Sebastian's Menu Concept Leaves Gordon Flabbergasted | Kitchen Nightmares

20 nov 2020
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Gordon visits Sebastian's, where things get a little heated.
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  • Sebastian: I'm a damn good cook Microwave: *beeps

    Gourav TyagiGourav Tyagi45 sekunder sedan
  • I love how much respect gordon has for the servers. Most people are disrespectful to them. But Gordon knows how important they are

    Animal loverAnimal lover35 minuter sedan
  • lmao, sebastian's blaming the chairs that aren't clean cuz the waiters didn't clean them when they were busy preparing and he was literally doing nothing but standing still angry at the fact that no one wants his menu edit: ok I may have a change of opinion on sebastian. at the end of the vid he accepts he is wrong and that it was just hard to swallow the truth when you probably lifetime dream is a complete fail. which is understandable and he was prob just at his boiling point caused from the stress of knowing that your business is going down just because of you

    Zachary FamorcanZachary Famorcan2 timmar sedan
  • sebastian: I've created a unique menu that no one ever has me: yeah, but most don't want it

    Zachary FamorcanZachary Famorcan2 timmar sedan
  • sebastian is just straight up delusional and idotic, when customers get seated and pick their menu, you shouldn't barhe in their space and have a glass of wine with them. you would be practically invading their personal space, at least it is for a lot of the customers, unless said customer is lonely and doesn't have anyone to talk to

    Zachary FamorcanZachary Famorcan2 timmar sedan
  • This is what an adult child looks like.

    TheReccherTheReccher2 timmar sedan
  • Every episode Gorden: is it fresh? Every Owner: yes fresh out of the freezer!

    GenosGenos4 timmar sedan
  • Sonia is very beautiful

    ParichayParichay4 timmar sedan
  • 12.35 is that the guitarist for soulfly?

    Stuart LilleyStuart Lilley5 timmar sedan
  • No wonder he has to greet and sit with every coustamer. He has to explain the fckn menu. I didn't understand a thing!

    AtTheEnd1000AtTheEnd10006 timmar sedan
  • That delusioned owner's the reason why u shouldnt over pamper ur kids everytime even if most of the time they r acting wrong. That damn over confident fella's the reason for his failure

    Aishwarya DiptiAishwarya Dipti6 timmar sedan
  • It's also "unique" to create a square wheel, doesn't mean that it's a good idea though.

    TiafainTiafain7 timmar sedan
  • 21:00 the "tosser" humor..... XD

    TiafainTiafain7 timmar sedan
  • “The majority of the servers are actors” sorry hun the servers are servers nothing more nothing less until they get a new job.

    Un Named ChannelUn Named Channel7 timmar sedan
  • A house full of pennys

    Devan RaviDevan Ravi9 timmar sedan
  • “Working with Gordon is a challange” Workin with Gordon is a challange while workin with the Sebastian dude is a goddamn “escape hell” mission.

    OsiaOsia11 timmar sedan
  • I love this shit!

    shnillshnill12 timmar sedan
  • does sonja has a only fans account? cuz she seems pretty familiar

    Leo NardoLeo Nardo12 timmar sedan
  • This guy will never change. You can see it in his eyes, he's a maniac driven by his obsessions. It's a shame Gordon wasted so much on him, the guy definitely was not worth it. I feel so bad for the staff, and the guy's wife. Shame on Sebastian..

    kekecpereckekecperec14 timmar sedan
  • this guy is the depiction of when einstein said being crazy is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

    I am SanttuI am Santtu14 timmar sedan
  • i love lou-bertha

    I am SanttuI am Santtu14 timmar sedan
  • Sonja cute af

    flaxiuflaxiu14 timmar sedan
  • So has anyone seen any of this "actors" in anything lately?

    Kram PhillipsKram Phillips15 timmar sedan
  • 1: Want to start a Global Franchise 2: The unique thing is a huge (and complex) menu

    Parth DoshiParth Doshi16 timmar sedan
  • I’m embarrassed that he has my name..

    Silo _onCrackSilo _onCrack17 timmar sedan
  • Damn, that's an ignorant man. LOL.

    zirak93 - 2zirak93 - 217 timmar sedan
  • 8:20. Wtf did I just watch

    XsumeXsume17 timmar sedan
    • ikr it was so cringy

      James PotgieterJames Potgieter14 timmar sedan
  • *gets absolutely destroyed* WEEW I WON THAT ONE GUYS

    Big SmokeBig Smoke17 timmar sedan
  • He indeed did go back to his old 5/10 frozen pizza ways. And he went out of business (apparently he just up and left the place) in 2008. This episode was in 2007.

