My 10 Anticipated Movies of 2021

11 jan 2021
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With a new year, we get to look at the movies rolling out in the course of 2021. Here is a look at 10 movies that caught my eye.

  • anyone else want cant wait for the new saw movie spiral

    Polar BearPolar BearTimme sedan
  • You forgot Black Widow

    John SmithJohn SmithTimme sedan
  • I haven’t seen your vids in a while (I’m sorry, works bee crazy) but I didn’t know you looked like JESUS now lmao You’re so awesome!

    PVPI OLVSPVPI OLVS2 timmar sedan
  • I'd add Ghostbusters......and I'm curious on Justice League.....but I guess that's a 4-part mini then an actually movie

    The Nerdy TherapistThe Nerdy Therapist5 timmar sedan
  • Can't wait for Godzilla vs. Kong. Hope they don't screw it up.

    William BrandtWilliam Brandt5 timmar sedan
  • Not The Batman? I am surprised my friend.

    Dan TroughtonDan Troughton5 timmar sedan
  • Black Widow, Spiderman 3 are the only top anticipated film. I want to anticipate for dune but that series is unadaptable! Animated series or HBO Max series is the only way.

    Matt MadoxMatt Madox6 timmar sedan
  • Internals Black widow

    saumitra depawatsaumitra depawat6 timmar sedan
  • I like Spider-Man: Home Run

    Jaydon PerezJaydon Perez6 timmar sedan
  • Great content as always, Jeremy!

    Film BroFilm Bro7 timmar sedan
  • What is the last thing the wachowski brother/sister whatever-the-fuck Made? I sure matrix is gonna be dogshit.

    Bjorn BlackmanBjorn Blackman7 timmar sedan
  • I was wondering if Mortal Kombat would be on the list. I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced early on the list.

    Joey FigueroaJoey Figueroa7 timmar sedan
  • Haha jeremy, trust when I tell you. Dune is gonna be dogshit.

    Bjorn BlackmanBjorn Blackman7 timmar sedan
  • A bit surprised that you didn't mention A24's "The Green Knight". What about "Antlers" Guierllmo del Torro had his hand in that, as well.

    Roger GonzalezRoger Gonzalez10 timmar sedan
  • 2021 is going to be the same as 2020 when it comes to entertainment hardly anything will be getting released, especially when they're still pushing back release dates.

    JCVDfan4lifeJCVDfan4life11 timmar sedan
  • no james bond or fast 9

    Jestin JamesJestin James12 timmar sedan
  • Spider-Man:Homes Under The Hammer. You need to be a Brit to understand that one.

    doegy Whaildoegy Whail12 timmar sedan
  • Spiderman : Homies 🤣

  • spider man: work from home.

    HughJassHughJass12 timmar sedan
  • Thanks Jeremy! You have willed first looks into existence! Now we got Mortal Kombat stills!

    greeniousgreenious14 timmar sedan
  • What about "Antlers"?

    Will PickeringWill Pickering16 timmar sedan
  • Dude, no homo, the hair is looking fantastic. Lol. Haven't watched you in a minute and then I see god-tier hair. He's on that Jesus drip, lol.

    ArisenMindArisenMind16 timmar sedan
  • Jeremy going for the Aragorn look?

    Syazwan RuslaineSyazwan Ruslaine16 timmar sedan
  • I too was looking forward to "A Quiet Place 2," and I even had my ticket!

    ThePoreproductionsThePoreproductions17 timmar sedan
  • Spiderman: Homeless

    Xsz LolszXsz Lolsz17 timmar sedan
  • I'm gonna bet Spider-Man gets pushed back till 2022

    Action JacksonAction Jackson18 timmar sedan
  • What about "A Quiet Place 2?"

    Martin GarciaMartin Garcia18 timmar sedan
  • Every movie on your list is a SEQUEL or a REBOOT. HOLLYWOOD sucks.

    C.C. 95C.C. 9518 timmar sedan
  • Godzilla VS Kong?!?

    MurphMurph18 timmar sedan
  • Have you seen the new pics for MK? They look niceee

    Billy GarciaBilly Garcia19 timmar sedan
  • For me: Dune, Quiet Place II, Cherry, Venom II and The French Dispatch. If Tobey and Andrew join Tom I would definitely scream

    LucasArgLucasArg20 timmar sedan
  • Is Batman not this year?

    Tj BowersTj Bowers20 timmar sedan
  • I have never been a fan of stopmotion movies either, they creep me out

    Julio Preza EscobarJulio Preza Escobar20 timmar sedan
  • Top Gun 2 anyone???

