Glasses Boosted My IQ

16 okt 2020
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This is the greatest glasses wearing of All Time

  • why is it that every single video charlie has to take a shit mid game??

    ShreksLeftElbowPeircingShreksLeftElbowPeircingDag sedan
  • "You guys couldn't give me the youtube video" excuse me what?

    TheAttmaster9TheAttmaster9Dag sedan
  • Hell yea Charlie i agree with you hybrid theory is one of the best albums ever

    Cody DavisCody Davis2 dagar sedan
  • rahhh, I just learned charlie's favourite album is hybrid theory (which also my favourite as well) and i feel amazing

    Shiwang KheraShiwang Khera2 dagar sedan
  • hybrid theory 20th anniversary came out

    Hussain AbbasHussain Abbas3 dagar sedan
  • Who ever uses logs

    ImthemountieImthemountie3 dagar sedan
  • i always hate Rae's defense of "youtube video". like, just play the game and have fun plz

    Simon HendersonSimon Henderson4 dagar sedan
  • Oh yeah. *This is big brain time.*

    Kingarthur 109Kingarthur 1095 dagar sedan
  • Hybrid theory \m/ \m/

    Sushant DevkotaSushant Devkota7 dagar sedan
  • I agree with you on Hybrid Theory. Amazing album

    SHλDOWDλNTESHλDOWDλNTE7 dagar sedan
  • 100 iq is near average just so u know and 200 iq this isn’t the highest iq in the wrld

    Pill CosbyPill Cosby9 dagar sedan
  • Boosted it from 5 to 75

    Dirt bike DudeDirt bike Dude9 dagar sedan
  • Powdered donuts are better than chocolate donuts

    Colin PatchelColin Patchel10 dagar sedan
  • Putting on glasses is like overclocking your brain

    Josh FournierJosh Fournier10 dagar sedan
  • Wait a damn minute, Charlie likes Linkin Park? Cuz that's what it sounds like the album, Hybrid Theory

    Slime BoiSlime Boi11 dagar sedan
  • Wow, been awhile since I heard Joey's voice

    UnKnOwNUnKnOwN11 dagar sedan
  • He's charles now

    Elconno RElconno R12 dagar sedan
  • These were the calmest games of among us I have ever seen- no yelling, no big lying, no complicated tricks, no drawn out long accusation battles- everything that among us should be.

    Mikkel Ohene-OpareMikkel Ohene-Opare12 dagar sedan
    • @autism kitten haha yes

      Mikkel Ohene-OpareMikkel Ohene-Opare12 dagar sedan
    • aka no ninja or xqc

      autism kittenautism kitten12 dagar sedan
  • So I can also read the logs, and the first time I ever caught someone killing someone on logs (they both went to the same spot and only one came out), I got stabbed by the other impostor. I’ll never forgive you, myanus19.

    ItsJustMe973ItsJustMe97313 dagar sedan
  • Just listen to L’s theme and your IQ would just multiply if you had your glasses on lol

    Memeboi 96Memeboi 9613 dagar sedan
  • Meteora is better

    Missing ElementsMissing Elements15 dagar sedan
  • Charlie would be the best fucking dad bro.

    FS Ri0tFS Ri0t15 dagar sedan
  • This is so leat fingies

    JoeJoe16 dagar sedan
  • No cap hybrid theory does slap

    Landon LeweLandon Lewe16 dagar sedan

    jotaro beanjotaro bean16 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how Charlie always has to go to the bathroom in the middle of every among us video

    Joseph DanielJoseph Daniel16 dagar sedan
  • 0:20 well sorry Charlie I think Meteora was better lol. But points of authority and a whole ton of other songs there that are really good.

    Jacob ZieglerJacob Ziegler17 dagar sedan
  • I swear my IQ drops when I wear my glasses. I could see someone commit a murder whilst wearing my glasses and blame the death on a pigeon taking a high velocity crap on the victim.

    Galaxy GameplayGalaxy Gameplay17 dagar sedan

    ZachZach17 dagar sedan
  • Hybrid theroy is amazing my dude. Meteora which is there next album is also really awesome

    Joshua WallJoshua Wall17 dagar sedan
  • i love hybrid theory by linkin park fav song from that album is one step closer

    JamfishingJamfishing17 dagar sedan
  • When Charlie has his glasses on, he looks like Reddit incarnated into a human being.

    ICEDOGE 327ICEDOGE 32718 dagar sedan
    • @Dominossek I Guess lol

      ICEDOGE 327ICEDOGE 32716 dagar sedan
    • No because that would make him stupid.

