23 okt 2020
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Teaching you the only skill moves you must know in FIFA 21 to dominate your opponents on any level.
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  • What da doooooo lol oh Borat

    Kyle BoswellKyle Boswell8 timmar sedan
  • this game is so broke cause of this...

    Peter NeururerPeter NeururerDag sedan
  • the running fake shot can be done by holding LB while performing the fake shot, instead of hold the left stick at the perfect angle

    Gandalf The GayGandalf The GayDag sedan
  • Practiced everything havent learned it my player just doesnt want to do it

    Content boysContent boys4 dagar sedan
  • Can someone pls tell me HOW TO KNOW WHEN A PLAYER IS 2 STAR OR 3 STAR

    Edson CorderoEdson Cordero4 dagar sedan
    • press r3 or right stick on the player card

      xSlayerxSlayer3 dagar sedan
  • "1:53" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

    opticamaj1337opticamaj13375 dagar sedan
  • A good way to score is ball roll then chip because for me the keeper usually comes out so it an easy goal oh and mainly at 6 yard box

    Charlie HendraCharlie Hendra7 dagar sedan
  • Put the button on the screen bro... easier to understand

    SyahrulnizamSyahrulnizam9 dagar sedan
  • How is he moving so damn fast

    ByusByus12 dagar sedan
  • How do I do this skill move? Please look at skill move Ronaldo did

    Sagar DahalSagar Dahal13 dagar sedan
  • Here's Exactly How I Am Making 300,000 Coins per day in Fifa21 Ultimate Team

    Noel TranNoel Tran13 dagar sedan
  • And then you get the people that just sprint up the wing with adama

    Kaden_sbKaden_sb13 dagar sedan
  • Thanks but these are written in Fifa tutorials too and some of these exist since Fifa 10 or even before

    DatSkyDatSky14 dagar sedan
  • Do you play season online?

    Ginanjar AryamartaGinanjar Aryamarta14 dagar sedan
  • Skill moves change according on which side of goal I'm attacking. Can you change it to always be the same?

    Hugo LoureiroHugo Loureiro15 dagar sedan
  • I love attacking in this new fifa 21 and also hate when defending lol

    haikaru kunhaikaru kun16 dagar sedan
  • I usually use skill moves to get tackled

    Bodach GlasBodach Glas17 dagar sedan
  • I think you forgot about a stepover skillmove. Its very effective and also can give you some speed boost.

    Arogant GacekArogant Gacek17 dagar sedan
  • What’s the use off skill moves when the game don’t respond 🤬

    DAVIDMAMBDAVIDMAMB18 dagar sedan
  • You are the Boss❤️💀

    Smith EmmanuelSmith Emmanuel18 dagar sedan
  • Or just hold the agile button 24/7 and nothing else is needed.

    The-blackbird15The-blackbird1519 dagar sedan
  • Hello @BorasLegend! love your videos. Could you please let us know how your keybindings are? For example seeing your video when you say all these keys press L2 etc etc which exact key is your L2 in your settings. I am having trouble with this because I use custom keys on PC with a PS4 controller and it gets really hectic to figure it out what I should look for. Thank you so much and I hope this isn't much trouble for you, it will only take you like 2 min to do that :)

    asterispasterisp20 dagar sedan
  • Where is drag back?

    Henry ter HorstHenry ter Horst20 dagar sedan
  • bad video

    Miguel HernadezMiguel Hernadez21 dag sedan
  • I wish I could find horrible players who cant defend My rivals in my country will not fall for such tricks often

    ShadwayneShadwayne22 dagar sedan
  • "Can also do a 360 ball roll, but this makes no sense" 😂😂

    Dane HarveyDane Harvey22 dagar sedan
  • okay can someone tell me what the flip is wrong with the market!!? i paid 104k for bale he is now 16k i paid around 119k for havertz hes like 39-50k why has the price dropped this much its legit never happened in other fifas im pretty sure made such a fat loss

    Mohammed AmmarMohammed Ammar22 dagar sedan
  • This is the most garbage Fifa ever made the defense is broken everything its bad beyond bad bad bad I hope they fix it EA fooled us please dont waste money even 5 $ I stopped playing i play fifa20 I always play fifa since 2014 I got the console