    Robert FleischmannRobert Fleischmann20 timmar sedan
  • your hair is looking extra luxurious I must say

    DannyMcslammyDannyMcslammy21 timme sedan
  • This is incredible work, Jeremy. I started thinking of my list and all I could come up with was: 1) Dune That's it. That's the list.

    Mike's Book ReviewsMike's Book Reviews22 timmar sedan
  • The other two Mortal Kombat films really suck. I KNOW that the new one will be at least a smidgen better than those.

    Brett ClancyBrett Clancy22 timmar sedan
  • Hire someone to write your vlogs with time markers so if we want to skip to a specific area we can.

    Parker BParker B22 timmar sedan
  • Don't care about any of these movies.

    kemuaelkemuael23 timmar sedan
  • sorry your hair & beard was hypnotizing me...have to rewatch this brb...didn't know about the Mortal Kombat or Matrix. oiy! we shall see

    podakaynepodakayne23 timmar sedan
  • When did Jesus start reviewing movies?

    iNuwandaiNuwandaDag sedan
  • Congrats, you've perfected the knockoff Keanu look.

    ADjustinG2013ADjustinG2013Dag sedan
  • Make sure you review Don’t Breathe 2! Looking forward to that one

    Elizabeth HomesElizabeth HomesDag sedan
  • I know it's unlikely but I hope Mortal Kombat brings back the old movie original theme

    Pisupo OdinsonPisupo OdinsonDag sedan
  • Haven’t seen this dude in months Went Jesus mode real quick eh? 😂

    Doctor DarkDoctor DarkDag sedan
  • Watch DARK on Netflix. And then talk about it. This series will blow your mind. Watch it! It‘s important.

    Samuel Paul GäumannSamuel Paul GäumannDag sedan
  • Dang no Snyder Cut rip

    Joshua JosephJoshua JosephDag sedan
  • The first Matrix is not a masterpiece. The acting in that movie is the dullest and empty of personality I've ever seen.

  • I'm surprised that you didn't put in Black Widow. Also they need to release Doctor Strange: Multi-verse of Madness before they release Spider-Man III. That's the order that they announced of what's being released for Marvel.

    Grand Admiral ThrawnGrand Admiral ThrawnDag sedan
  • Jeremy starting more riots @ 7:52

    aKrazyGuyUKnoaKrazyGuyUKnoDag sedan
  • Its been probably close to 4 years since I've watched Jeremy Jahns, and damn. He's got the whole drunken John Wick thing in full swing

    Marcel labrieMarcel labrieDag sedan

    rocky xrocky xDag sedan
  • Jeremy just needs to grow his hair and beard more get some grey hairs and learn a little magic and we can call him Jeremy the Grey/White.

    MysterionMysterionDag sedan
  • How is “COMING 2 AMERICA” not on this list??!! I feel personally attacked! Lol

    Tiffany ITiffany IDag sedan
  • So basically, all the cool movies are being remade into woke pieces of crap except Dune.. maybe

    Tucci EdTucci EdDag sedan
  • Numba one!! Numba two!! Numba four!! Comon Jeremy, why? The main reason I clicked on this was your voice montages and now you've taken that away too..

    Mentirosienta IDCMentirosienta IDCDag sedan
  • Boom Mortal Kombat pics just dropped

    AP12AP12Dag sedan
  • Spider-Man: Homeworld

    LevLevDag sedan
  • Here is some foreshadowing, in the clips we see Monica Rambeau show up. somehow she got into whereever this is. and when she meets wanda she cannot remember who she is. but she has a necklace with the sword logo on it. probably for her to have some way of remembering who she was before entering this place. Alao in tbe clips you see Monica flying backwards OUT of the affected area. my guess is Wanda sees the logo, comments on it and then ejects monica because she recognizes the logo and knows it means danger to her . since rhe toy helocopter was a real one that crashed into the town. it was in color because it was not part of the original construct. lots of little details.

    MW66VBMW66VBDag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction film (The Lady of Heaven)

    اميري علي ونعم الاميراميري علي ونعم الاميرDag sedan
  • TopGun for me :D

    Gareth NesbittGareth NesbittDag sedan
  • Top Gun Maverick...nuff said

    SixxftundrSixxftundrDag sedan
  • Cut ya hair bro, a little at least, you look like a woman with beard

    Vantady GamesVantady GamesDag sedan
  • I just saw the Fury quote and dropped a like immediately

    Rocco WilcoxRocco WilcoxDag sedan
  • Zack Snyders justice league

    Hakan BurgucuHakan BurgucuDag sedan
  • Hi son of god

    HarshHarshDag sedan
  • I'm looking forward to the Ranger's Apprentice series that is finally happening...