      DominossekDominossek16 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird there’s a glasses ad under the vid

    Beef WellingtonBeef Wellington18 dagar sedan
  • playing with azyland thats low brow dude

    Perry De platapuss ballPerry De platapuss ball18 dagar sedan
  • Just whenever Charlie is like "I gotta take a piss and a shit" I can't stop laughing from the randomness of him just saying that But he knows its hilarious so he says it anyway XD

    EpicEvan74EpicEvan7418 dagar sedan
  • when he spoke about hybrid theory I honestly got chills I just didn't expect that from him

    Oscar HussianOscar Hussian19 dagar sedan
  • “In it chewsday Charles?”

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna19 dagar sedan
  • why does sykkunos voice remind me so much of Mr hippos voice from fnaf...

    brrickbrrick20 dagar sedan
  • no wonder im good at the game

    kiltagamer1074kiltagamer107420 dagar sedan
  • i love how Charlie is always so serious when he says random shit

    Evil GamzEvil Gamz20 dagar sedan
  • We're no strangers to love

    Gimme ur beansGimme ur beans20 dagar sedan
  • Thie man always needs to go to a bathroom

    VegitoVegito21 dag sedan
  • Cfa really doesn't like giving out more than five per single nugget order or it "becomes excessive"

    Kieran HeatonKieran Heaton22 dagar sedan
  • Charlie is a Hybrid Theory lover? Yeah, figures Jesus would love Linkin Park.

    Zedrik AllenZedrik Allen22 dagar sedan
  • I understood the logs

    rinnyrinny23 dagar sedan
  • unnus annus

    vibe on de BonKvibe on de BonK23 dagar sedan
  • He has now evolved into CHARLIE 2.0

    Trickster MythTrickster Myth24 dagar sedan
  • 🥵👌

    Froggie canslerFroggie cansler24 dagar sedan
  • 11:55 Valkray is a scumbag

    KylameKylame24 dagar sedan
    • chill

      CurlybbyCurlybby21 dag sedan
  • 6:23 are we sure Nogla didn’t voice soos in gravity falls

    Mc CheesyMc Cheesy25 dagar sedan

    EllaTheLoserEllaTheLoser25 dagar sedan
  • Major saying he saw Lauren’s feet instantly proves he’s the imposter, is he dumb? Grease isn’t an imposter Lauren claims to be at x location, and major tries to confirm she was at that location which if major was not an imposter would prove she didn’t kill but if he didn’t say he saw her he’d have a higher chance.

    Rave HomardRave Homard26 dagar sedan
  • he looks like Jesus had a baby with Keanu reaves.

    Gogglethron 6000Gogglethron 600026 dagar sedan
  • the first game i was shanks lol

    anirudh saligramanirudh saligram26 dagar sedan
  • PenguinZer0 is Penguinz0 act 2

    Lesi PlaysLesi Plays27 dagar sedan
  • it wasnt the glasses. it was the public lobbies

    jayjay Jayjayjay Jay28 dagar sedan
  • Joey sounds like James Charles

    Gay DKGay DK28 dagar sedan
  • Charlie has evolved to Charleat. Fingies

    VelikanVelikan29 dagar sedan
  • Hybrid theory is one of my favortie albums of all time aswell I love it.

    Weegi 64Weegi 6429 dagar sedan
  • 1:56 did his dog kill the other one?

    Leni LopezLeni Lopez29 dagar sedan
  • Isn't it pronounced "su-mair-a"

    RjizzleRjizzle29 dagar sedan
  • Hey, was anyone here playing tonight as a red bean named 'SusBoi,' a white bean named 'IMPOTA,' or a dark blue bean that was named something fairly longish that started with a capital 'Y' and ended with an 'a,' possibly 'ma' (I can't remember how it was spelled because the letters just sort of looked like a jumble of letters to me, though I don't think it was a keysmash). Also if you were a brown bean by the name of 'pooatwrk' a week ago. I was a black bean with a plague doctor mask, a black tux, and a mini crewmate named 'Log,' though a week ago I didn't have the tux or mini crewmate.

    I ain’t GonnaI ain’t GonnaMånad sedan
  • Well finally i found out who GreaseBall was in all the pewdiepie among us vids.

    Truth RevealsTruth RevealsMånad sedan
  • 5:12 nobody gonna mention red teleporting tho?

