Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High (Final Trailer)

13 jan 2021
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Downfalls High. Premiering January 15, 2021 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST
A first if it’s kind musical film experience
#DownfallsHigh #MachineGunKelly #TicketsToMyDownfall

  • Charli see the 😭😭😭

    Angelly galoAngelly galo6 sekunder sedan
  • euphoria vibes💙💙

    Billie GrayBillie GrayMinut sedan

    Melissa RojasMelissa Rojas4 minuter sedan
  • I saw this on tiktok soo I came here

    KatrinaKatrina7 minuter sedan
  • chase ik its always the blondes jk

    Andrea AdtongAndrea Adtong11 minuter sedan
  • Is this a movie or a musical? Where can I find it

    Naomi ANaomi A18 minuter sedan

    Katty GomezKatty Gomez22 minuter sedan
  • wait is that sydney- OMG IT IS WRFJSHSHSAB

    Gia OcelloGia Ocello24 minuter sedan
  • you know i'm here for syd

    maddalena palmisanimaddalena palmisani24 minuter sedan
  • Stupid how did you leave charlie

    Mia LescanoMia Lescano35 minuter sedan
  • PLSS why is chase just standing in the middle of the hall like 🕴

    Abby AbrahamAbby Abraham35 minuter sedan
  • Haha 😂 Jaden. Really said: FUck You

    Zarlia PeckZarlia Peck42 minuter sedan
  • ppl who forgot chase says bad words have to like

    Anahi LeyvaAnahi Leyva47 minuter sedan
  • Este es el comentario en español que estás buscando

    Dana HdezchDana Hdezch48 minuter sedan
  • it says it will come out on January 15 and it’s January 16... so where can i see it ??

    Jazmin JonesJazmin Jones49 minuter sedan
  • It's always the blondes 🥶💀

    vs_editorluluvs_editorlulu51 minut sedan
  • And Cassey from euphoria

    Yasmine Blackstock-volcinYasmine Blackstock-volcinTimme sedan
  • Omg it’s lil huddy

    Yasmine Blackstock-volcinYasmine Blackstock-volcinTimme sedan
  • Love ya Kells❤🧨

    eeejeeejTimme sedan
  • Waitttttt chase is was whith charli d'amelio🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔💔😭

    Lorena mariaLorena mariaTimme sedan
  • Movie was sick‼️‼️

    Willian PastoraWillian PastoraTimme sedan
  • Look it's thekidhudson

    Darien RampersadDarien RampersadTimme sedan
  • How can I watch it?????

    LIL ØHŃØLIL ØHŃØTimme sedan
    • Look at his Facebook

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • Я не могу не где найти посмотреть полный фильм что делать? 🗿

    Я зефиркаЯ зефиркаTimme sedan
  • In the thumbnail I was like is that lil hoddie???? It is😂😂

    Jessica is boredJessica is boredTimme sedan
  • What can I watch this on is it on Netflix

    Jade Elizabeth SmithJade Elizabeth SmithTimme sedan
    • Look at his Facebook

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • Bro All these comments are 13 years old girls or what?

    Slim ShadySlim ShadyTimme sedan
  • اخيس فلم

    مو انت تخسبمو انت تخسبTimme sedan
  • where can I watch ittt

    n3oomn3oomTimme sedan
  • I’m only here bc I saw chase lol

    TarynTarynTimme sedan
  • If u like this type of movies... Im sorry but u have trash taste in everything

    Yes sir YeetYes sir YeetTimme sedan
    • Why would u say I'm sorry when you're clearly not sorry. And what makes you think you can judge millions of people you don't know based on one genre of film they like. Damn u a hater smh

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • where can we watch it at?

    peyton marinapeyton marinaTimme sedan
    • Look at his Facebook

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • so no creds for Maggie ?

