Harry Potter - All Movies Reviewed and Ranked (part 2)

4 jan 2021
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  • The video was supposed to be out a week ago but WB was fighting me. Oh well! Enjoy!

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    • Can you talk about the dark knight trilogy next

      Rylan thompsonRylan thompsonDag sedan
    • @Passione Nero I mean everyone makes mistakes. Theres no such thing as a perfect video. It's also the pandemic

      carealoo744carealoo7442 dagar sedan
    • @Passione Nero oop my man spittin straight falsities

      Julian WilsonJulian Wilson2 dagar sedan
    • Why are your reviews still garbage though? Your fans always need to inform you of your mistakes and correct you in the comment section.

      Passione NeroPassione Nero2 dagar sedan
    • F*ck them! Yay! Also sweet videos

      Neil O'ConnorNeil O'Connor3 dagar sedan
  • Dumbledore is fucking badass

    Zakx 117Zakx 1172 timmar sedan
  • I need to re-watch the movies to pick my favorites. I've only seen the last 2 once. Love your videos. I laugh every time I watch one. Gooood shit man. Very much enjoyed these two

    Daniel NeuferDaniel Neufer2 timmar sedan
  • I think the reason why i love the Half-Blood Prince the best is like how people adore Revenge of the Sith purely for it’s final act. It will, for some reason, always hold a special place for me.

    Fred OoooFred Oooo3 timmar sedan
  • My favorite is also Prisoner of Azkaban!

    Wright BrittWright Britt4 timmar sedan
  • Ahem. I'll just be here waiting for my lord of the rings video Marcus 😌

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  • prisoner of azkaban is my favorite but the order of the phoenix used to be my favorite i dunno there is something about it that there was a point in time where it was my go to harry potter movie. so for me it's still at least second place.

    macellamacella8 timmar sedan
  • Talk about the dark knight trilogy pls

    Abdulaziz MerdadAbdulaziz Merdad11 timmar sedan
  • Talk about the dark knight trilogy pls

    Abdulaziz MerdadAbdulaziz Merdad11 timmar sedan
  • Talk about the dark knight trilogy pls

    Abdulaziz MerdadAbdulaziz Merdad11 timmar sedan
  • Talk about the dark knight trilogy pls

    Abdulaziz MerdadAbdulaziz Merdad11 timmar sedan
  • Talk about the dark knight trilogy

    Abdulaziz MerdadAbdulaziz Merdad11 timmar sedan
  • Talk about the dark knight trilogy

    Abdulaziz MerdadAbdulaziz Merdad11 timmar sedan
  • Talk about the dark knight trilogy

    Abdulaziz MerdadAbdulaziz Merdad11 timmar sedan
  • When you said name a series that has 8 movies that are all good. I would say The Garden Of Sinners movies are all entertaining and enjoyable.

    Eren Got HOTEren Got HOT13 timmar sedan
  • Prisoner of Azkaban and Half Blood Prince are my favorites definitely. I just find the stories in both very interesting

    Liam ZyndaLiam Zynda14 timmar sedan
  • my ranking: 8. goblet of fire 7. deathly hallows pt 1 6. deathly hallows pt 2 5. order of the phoenix 4. half blood prince 3. sorcerer's stone 2. prisoner of azkaban 1. chamber of secrets

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  • vert good take on harry potter movies I agree

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  • Azkaban fucks

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    • Why doe?

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  • Wandavision is out

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  • Harry Potter and the Vanishing Bike Lock

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  • The lord of the Rings? Anyone?

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    • Thats what i said bro

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  • The cursed child is my favorite movie.

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  • I'm fairly sure Dumbledore knew what a Horcrux was. I believe he knew that a part of Voldemort's soul was in Harry, and that it was a horcrux. What I think Dumbledore learned alongside Harry in the Half Blood Prince, that took him by surprise, was that there are in fact 7 of them and not just one

    WwwWarioWwwWarioDag sedan
  • Dumbledore knew he had horcrux’s, but needed Harry to find out how many he made.

    MaxMaxDag sedan
  • I hate to be that guy, but I don't think Combining Book 5 and book 6 together would have solved the issue of those stories being bland. If anything, they should have told Rowling to cut the crap with building up every damn thing like it was equally important and told her to just make Deathly Hallows. The Horcrux plot is just a excuse to pad out another mystery when I feel me and some other Potter fans were honestly starting to feel the fatigue as soon as book 5 began. The Horcrux twist and prophecy stuff could have been included earlier somewhere in one of the first four books and Book 5 could have just been Deathly Hallows if you changed the ending of Book 4 to be Voldemort launching a attack on Hogwarts after chasing Harry back there and Inacting martial law after killing Dumbledore and scaring the school into not fighting back while he searches for Potter. Then Book 5 can still be the gang on the run hunting Horcruxes while dealing with the immediate emotional mourning of Dumbledore alone to themselves. 7 books was way too much. 5 books would have been perfect. Especially if you were to trim them all down to the length of book 1 and book 2. 800 pages is a ridiculous amount of reading, convuluted and out of control attempt to try building stuff up just so you can stall for time and make more books.