    The King of CookiesThe King of CookiesDag sedan
  • Jeremy, you should review Run Hide Fight.

    Tim HawleyTim HawleyDag sedan
  • Hey Jeremy could you do a review on the Expanse. It is a really good show that I highly recommend

    Jeff TharakanJeff TharakanDag sedan
  • I love your videos so much and they truly make a difference for me

    Muhammad AshrafMuhammad AshrafDag sedan
  • Dude, imagine if Del Toro makes a stop motion film that is Best Picture quality. It's a HUGE possibility. Knowing this year's Oscars, Soul is DEFINITELY in the running for an animated film to be nominated for Best Picture.

    realarrealarDag sedan
  • after you look at that look at my site and see if something similar is there/

    aceconradaceconradDag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction trailer film (The Lady of Heaven)🙏 🙏

    يالثارات فاطمة 'قاتلوا أئمة الكفريالثارات فاطمة 'قاتلوا أئمة الكفرDag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction trailer film (The Lady of Heaven)🙏 🙏

    يالثارات فاطمة 'قاتلوا أئمة الكفريالثارات فاطمة 'قاتلوا أئمة الكفرDag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction trailer film (The Lady of Heaven)🙏 🙏

    يالثارات فاطمة 'قاتلوا أئمة الكفريالثارات فاطمة 'قاتلوا أئمة الكفرDag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction trailer film (The Lady of Heaven)

    Zahraa 313Zahraa 313Dag sedan
  • Thank you for doing this list. We are still loyal fans. Great fun list!

    G Richard YamagataG Richard YamagataDag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction trailer film (The Lady of Heaven)

    N 313 BN 313 BDag sedan
  • Revenge of The Sith was the 6th StarWars film and is still the best one.

    Guest 445Guest 445Dag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction trailer film (The Lady of Heaven)

    رافضيةوهيبتي من هيبه علي ع سرافضيةوهيبتي من هيبه علي ع سDag sedan
  • Love your videos but what's going on with your hair

    Jamie ShelkerJamie ShelkerDag sedan
  • We ask you to do a reaction trailer film (The Lady of Heaven)

    لبيك يا محمدلبيك يا محمدDag sedan
  • 2020 the Prisoner of Azkaban of the years

    Captain CanaveralCaptain CanaveralDag sedan
  • WOAH... its a rare Keanu Jahns!

    SpamSpamDag sedan
  • Jesus Christ's top 10 anticipated movies of 2021

    greatbathindiangreatbathindianDag sedan
  • Spiderman: Stay At Home

    Chris F 71Chris F 71Dag sedan
  • Spiderman: Why Can't I Hold all these Spidermen?

    lain iwakuralain iwakuraDag sedan
  • How about Run hide fight 2021? Try to watch that, it's really good.

    Alyan AkmalAlyan AkmalDag sedan
  • I hope the Guillermo Del Toro Pinnochio is a faithful adaptation. The original story is way more messed up than the Disney version. Pinnochio is a total psycho.

    Nathan DrakeNathan DrakeDag sedan
  • What about batman

    Arya RamtekeArya RamtekeDag sedan
  • Technically episode 3 of starwars is the 6th movie in the franchise and it is one of my favorites

    Jarom OhranJarom OhranDag sedan
  • Spider man needs blade,an Mörbius,l.

    rashawn evansrashawn evansDag sedan
  • Venom 2,quiet place 2,dune,black widow,black panter2.

    rashawn evansrashawn evansDag sedan
  • ..and verses movies.

    rashawn evansrashawn evansDag sedan
  • Do cross over movies already.

    rashawn evansrashawn evansDag sedan
  • Review Run, Hide, Fight.

    JJS3023 SJJS3023 SDag sedan
  • “Until such time as the world end we will continue to act as if it intends to spin on” - Nick Fury

    Little ItalyLittle ItalyDag sedan
  • I want to see the Spiral movie with Chris Rock

    Brent WBrent WDag sedan
  • Spider-Man: Homeschooled

    CoreyCoreyDag sedan
  • How is Top Gun2 : Maverick not on this list. Only movie I'm looking forward to. currently gone back to my first love, if not mistress of foreign movies and currently on a South Korean movie binge.

    Lasitha JayawardanaLasitha JayawardanaDag sedan