
  • i cant wait for diversity. I want those biiig cats size that only hybrid cats can achieve.

    Alina KAlina K3 dagar sedan
  • "Cats are all roughly the same size" Lions: am I a joke to you

    Elliot LanghornElliot Langhorn3 dagar sedan
  • Honey the cat knocked over the fridge again

    Nezlegueze 1Nezlegueze 13 dagar sedan
  • No mention of how dangerous it is to the animals to breed them like we’ve done to dogs.

    coffeefrogcoffeefrog3 dagar sedan
    • @Gi Gi ironically while dog breeders have started breeding for a longer snout in some brachycelphalic breeds cat breeders have now produced brachycelphalic cat breeds that suffer the same problems. The popularity of snub nosed flat faced freaks is a huge selling point. In the long run as long as there is demand there will be breeders who are willing to breed undesirable traits. German sherperds are a modern breed. Created in the 20th century by mixing various other breeds to creat a German super race of dog.

      Warwick LewisWarwick LewisDag sedan
    • @Warwick Lewis The issues are not eradicated when people think they are actually good. I.E. compare examples of brachycephalic breeds today to examples of the breed from 100 years ago. Their muzzles have become shorter, not longer. To the point that breeds like the pug can actually have their eyes POP OUT OF THEIR SKULLS because the eye sockets are too misshapen. Bulldogs rely on IVF & cesarean procedures to reproduce more than ever. Other types of dog like the German Shepard have been reliable working dogs throughout history, but now show breeders select dogs to have sloping backs- ruining their athletic abilities, leading to hip & elbow dysplasia, among other problems. Selective breeding can improve a breed, or it can ruin them- which direction things move towards depends on intent as well as method. There’s not enough incentive to breed healthy animals, while breeding freaks is profitable

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
    • @Warwick Lewis What's not true? I know that efforts are being made to assist in safe breeding, but the problem of inbred health issues still exists and won't go away so long as humans keep the demand going for superficial traits in dogs. It's selfish. Human inbreeding is a much scarcer problem considering we're more diverse genetically, and it's also more complex because it's consensual. I don't care to get into specifics about humans for that reason. It's not comparable at all. Dogs are only allowed their relatives with whom to carry out their instincts. Breeders don't allow them freedom to choose. You're acting like breeder dogs get to choose. If dogs are left to their own devices, they'd mix and would solve the problem much more quickly.

      coffeefrogcoffeefrog2 dagar sedan
    • @coffeefrog that's just not true. There are specific issues regarding certain breeds but efforts are made to eradicte these problems by only selecting healthy dogs for breeding. There are specific issues related to human beings should we stop people who have a higher chance of certain genetic disorders from breeding ?? It is an unfortunate fact of life that not every baby is perfect. This applies to puppies as well as humans.

      Warwick LewisWarwick Lewis2 dagar sedan
    • @Warwick Lewis It's an example, which is not exclusive to one breed, and there are others with different issues. And people fuel the breeding industry regardless due to completely superficial reasons. It's selfish.

      coffeefrogcoffeefrog2 dagar sedan
  • I am once again asking for my Cat-Girls

    Mayank RanaMayank Rana3 dagar sedan
    • If cat-girls existed, they would not be yours. They would claw your eyes out, eat your liver & crap in the cavity. Then go out for catnip martinis with the other girls.

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
  • cat-astraphy. paw-ssible

    AgarWorstPlayerAgarWorstPlayer3 dagar sedan
  • We already have giant cats. They're called tigers. Owning one is not recommended.

    tyrongkojytyrongkojy3 dagar sedan
    • @Shinx The Lioness Traditional I suppose, but even modern Siamese are not so different behaviourally

      Gi GiGi GiDag sedan
    • @Gi Gi wait, you're talking about traditional siamese or modern siamese?

      Shinx The LionessShinx The LionessDag sedan
    • @Shinx The Lioness Siamese are known for being talkative & attentive to their owners, but also for being active & athletic. The norm is that they are inclined to hunt, actually. You’re right that not all individuals adhere to those norms, but the breed is actually considered one of the top choices for mousers!

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
    • @Gi Gi fair enough, but even felines being more lonely than wolves, they both hunt very well so I still think we can someday make their hunting instincts way weaker. Also, I'm not saying Siamese don't hunt, they just do it way less than a regular cat, they are way tamer than a shorthair in general, of course, there will be exceptions but overall the more gentle and tame behavior is listed as one of the characteristics of the breed. Btw my cat is perfectly healthy, he's just very shy and calm in general.