    Arber LunjiArber Lunji22 dagar sedan
  • They made the elastico ass asf. I don’t use many skills from 5⭐️ anymore

    Mohamednoor AraleMohamednoor Arale22 dagar sedan
  • Great Video man!! Would love for you to check out some of the goals on my channel!!!!👀😏

    RetiredMLGamerYTRetiredMLGamerYT23 dagar sedan
  • haha boras your svengelska on 1:29 haha

    Hilding HallerbergHilding Hallerberg23 dagar sedan
  • 3:28

    Yo boi OofscarYo boi Oofscar23 dagar sedan
  • my current record 23-2 . thank you for everything botas!

    Amsar GaparAmsar Gapar23 dagar sedan
    • Congrats

      Skarrow fanboySkarrow fanboy20 dagar sedan
  • Honorable mention: the Berba spin 🤘🏾

    Ryan BowieRyan Bowie24 dagar sedan
  • The only skill move I need is throwing my controller from playing fut champs

    Djcj2007Djcj200724 dagar sedan
  • my legend hope you still alive until FIFA 3021

    Bảo nguyễnBảo nguyễn25 dagar sedan
  • Short, Concise and Precise information. Thanks Boras !

    biggun972biggun97225 dagar sedan
  • Rip the scoop turn 😕

    Ryan McRyan Mc25 dagar sedan
  • 0:29 Running Fake Shot (1 Star) 1:36 Ball Roll (2 Star) 3:00 Roulette (3 Star) 3:44 Heel to Heel (3 Star) 4:37 Scoop Turn (4 Star) 5:38 La Croqueta (4 Star) 6:08 Cancel La Croqueta (4 Star) 7:21 Elastico (5 Star) Have a nice day :)

    Daniel KruseDaniel Kruse26 dagar sedan
    • thanks!!

      Olivier NooijenOlivier Nooijen7 dagar sedan
    • Hero

      TheOnlyJoe_TheOnlyJoe_18 dagar sedan
    • Thanks man❤️

      sepehrinho11sepehrinho1118 dagar sedan
    • @epic gamer He did'nt do that one

      Daniel KruseDaniel Kruse20 dagar sedan
    • where the hell is the drag back

      epic gamerepic gamer20 dagar sedan
  • Stopped watching the minute you recommended the Roulette and Heel to Heel. And that very first one? The fake shot? Yeah, that's a 5* skill move mate. Clueless

    xajeyxxajeyx26 dagar sedan
  • Elastico got nerfed

    Ibrahim TuncIbrahim Tunc26 dagar sedan
  • Whenever I try the Elastico skill it does the roulette.. Am I doing it too fast or something?

    dl CRIXUS lbdl CRIXUS lb26 dagar sedan
    • Practice in the arena to get the angle right... it's kind of a similar movement on the controller but different angle

      Munawwar MookhithMunawwar Mookhith24 dagar sedan
  • Good tutorial 👍🏻

    Lewis PallettLewis Pallett26 dagar sedan
  • why do people still play fifa Its basicly Volta footbal with 22 players stupid as hell they should of implement skill moves cooldowns or fatique complete shit show this.

    SlySly26 dagar sedan
  • is fake shot with shooting to passing button same as fake shot using crossing to passing button?

    Sayem BhuiyanSayem Bhuiyan27 dagar sedan
  • What kit was you using at 1:10? White, Blue and Red. Was it USA?