    Mélanie E. PMélanie E. PTimme sedan

    andisxlxb musicandisxlxb musicTimme sedan
  • When is it comming outtt

    PaTaTo_GiRlPaTaTo_GiRlTimme sedan
    • It's out look at his Facebook

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • damn where’s pete

    Brynley SotoBrynley SotoTimme sedan
  • Holy sh*t where can I watch this????????????????

    Becky CampbellBecky Campbell2 timmar sedan
    • @Devin Smith Ty I already finished watching it

      Becky CampbellBecky Campbell47 minuter sedan
    • Look at his Facebook

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  • bye- it’s so good

    olivia marinoolivia marino2 timmar sedan
  • ay wey charli viendo la escena del beso 👁️👄👁️Esta potente

    aniger 2312aniger 23122 timmar sedan
  • Where can we watch this

    Karishma RamnarineKarishma Ramnarine2 timmar sedan
    • Look at his Facebook

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  • Can somebody please tell me where I can watch his movie

    Grace Mae Elizabeth HarrisGrace Mae Elizabeth Harris2 timmar sedan
    • Look at his Facebook

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • Colson please please make a song with Maggie Lindemann I would love it...

    Гергана А.Гергана А.2 timmar sedan

    Valeria EstradaValeria Estrada2 timmar sedan
    • It's out look at his Facebook

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • I saw Chase Hudson and thought "huh?"

    Spongey WizardSpongey Wizard2 timmar sedan
  • I watched the movie. It was so good🖤🖤😌

    Kimora MuffKimora Muff2 timmar sedan
  • Where can I watch the movie???

    Ava CameronAva Cameron2 timmar sedan
    • Look at his Facebook

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • Wait is that Emaline from everything sucks

    Bria RaeBria Rae2 timmar sedan

    Yahmeenah BrowneYahmeenah Browne2 timmar sedan
  • Ohh his sick ♡♤

    Lmklekh on America من امريكاLmklekh on America من امريكا2 timmar sedan
  • There's a good thing this jaden, too.

    Eymy MonteroEymy Montero2 timmar sedan
  • 🍟🙈🤟🏻

    Lizeth JuárezLizeth Juárez2 timmar sedan
  • Charli right now: “your probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt, she’s so much older than me” 😭

    izumiiizumii2 timmar sedan
  • where will the movie premiere

    Simone ZarauzSimone Zarauz2 timmar sedan
    • On facebokk

      jenni rizerojenni rizero2 timmar sedan
  • I wish it was Charlie

    Pop Girl SarmientoPop Girl Sarmiento2 timmar sedan
  • I miss chacha

    Jessica WuJessica Wu2 timmar sedan
  • Where can you watch it

    Liliana VelascoLiliana Velasco2 timmar sedan
    • You can watch it for free on facebook

      jenni rizerojenni rizero2 timmar sedan
  • chase is cheating on me how dare he

    Veronika SukhikhVeronika Sukhikh3 timmar sedan
  • Lmaooooo this looks corny ngl

    Deji SoboyejoDeji Soboyejo3 timmar sedan
  • Superbe bro💟💟

    BlackBlack3 timmar sedan
  • She’s teething Charlie

    melody rose Gonzalezmelody rose Gonzalez3 timmar sedan

    ola bearola bear3 timmar sedan
  • como se llama la película ?😍😍😍😍

    Noemí Rodríguez JuradoNoemí Rodríguez Jurado3 timmar sedan
  • Chase kissed the girl!!! I'm kind of mad but it's fine I love him

    Ànida TaraÀnida Tara3 timmar sedan
  • Chase like is a girl and not Charli

    Alena ZaydAlena Zayd3 timmar sedan

    Scarlet KostkaScarlet Kostka3 timmar sedan

    Bailey GrayBailey Gray3 timmar sedan
  • If y’all don’t leave charli alone😭

    Money BlueMoney Blue3 timmar sedan
  • tem na netflix??????

    Ana BeatrizAna Beatriz3 timmar sedan
  • to ansiosaaa

    Ana BeatrizAna Beatriz3 timmar sedan
  • lança quandooo

    Ana BeatrizAna Beatriz3 timmar sedan
  • You used Charli!