      Shinx The LionessShinx The Lioness2 dagar sedan
    • @Shinx The Lioness Cats are not pack animals by nature as dogs are. They are inherently more independent than dogs. Selective breeding has only accomplished so much, even with canines. Also I’ve had Siamese cats before & they knew all too well how to hunt! My current cat is an indoor moggie for a number of reasons, but a Siamese I had as a child would frequently bring home full grown rabbits. He was the bane of neighbourhood dogs & even took on deer just for the hell of it. Didn’t stand a chance of catching one, but he liked to make sure they knew who was king. If you have a Siamese who can’t hunt, it’s either because it never learned, had the opportunity or is unhealthy (probably the former, but some Siamese are more disposed towards problems with their eyesight)

      Gi GiGi Gi2 dagar sedan
  • I want giant cats. Image all the cuddles. Soft bed cat. Amazing.

    Lilly TóthLilly Tóth3 dagar sedan
  • Ill be happy with regular sized cats. No more bigger than this.

    FoodTech41FoodTech413 dagar sedan
  • Cattos

    Ben SissonBen Sisson3 dagar sedan
  • The cat puns made me smile and my ears bleed Well done!

    MadDooferMadDoofer3 dagar sedan
  • The idea of domestic mountain lions with selective cat breeding seems both cute and foolish.

    E - VahnE - Vahn3 dagar sedan
  • The breeds of cat that I know Black cats White cats Fat cat Naked cat Calico cat. 😸

    Vaishnavi miraculousVaishnavi miraculous3 dagar sedan
  • Long cat is long

    elorz007elorz0073 dagar sedan
  • Cats are perfect as they are! Some people are trying to make them much cuter than they already are which make them have stumpy legs and folded ears. It's true they are cuter but I don't want to raise cats that have more health problem than a geriatic smoker!

    happy facehappy face3 dagar sedan
  • I think the giant cats could be an okay idea if they were descended from a docile breed like a rag-doll. Then you could have a giant purring buddy to laze about the couch and bed with.

    Marie ThilleMarie Thille3 dagar sedan
  • It's a good thing cats are small, because they aren't even really domesticated and they would literally kill their owners and dogs...and everything else small enough to kill

    an Orangutanan Orangutan3 dagar sedan
  • 0:27 immediately stopped watching

    mcboberson bobmcboberson bob3 dagar sedan
  • I've always said it's cuz cats are just perfect the way they are. We chose dogs to work and so we bred different traits. Cats chose us and do as they please. No altering needed. They are a perfect predator. If they hadn't gone nuts burning witches and their cats, maybe the whole bubonic plague thing would have been less awful.

    Kerri ButlerKerri Butler3 dagar sedan
    • Cats spread fleas. Fleas spread plague. Cats eat rats who have fleas. Fleas spread plague. Cats walk around all over. Spreading plague. You give people plague. They will burn you.

      Warwick LewisWarwick Lewis2 dagar sedan
  • When I see them dots I see Google assistant

    Capella AzariaCapella Azaria3 dagar sedan
  • Until we can breed out their hunting instincts, I would advise breeding larger cats. We already have leopards, jaguars and tigers.

    Sharifa A.Sharifa A.3 dagar sedan
  • The first selective breeding agenda for cats should be to breed them to not have that putrid litter smell, their urine and feces is horrendous.

    genusggenusg3 dagar sedan
  • I only like the dog breeds that look most similar to wolves. I think that we created all sorts of abominations with bulldogs, poodles etc. We need to keep cats genetically natural.

    First name Last nameFirst name Last name3 dagar sedan
  • I want a giant cat.

    Maxim TomatoMaxim Tomato4 dagar sedan
  • When you breed cats as big as mastiffs, you bascially get tigers xD

    ProfessorGrimmProfessorGrimm4 dagar sedan
  • sorry sweetie, there's far more variation between races than within them. check your sources next time ;)

    mikemike4 dagar sedan
  • We share 50% of our dna with plants...

    WarzipWarzip4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine breeding a lion of a size of a cat That would be so cool. Having a tiny king of the jungle snuggle up on your sofa and giving him treats.

    Touch BionicsTouch Bionics4 dagar sedan