jschlatt VODS: Every 5 minutes the water level rises (w/ Wilbur)

1 aug 2019
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Schlatt and Wilbur get wet. Streamed on 7/27/19
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  • 1:32

    Jessica ThompsonJessica ThompsonDag sedan
  • There was a person in chat who said they shot a gay

    Ethan JamesEthan JamesDag sedan
  • This hits different now that glattbur

    •PumpkinPasta••PumpkinPasta•2 dagar sedan
  • New title: "every 5 minutes the sexual tension rises"

    yes-egg-goodyes-egg-good2 dagar sedan
  • *Political enough but not contrary, sexual enough but not enough to scare me*

    Satra - sanSatra - san2 dagar sedan
    • @The Steven universe fan true

      Satra - sanSatra - san2 dagar sedan
    • wilbur and shlatt give off very big bi vibes

      The Steven universe fanThe Steven universe fan2 dagar sedan
  • Tbh could have survived together in that house by farming

    EPapiEPapi2 dagar sedan
  • They’re gonna sell their houses to fucking aquaman

    Yoshi Thinks Your WrongYoshi Thinks Your Wrong2 dagar sedan
  • i still saw like a bunch of homophobic comments and it was fucking hilarious

    Bo BaybeeBo Baybee2 dagar sedan
  • Maybe it's just me but, did anyone else sense gay vibes from jschlattVODS?

    BleachBleach2 dagar sedan
  • 48:30

    Ryan BidoRyan Bido3 dagar sedan
  • me the whole time: pUT sIGNS ON THE WALLS

    finnleighfinnleigh3 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt in the DreamSMP roleplays- F**K YOU ALL DIE DIE DIE! ITS MY EMPIRE! Schlatt in his videos- Huge comical relief that we can sympathise with. Schaltt in his videos with a guest(s)- Totally concerned, a `tsundere`, and\or gayschlatt moments. Schallt in general- Awsome dude with comical times and a maniac twist. (This is {by far} a joke, please do not take it 100% seriously!) {Even though there is evidence for (most of) this moments that point out this can be cannon-}

    Clara TheRiceGirlClara TheRiceGirl3 dagar sedan
  • SOMEONES COMMENT WAS "i was shot by a gay yesterday" HAAA

    Shadow QueenShadow Queen3 dagar sedan
  • When schlatt said oh fuck oh fuck this came into my mind My mind using schlatts voice: oh fuck aaagghhh~ oh fuck~ Me irl: 😳 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK My mom: WATCH YOUR MOUTH

    WolfyTheGamerQueenWolfyTheGamerQueen4 dagar sedan
  • 22:10 8:05 10:34 1:28 21:32 34:20 40:35 44:06 47:18 48:36 48:52 53:47 57:48 58:14 1:00:2+

    Tea kettleTea kettle4 dagar sedan
  • the sexual tension in this video is... alarming

    Mickey CasagrandeMickey Casagrande4 dagar sedan
  • 1:05:32 "way to ruin a point wANKER-"

    MissyDripMissyDrip4 dagar sedan
  • alt title: Schlatt and wilbur annoying eachother for a whole stream straight

    Paulina PrettywaterPaulina Prettywater4 dagar sedan
  • This is better rp than dream smp

    HerbiesaintyHerbiesainty4 dagar sedan
  • “chat, tell Wilbur how much you love gay people” I'm dying fuckin lol

    Backup NonactivatedBackup Nonactivated4 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 “Shlatt?” ... “HEY” ... “AGH!” “HEY!” “-Agh what the- f*** me- Hello how are you?” Beautiful communication

    LegendaryFoxx GachaLegendaryFoxx Gacha4 dagar sedan
  • I'm British but the hell is a scerting bould

    Kelly PhippsKelly Phipps5 dagar sedan
  • This made me uncomftorable in the best way Wait no that's not what I meant not like that

    J TJ T5 dagar sedan
  • If schlatt was still streaming I would sub with twitch prime

    Brendan LloydBrendan Lloyd5 dagar sedan
  • 48:36+, 1:13:50, and 1:03:51 Shippers: WriTe ThAT DoWN! wRITE thAT dOWN!

