GOLDEN TROUT - Animal Crossing's Rare Fish?

28 okt 2020
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In this episode, Coyote and the crew are in West Virginia at the Smoke Hole Resort to meet a special fish! The Golden Rainbow Trout has a unique gold coloring, and Coyote is going to tell you exactly WHY this fish has such a vivid color! Get ready to learn all about the history of the incredible Golden Trout!
Visit the Smoke Hole Resort for a guaranteed interaction with these incredible Golden Rainbow Trout! Head to their website to book your next getaway -
Thank you to Tim Brust for assisting us on this adventure!

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  • I have court a golden trout

    Loumac GamingLoumac Gaming2 timmar sedan
  • Keep it up!!🐠🐠🐠

    Loumac GamingLoumac Gaming2 timmar sedan
  • We have golden rainbows in pa we call them Palaminos

    Jeremy LandoJeremy Lando19 timmar sedan
  • 4:51 ...Was oFISHally ....... Lol sorry

    Liana SarmientoLiana SarmientoDag sedan
  • wow, sooo wild

  • The correct name would be lightning trout, I fish myself and live in California home to the actual Golden trout (oncorhynchus aguabonita) and dislike the term golden trout since it causes confusion. These golden are trout are a lot less rare now since they are stocked all over the country by every states department of fish and game

    Jirred VangJirred Vang3 dagar sedan
  • 5:47

    Avery RiccoAvery Ricco4 dagar sedan
  • There is this place in PA called 3 point, it has tons of these fish there

    Hayden MartinHayden Martin4 dagar sedan
  • Coyote...would you do a video of you catching a wild hamster?

    Redmi A8Redmi A84 dagar sedan
  • I’ve caught Albino trout but no Golden trout

    Jeffrey DavisJeffrey Davis5 dagar sedan
  • You should go to cureasao

    Fabiola JonisFabiola Jonis6 dagar sedan
  • The golden trout looks like an electric yellow fish cross with a rainbow

    Bob The RamBob The Ram6 dagar sedan
  • wait...there is also a golden fish called Colorado golden Trout

    The BeetleThe Beetle6 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    Fortunata QuiranteFortunata Quirante6 dagar sedan
  • The fish in this sounds like Fish from Ancient Rome

    Shane GannonShane Gannon7 dagar sedan
  • you really make a lot a video

    3C-04- Brenda Augustina Lie3C-04- Brenda Augustina Lie7 dagar sedan
  • You can find them in the White River in Arkansas to "Coyote".

    Bryson MclemoreBryson Mclemore8 dagar sedan
  • “Fly fishing is an art form that requires patience and precision” unless you’re at a trout farm 😂

    Mike VincentMike Vincent9 dagar sedan
  • Coyote should catch buffalo carp

    mike Haywoodmike Haywood10 dagar sedan
  • The color in the pond reminds me of some koi fish

    Asian BoisAsian Bois10 dagar sedan
  • Still trying to catch one of these in Animal Crossing..

    Hallo GaisHallo Gais11 dagar sedan
  • The first fish caught had the hallmarks of stocked, pond reared fish, or 'stockies'....flabby, stunted tail due to not living in fast flowing rivers or big lakes. The Golden Trout caught had a nice tail, but stunted pectoral fin. Pity you couldn't have had a trip into the Wilds to catch a wild one.

    tonebonetonestonebonetones11 dagar sedan
  • You call your self an animal expert then the way you netted that fish could have severely injured it. With trout you have to be them head first or you might kill them, you are just a horrible example.

    SlayinChrome TVSlayinChrome TV13 dagar sedan
  • I did not know coyote Peterson plays animal crossing.

    Jacobs wildlife adventures!Jacobs wildlife adventures!13 dagar sedan
    • Wait a minute...

      Haosen LiuHaosen Liu12 dagar sedan
  • 3:53 The trout: out of all the fish of the sea why me

    Dank MemeDank Meme13 dagar sedan
  • You know were blessed when bw makes a video 20 mins long.

    Adrian MorenoAdrian Moreno14 dagar sedan
  • I love this channel he never does clickbait and teaches you

    Harsimrat ChopraHarsimrat Chopra14 dagar sedan
  • gorgeis fish !!

    Stephen CoreStephen Core14 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been to Smoke Hole Cavern last November

    Brock PiferBrock Pifer14 dagar sedan
  • Go to Kentucky and get some blue heron and and some catfiah

    Paula GuinnPaula Guinn14 dagar sedan
  • I live 30 mins from there. Awesome

    AdjustmintAdjustmint14 dagar sedan
  • @5:48 sounds like Shy Ronnie

    Andy DoufreisnAndy Doufreisn14 dagar sedan
  • If you catch one and have a license can you eat one? And if so would the meat turn gold as you cook it😂😂😂

    Nicks Gaming the outdoors gamerNicks Gaming the outdoors gamer14 dagar sedan
  • Should'nt there be more regular trout than gold because there so bright and very attractive to predators

    slamuelgameryt /impostorslamuelgameryt /impostor15 dagar sedan
  • Cool show thanks 😊

    Johnny JusticeJohnny Justice15 dagar sedan
  • Idddd luvvvvvv to catch 1 of those!!!!!!

    zoomzoomgtzoomzoomgt15 dagar sedan
  • They’re wasting time on stocked trout, they should be in the Colorado mountains targeting native natural brookies

    michbruv712michbruv71215 dagar sedan
    • @michbruv712 I am not disagreeing with that, but you original comment said that they were native to the state, and I wanted to just point out that they weren’t. Not trying to be rude or anything, but I know guys that I would be super rude if you worded it like that to them.