    Connor PConnor P27 dagar sedan
  • so sad that they got rid of the spin skill move.... :(

    EricGGEricGG27 dagar sedan
  • can anybody tell please which kit is he using in this video? i mean the white-blue-red one :) . thanks

    Tomas BartosTomas Bartos27 dagar sedan
  • im doing the bridge skill where you double tap rb its insanely overpowered in a 1v1 situation

    Kody MurphyKody Murphy27 dagar sedan
  • How can you forget Berba Spin/McGeady Spin Boras?! 😆 It is one if the most effective skills cutting into the box from the wing, my #1 go to skill.

    iAmCaK3iAmCaK328 dagar sedan
  • The best 6star skill move - Pressing all buttons when defender charges

    Siddharth NairSiddharth Nair28 dagar sedan
    • @Buzzforce good for you mate

      Neo SourabhNeo Sourabh22 dagar sedan
    • @Neo Sourabh same I have always done that but now I’m actually trying to learn 💀

      BuzzforceBuzzforce22 dagar sedan
    • @Siddharth Nair 😂😂😂lmao I just flick the right stick like I'm playing flight simulator

      Neo SourabhNeo Sourabh23 dagar sedan
    • @Neo Sourabh yes bro I fucking become blank everytime about off press L1 yeah R1 also then shit I holded R2 also lol and defender takes ball so easily 😂

      Siddharth NairSiddharth Nair23 dagar sedan
    • I’m fkn dying ahahahaha

      Alana DurnoAlana Durno23 dagar sedan
  • I've just came across this video. Havent watched it. But you nearly have more views than subs which means most pathetic fifa players need these skills to win. Pathetic

    Dislocated WeaselDislocated Weasel28 dagar sedan
  • When is fifa live on twitch for FGS packs

    Wi BoToWi BoTo28 dagar sedan
  • What country are you from???

    Rashyfan 0908Rashyfan 090828 dagar sedan
  • Boras my name Is Bora

    Pro BoraTRPro BoraTR28 dagar sedan
  • Sick tutotial

    Braedyn HausmannBraedyn Hausmann28 dagar sedan
  • Hi Boras. So I need motivation to learn how to implement skill moves. At the moment I don't use them almost at all except the odd ball roll and I finish Silver 1 or Gold 3 every weekend league, what you reckon I could expect to get to if I put the work in on using skill moves? Thanks 😁

    jaryd12345jaryd1234528 dagar sedan
    • U must learn defending first ,always defend with L2 or LT

      Máté TölgyesiMáté Tölgyesi27 dagar sedan
  • it seems the drag back is now much less efficient than fifa 20, the motion is much slower now

    JierenJieren28 dagar sedan
    • Also the fact you need to hold both shoulders now just throws off your input speed that split second that makes it tough, too.

      jaryd12345jaryd1234528 dagar sedan
  • They don't work well when you get on a server with delay. Anyone with a compatible Asus router for Merlin firmware can block the bad servers. Twitter @delay_fifa

    Urin Denial PUrin Denial P28 dagar sedan
  • great video as always, Boras. thank you !

    fayçal Faiqfayçal Faiq29 dagar sedan
  • Whats the white kit 7:55 ?

    blaad bodblaad bod29 dagar sedan
  • THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mazin Elhadi IsmailMazin Elhadi Ismail29 dagar sedan
  • Simple n clear examples 🙏

    Mahendra SinghMahendra Singh29 dagar sedan
  • You my friend are helping me a lot this year. You’re the man. 👍🏻

    Henry RuizHenry RuizMånad sedan
  • Drag back???

    DavidDavidMånad sedan
  • Not buying the game is a skill move. Only Retards pay full price for a basic update.

    Jesus won't be saving you but dmt will awaken you.Jesus won't be saving you but dmt will awaken you.Månad sedan
  • Can you put the buttons you press on screen? Like L1 L2. You’re pressing a load of buttons and I don’t know what you’re pressing

    Aaron ThornhillAaron ThornhillMånad sedan
    • I've got the same problem

      Olivier NooijenOlivier Nooijen7 dagar sedan
    • @fuckdashades whoa.. I think you need to chill and appreciate what he had taught us. Actually, he tells you the button that needs to be used before he performed it.

      AizatAizat21 dag sedan
    • Ya it’s stupid as fuck actually put the commands up instead of showing it on the joypad

      fuckdashadesfuckdashades21 dag sedan
    • exactly

      Adrian MartinezAdrian Martinez22 dagar sedan
  • How about drag back?

