27 nov 2020
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Heavyweight legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. finally came face to face for the first time, hosting the final media day and weigh-in for their highly-anticipated November 28 showdown. You don't want to miss what went down. Check it out!

  • Figh thype .com is how I first read this for some reason..🤷‍♂️

    Mike MacDudeMike MacDude14 dagar sedan
  • Mike Tyson before fight: im back Also Mike Tyson after fight: my back 😂

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissMånad sedan
  • again. I'm utterly amazed.

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoMånad sedan
  • My wife asked me to get on the treadmill 15 minutes a day that turned into 2 hours...gotta love her‼️

    GypsyfireflyGypsyfireflyMånad sedan
  • A great fighter exploited by other's. He has natural fighting talent and he always has had the build. It's just the people that supposedly have his best interests.

    Luke ConnollyLuke ConnollyMånad sedan
    • 10:10 man I would’ve asked mike how he was doing too

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissMånad sedan
  • at the end when he says "okayy"

    Emily AnEmily AnMånad sedan
    • Mike Tyson has literally elevated so much bro

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoMånad sedan
  • 1:25 “I was vegan for two years, just starved and excercised” lmao, love u Mike

    soinhu foitusoinhu foituMånad sedan
    • Tyson for president

      Emily AnEmily AnMånad sedan
  • I can field the first question: juice.

    Robin Hood Was a SocialistRobin Hood Was a SocialistMånad sedan
    • Mike Tyson has literally elevated so much bro

      Emily AnEmily AnMånad sedan
  • Mike Tyson doesn't age until he grows out his grey beard. He looks like a 1998 Tyson without his beard!🙌🏾

    soinu foigsoinu foigMånad sedan
    • Their is NO man on this planet like him , he is an amazing being ❤️

      Emily AnEmily AnMånad sedan
  • Wow. All this because he did toad.

    Kanye's RobloxKanye's RobloxMånad sedan
    • Mike sure has come a long way since the days of Holyfield’s ear biting debacle!!!! Good to see and hear him doing well!!!👍 Good Job Brother!!!!

      soinhu foitusoinhu foituMånad sedan
  • I saw his t shirt then I realised, he's Brown not black !!!

    Niko BellicNiko BellicMånad sedan
    • Mike Tyson has literally elevated so much bro

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoMånad sedan
  • Mike Tyson "Won" the fight hands down.

    Baby Lane StanfieldBaby Lane StanfieldMånad sedan
    • @soinu foig But he won like I said Grandpa Iron Mike Tyson won the fight.

      Baby Lane StanfieldBaby Lane StanfieldMånad sedan
    • Man they old

      soinu foigsoinu foigMånad sedan
  • tinyurl.com/brunettehotgirl Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.

    clarisa stevanyclarisa stevanyMånad sedan
    • 10:10 man I would’ve asked mike how he was doing too

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoMånad sedan
  • Is Mike Tyson muslim

    Aarif AslamAarif AslamMånad sedan
  • Man mike is so insightful and inspirational now ! Man what a true legend and GOAT You da man champ

    wesly plecaswesly plecasMånad sedan
  • The toad changed everything

    wesly plecaswesly plecasMånad sedan
  • He got high on toad and Kratos from God of war told him to fight

    Sir Mr Guitar DudeSir Mr Guitar DudeMånad sedan
  • The man's an icon! Love Tyson...both then and now

    Dale MilesDale MilesMånad sedan
  • VOTE TOAD 2020 ...oh too late :(

    braf zachlandbraf zachlandMånad sedan
  • 10:10 man I would’ve asked mike how he was doing too

    OTP D-ManOTP D-ManMånad sedan
  • Mike Tyson has literally elevated so much bro

    crooked worldcrooked worldMånad sedan
  • Tyson for president

    Rich OteroRich OteroMånad sedan
  • The guy that is talking to mike is acting like mike is a object not a person he sounds like questions not a person asking questions mike is a kind sole and you can't talk to him a person. Mike deserver to be treated better than that or don't interview him if you don't want to be there let someone else do the job I'm sure there's a lot of people would love to do your job