      Mike VincentMike Vincent9 dagar sedan
    • Agreed, The fun ones to fish for are naturally spawned though, they are just beautiful fish!

      michbruv712michbruv7129 dagar sedan
    • Brook trout are not native to Colorado. There are wild populations, but they are not native. The only trout species native to Colorado is the Cutthroat

      Mike VincentMike Vincent9 dagar sedan

    Katie ComalanderKatie Comalander16 dagar sedan
  • You can find them in PA too not just West Virginia, caught 4 earlier this spring

    team whitetailteam whitetail16 dagar sedan
  • the DNR stocks these out in the wild to get people fishing? I hope there's no evidence of them outcompeting the local species. in the next video you catch a "wild born" one while looking for the native trout, so I assume its possible they could thrive or naturalize.

    Nameless WolfNameless Wolf16 dagar sedan
  • The only place the true golden trout species is native to is the kern river area and lakes located in the golden trout wilderness in California

    Ian KingsburyIan Kingsbury16 dagar sedan
  • Isn't it better to get the fish in passive whith the net?

    XuselXusel16 dagar sedan
  • Palomino Trout, judges will also accept lightning trout. Not a golden trout.

    Kansas SherpaKansas Sherpa16 dagar sedan
  • They're not only in west virginia. We have them in California as well

    jordan1989erjordan1989er17 dagar sedan
    • And I'm not talking the golden trout in Sierra's. We have the golden rainbows too.

      jordan1989erjordan1989er17 dagar sedan
  • I have got one and it was in PA so not just WV

    Shelby EhrlingerShelby Ehrlinger17 dagar sedan
    • Also it is not just in west Virginia I live in PA like I said he is lieing

      Shelby EhrlingerShelby Ehrlinger17 dagar sedan
  • Gorgeous trout. Wow.

    SherSher17 dagar sedan
  • This was awesome to watch! I caught two of them here in PA this year. Very great experience considering most guys don’t even one in their lifetimes.

    Collin MilkoCollin Milko17 dagar sedan
  • Coyote: fantastic as usual! My five years old son loves you so much. Every time he tells me Coyote is my friend and he taught me too many thing. He has one concern and asked me to write this message :) Please don’t say something bad about God because he created this wonderful world you teach us about. He told me if you can avoid using words like “Holy ...”. Thank you very much!

    Pop LolyPop Loly17 dagar sedan

    Alby The BunnyAlby The Bunny17 dagar sedan
  • For any people who are like that's not a golden trout aka the California golden trout its a palomino are wrong this is a golden rainbow trout and palomino trout are another kind of golden trout less brighter.

    Billy MaysBilly Mays18 dagar sedan
    • It’s really hard to tell the difference unless you have them both together. Palmino trouts are paler then golden rainbow trouts. The lake might be home to both of these species but it’s hard to tell

      A Camel Who likes CokeA Camel Who likes Coke17 dagar sedan
  • In New Zealand you can catch 50pound rainbow trout in the twizel canal

    Ajay CaldwellAjay Caldwell18 dagar sedan
  • That's 15k bells right there coyote hurry and take it to timmy and tommy

    susan wabbajacksusan wabbajack18 dagar sedan
  • Palominos are awesome i catch stocked ones here in Northeast Pa

    NEPA OutdoorsNEPA Outdoors18 dagar sedan
  • Did not know all that about the golden trout. Born and raised in wv, I’ve caught about 15 golden trout my whole life!

    Josh HollandsworthJosh Hollandsworth18 dagar sedan
  • Coyote please thoo a vid that you get bite by ay snake 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

    Mark Christian DeguzmanMark Christian Deguzman18 dagar sedan
  • I watched all the channels 4 the wilderness.

    Siti Salha Abd HalimSiti Salha Abd Halim19 dagar sedan
  • Hey Coyote can you go to Australia and hunt down a Huntsman spider?

    A Howl In The NightA Howl In The Night19 dagar sedan
  • Coyote you are the bravest person I know and you are my favourite youtuber

    Ediz Efe AydinEdiz Efe Aydin19 dagar sedan
  • Contrary road take me country road west regineya

    XZinjaX is overpowerd at fortniteXZinjaX is overpowerd at fortnite19 dagar sedan
  • All trout are my favorite to catch and taste great!