    Yay DogYay Dog6 dagar sedan
  • ʰᵒʷ ᵐᵃⁿʸ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ ᶜʰᵃⁿⁿᵉˡˢ-

    Tragïc TMTragïc TM6 dagar sedan
  • why does wilbur ask everyone to kill him in the same fucking way

    p155b01p155b017 dagar sedan
  • 48:28 ;-; dont mind this......just keep scrolling.........

    Mykah NeelyMykah Neely7 dagar sedan
  • 42:11 lost reference

    Hector TorrejonHector Torrejon8 dagar sedan
  • “Hey chat tell me how much you love gay people” The chat: (these are all real messages i saw) No Gay bad lol :) Earth is flat This wont go well He hasnt fed me in a week You cant be homophobic if your gay yourself Seamen Spell icup nword (thats the actual message i didnt change anything) I love james chorles THE EARTH IS FLAT THE WATER WILL POUR OVER THE EDGE

    C3p0 Works at Burger KingC3p0 Works at Burger King8 dagar sedan
  • Shout out to that one guy in chat who said “I hate gays”

    Random_Stuff420Random_Stuff4208 dagar sedan
  • Also graystillplays as well

    pewdiepie Nationpewdiepie Nation8 dagar sedan
    • My god another one

      Ashli PendletonAshli Pendleton7 timmar sedan
  • occasionally i return to this masterpiece of a video for nostalgia and honestly? i still enjoy it every time

    aisais9 dagar sedan
  • This was a beautiful start to getting into this fandom

    BriarBriar9 dagar sedan
  • *slams hands on desk* a shitty theory that no one asks for time: The events of Every 5 minutes the water level rises (w/ Wilbur) is canon and is before any of the canon events on the Dream SMP. The sole amount of fear and betrayal jschlatt felt watching someone who he wholeheartedly trusted stab him in the back and fall into madness, ending with jschlatt being damn near left him for dead created a sour feeling for him. After feeling like his whole world, both figuratively and literally sink, I think it left a lasting impression. Something in him died that day and ever since then he decided he would not place trust in someone again. He convinced himself that everyone else was out to get him, he became determent to be in control. I'm also guessing around that time did he begin to use alcohol as a coping mechanism. He felt bitter towards Wilbur and decided ripping control away from him as Wilbur did all those years ago is what put the nail in the coffin and why he ran for president for L'manburg. I also really think that's why he had such a visceral reaction to finding out Tubbo was acting as a spy. Even in canon, jschlatt was no fool by the finale he knew that the people who he had trusted the most, even if not much, will be the ones to end him ( Quackity, Fundy, Tubbo ect.) That in his time of need, they looked over and sneered while he suffered. He knew they would kill him, so he decided he would die the way he is supposed to, by his own hands. Though I doubt he genuinely wanted to die. He didn't feel smug about knowing that the country would die without him. He was scared. The last thing he directly told Tubbo was: “Toby, Toby, I'm scared of death.”. It shows how human he really is. That even in a drunken state he knew what was going to happen, whether from himself or the others. All he wanted was revenge for being wronged, not to mention he wasn't really that bad of a president, though he was by no means a “hero”. He stated that he exiled Tommy and Wilbur because he knew that they would revolt and cause a riot, despite the fact that jschlatt won fairly. Wilbur flat out admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong but kept going anyway and did the exact thing jschlatt said he would. jschlatt knew that no matter what he did, the others would only see him as a villain. In the end, he came to the realization that he was at least let himself have the last laugh before it all went to shit. He didn't want to give them the satisfaction of killing him. He died the way he lived. In fear of losing control.

    smeltziesmeltzie9 dagar sedan
  • I will never believe that these two men are 100% Straight. i just cant

    Ciara FennimanCiara Fenniman10 dagar sedan
  • listening to this in the backround is a mistake

    EstiEsti10 dagar sedan
  • solution to this entire challenge: *door*

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  • this is my favorite vod

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  • i ship it

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  • Who is watching this 2021

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    • me

      Jessica ThompsonJessica ThompsonDag sedan
  • As soon a schlatt said he was hot at the end my ac turned on