    Owen LittleOwen Little18 timmar sedan
  • Lou is a superstar

    Éric Roy BeauchampÉric Roy Beauchamp18 timmar sedan
  • Gordon: Calamari they're fresh? Sebastian: It's fresh Sonja: It's frozen Hotel Trivago.

    odin Biflindiodin Biflindi19 timmar sedan
  • 17:23 Thats the equivalent of saying, "I went to work today and didn't do anything at all. For some odd reason, my boss just got mad at me and i think that that's really unreasonable"

    Victor MarconnetVictor Marconnet19 timmar sedan
  • Ali ain’t no model 😂 that Sonia girl was funny as Fucj tho

    shaun stapletonshaun stapleton20 timmar sedan
  • This manager has no experience in the industry. He must learn and get involved seriously in his business rather than his surreal dreams.

    skymanskyman20 timmar sedan
  • You can be unique. Uniquely shit. That’s sebastian’s. The restaurant closed, delusion doesn’t pay

    Karma GurungKarma Gurung21 timme sedan
  • of course gordon was acting if he wasn't this man would have been in tears 24/7

    somebody who existssomebody who exists21 timme sedan
  • must be mommys money hes spending...shouldn't have done the makeover until he proved himself.....he will sell that Dough Mixer once Ramsays gone...

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigy21 timme sedan
  • He’s an alcoholic 100%

    Ben MWKBen MWK22 timmar sedan
  • what season was this from?

    ahmad bassamahmad bassam22 timmar sedan
  • This guy Sebastian is running a restaurant for 2 years and thinks he is better than gordon ramsay who has 35 restaurants and helped growing hundreds of other restaurant owner's what a stubborn d***head he is just a baby in this kind of business

    Gamer4Life - ShiroGamer4Life - Shiro22 timmar sedan
  • Lou should’ve been the head chef running that place and not a f**king microwave ffs. Too bad Sebastian closed down.

    Tom MTom M22 timmar sedan
  • Did this so called chef Sebastian go to a culinary school or did he buy his degree? Also this dude's parents seem to not know how to raise a child

    Kadambari H.AKadambari H.A22 timmar sedan
  • 35:49 his hand 🤣

    Nanda FebriantoNanda Febrianto23 timmar sedan
  • Who read flabbergasted with Sofia Vergara's voice?

    Celebrity News حقائق المشاهيرCelebrity News حقائق المشاهير23 timmar sedan
  • 15:48...guess who's hair it is...its Popeye's Missus OLIVE OIL...aka SONJA..

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigyDag sedan
  • Idk what god thinking about rage ppl

    the hacker_01,exethe hacker_01,exeDag sedan
  • Sir please come to Mani dum Biryani in Hoskote. You will enjoy it.

    Stupid WhatsApp ForwardsStupid WhatsApp ForwardsDag sedan
  • this restaurant closed down apparently

    7amoodiii7amoodiiiDag sedan
  • he's an actor of course he'll be over dramatic

    7amoodiii7amoodiiiDag sedan
  • Is it common for menus to not have images in the west? In Asia it's so common and almost a must for there to be images. In fact, no images actually lower our confidence in the quality of the food (unless it's a very high end restaurant). Nobody is going to buy something which they have no idea how it looks over here.

    CJCJDag sedan
  • Love that none of them understand what “tosser”’ means

    Louis StirlingLouis StirlingDag sedan
  • chef Gordon's face as he is being walked through the menu 😂🤣

    yummycandyyummycandyDag sedan
  • Im gonna make you the best tosser lmao

    TJC05TJC05Dag sedan
  • Mandjaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂

    PlamiePlamieDag sedan
  • Every episode "I can't believe he's so rude'

    Nanette JNanette JDag sedan
  • Gordon: *goes for a piss* Sebastian: i WoN tHaT oNe

    Dash KoopaDash KoopaDag sedan
  • This guy is such an ungrateful little shit. He basically went from shit to amazing on a golden platter, and he sulked like a baby! Lou was more excited about the success than he was. He needs a rough wake up call!

