Trump Banned from Twitter | The Tonight Show

11 jan 2021
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Jimmy addresses President Trump being permanently banned from Twitter and other social media platforms.
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Trump Banned from Twitter | The Tonight Show

  • Liberals practicing nazi-ism again.... history repeating itself

    John DoeJohn Doe2 timmar sedan
  • Rand Paul said it better than anyone. He calls out the lefts bullshit calls to violence. I guess we'll just have to flood these peoples channel comment sections with truth seeing as the good guys are being banned and our rights are being stripped away.

    UnhallowedXGamingUnhallowedXGaming11 timmar sedan

    UnhallowedXGamingUnhallowedXGaming11 timmar sedan
  • Comments give me hope for humanity. We the people see how ignorant and stupid these fucks are. There really is no one supporting this, yet the media makes you think our country is 50/50 split. not at all.

    UnhallowedXGamingUnhallowedXGaming11 timmar sedan
  • Fuck you pieces of shit

    EsotericEsoteric22 timmar sedan
  • Good. Ban Narendra Modi as well

    Navjot CheemaNavjot Cheema23 timmar sedan
  • Jimmy "Blackface" Fallon

    EimaEimaDag sedan
  • The rest of the world should really heed what is happening. Big Tech (Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook) has been elected as sole ruler of the United Stated of America by the Democrat Left. And the current President Joe Biden, has said go investigate yourselves and then tell me how I use the Big Tech to rule all the other countries... Australia, India, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, Great Britain ....

    Marie ClarkMarie ClarkDag sedan
  • so great to see everyone bailing on trump. couldnt have happened to a more deserving piece of dog sh#t

    Rat_kinGRat_kinGDag sedan
  • So biden is more popular than trump but biden has 25 mil twitter followers and trump had 80million plus 🤔

    alex 805alex 8052 dagar sedan
  • BTS 💖 Trump

    MrMelgibsteinMrMelgibstein3 dagar sedan
  • All the people praising Big tech for banning Trump better not say ANYTHING when Big tech starts banning them. I promise all of you will regret this.

    C. RayC. Ray3 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    WindsaintWindsaint3 dagar sedan
  • Your show sucks

    Mehrzad GhasempourMehrzad Ghasempour4 dagar sedan
  • So they Ban Trump off Twitter , but Twitter wont remove child porn? Hmmmm wonder why?

    Andrew HutchensAndrew Hutchens5 dagar sedan
  • Twitter's moral hypocrisy and ethical double standards are really disgusting. Watch this - It's time that everybody got off the platforms of these bullying tech giants.

    Mario DudduMario Duddu5 dagar sedan
  • Funny how uganda censors twitter and they cite free speech. Ans this is how america falls. To lifeless claps at censorship and 5 people cheering for biden to go after the NRA and the second amendment.

    Ella RiceElla Rice5 dagar sedan
  • Trump Is shit anyways

    Lisa's glued ass bangsLisa's glued ass bangs6 dagar sedan
  • I hope you assholes are happy and I hope you’re also ready to pay extra for taxes for the next 4 years

    Jakob All Father 2Jakob All Father 27 dagar sedan
  • Sweet now Twitter will be nothing more than a left wing echo chamber. Congrats you've successfully destroyed debate and different viewpoints.

    No use for a name.No use for a name.7 dagar sedan
  • This is wrong 😠

    Mountain rockMountain rock7 dagar sedan
  • Soon, soon this country will be dominated by those IT giants. I mean they are way worse than the politicians.

    Z ZZ Z7 dagar sedan
  • I mean, there is one thing that Trump is sadly right on complaining about. Twitter doesn't really do anything about unfair harassment or incitement often which makes it a really toxic environment conducive to breeding his followers. I know from experience for just making a single non-PC joke once. If only they banned or suspended all accounts who incite violence, targeted harassment, or threaten users for no good reason more often. lol

    Peter BrydonPeter Brydon7 dagar sedan
  • Wow fallon, what happened to staying away from politics becuz u wanted to keep late night tv's integrity? but hey anything to get the bag right, even if it means selling ur soul.

    The best 322The best 3227 dagar sedan
  • And now we’re banning them! Easy come easy go!

    DD7 dagar sedan
  • This shit is so unfunny it made me think about the people that watch this show

    Prince GamingPrince Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • jimmy fallon.. jimmy kimmel... no integrity, no dignity, no self thought.

    Mike. Hunt.Mike. Hunt.8 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes. The slippery slope of censorship.