    Somebody You Do Not Even KnowSomebody You Do Not Even KnowMånad sedan
  • this isnt possible you've already reached max iq level

    - Imnotan3mo -- Imnotan3mo -Månad sedan
  • Does anyone remember which specific video Leat Fingies was in I wanna rewatch

    jc pennyjc pennyMånad sedan
    • @Curlybby his brain had expanded to 300 IQ by now

      Tenny WRLDTenny WRLD21 dag sedan
    • @Tenny WRLD yes, of course, I'm sure he is very grateful

      CurlybbyCurlybby21 dag sedan
    • @Curlybby I had to get this man his Leat Fingies, its important in human development

      Tenny WRLDTenny WRLD21 dag sedan
    • @Tenny WRLD your a legend

      CurlybbyCurlybby21 dag sedan
    • I have found it for you

      Tenny WRLDTenny WRLD28 dagar sedan
  • Bro

    I’m already Sans UndertaleI’m already Sans UndertaleMånad sedan
  • no one: ludwig: "YOU'RE EATING A SIX HOUR OLD RIB?!"

    King RiotKing RiotMånad sedan
  • Preaching words of wisdom about Hybrid Theory

    Cameron HaleCameron HaleMånad sedan
  • bruh

    lity fitylity fityMånad sedan
  • I want to vent something here. This is a completely unrelated topic but I need to vent bro. So I’m playing Among Us, right? Everything is going smoothly, playing with randoms, and it’s close to the end of the game. These people, stack on one another, and I kill one, and they all call me bad. I just honestly feel like people like that should just be lit on fire and die. It’s the lamest strat ever and it’s so unfun.

    yes very wowyes very wowMånad sedan
  • Yooo Hybrid Theory is so good! It was a huge part of my childhood too so I relate!

    NickNickMånad sedan
  • I got a glasses ad 😂

    Snicker StudiosSnicker StudiosMånad sedan
  • Fallout new Vegas clothing be like

    Bruhtoast 132Bruhtoast 132Månad sedan
  • Sci-fi crimes is the best album tho

    Zack LZack LMånad sedan
  • damn charlie is the new ranpo edogawa

    ruruMånad sedan
  • di you steal these glasses from choose goose?

    last admirallast admiralMånad sedan
  • ok so i’m a fan of both groups and hearing Charlie be called ‘grease’ and Scott be called ‘major’ was just very strange

    Scarley PoiScarley PoiMånad sedan
  • the glasses wont make your monitor float, it'll make every single function in the game visible to you and let you use it at will

    Minato KazumaMinato KazumaMånad sedan
  • My girlfriend broke up with me. Among us was the last game we’ve ever played together. Whenever i see among us, I remember her. I miss her so badly.

    WaquiWaquiMånad sedan
    • Ok.

      zeg makkerzeg makkerMånad sedan
  • mavihs

    Shivam ChariShivam ChariMånad sedan
  • "my favorite album is hybrid theory and i dont think thatll ever be beaten cause it was such an integral part of my childhood" yoooo

    YatoumoriYatoumoriMånad sedan
  • “ Glasses boosted my IQ” 6:44

    ElectroBlueElectroBlueMånad sedan
  • Charlie likes Hybrid Theory? I like him even more now

    _caliber_caliberMånad sedan
  • I think some of Charlie's awesome imposter skills rubbed off on me cause I can finally get kills

    Lauren SchuesslerLauren SchuesslerMånad sedan
  • this man plays with every single youtuber/streamer imaginable lol

    latin for stfulatin for stfuMånad sedan
  • why does charlie always need to piss

    Etmar GamingEtmar GamingMånad sedan
  • You can gain iq from glasses, but you can never gain back the iq that you lost from public lobbies

    Chez_BurgerChez_BurgerMånad sedan
  • What kind of glasses are those that protect your eyes?

    MartinMartinMånad sedan
  • yo give me some of ur dna man

    flexiistflexiistMånad sedan
  • Dude hybrid theory is easily one of the best albums. Rip Chester Bennington from linkin park tho, that shit hurt when I got the news

    Camdeeno -Camdeeno -Månad sedan
  • Charlie: Protocol glasses After protocol glasses: Sir Charles the III

    David SnevetsDavid SnevetsMånad sedan
  • When you feel smart about wearing glasses but then realize you failed a test to get them

    KlemKlemMånad sedan
  • i almost came when i heard nogla's voice

    DingoDingoMånad sedan
  • ▫️

    Wall on my nutWall on my nutMånad sedan
  • People call me azzie/azzy sometimes so this was confusing to listen to

    AzzindrilAzzindrilMånad sedan
  • Beans³

    SJ218PSJ218PMånad sedan
  • head shoulder stinky toe

    hh greagshh greagsMånad sedan

    —Darwinski——Darwinski—Månad sedan
  • Hell yeah agreed greatest album of all time.

    foxtailedcritterfoxtailedcritterMånad sedan