    Char DamelioChar Damelio3 timmar sedan
    • shut up

      belen plbelen plTimme sedan
  • Okay but why isn’t it on yo channel mane and why do I have to make an account with a card to pay for thissss wtfff

    ashley allisonashley allison3 timmar sedan
    • @jenni rizero update I found it thank youuu🥺❤️

      ashley allisonashley allison3 timmar sedan
    • You can watch it free on facebokk

      jenni rizerojenni rizero3 timmar sedan
  • Can someone please tell me how I can watch this film?

    Sanjay 407Sanjay 4073 timmar sedan
    • On facebook

      jenni rizerojenni rizero3 timmar sedan
  • eminem debunked him so he switched to rock

    zoomforlifezoomforlife3 timmar sedan
    • All eminem did was make him bigger. Just look at his sales if you don't believe me

      Devin SmithDevin SmithTimme sedan
  • I really hoped for them to end up together, I literally cried when she passed. But the end means soo fucking much!

    Quentin RaatsQuentin Raats3 timmar sedan
  • Charli watching this😍🥰to this😭🥺

    Haidyn Dale WorldHaidyn Dale World3 timmar sedan
  • Charli + chase =❤️ no girl+chase=❤️

    Marcelka_girl ŠugarovaMarcelka_girl Šugarova3 timmar sedan
  • I got so excited when I seen Maggie 😭

    CitlaliCitlali3 timmar sedan
  • Cringey til Tok kids

    Yah MeanYah Mean3 timmar sedan
  • love you chaseee😍😍

    Ana BeatrizAna Beatriz3 timmar sedan
  • vim pelo tik tok

    Ana BeatrizAna Beatriz3 timmar sedan
  • Noooo CHACHA😭😭😭

    Denisa laylaDenisa layla3 timmar sedan
  • Where can we watch this

    Kacey-May SummerleyKacey-May Summerley3 timmar sedan
    • On facebook

      jenni rizerojenni rizero2 timmar sedan
  • who just watched it???

    Brian JohnsenBrian Johnsen3 timmar sedan
  • Its in chases insta bio go check it out!!

    Laura PlaysLaura Plays3 timmar sedan
  • Kelly is the king

    Milrik LolMilrik Lol3 timmar sedan
  • the fact its coming out in 25 minutes HoLy

    Imogen PriceImogen Price3 timmar sedan
  • Why?? :( chacha??

    Greg DeftGreg Deft4 timmar sedan

    Mario HernándezMario Hernández4 timmar sedan
  • I cant believe I'm saying this, but this actually seems like its gonna be good.

    BartBart4 timmar sedan
  • I can't wait omg.........y'all don't understand the excitement is insane!!

    Laura OlukaLaura Oluka4 timmar sedan
  • One of the few trailers that doesn’t give the whole movie away

    Nathan RNathan R4 timmar sedan
  • I definitely recommend watching and it’s only 45 minutes so doesn’t even take up much of ur time

    Nathan RNathan R4 timmar sedan
  • Why chase dating her what about charli my idol

    aftab Sagaraftab Sagar4 timmar sedan
  • People who still want chacha ⬇️

    Amber SextonAmber Sexton4 timmar sedan
  • Post the movie 🤠

    Kiley MarchewkaKiley Marchewka4 timmar sedan
  • Really hope MGK does more pop punk after this. This has honestly been the best album for me in years

    James WilcoxJames Wilcox4 timmar sedan
  • wow a bunch of white kids trying to be edgy yet they probably go to a well funded school with more opportunities than an actual inner city school🥺🥺 pls pack it up💀

    malanimalani4 timmar sedan
  • What the f**k chase i though you like charli!

    BruhxcybIiBruhxcybIi4 timmar sedan
  • Charli seeing this 👁💧👄💧👁

    _charlsxily dunkinx_charlsxily dunkinx4 timmar sedan