CallMeCarson VODS: Minecraft SMP Live (Part Forty Nine)

12 jun 2019
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Streamed on 6/8/19
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  • 1:36:49

    creepjaxcreepjax2 månader sedan
  • its saturn bro...

    Avery PendletonAvery Pendleton6 månader sedan
  • What ticks me is that he forgot to pick block Uranus.

    LegdayLegday7 månader sedan
    • He said that he can't middle click because he broke his mouse last stream

      The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube Channel5 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!!

    TheySayImObama ObamaGamingTheySayImObama ObamaGaming7 månader sedan
  • 17:27

    BreadsticksBreadsticks7 månader sedan
  • Yo I like watched this in like real time that was quirky

    Jillian CookJillian Cook7 månader sedan
  • 1:14:00

    Grace DapatGrace Dapat7 månader sedan
  • i love how schlatt talks about connor like a boomer dad would talk about his son

    i am passing away dot comi am passing away dot com7 månader sedan
  • Category: science and technology

    WertyBilWertyBil7 månader sedan
  • Why is schlatt slightly high pitched here

    Pba TvPba Tv7 månader sedan
  • what's up vod squad

    Just WilburJust Wilbur10 månader sedan
    • Just Wilbur what’s up vod squad, you vod squad

      Seipp11Seipp117 månader sedan
  • Carson: actively getting burned by lava Travis: watch out Carson there’s lava

    FaebFaeb10 månader sedan
  • 1:37:31

    FaebFaeb10 månader sedan
  • 1:47:30

    CocoCocoÅr sedan
  • *Jshchlatt was slain by dick* oh.

    kaerukaeruÅr sedan
  • Rick

    Maybe HewieMaybe HewieÅr sedan
  • 1:39:50

    Cade SturmCade SturmÅr sedan
  • I'm at 1:58:53

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
  • 1:46:27 cringe

    Goth IHopGoth IHopÅr sedan
  • To me it isn't the Joker's Tricks jokes that are funny, it's Carson's laugh because he's so tired

    Douma.Douma.År sedan
  • They kept calling it Uranus but it’s actually Jupiter 🙃😀

    big daddy allibig daddy alliÅr sedan
    • Is saturn you sexy ass

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan
  • yes schlatt yes thank you for making the icarly references at 1:13:18 my childhood

    Eryn FabroEryn FabroÅr sedan
    • icarly =cu m

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan

    OilsOilsÅr sedan
  • 26:37 jschlatt was slain by Dick

    The Potion MasterThe Potion MasterÅr sedan
  • Hey what’s up Vod Squad it’s yo boi Jinx and it’s about that tiiiime for my daily dose of viiiiine

    Sergent BuzzSergent BuzzÅr sedan
  • people who don't bite their ice cream or don't chew on ice are absolute losers

    Jaxon KelseyJaxon KelseyÅr sedan
  • i watch all his streams at 144 p for the full.. callmecarson experience.

    Im A MemeIm A MemeÅr sedan
  • Anyone else like dick and balls better than deals and business

    Sammy BSammy BÅr sedan
  • 26:50 fav part

    CleahCleahÅr sedan
  • 57:56

    BirdaeBlueBirdaeBlueÅr sedan
  • I wonder what callmecarsons real name is 🤔🤔

    MilkMilkÅr sedan
    • Carson king

      PhantomCarGuyPhantomCarGuyÅr sedan
  • “Freakjing sweet” Pokay -2019

    e p i ke p i kÅr sedan
  • I went live and I record for 4:00hours of minecardt

    ImTinyRickImTinyRickÅr sedan
  • 1:20:33

    ape man 3000ape man 3000År sedan
  • is this uranus? be honest with me is this uranus?

    Zak RZak RÅr sedan
  • Poke you better respond to me you pickle bitch

    Hunter MooneyHunter MooneyÅr sedan
  • 1:22:23

    Raid RopeRaid RopeÅr sedan

    RiqcklyRiqcklyÅr sedan
  • *Jschlatt was slain by Dick*

    c a s e yc a s e yÅr sedan
  • Can we get 500 dislikes?

    DehydratedWaterDehydratedWaterÅr sedan
  • stay hydrated bot is the backbone of twitch

    fridgefridgeÅr sedan
  • anybody know what shaders carson uses?

    ExoExoÅr sedan
  • 1: 03:00

    Mylow artsMylow artsÅr sedan
  • Yeah mine Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft constantly Minecraft Yeah mine Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft constantly Minecraft Yeah mine Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft constantly Minecraft Yeah mine Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft constantly Minecraft

    Yeet_MinisterYeet_MinisterÅr sedan
  • 2:00:00

    Lieutenant LlamaLieutenant LlamaÅr sedan
  • 1:40:00

    Lieutenant LlamaLieutenant LlamaÅr sedan
  • 1:39:16 carson potion?