    adam anthonyadam anthonyDag sedan
  • i like 1 and 3 a lot, 1 because it’s a lot more light hearted, and 3 because long story short there was a period of time when we owned all the movies except 3, so i didn’t get to watch it for a while, plus the time travel is done pretty well

    AbsoluteIdiotsLIVEAbsoluteIdiotsLIVEDag sedan
  • neville could have been the chosen one

    Bo CainBo CainDag sedan
  • Have you seen "Wizard People, Dear Reader"? Because that, hands down, is the best Harry Potter media ever created

    Neil ThorsenNeil ThorsenDag sedan
  • Goblet of fire baby!!

    TopKingNZTopKingNZDag sedan
  • If I had to pick a favorite I’d say Goblet of Fire with the Deathly hallows Duo being a close second due to the shift in tone after the slightly darker tone of Prisoner of Azkaban since it shows the characters and story maturing 😁😁

    Pheasey gamesPheasey gamesDag sedan
  • The grim matchstick ost gives me ptsd xd

    Delirius HunterDelirius HunterDag sedan
  • my favorites are prisoner of azkaban, deathly hallows pt.1, and half-blood prince

    Luca CMLuca CMDag sedan
  • I think I definitely have a weird favorite Harry Potter film- mine is "The Order of the Phoenix". It think that partly comes from nostalgia, because it was the first PG-13 movie my parents took me to, and I've never forgotten that excitement I had. It was also the first HP movie I saw in theaters, so there's that. What's interesting is that the 5th book is probably my least favorite of the series because there's WAY too much inconsequential fluff in there, and I actually like that the movie takes most of that stuff out. Also, I personally found the relationship between Harry and Sirius wonderfully developed; Gary Oldman's performance is by far one of the best in the whole HP series to me. And yeah, that fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort is incredible. I have another hot take- I actually do not like "The Deathly Hallows- Part 2" for the most part. It is the only HP movie (besides "Crimes of Grindelwald", but I don't count that one as part of the main series) that I actively dislike. I thought the movie went by way too quick, and the way they killed Voldemort off was way more underwhelming compared to the book. The old age makeup they give the characters at the end of the movie was also pretty laughable to me, and left me off with a sour note. The movie honestly felt a little hollow, The performances and some good action sequences were the only things that keep me from saying I hate it.

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  • I never had read any of the books but after watching all the movies I left with my slytherin cloak (i like all of them)

    Jamarie McCrimmonJamarie McCrimmonDag sedan
  • The loophole thing with the Elder Wand was sooo much better in the books if I remember. I believe that Harry properly disarms Malfoy, like with magic, in the book. Then he figures out what happened, and the entire final confrontation is just a conversation between Voldemort and Harry in front of all of the other characters that are still alive. Voldemort is not the strongest wizard, and he’s already been defeated, but refuses to accept it and attacks Harry anyway, at which point he’s killed by his own spell. And then he’s just a dead body. Because at then end of his life, after his whole quest for power and corrupting his soul, he’s just a man. Idk man the whole final encounter feels like Fallout New Vegas where you can just talk to the final boss and I absolutely love that shit

    Stretch29Stretch29Dag sedan
  • I think it’s the saturation, but I’ve always said that the 6th movie feels like a fever dream until the end

    Stretch29Stretch292 dagar sedan
  • I think the Order of the Pheonix and the Prisoner of Azkaban are the best ones.

    SwordraziSwordrazi2 dagar sedan
  • you should do LOTR or The Hobbit movies

    Shais KhanShais Khan2 dagar sedan
  • Half-blood prince, idk how to explain but i just like it

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  • The needy chalk weekly explode because move intialy repeat worth a gleaming swan. better, puzzled dock

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  • Prisoner of Azkaban is a definite favorite, and I actually really enjoyed Goblet of Fire just bcs of the whole competition and I finally got to see Voldemort in all his glory for the first time lol. Their confrontation left a big mark in my head, not to mention how they brought Voldemort into his form; watching it as a kid scared the hell out of me. I also love the last two movies, and I don't really care for the earlier movies for some reason 😅

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  • Prisoner of Azkaban or Part 2 of Deathly Hallows

    Andrew CollinsAndrew Collins2 dagar sedan
  • Brother, our world is constantly full of war and people having weddings despite it "Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"

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  • 28:08 I found this quite erring as well, until I saw everyone in India having full fledged weddings during a pandemic

    Varun KumarVarun Kumar2 dagar sedan
  • Marcus I love your videos but you’ve been more and more off base with your criticism and there are simple explanations.