    Wi-Fi-X-SmasherWi-Fi-X-SmasherMånad sedan
  • My man

    Danny De rossiDanny De rossiMånad sedan
  • Thanks br

    Jonas SilveroJonas SilveroMånad sedan
    • O

      Jonas SilveroJonas SilveroMånad sedan
  • I feel the McGeady spin is also very good this year.

    beji97beji97Månad sedan
  • Thanks Boras

    Ridha IbrahimRidha IbrahimMånad sedan
  • love the videos, you make it look easier than it is Boris!

    Derek RiversDerek RiversMånad sedan
  • Thank you Boras. Always a legend. Greetings from Brazil!

    Fab AmancioFab AmancioMånad sedan
  • Boras. Thank you soooooo much brother I watched many videos to improve my self . But, the only one that really really benefited me is your video. It completely changed my game play, these skill moves are so effective, I played online seasons and faced tough opponents and still managed to win the division title. Please make another tutorial for defending please we need to improve our defense. Again thank you so much brother I am a subscriber to your channel and you deserve all the likes. ☝️👌🌹✌️👍👍👍

    Ali Rm84Ali Rm84Månad sedan
  • Anyone else get Infront of the opponents defence and just meet a brick wall? How the he’ll do you make space when they have 8 players infront of the goal 😂 Hopefully these skills will help me.

    Angus ChalmersAngus ChalmersMånad sedan
  • Now you have been booted out of the F1 Haus team, your Fifa skills will improve as you know have more time on weekends

    Domo Don DoomDomo Don DoomMånad sedan

    enes gündüzenes gündüzMånad sedan
  • tack boras, nu e fifa förstört efter bara 1 månad då de enda man möter är folk som spammar dem här finterna på grund av youtubers

    TobiasTobiasMånad sedan
  • Is it different to press shoot and pass button instead of cross and pass?

    Mohsen ShahhosseiniMohsen ShahhosseiniMånad sedan
  • When doing a ball roll and other skill moves and you’re running from left to right what way should I turn the analog. ??

    TEEQOTEEQOMånad sedan
    • Think.

      Martin Cordero CuellarMartin Cordero CuellarMånad sedan
  • Bro, your vids are a joy to watch.

    Mitch AwinoMitch AwinoMånad sedan
  • damn... new haircut? Looks fresh af

    Elliot CringeElliot CringeMånad sedan
  • Your tutorial is very very very helpful and easy to get .. keep it up CHAMP

    Ahmed AlwayalAhmed AlwayalMånad sedan
  • Takk, needed this one!

    PatriotenPatriotenMånad sedan
  • No one of those works against Gomez

    GINØGINØMånad sedan
  • Absolutely beautiful

    Will HunterWill HunterMånad sedan
  • @Boraslegend play me

    sal bpoolsal bpoolMånad sedan
    • I know you wont

      sal bpoolsal bpoolMånad sedan
  • You are the goat boraslegend

    Gabriel MaldonadoGabriel MaldonadoMånad sedan
  • fantastic tutorial Boras!

    vignesh devarajvignesh devarajMånad sedan
  • You are the best bro!

    CarlostitomanCarlostitomanMånad sedan
  • Fake shot stop not as good this year right?

    B MaleB MaleMånad sedan
  • Take a shot every time he says "in the game"

    Ra's DashanRa's DashanMånad sedan
  • Truly a legend

    ManuManuMånad sedan
  • Ivan you are the best bruh ♥️♥️🙏

    Hasan SaukeHasan SaukeMånad sedan
  • Thumb up for that input delay

    RozruszNickRozruszNickMånad sedan
  • I didn’t understand how I do the last one, can anyone tell me?

    Kyrem 35Kyrem 35Månad sedan
    • Witch buttons?

      Kyrem 35Kyrem 35Månad sedan
    • Its like to roulette but you have to start it from the right side of the player

      Cellar Art.Cellar Art.Månad sedan
  • Running fake shot is so glitched

    Itz.RafaelItz.RafaelMånad sedan
  • As usual, TheLegend. Thank you 🙏🏼

    Приятель Антона Семёновича ШпакаПриятель Антона Семёновича ШпакаMånad sedan
  • ty boras

    红心海贼团-Bepo红心海贼团-BepoMånad sedan