I Fooled My Friend with a Shapeshift Mod in Minecraft...

19 feb 2021
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I Fooled My Friend with a Shapeshift Mod in Minecraft...
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  • Worst of friends. Best of enemy’s.

    Gumball WattersonGumball Watterson6 minuter sedan
  • Quiff in 10 years: *remotely turns off bionics WiFi mid speedrun*

    Emily AnEmily An49 minuter sedan
  • How do you get the mod?

    Rachel SargentRachel SargentTimme sedan
  • Ur the new best

    Andrew HallAndrew HallTimme sedan
    • I love ur Vids Bionic

      Emily AnEmily An48 minuter sedan
  • cap

    al_paka_98al_paka_982 timmar sedan
  • Meow

    HackerKittyHackerKitty2 timmar sedan
  • You're sus!

    PaerPaer3 timmar sedan
  • You should’ve shot the nether portal as a gast and listen to what he says

    RYAN HUNTRYAN HUNT3 timmar sedan
  • rigged

    willepirogwillepirog4 timmar sedan
  • Bro bill. Subscribers in weeks

    Eyoel TesfayeEyoel Tesfaye4 timmar sedan
  • The one is the best nether build i will rate it 10/10 nice...

    mr. mastermr. master5 timmar sedan
  • 15:32 lighting lol

    idontknowidontknow6 timmar sedan
  • What your download to morph name

    Fhieras ImanFhieras Iman6 timmar sedan
  • You'r so mean... just give him 500dollars just give some respect to him. And this is why your vievers are decreasing.

    pixardpixard6 timmar sedan
  • I’m subscribed bionic

    SebPlays864SebPlays8647 timmar sedan
  • Googangingan

    SebPlays864SebPlays8647 timmar sedan
  • Wait.. when you go in nether you get an advancment..so your friend can see if you came in nether

    Petar JolovicPetar Jolovic7 timmar sedan
  • Bootiful hair

    mr kazoomr kazoo8 timmar sedan
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    noah jacobsnoah jacobs8 timmar sedan
  • I love ur Vids Bionic

    Orchid_ PlayzOrchid_ Playz8 timmar sedan
  • A morph mod or a shapsmihfb mod

    Ville Ahlman Høyen 05SMEVille Ahlman Høyen 05SME10 timmar sedan
  • Lol

    Infected SansInfected Sans10 timmar sedan
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    Bridgett RoachBridgett Roach12 timmar sedan
    • sup

      H iH i11 timmar sedan

    محمد محمود الكاملمحمد محمود الكامل12 timmar sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      محمد محمود الكاملمحمد محمود الكامل12 timmar sedan
  • Rrrerrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    محمد محمود الكاملمحمد محمود الكامل12 timmar sedan
  • Bionic Bionic Bionic Will it work

    ZukoZuko12 timmar sedan
  • eyyh bionic if u rly didnt pay him his $1000 u most likely lost ur friend sad ...

    simon leenderssimon leenders13 timmar sedan
  • Secretly? It’s on youtube

    XhidenXhiden14 timmar sedan
  • Чё он говорит

    Дияс ДаулетбаевДияс Даулетбаев14 timmar sedan
  • Hahahahaha that so fanny man

    RJ channelRJ channel14 timmar sedan
  • How to play with friend????

    애플님애플님15 timmar sedan
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    Luis VenturaLuis Ventura17 timmar sedan
  • Can I get seed pls

    Aung Pyae PhyoAung Pyae Phyo17 timmar sedan
  • What mod did you use

    Louis RaivenLouis Raiven17 timmar sedan
  • It’s small brain time - Albert Einstein should of said

    UnbreakableProgaming XboxUnbreakableProgaming Xbox18 timmar sedan
  • 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊哈哈哈哈😄

    xing hao Huangxing hao Huang18 timmar sedan
  • When did Zdeno Chara start making SEworld videos?

    Sloom RavenSloom Raven18 timmar sedan
  • Baldonic

    Ralf PitoyRalf Pitoy19 timmar sedan
  • 14:07 is funny as f

    Beanos Is ComingBeanos Is Coming19 timmar sedan
  • 3:38 nether

    Evan Hughes YouTube channelEvan Hughes YouTube channel20 timmar sedan
  • Oh my god... the acting was so bad it made me cringe outside of the universe

    Noel HajduNoel Hajdu20 timmar sedan
  • Do you have a gf then f you do call her bionic bear

    hdusudhdihdusudhdi20 timmar sedan
  • You and quiff have been trolling each other so much this has to be faked

    Uzair FarooqUzair Farooq22 timmar sedan
  • It’s funny that he starts with the dream speed run music

    Levi YoungbergLevi Youngberg22 timmar sedan
  • To the end get it!!

    the palzthe palz23 timmar sedan
  • boncccccc 104k likeesssssss LoL

    Ardit GamingArdit Gaming23 timmar sedan
  • Ghghfh🤣😂

    Mohamed BadiMohamed Badi23 timmar sedan
  • The end was ultimate I almost died of laughter

    GoldGoldDag sedan
  • I like the luigi's mansion in the background

    The PikaThe PikaDag sedan
  • 6:28 wide IRON GOLEM

    2point2mods2point2modsDag sedan
  • 5:25, the song from Dream speedrunner vs Hunter.