    J SparkJ SparkMånad sedan
    • Hey mike i hate being bullied can you be my trainer

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMånad sedan
  • Their is NO man on this planet like him , he is an amazing being ❤️

    Sydney BristerSydney BristerMånad sedan
  • Mike still fit fast strong as iron...very good fight mike. Love from 🇲🇺

    Mohamad Yasin OwadallyMohamad Yasin OwadallyMånad sedan
    • He’s done so much dmt he’s become so wise

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMånad sedan
  • Mike sure has come a long way since the days of Holyfield’s ear biting debacle!!!! Good to see and hear him doing well!!!👍 Good Job Brother!!!!

    MrRichierichMrRichierichMånad sedan
  • Man they old

    williams miltonwilliams miltonMånad sedan
  • Mike looking like mjw Spawn in the thumbnail lol

    ShingekiShingekiMånad sedan
  • lol dont understand wtf he saying sometimes

    Bentley BaartmanBentley BaartmanMånad sedan
  • Thanks for being in our corner. You are such a great man!

    True VisionTrue VisionMånad sedan
  • The farcical bout was always going to be declared a draw . Anyone who still thinks Tyson could beat any of the top 100 ranked heavyweights is as deluded as the man himself . Roy Jones was out of shape , slow and was huffing and puffing from round one onwards , yet Iron Mike couldn't beat him , let alone stop him . I hope we are not subjected to this nonsense again , simply to help bolster the bank accounts of these former boxing legends .

    ThefightingCeltThefightingCeltMånad sedan
  • Mike Tyson is in his prime years still has the speed of a younger Mike Tyson only better

    Richard RehutaiRichard RehutaiMånad sedan
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  • He is definitely holding back aggression, however he is so polite and gentle and tries his best to be kind and humble. He's very likeable.

    sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMånad sedan
  • He was hypnotized all those fights,..he can barely form a sentence..he is and forever will be the champ to me but in all seriousness,wtf is good Mike and your camp, hand em up papi

    Travis LindbergTravis LindbergMånad sedan
  • He’s done so much dmt he’s become so wise

    Devon DieckmanDevon DieckmanMånad sedan
  • Hey mike i hate being bullied can you be my trainer

    Danny RondonDanny RondonMånad sedan
    • Sound like something little is going on with part of his brain. I love you Tyson.

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMånad sedan
  • The draw was staged from the beginning, they want a rematch to generate even more money...

    KevorkaKevorkaMånad sedan
  • Mike is imo the best HW in history

    Clear VisionClear VisionMånad sedan
  • You have to love mike tyson

    Keaton. ShawKeaton. ShawMånad sedan
  • I am sick and tired of this reporters.They should pay more respect to Mike who is for sure one of best boxer of all time.fighter.

    blaze jenniferblaze jenniferMånad sedan
  • It's always astounding how soft spoken and effluent he is when he speaks. For a man who was known for being an absolute, untamed animal behind the ropes, he's really got a beautiful head up there.

    Jordon BrewerJordon BrewerMånad sedan
  • Mike is Back🤠👍

    Jefferson AveryJefferson AveryMånad sedan
  • Mike Tyson is woke af

    Mike Van WouweMike Van WouweMånad sedan
  • Mike don't have too much of understanding from getting so many blows to the Head this is kind of embarrassing really to be interviewing him I hope no one lives or think this is funny this is something that people are putting him through and I don't think that this is a god-like thing to do to a person when their minds are not right good luck Mike and pray to God and not other things

    Angela HolmesAngela HolmesMånad sedan
  • God bless ya Mike.....