    Paige JPaige JDag sedan
  • How many fresh lies u want? Owners: *yes*

    Kajin Mobile GamingKajin Mobile GamingDag sedan

    Cüneyt KuzuCüneyt KuzuDag sedan

    Cüneyt KuzuCüneyt KuzuDag sedan

    Cüneyt KuzuCüneyt KuzuDag sedan

    Cüneyt KuzuCüneyt KuzuDag sedan
  • Another chef mike

    Andrew LimAndrew LimDag sedan
  • He says all this bullshit then says he’s right get tf outta here

    Tina WesternTina WesternDag sedan
  • Kent weed is an amazing producer

    Ali RazaAli RazaDag sedan
  • No one talking about the fact that the executive producer is called Kent Weed

    Soovi452Soovi452Dag sedan
  • Can not believe how many people's livelihood at stake and so many egotistical morons in charge. Let's get more people like Lou in charge.

    Harpreet UppalHarpreet UppalDag sedan
  • Sebastian came straight out of The Office, he gives off strong Michael Scott vibes

    MagneoMagneoDag sedan
  • that look on Gordons face when the owner starts explaining the concept :)

    Emil PavlićEmil PavlićDag sedan
  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

    Kristine PittmanKristine PittmanDag sedan
  • Great tossers🤣🤣

    DarkzyDarkzyDag sedan
  • Who else doesn't think Gordon is mean ?? I don't see him as a mean person idk if it is because he's my idol or because he's just not mean

    Elie PlantationElie PlantationDag sedan
  • They ask for help from a pro and Gordon knows what he is doing then they go angry when he says how too get the restaurant going.i don’t get how they are thinking.At least try the new concept for a year and then say what you think.

    denis avdicdenis avdicDag sedan
  • "Very polite to my staff"

    Lol that was funnyLol that was funnyDag sedan
  • Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

    Kristine PittmanKristine PittmanDag sedan
  • O fucking like sojna

    sammad anwarsammad anwarDag sedan
  • I feel sorry for the wife. 300,000 dollars for nothing!!!! I hope she was payed back

    Isla RobinsonIsla Robinson2 dagar sedan
  • He's a narcassist

    Jack StoneJack Stone2 dagar sedan
  • 'I htink I won that one' he says to an empty resteraunt.

    Jack StoneJack Stone2 dagar sedan
  • Sebastain is America as a person.

    Donald TrumpyDonald Trumpy2 dagar sedan
  • "You are all gonna become great tossers"

    Ulysses2281Ulysses22812 dagar sedan
  • Is this restaurant still open?

    Ayad alkalidiAyad alkalidi2 dagar sedan
  • Sebastian: "I'm kind to everyone especially the staff" When theres no cameras *Slams doors* *shut at the staff*

    almaalma2 dagar sedan
  • Gordon: We're changing the menu Sebastian: *PANIC*

    • ᴠᴀɴɢɢᴜᴋ •• ᴠᴀɴɢɢᴜᴋ •2 dagar sedan
  • Its nice they've started putting up full episodes, you get to see so much of the story and changes.

    Eraser MatEraser Mat2 dagar sedan
  • James "Sebastian" De Santa

    TheGamesBondTheGamesBond2 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist they all quit and he has no one to work with That's what he deserves

    Kamolthip HannirojrumKamolthip Hannirojrum2 dagar sedan
  • Ignoring the staff, this is the BEST restaurant so far in Kitchen Nightmares

    TheGamesBondTheGamesBond2 dagar sedan
  • I think that donkey is on drugs, he's obviously cracked.

    mgcasianomgcasiano2 dagar sedan
  • He's an arrogant one ain't he

    FBI *FBI *2 dagar sedan
  • im sebastian when im on my period

    checha jrchecha jr2 dagar sedan
  • Good acting Sebastian

    BeingMeloo's extra videosBeingMeloo's extra videos2 dagar sedan
  • that menu would make me walk out straight away honestly

    Joshua -Joshua -2 dagar sedan
  • His face at 4:56 😂

    Daniel DavidsonDaniel Davidson2 dagar sedan
  • This is painful to watch

    Sebastian ServelloSebastian Servello2 dagar sedan
  • What a brat

    Mai DarboeMai Darboe2 dagar sedan
  • Yep, don’t put too much of your ego in your profession; doesn’t usually end well.

    Sebastian SimonSebastian Simon2 dagar sedan
  • Sebastian is the definition of entitled American.... I can't count how many times I was actually yelling at the screen!

    Josefine EriksenJosefine Eriksen2 dagar sedan
  • 😑

  • Now casting for the village idiot who thinks he's a great restaurant owner when in reality he is failing. He has to be delusional, stubborn and have no regard for the damage he's doing to his own business. He must also have horrible ideas and think he is smartest and creative man in the world. Sebastian has the

    sugarshamrocksugarshamrock2 dagar sedan