    Izzy ZerbanIzzy Zerban12 dagar sedan
  • 1:47, look at the chat, where the death screens and such pop up

    • Blue Screen •• Blue Screen •12 dagar sedan
  • More story than a real movie

    CrusaderAjayy 0peratorCrusaderAjayy 0perator12 dagar sedan
  • 1:16:17 I guess he's always been one for dramatic stabbings

    Sinéad DonerySinéad Donery13 dagar sedan
  • i can't tell if he's joking or not at times...

    lovebird miclovebird mic13 dagar sedan
  • For anyone who wants The extreme sexual tension starts around 48:30

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  • CAN WE

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  • 4:49

  • This stream was really gay

    imyarrdadimyarrdad16 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt bullying Wilbur for not having AC and garbage disposals meanwhile you don't even have turn tilt windows

    chrissi_0520chrissi_052016 dagar sedan
  • "My chat isn't homophobic!" Chat: we hate the gays

    Admiral AutisticAdmiral Autistic17 dagar sedan
    • i'm autistic too

      Jessica ThompsonJessica ThompsonDag sedan
  • I find it kinda funny how 2 ex presidents are taking about a real life ex president

    Tear BlaydTear Blayd19 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt:"T-that is terrifying." Me:Bu-but isn't it a block game-?

    Ricky WalkerRicky Walker19 dagar sedan
  • "thats a lot of support" the chat: "i hate gays"

    Justin TimeJustin Time19 dagar sedan
  • So... if jschlatt says that wilbur is his son- but in the smp philza is wilburs dad- does that mean Jschlatt and Philza are gay?! Pfft-

    amaraamara19 dagar sedan
  • 1:16:21 Wilbur: I want you to do it. *Throws sword* This reminds me of something I have seen in Wilbur's latest videos....

    Nicholas HobbsNicholas Hobbs20 dagar sedan
    • You mean the Philza and the beginning of ghostbur

      WolfyTheGamerQueenWolfyTheGamerQueen19 dagar sedan
  • As the water rises up Wilbur its you That I swim with As the water rises

    bucket headbucket head20 dagar sedan
  • every fucking interaction between these two is just extremely homoerotic and i respect that

    walmartwalmart22 dagar sedan
  • 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance

    Danny DevitoDanny Devito23 dagar sedan
  • 10/10 great movie would watch again

    the engineerthe engineer23 dagar sedan
  • These two need to start a relationship, even if Schlatt is not gay, they need to start a relationship with each other

    Mary-Jane CotteeMary-Jane Cottee24 dagar sedan
  • ✨ G O A T M A N ✨

    Golden_LimeGolden_Lime24 dagar sedan
  • *cue 'as the world caves in' by matt maltese*

    Nevaeh RichardsonNevaeh Richardson25 dagar sedan
  • Clearly, I cant survive global warming. I cant swim

    frog folkfrog folk25 dagar sedan
  • 1 year ago-

    MimiMimi26 dagar sedan
  • How about don’t buy a house close to the shore if your afraid of climate change

  • "Im not gonna fucking come" Weeell-

    ¡! Honey¡! Honey28 dagar sedan
    • No the way schlatt was taking it was c*m but Wilbur was taking it as come

      WolfyTheGamerQueenWolfyTheGamerQueen19 dagar sedan
  • How can ANYONE be this gay and homophobic at the same time??? Also funny and offensive but also kind of wholesome? wtf is this Human?

    Peachy_Xx 06Peachy_Xx 0629 dagar sedan
  • “Look at how much my chat loves gay people” Some guy in chat: “I shot a gay yesterday”

    Astro CatAstro Cat29 dagar sedan
  • I'm Canadian, and we have AC, but wtf is a garbage disposal????