    Doom And GloomDoom And Gloom8 dagar sedan
  • How the hell do you get banned from shopify? xD

    DarkGharrenDarkGharren9 dagar sedan
  • They did the users of these platform a great service by banning one person. Thank you

    april decapril dec9 dagar sedan
  • Authoritarian regimes: President bans social/media networks Democratic republics: Social/media networks bans president

    Rosh LewRosh Lew9 dagar sedan
  • Good to see your ratings are the lowest ever Jimmy. This is a disgusting power grab from big tech over the government that anyone with a brain should be calling out. Let this come bite you idiots in the future now that companies have the power to de person anyone they want.

    Batt ManBatt Man9 dagar sedan
  • The GOP cult has sold their souls to the devil. They will lie, cheat, steal or make up any conspiracy theory to hurt their opponents and the country. Putin's Puppet has surrounded himself with other con men and grifters. They are all in it for the money. The con man in chief is trying to figure out how to monetize his loss. They need to rile up their supporters so they send them more money. Gullible people believe the lies and send them money. What a bunch of scammers.

    Kenz300 xKenz300 x9 dagar sedan
  • It's good to actually see this guy's face. Usually hes face down in his desk fake laughing.

    Natasha CamachoNatasha Camacho9 dagar sedan
  • I think someone should come up with their on platform in stead of Twitter have the Talk channel for all; it can be replaced

    Linda HarringtonLinda Harrington9 dagar sedan
  • Who's next ... AOC ...Pelosi ...

    The CCP is a parasiteThe CCP is a parasite9 dagar sedan
  • Why are people oblivious to the fact that freedom of speech is on a nosedive and it is being joked about?

    KunuunnguaqKunuunnguaq9 dagar sedan
  • Idk what is funny here?!

    Iceman SerbiaIceman Serbia10 dagar sedan
  • pssst jimmy.........your ratings are tanking

    RightPushBackRightPushBack10 dagar sedan
  • Better twitter lose the money than we lose our country

    Nikki RomanNikki Roman10 dagar sedan
  • Who gave Twitter /Facebook the right if sencorship? The social media is a rotten egg, spreading disinformation. Either let free speech, or be gone.

    Maria BoyadjievaMaria Boyadjieva10 dagar sedan
  • Fkin late night puppies hope you get low views.

    bon advengerbon advenger10 dagar sedan
  • What can you do this fkin puppet late night show comedies braking the country. Fake retards

    bon advengerbon advenger10 dagar sedan
  • Inauguration.......but who??......Surprise!!!!

    Jack StaatsJack Staats10 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy Felon~what a Democrat donkey. Whatever, same thing.

    VanderkimVanderkim10 dagar sedan
    • Laugh at him he laughs at your bank account

      Alec MAlec M10 dagar sedan
  • (2) Mark Levin Debunks the Media’s LIES About Trump’s Involvement in the Capitol Riots - SEworld

    Thomas FordThomas Ford10 dagar sedan
  • Banning him? Really? Childish, immature, high school-ish

    Danny BauerDanny Bauer10 dagar sedan
    • More like smart, what he did after Jan. 6? I’m suprised he’s not banned from all social media’s, I’m suprised he’s not arrested.

      Alec MAlec M10 dagar sedan
  • Lol Jimmy's braindead fucking dumbfuck audience clapping at Trump being banned on twitter. What a joke!

    Magickauras GrimmyMagickauras Grimmy10 dagar sedan
  • Fucking bullshit how biased the media is. Twitter and facebook are literally anti free speech.

    Magickauras GrimmyMagickauras Grimmy10 dagar sedan
    • @M. R lol what a joke

      Magickauras GrimmyMagickauras Grimmy9 dagar sedan
    • they are anti hate speech.

      M. RM. R9 dagar sedan
  • You spew the propaganda your allowed to. And u fn idiots clap as the last hundred years of fighting for freedom of speech goes down the drain. You are so stupid. Now they wanna censor the news, yeah clap some more you brainwashed dweebs

    komfortliinumbkomfortliinumb11 dagar sedan
  • do people still watch this shite?

    Lawrence AshworthLawrence Ashworth11 dagar sedan
    • @Alec M sure

      Lawrence AshworthLawrence Ashworth10 dagar sedan
    • No, because it’s not shite. They watch this good stuff

      Alec MAlec M10 dagar sedan
  • Tweeting and promoting acts of Violence against our Capitol is not FREE SPEECH it is TERRORISM ! Plain and simple ! Freedom of speech is what has been practiced and foundation of our country not Acts of Terrorism ! If you don’t know the difference , quit drinking Disinfectant ! When you sign up for all of those accounts , it has ALWAYS been there your obligations and rules ! Unless you think you are above rules and law that is a different problem ! This isn’t confusing unless you want it to be !

    Darryn HDarryn H11 dagar sedan
  • There’s more of us then there are of them. Turn ur TV off and cancel your cable. These unfunny hacks are biting the hand that feeds them. Have another drink Jimmy, you bloated hack.