    James CastroJames CastroDag sedan
  • Not gonna lie this dude is messed up

    William SiebertWilliam SiebertDag sedan
  • Awedttyu

    Jake WinterJake WinterDag sedan
  • Jake Winter Jake Winter

    Jake WinterJake WinterDag sedan
  • Bionic hair grows faster than my relationship...

    Ptao TomPtao TomDag sedan

    Vanessa BenoitVanessa BenoitDag sedan
  • sorry but you cloned this video from channel Fixeye

    • hey the wierd thing is to get a mod you have to download it and your friend to so thath means he must have seen whath he was downloading right

      Ptao TomPtao TomDag sedan
  • I smell CAP

    Dylan AnksorousDylan AnksorousDag sedan
  • Bro when he wanted world edit he put //wand

    MarmusMarmusDag sedan
  • Nice try buddy, but that is not how portals naturally spawn

    Dexter CobbDexter CobbDag sedan
  • Bionic I may be your new viewer and subscriber

    Queen MonaeQueen MonaeDag sedan
  • Wow. Havent seen this Guy in years. Last time he had more hair lol

    DuckDkDuckDkDag sedan
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  • You're so toxic.

    XxTNTBOSS750xXXxTNTBOSS750xXDag sedan
  • I like you cut g

    Mikkel FejsøMikkel FejsøDag sedan
  • I been seeing your videos but your video face? Wha what?? Prooooooooooffffff………………..aaaaaaaaaaa😶😶😶😶😶 a bla bla blaaaaaaa........ what was that cold aaaaaa WHAT THE HECK WA-WHAT THE MY BRAIN AAAAAAA........................I DONT KNOW WHAT IS BRAIN DOING MY BRAIN IS MAYBY CRAZY OR SOMTHING😑😑😑😑😑 I WAS ABOUT TO SAY WHY IS YOUR THING WHAT WAS THAT COLD THAT WHY IS IT STILL BLURD????

    Yziah GoYziah GoDag sedan
  • 17:15 Watch till the end! 17:59 ROASTED YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!

    Gerry OtterstenGerry OtterstenDag sedan
  • $@$@$^

    Hamid MunawarHamid MunawarDag sedan
  • I LIKE YA CUT G *Slaps*

    xd binx Im a catxd binx Im a catDag sedan
  • Bionic:bites tongue Edit:omg thank you so much for 50k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!1!1!!11!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1

  • If you hit 3 m subs Stare at paint drying for 10 hours

    AoReonAoReonDag sedan
  • good one

    ArmaanGamingArmaanGamingDag sedan
  • hey the wierd thing is to get a mod you have to download it and your friend to so thath means he must have seen whath he was downloading right

    The real DroomThe real DroomDag sedan
  • bruh thats a baby thing to do thats not even funny just selfish and mean

    MC SpongBoobMC SpongBoobDag sedan
  • Mod please

    Kurt cabarrubiasKurt cabarrubiasDag sedan
  • i reallly like ur vid but pls sub to imsomethingelse pls he is like one of the best artist but he is nothing to ZHC also i love u vids to

  • Me too bro..i always bites my tongue

    Faris HaqimFaris HaqimDag sedan
  • Can u close your face 🤢🤢

    Saitama GamingSaitama GamingDag sedan
  • BIONIC IS MEAN I’m not subscribed. I don’t like him im sorry He seems nice but he is mean

    JoeisPogJoeisPogDag sedan
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    Agnes HunterAgnes HunterDag sedan
  • Pls put link of this mod

    gankstera _47gankstera _47Dag sedan

    Mylee SchlechtMylee SchlechtDag sedan
  • Imagine u see this but real Chance 0.1

    Insuo RidgeInsuo RidgeDag sedan
  • The music is from sonic mania

    Ben CornettBen CornettDag sedan
  • Novisor

    Pro gamers AlhinaiPro gamers AlhinaiDag sedan
  • Novior

    Pro gamers AlhinaiPro gamers AlhinaiDag sedan
    • Novisor

      Pro gamers AlhinaiPro gamers AlhinaiDag sedan
  • I'm new here and I like your skin

    Fritz QuiñoFritz QuiñoDag sedan
  • What is the name of the mod

    AsherAsherDag sedan
  • Dream said 1 bitcoin is 10000 dollers who right. ???

    dlyiedlyieDag sedan
  • 2:23 got me laughing

    random tf2 playerrandom tf2 playerDag sedan
  • Woahhh, wth, 2.8 mil views and 100k likes

    TrashClub YeeeTrashClub YeeeDag sedan
  • Gonga ginga

  • Bionic isnt it weird how when i watched this right when you bit your tongue i bit mine

    Billy CipherBilly CipherDag sedan
  • No one: Not even a single soul: Me vibing to the background music-

    Elianna ZaragozaElianna ZaragozaDag sedan
  • The off brand version of Skeppy’s trolling video with badboyhalo. Love the video!

    Avatar SJAvatar SJDag sedan
  • Did you know in creative mode you can make a giant nether

    Harleens toys Australia/indiaHarleens toys Australia/indiaDag sedan
  • Fun Fact: When he bit his tongue you but yours!

    L uc i fe rL uc i fe rDag sedan
  • Hey is it just me or the thumbmail is gone

    ZaiMatZaiMatDag sedan
  • A 1000$ dollar's bruh no way bruh🤣🤣

    Eduard RamosEduard RamosDag sedan
  • I hate u so much

    Sea PopcornSea PopcornDag sedan