    Brian Scalabrine FactsBrian Scalabrine FactsMånad sedan
  • One love

    Pat JordanPat JordanMånad sedan
    • Love beans 928 A.Z

      Pat JordanPat JordanMånad sedan

      Pat JordanPat JordanMånad sedan
  • I would love to see Mike try to win it all again. He looks better then anyone out there.

    jerry vannosteronjerry vannosteronMånad sedan
  • He switched the context of that "Turned your life around so many times" question quick. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

    Moses RupertoMoses RupertoMånad sedan
  • u talk good u came a long way mike u cool i see it u really talk good learen more tho now but we lived long back in the day

    Maliek StewartMaliek StewartMånad sedan
  • Tysons turned himself into a wise Jedi master of the fight game

    gtoss chddygtoss chddyMånad sedan
  • Sound like something little is going on with part of his brain. I love you Tyson.

  • league of legends would be copy right. it's a game :D

    TeechTeechMånad sedan
  • Mike much respect really Bless Most High guide you.

    Jimmy BonhommeJimmy BonhommeMånad sedan
  • Why is Mike wearing a face nappy?

    Adam CoxAdam CoxMånad sedan
    • esperamos que seja útil Espero que você possa tirar uma soneca a noite toda lloro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli....❤+6

      gtoss chddygtoss chddyMånad sedan
  • Mask = bullshit

    immediamal coccinelloimmediamal coccinelloMånad sedan
  • All I can say is IRON MIKE TYSON

    Richard DrouinRichard DrouinMånad sedan
  • He should be on TV more, good speaker and infectious personality.

    shane wardshane wardMånad sedan
  • Although if you ask Tyson he'll say Ali is the Greatest Heavyweight In History but all do respect to Ali I personally believe if you put Tyson and Ali both in their prime in the ring together Tyson would KO Ali within 3 rounds, Tyson is the Greatest Boxer Of All Time and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE COULD TOUCH HIM IN HIS PRIME 👊

    Bucky Blue EyesBucky Blue EyesMånad sedan
  • One of the most transparent people ever. One of the greatest comeback stories ever. Hopefully this is his last and final time in the ring. As Coach Rudy Tom reminds us : " You can never underestimate the heart of a champion".

    Professor xProfessor xMånad sedan
  • that clowns earned $ 20,000,000 each

    marco rossimarco rossiMånad sedan
  • The definition of a champion, inspiring.

    Mark PortilloMark PortilloMånad sedan
  • Being a couple years older than Tyson & watching him destroy everyone and then self destruct as a fan was tough . (I self destructed after a divorcee it happens) Welcome back Champ many of us missed you. The ultimate fight well be fighting someone half your age and take a title you deserve it. Small steps Champ.

    Jeffrey BiscoeJeffrey BiscoeMånad sedan
  • Gods word stands forever. Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Luis PerezLuis PerezMånad sedan
  • Mike... Can kill with one strike 🤣 Roy... Hug 🤣 Rib snappers boom boom 🤣

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    Zehla FuriZehla FuriMånad sedan
  • His biceps though damn

    Fjfjfjd DjjdjfjdFjfjfjd DjjdjfjdMånad sedan
    • Mikes a real one..

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihyMånad sedan
  • Overrated as helll....media is responsible.....a what if champ...

    • someone mention (Just Blaze1), I'm with Mike till the wheels fall off.

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihyMånad sedan
  • Love Mike He's the best

    Chef BreadsofaChef BreadsofaMånad sedan
  • subscribe to Rian's Universe please!! you wont be disappointed

    Edward MonasteroEdward MonasteroMånad sedan
  • i think its at 3trillion hits now

    Chef BreadsofaChef BreadsofaMånad sedan
  • As much as I like R J Jr. for his style and speed, I love Mike for what he went through and the fact that they took away four years of his best boxing skills, and the MAN he has become.

    Can NO d'EAUCan NO d'EAUMånad sedan
  • Estuvo linda la pelea pero mejor que Tyson le haga caso a Foreman

    Pedro GonzalezPedro GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Man i just watched an interview of Mike 30 yrs ago and then this one. What a changed man he's become!