    Ayden YungAceAyden YungAce19 dagar sedan
  • You have got enough venom go bite your cameraman

    Sonu kothuriSonu kothuri19 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad your having a good time with these trout's. Take a break from the stings!

    Jenny YuenJenny Yuen19 dagar sedan
  • Go up north for the icconu or orange Arctic char

  • There’s golden trout in Idaho rivers everywhere

    Josee ClousJosee Clous19 dagar sedan
  • Coyote do a collaboration with the erwin family in australia.

    Azathoth YogsothothAzathoth Yogsothoth19 dagar sedan
  • I was gonna say that golden trout looks nothing like my dads

    Seth NarasakiSeth Narasaki20 dagar sedan
  • Yeah but how about catching a real golden trout, not a palimino

    COFF3EparachuteCOFF3Eparachute20 dagar sedan
  • Put a like if coyote is your inspiration to explore and catch animals???

    Marie OlsonMarie Olson20 dagar sedan
  • thats not rare and its called a lighting trout all it is a jeneticly modified rainbow trout I'm pretty sure that "rare" of a fish would not be swimming around in a tiny pond

    dorian doriandorian dorian20 dagar sedan
  • Glad you made an Animal Crossing reference. You’re awesome dude! Keep it up 👍🏽

    Geezus TowerzGeezus Towerz20 dagar sedan
  • also i am mexican and my favourite animal is the river otter

    lolita gauthereaulolita gauthereau20 dagar sedan
  • coyote,if you life pokemon buy a nintendo switch, why i say you this is beacause of pokemon sword and shield

    lolita gauthereaulolita gauthereau20 dagar sedan
  • It’s a polimino not a gold trout gold trout are different then poliminos .poliminos are just normal Rainbow trout.

    Man-of-fishMan-of-fish20 dagar sedan
  • Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia, mountain mama Take me home, country roads

    SaRiSaRi20 dagar sedan
  • Don’t swipe with the net Coyote.. Lots of good fish have been lost that way. Rookie mistake..

    Dr. Richard LongDr. Richard Long20 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    vSellOutChuyyvSellOutChuyy20 dagar sedan
  • There is no pokémon reference but for so long he was edited to pokémon go

    The BTD GroupThe BTD Group20 dagar sedan

    The BTD GroupThe BTD Group20 dagar sedan
  • Get bite of stung

    Dark sides in robloxDark sides in roblox21 dag sedan
  • I've caught rainbow trout before

    Parker HigleyParker Higley21 dag sedan
  • Omg a gold trout

    CD77CD7721 dag sedan
  • From California?!?

    Katie BugKatie Bug21 dag sedan
  • That first rainbow trout he caught was extremely unhealthy and his fins look like the environment he was in wasnt good at all

    Owen DesautelsOwen Desautels21 dag sedan
  • You are lucky.

    David AkwajaDavid Akwaja21 dag sedan

    GandMytGandMyt21 dag sedan
  • Funny I ran into these years ago wow I actually discovered something for once

    Michelle MarieMichelle Marie21 dag sedan
  • Bro u make fishing out of a tiny pond FILLED with fish so dramatic

    Kodie CooksKodie Cooks21 dag sedan
  • Actually the rare fish from animal crossing is called the dorado and they are actually even more gold in colour

    Tractor go VroomTractor go Vroom21 dag sedan
  • “With any luck we will be able to catch one” 50 goldens just chilled there

    CR SkiingCR Skiing21 dag sedan
  • Those are also in PA....

    ツgnxisツgnxis21 dag sedan
  • My dream catch

    Logan BellequeLogan Belleque21 dag sedan
  • I’m from that area. It’s great! Every year they do what they call the “gold rush” and release thousands on thousands of those goldies. Gotta love it!

    Blake LoyBlake Loy22 dagar sedan
  • I'll repeat an earlier comment - definitely a Palomino trout, NOT a Golden.

    ThePanamaCollection1ThePanamaCollection122 dagar sedan
  • I’m so glad he was using a fly rod for this

    Alex NeibauerAlex Neibauer22 dagar sedan
  • that fish looks like a big mango

    Thegamer4XssThegamer4Xss22 dagar sedan
  • I let a goldfish out in a pond near my childhood home in WV when I was young and it still to this day swims there. Now that I’ve seen this video I’m thinking it may have been a golden trout I’ve been seeing but I’d still like to believe it’s Goldy.

    Anonymous JerryAnonymous Jerry22 dagar sedan
  • That’s actually called a lightning trout a golden trout is a real un hybridized native fish that is the California state fish

    Ed BrennerEd Brenner22 dagar sedan
  • "Rainbow trout are delicate" pffffff

    Ian RobinsonIan Robinson22 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the reply on my email Coyote and team I am now humbled 😂. For: Fan mail email. From: Ethan Pillay.

    Pillay SquadPillay Squad22 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful fish, hope to travel to Virginia once COVID is over to fish for these.

    Mariusz CabakMariusz Cabak22 dagar sedan