    Kaylynn BeignKaylynn Beign11 dagar sedan
  • Surprisingly not on the ban list... DeviantArt. "These are my original characters Invader Don and Donnie the Hedgehog, please do not steal these characters, or else I'll send Don Jr to hunt you down like a wolfeh OwO :3 also the election was a fraud lulz xDDD"

    Clara SantiagoClara Santiago11 dagar sedan
  • Remember ...Mr.Trump is an elected president with millions and millions of votes(more than 70 millions).But these tech gaints platforms work as a communication between people and the elected government....they are not elected or part of government en don't have the right to ban anyone in this case powerfull president Mr.Trump. Banning some one or regulating should be done only by an elected government.body Cheers

    vimal palmvimal palm11 dagar sedan
  • YOU NEED TO BE BANNED !!! Making jokes about someone's freedoms that have been taken.

    HungryChukHungryChuk11 dagar sedan
    • @Alec M, you sound stupid...

      HungryChukHungryChuk10 dagar sedan

      Alec MAlec M10 dagar sedan
  • So they celebrate loss of first amendment

    r rarr rar11 dagar sedan
  • American homer is weird

    anglojojoanglojojo11 dagar sedan
  • Is this the same America that once said " I may be against you, but I will support your free speech" ?

    Sowmya Ranjan NayakSowmya Ranjan Nayak11 dagar sedan
  • here 'déjà vue'' meant already wish

    jason lapierrejason lapierre11 dagar sedan
  • The left cheering of censorship. You have now gone full communist.

    Ronnie AllieRonnie Allie11 dagar sedan
    • Trump had repeatedly violated Twitter’s terms and conditions therefore his account was banned. It’s really not that deep...

      Ramen GurungRamen Gurung6 dagar sedan
  • American : haha... Censorship Out of America : So our president tought can be censored by US corporate.

    Rosyid WahyudiRosyid Wahyudi11 dagar sedan
  • Ya, and everybody else too!

    Leslie JamesLeslie James11 dagar sedan
  • Twitter absolutely did the right thing by banning him for life.

    Leslie JamesLeslie James11 dagar sedan
    • Uganda absolutely did the right thing by banning Twitter Enjoy your censorship , you may be next

      Fr KFr K11 dagar sedan
  • After T***p has been banned from every social media venue in the world - "Seriously in one weekend T***p's phone has become a $2,000.00 flashlight." Just one more thing belonging to T***p that has become as utterly worthless as the man who owns it.

    Michael GreeneMichael Greene11 dagar sedan
  • The fall of free speech. How sad for America were worse than China and Russia.

    DrackkorDrackkor11 dagar sedan
  • Hope this is all funny when the war starts way to go dummies laugh it up

    Righteous PurityRighteous Purity11 dagar sedan
    • Sounds like you want it.

      DarkGharrenDarkGharren9 dagar sedan
  • This guy used to be funny now he just pushes the rhetoric of the Democrats. Big shocker everyone another Hollywood douche bag telling us what we should think and do

    Righteous PurityRighteous Purity11 dagar sedan
  • Oh look everyone a bunch of Democrats laughing and joking about how we make a fool of our president in front of the whole world. And before you say you did it himself you pieces of shit contributed to all of this. Go ahead and try to take my free speech. I won’t let you have it. Go ahead and try to take my guns to protect my family. I won’t let you have it go ahead and try to take my country… You get the point!!

    Righteous PurityRighteous Purity11 dagar sedan
  • Twitter banned from Uganda LMAO More to come

    Fr KFr K11 dagar sedan
  • Time to celebrate with Jimmy Fallon and his Korean boys from B.T.S.

    MrMelgibsteinMrMelgibstein11 dagar sedan
  • U fuck suck!

    Francisco PalafoxFrancisco Palafox12 dagar sedan
    • wot m8

      Alec MAlec M10 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy Fallon is just another lady wing puppet being told what to say. No respect for him or his show. Used to be funny

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan12 dagar sedan
  • They are going to lose billions, twitter and facebook, who they think they are. Watch the stock market. it is well done for them.

    YOU CARTYXYOU CARTYX12 dagar sedan
  • Sex in the Trash heap, failed state

    Nathan SheltonNathan Shelton12 dagar sedan
  • The NFL must be dying if they have to move to Nickelodeon for new viewers.

    Nathan SheltonNathan Shelton12 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy can't even deliver these "jokes" with any enthusiasm. It must be stifling to spout propaganda you didn't write and believe is wrong.

    Nathan SheltonNathan Shelton12 dagar sedan
  • These guys are just court jesters and propaganda mouth pieces for their overlords.