    Spades gamesSpades games29 dagar sedan
    • Spinning toothed sink

      ThingShipper3000ThingShipper300028 dagar sedan
    • @Spades games we are stupid

      terezi irlterezi irl28 dagar sedan
    • @terezi irl I honestly don't know-

      Spades gamesSpades games28 dagar sedan
    • @Spades games that makes so much sENSE WHY DOESNT THIS HAPPEN HERE

      terezi irlterezi irl28 dagar sedan
    • @terezi irl what??? No! It's just a way to minimize how much stuff you send to the junk yard (do people even call it that anymore???) You put like organics and stuff in the compost bin

      Spades gamesSpades games28 dagar sedan
  • when shlatt yells he kinda sounds like lin manuel miranda

    The PanappleThe PanappleMånad sedan
  • 1 year ago: Schlatt kill me Now: Phil kill me

    Luki :3Luki :3Månad sedan
    • @Sdall sorry :c

      Luki :3Luki :328 dagar sedan
    • Why do you have to do that :(

      SdallSdall28 dagar sedan
  • So I told myself after this video I would focus on my schoolwork. *Turns out I unknowingly trusted the wrong video*

    Wolfareena Wolfman4!!!!Wolfareena Wolfman4!!!!Månad sedan
    • dude same page,,, do ur work

      terezi irlterezi irl29 dagar sedan
    • It's 1:30 and I quite possibly have eoc's tommorow... fuck...

      Wolfareena Wolfman4!!!!Wolfareena Wolfman4!!!!Månad sedan
  • Obingus Care

    Auroras AuraAuroras AuraMånad sedan
  • Look at this then look at the future…

    Rosey BishRosey BishMånad sedan
  • What’s the seed of the world

    Skull raidYTSkull raidYTMånad sedan
  • Change the fucking alarm

    Tyson RandallTyson RandallMånad sedan
  • 0:48 I was drinking water and have never come so close to drowning in my life

    JennaJennaMånad sedan
  • So england's gonna be underwater? *Purchases gasoline*

    MagicalFrame9MagicalFrame9Månad sedan

    Ashes_ and_F1reAshes_ and_F1reMånad sedan
  • An hour, thirteen minutes and 33 seconds and now they decide to make a boat??

    [REDACTED][REDACTED]Månad sedan
  • Couldn't they have just gone underground

    Simon MerrillSimon MerrillMånad sedan
  • A beautiful love story! 10/10 would ship again

    Babady BabBabady BabMånad sedan
  • “Oh I’m fine” *looks down* “NO IM NOT”

    jayisactuallysatanjayisactuallysatanMånad sedan
  • You could have just broke a leaf and go into the tree then place a block above you and you would be fine

    RangerJayden_YTRangerJayden_YTMånad sedan
  • I need The seed

    Profile NameProfile NameMånad sedan
  • i am homophobic i hate gays but i do not judge

    Paige MeadowsPaige MeadowsMånad sedan
    • @Swamp that is just the way i was raised

      Paige MeadowsPaige Meadows12 dagar sedan
    • What

      SwampSwamp13 dagar sedan
  • WALT!! WHERES MY SON!! Gotta love the Zylbrad reference

    WesWordWesWordMånad sedan
  • Woody Woodpecker

    Brandon VieiraBrandon VieiraMånad sedan
  • 12:13 that one person in chat: WILBUR IS A BOOMER

    TheNeonicTheNeonicMånad sedan
  • Okay so I am new to watching schlatt but I have a vital question, after looking at his prof pic, is he a furry?

    Adamus LarothAdamus LarothMånad sedan
  • I was wondering, what is this seed? It is very nice.

    Riving Mizzen MastRiving Mizzen MastMånad sedan
  • this is no meme google what I am about to say we have to kill thousands of camels to stop global warming

    A DA DMånad sedan
    • ????????????????

      Jessica ThompsonJessica ThompsonDag sedan
  • “You have to hit the button to kill us” well that shit didn’t age well...

    w e e b s u z uw e e b s u z uMånad sedan
  • The nutritious fiberglass considerably borrow because legal historically deserve apud a actually claus. wakeful, psychedelic currency

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  • "oh I'm fine" *Looks down* "NO I'M NOT-"

    _Skeleton .Party__Skeleton .Party_Månad sedan
  • This was filmed 1 year ago

    Spagnet _worldSpagnet _worldMånad sedan
  • 19:21 noun BRITISH noun: skirting board a wooden board running along the base of an interior wall; a baseboard. "the point where the skirting and the stairs meet"

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  • Yo is this a ship cause I will gather a gang of shippers

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