    Adrian MathewsAdrian MathewsMånad sedan
  • Love both fighters roy jones jr has always been one of my best fighters but i think Tyson held back on roy a bit, you could tell Tyson didn't wanna go full beast mode

    Cant think of a decent nameCant think of a decent nameMånad sedan
  • Inspiring nothing short of inspiring, what a legend

    ScruffyScruffyMånad sedan
  • Some profound statements here

    sister co!% pily&marasister co!% pily&maraMånad sedan
  • Action in France! For the full fight look up the channel there! seworld.info/will/bq-6p8bFfoGZrqM/video


    mfuji02mfuji02Månad sedan
  • Iron mike, the og beast! Humble in his mature age. I bet he can still roar like a lion in the ring tho!

    turfoid tvturfoid tvMånad sedan
  • Proud of you Mike your the greatest of all time

    Earl lamontEarl lamontMånad sedan
  • Incredible brother right here. Life came at him fast and hard, people abused him, people were parasites on him, and still overcame them. He is a comedian, actor, athlete and much more. Come on his stand up will make you laugh, cry and get angry and laugh some more. Add Mike Tyson mysteries and you laughing or gasping the next 2 days 😂 Like someone mention (Just Blaze1), I'm with Mike till the wheels fall off.

    BDGGaddieBDGGaddieMånad sedan
  • Mikes a real one..

    Cory ResilientCory ResilientMånad sedan
  • Time humbles you indeed

  • company needs to hire me! Interviewer is bad!

    rich42012rich42012Månad sedan
  • anchor.fm/cash-robinson/episodes/Mike-Tyson-vs-Roy-Jones-jr--What-happened-en3ql4

    Cash RobinsonCash RobinsonMånad sedan
  • I'm a Tyson guy. Never understood the whole biting thing though. All bets on Mike

    #countryboycansurvive#countryboycansurviveMånad sedan
  • "Would you be kind enough to express that again" - My respect for Tyson just went through the roof

    Bolia FopsBolia FopsMånad sedan
  • Fake news clearly a money grab so when is the next fight and how much will it be worth

    bigbadbri08bigbadbri08Månad sedan
  • I will ALWAYS be "IRON MIKE!" Mike tyson came to fight Roy jomes came to hug/clinch.lol Tyson won that fight definitely wasn't a draw.lol

    Joe Basement Woodworking & DIYJoe Basement Woodworking & DIYMånad sedan
  • Dam Tyson looking Buff

    J CJ CMånad sedan
    • Bolia Fops I agree, he seems wiser n not as angry

      J CJ CMånad sedan
    • I am proud of Mike. He surely looks like he matured and over came alot.

      Bolia FopsBolia FopsMånad sedan
  • One of my favourite humans. A very complex, interesting person

    Emerald Game CaveEmerald Game CaveMånad sedan
  • His personality has really changed allot right?

    Yadriel Omar Roque Fonseca - Silver the Fox 19Yadriel Omar Roque Fonseca - Silver the Fox 19Månad sedan
  • Complete waste of money on this fight! Can’t believe mike would lower himself to a exhibition just for the money! I realize your older mike but damn that was the shittiest sparring match I’ve seen and wasted 50 bucks never again!

    Derek SmithDerek SmithMånad sedan
  • Love MIKE.... from monster to man....then to man-monster!

    Billy Bob MirangoBilly Bob MirangoMånad sedan
  • Ya tyson sounds like a grown ass man now good for u tyson God is good

    mark asburymark asburyMånad sedan
  • Awesome fighter and a great human.

    Cezar RizeaCezar RizeaMånad sedan
  • mike looking like he's in great condition. an absolute legend

    skatelife2013skatelife2013Månad sedan
  • It was the most 2020 main event ever. They both got a participation ribbon 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Frank StucatzFrank StucatzMånad sedan
  • JESUS WAS BLACK THE KING OF KINGS WAKE UP seworld.info/will/aK_Mm7iWh6xi33k/video

    Brother Daryl 44 is BackBrother Daryl 44 is BackMånad sedan