    Nathan SheltonNathan Shelton12 dagar sedan
  • His shows aren’t funny anymore. They are so cringey

    Holden WilliamsHolden Williams12 dagar sedan
  • Hey Twitter how are your stocks holding up?

    j jj j12 dagar sedan
  • #silentday

    Claudia AlvesClaudia Alves12 dagar sedan
  • Keep selling ALL TWITTER AND FACEBOOK STOCK Let's DEFUND THEM. repost everywhere

    safe nsecuresafe nsecure12 dagar sedan
    • ❄️

      Alec MAlec M10 dagar sedan
    • keep crying

      Dat BoiDat Boi12 dagar sedan
  • Ridiculous, it’s not funny at all

    Vera IvanovaVera Ivanova12 dagar sedan
  • The rise and fall of empires like twitter, facebook and whatsapp all because of greed

    april decapril dec12 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy the traitor

    Truth Seeker420Truth Seeker42012 dagar sedan
    • w

      Alec MAlec M10 dagar sedan
  • Guess the dislikes are from Trump supports 👁👄👁

    J BryJ Bry12 dagar sedan

    Shuriken StarShuriken Star12 dagar sedan
  • All of you double standard leftists weaklings make me sick.

    John DoeJohn Doe12 dagar sedan
    • Cry more Trumpster.

      coreymb90coreymb9012 dagar sedan
  • After the ban Pres. Trump gets back at Tweeter by founding his own social media Twatter

    Giovanni GhelfiGiovanni Ghelfi12 dagar sedan
  • You know what's funnier than this skit? Reality! Twitter and Facebook lost $51 Billion combined since Censoring Trump. Plus, several countries have banned Twitter.

    Jude MelRosesJude MelRoses12 dagar sedan
    • it’s not censorship, he went against the terms so he gets treated like any other person

      Dat BoiDat Boi12 dagar sedan
  • No respect for the Bidenator - Soon to get 100,000,000 worst then our Truly elected president - President Trump - First we will Impeach Sleepy Joe - then when Camel Toe moves up it's her turn for the most hardest time of her life - no mercy for a Socialist - our 75M to your 60M will see who has the power without cheating - VOTE EM OUT 2022 TURMP2024

    Vote em OutVote em Out12 dagar sedan
    • you lost, trump got impeached

      Dat BoiDat Boi12 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P. TWITTER 2006 - 2021

    Mike EMike E12 dagar sedan
  • I sure would like to knock the smirk off his face!

    Pat FerrellPat Ferrell12 dagar sedan
    • Ahhh leave him alone. He's an unfunny alcoholic having a mid life crisis.

      I Am The Angie ChristI Am The Angie Christ8 dagar sedan
  • This dude is washed up an not even funny

    that guythat guy12 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy Fallon needs some new content

    Shan A.Shan A.12 dagar sedan
  • To those clapping about a person (regardless of status, demeanor or political inclination) being removed from ALL big tech social media and the like in a coordinated fashion, you're next. Your support enables these oligarchs, the true patriarchy, Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg.. all rich white males I might add (the very people those on the left say they are fighting) to dictate who can say what and when in a public forum.. if you don't understand how your support enables them, well.. all I can say is watch out. You're next.

    Adam GallatlyAdam Gallatly12 dagar sedan
  • i dont think trump can last without twitter

    awe the asianawe the asian12 dagar sedan
    • I don't think Twitter can last without Trump. From a business standpoint. Several countries banned Tweeter and Billions have been lost.

      Jude MelRosesJude MelRoses12 dagar sedan
  • Every politician in the world should be worried. If giant social media platforms can get away with banning Donald Trump, this means each and every politician have a Sword of Damocles hanging over their head. The minute any politician says something these psychopaths don't like, they're out. This is so unacceptable! I wonder how come it takes so long for politicians to react?

    sanzaluresanzalure12 dagar sedan
  • I used to be a big fan of Falon but quit watching him three years ago. He is a joke but not a funny one in the sense he thinks.

    Martha HumphreyMartha Humphrey12 dagar sedan
    • Same. He's not funny and doesn't come up with new content. It's repetitive. Comedians shouldn't get way extremely involved in politics.

      Jude MelRosesJude MelRoses12 dagar sedan
  • Remember the old days when there were counter-culture TV shows like Saturday Night Live and comedians like George Carlin which actively mocked and challenged pop culture and powerful politicians on both sides of the aisle? Now we have these generic Jimmies who represent the interests of corporate power and mindlessly repeat whatever they hear on CNN and are neither funny nor slightly edgy. This moron is actively celebrating the censorship of non corporate-approved opinions, and the silencing of the opinions of half of the country. Just like corporate media, he is the enemy of free-thinking Americans and should be deeply ashamed. If he looked a bit more homeless and deranged, he could be Jack Dorsey.

    blattimusblattimus12 dagar sedan