    Wilhelm IIWilhelm IIÅr sedan
  • Nobody is talking about the chicken flying at 41:38

    DisDatBoiDisDatBoiÅr sedan
  • 26:00

    Nifty-ThriftyNifty-ThriftyÅr sedan
  • Jschlatt should do a clan war with the other h3h3 productions clan and destroy the traitors

    Ra_03Ra_03År sedan
  • 1:42:00 Im going to bed, good night noobs

    CanadaEH!CanadaEH!År sedan
    • Enjoy vacban

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan
  • Traves is adorable when he isn’t being a devious little shit

    Anastasia VRAnastasia VRÅr sedan
  • Littering at 50:45 is appalling

  • this is probably the most beautiful seed its a shame that he won't tell us

    Maja RMaja RÅr sedan
  • 53:40 someone tell me why I said bless you to my phone

    Sydney BasingerSydney BasingerÅr sedan
  • 0:32 someone took your *æÆÆ*

    LeycreeLeycreeÅr sedan
  • How tall is travis

    laynelayneÅr sedan
    • layne 5’9 or 5’10 i believe

      Leyla ErgezerLeyla ErgezerÅr sedan
    • layne 4 foot tall

      Mateo PuglieseMateo PuglieseÅr sedan
  • Why is Travis sooo adorable😂

    PandoraPandoraÅr sedan
  • 49:10 too soon schlatt

    Reid AmerlingReid AmerlingÅr sedan
  • 37:22

    ayysopayysopÅr sedan
  • 1:34:35 I had to watch that like 10 times wtfff

    ZanDaManZanDaManÅr sedan
    • Same I was like holy shit

      Dman CDman CÅr sedan
    • ZanDaMan literally wtf

      evaevaÅr sedan
  • If Carson were a block, Carson would be block of dirt But in SkyBlock Dirt is the most valuable.

    KidKongNKidKongNÅr sedan
    • This aged so well im horny omG

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan
  • 45:57

    Fatherly FigureFatherly FigureÅr sedan
  • does anyone know what shaders he's using?

    GabberGamingGabberGamingÅr sedan

    Andrew GialopsosAndrew GialopsosÅr sedan
    • literally nobody cares

      fatherfather3 månader sedan
  • Cooper at 1:34:36 : Im gonna make this Lava disappear! Lava at 1:34:37:

    ツナツナÅr sedan
  • 1:25:34

    dajatizeddajatizedÅr sedan
  • when is carson streaming?

    Wixel50Wixel50År sedan
  • can we get the “oh yeah mmhmm” scene 10 hours including joshs little performance

    ashashÅr sedan
  • 1:12:29

    Man VacuumingMan VacuumingÅr sedan
  • What does Carson mean when he says he’s ‘fading out’?

    K GK GÅr sedan
    • Hes laughing so hard that he isnt breathing and is about to pass out. Fading out means your about to pass out.🤣

      PhantomCarGuyPhantomCarGuyÅr sedan
  • Someone took your a

    KitsuKitsuÅr sedan
  • Carson inbreeds his cows

    Scornful BongoScornful BongoÅr sedan
  • haha you gay blind turkey

    •nick ••nick •År sedan
  • 26:34

    Benny O.Benny O.År sedan
  • 1:07:00

    D SD SÅr sedan
  • How the freak (sorry for my language) does everyone type so fast in the server chat

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
    • *F I N G E R S*

      Clavicle CrusherClavicle Crusher4 månader sedan
    • Mechanical keyboards

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  • Dont mind me, just leaving a time stamp for when I'm horny again 1:32:27

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
  • I respect that you have no monetization. Love it!

    PratikPratikÅr sedan
  • Someone make a Jschlatt h3h3 productions subreddit NOW! Since I gave you this idea, make me moderator by my username ohyes-I-did

    Pedro SingerPedro SingerÅr sedan
    • no

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan
  • 26:03

    InvidInvidÅr sedan
  • “Swaggersouls is a midget” @swaggersouls

    cascasÅr sedan
  • I thought it said forty night lmao CARSON SAID FORTNITE ITEIN HIS TITLE WHAT A BOOMER

    Newbie GamerNewbie GamerÅr sedan
  • My MC name Yavnick

    JavakioJavakioÅr sedan
  • Category science & technology. nice

    MommaMilkShakeMommaMilkShakeÅr sedan

    riley loves ranbooriley loves ranbooÅr sedan
    • Riley Kurtz I LOST IT AT THAT PART

      SamSamÅr sedan
  • finished the goop cast episodes so I guess these are my new replacement podcast

    Sarah LinSarah LinÅr sedan
  • make the cuck labyrinth the back rooms

    JCbrosJCbrosÅr sedan
  • 26:37 where tragedy struck

    Shaun MartinezShaun MartinezÅr sedan
    • jschlatt was slain by Dick

      zlynnzlynnÅr sedan
  • Jschlatt was slain by Dick

    ShyieShyieÅr sedan
  • Do they like, Copy paste all this shit or did they dedicate like 8+ hours to making planets and Skyscrapers? I haven't played MC in a bit but Carson is super entertaining.

    KusuKusuÅr sedan
    • @schlockz time

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan
    • dedication

      schlockzschlockzÅr sedan
  • bucket

    Spenf BoulagwaiSpenf BoulagwaiÅr sedan
  • that’s a classic

    logie boylogie boyÅr sedan
  • Carson's cape be lookin like micky mouse

  • have to watch here because twitch is slower than dog shit

    u12bdragonu12bdragonÅr sedan
  • 1:06:02 this is like the wedding at the end of shrek

    Darth yoshi401Darth yoshi401År sedan
  • Poor Greg

    Schnozus MaximusSchnozus MaximusÅr sedan
  • Poppin a warm taint with the boys.

    CrAzedFlameCrAzedFlameÅr sedan
  • 3:04 he put a hole in uranus

    Ethan HarrisEthan HarrisÅr sedan
  • Carson is a mad boy

    GunCrazyMikeYTGunCrazyMikeYTÅr sedan