    Tristan HoganTristan Hogan2 dagar sedan
  • I know that from a filmaking and storytelling perspective CoS is probably the worst movie but its still my fav as it came out when I was the exact same age as the character Harry and idk I just love Lockhart as a character and the little wizarding fight club n showing more quidditch which kid me always thought was the coolest sport in the universe. PoA is for sure the best film tho of the lot but there's something that always draws me to CoS. Mayb its also the PC and PS1 game adaptations that were also super fun that cements it in my mind

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  • Vouldermort vs Dumbledore = Orichimaru vs 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi

    Jamarie McCrimmonJamarie McCrimmon2 dagar sedan
  • My favorite of the HP movies has changed over time. (Note for science: I saw all the movies before I read the books) Originally my favorite was Prisoner of Askaban. I really liked the time travel bits at the end (despite the introduction of time travel being completely stupid), especially for how they managed to make it a stable-time-loop. I was very disappointed but not at all surprised when reading the books that the time travel plot was not nearly as intricate. Lately though I think my favorite movie is actually the Half Blood Prince. It definitely has all the flaws you stated, but the reasons I like it? Well, I absolutely love Jim Broadbent, and Professor Slughorn himself is a rather interesting character. I like how this movie finally brings the baddies into more light (Snape, Malfoy) even if it fails to do them enough justice. I like the luck plot at the end, where Harry follows his gut. I also really like the idea of Harry having Snape's old book while not knowing it, and sort of idolizing Snape without realizing it. The movie doesn't do the reveal enough justice, again, but it is a dramatic irony I do like. There's also the fact that this is the last time we really see Hogwarts before the end, and there is an overarching feeling of "goodbye" in this movie. Maybe the older me just likes the twingy nostalgia.

    Lauren HLauren H2 dagar sedan
  • Cosmonaut bruv, I like your stuff but putting the inefficacies of the movies down to the lack of Rowling's world building in the books is lousy. Order of the phoenix and Half blood prince left out crucial information from the books, while I find HBP the worst movie, i find the book best in the series, its dark, its detailed and had a lot of plotholes regarding hocruxes covered. I dont like JK rowling now, she comes off as a hypocrite, but she built a far better world than what the movies represent.

    Varun KumarVarun Kumar2 dagar sedan
  • I know I’ve said this in the last video, but my favorite Potter film is Chamber of Secrets. Most people for some reason pick Prisoner of Azkaban, I honestly don’t know why, but to me Chamber of secrets really did nail the whole Fantasy/Mystery angle that Harry Potter is known for. Chamber of Secrets continues to be one of my. Favorite movies of all time, and I’m not ashamed to admit.

    Double floresDouble flores2 dagar sedan
  • Do yourself a favour: When rewatching the movies take attention how often dumbledore gets interrupted while speaking in front of an audience. Its so damn funny and I just realised it yesterday.

    VideosVideos2 dagar sedan
  • If you don't like "bad guy losing on a technicality" consider that Voldemort was only blind to the way the Elder Wand works because of his lust for power and obsession with killing. Deep down, it's a character-based reason he lost and Harry won. You're missing the forest for the trees.

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  • thank you

    Ryan LorentiRyan Lorenti2 dagar sedan
  • Bri'ish

    GappyGappy2 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely hate in Harry Potter that I wish you touched upon is the diadem horcrux. Harry comes to Hogwarts knowing that the horcrux could be ANYTHING. Absolutely anything. We do not know what it is, how to find it, or even what it looks like. Yet it takes ONE GUESS to find it. I'm sorry, WHAT? NO!

    Morgan Kail-AckermanMorgan Kail-Ackerman2 dagar sedan
  • 11:48 im british and i have no clue wtf this guy is saying i think hes just speaking parsel tongue

    Burgess WhiffenBurgess Whiffen2 dagar sedan
  • order of phoenix is the best harry potter movie come at me

    Burgess WhiffenBurgess Whiffen2 dagar sedan
  • I think my favorite movie is the 6th one for the soul reason of that scene with slughorn and Harry in hagrids shack. The scene makes me laugh and cry. It’s devastating and funny at the same time. It’s what Harry Potter has always been and that’s a movie about a kid who never knew his parents and it’s though the adults in his life that he gets to know them. Idk the movie is so-so but that scene is everything to me.

    Elle SinElle Sin2 dagar sedan
  • These reviews are great, and it is very hard for me to rank them. However I know for certain that Half Blood Prince is my favorite and Goblet of Fire is my least favorite! Almost pretty opposite from you! The things you said about 6 are true but they are not things that have ever bothered me. I actually like the dark tone that the movies get after Voldemort's return. I like the comedic relief in 6 and that it gives you a lot to laugh and be happy about before Dumbledore dies. I liked that the characters had to deal with things like dating, and schoolmate feuds in 6. It felt like the actors got to have a lot of fun and put on some great performances. The comedic relief didn't feel goofy to me- it felt appropriate for the characters and well placed in nearly every part. I feel like 4 has the opposite effect. 4 is too big and had too scenes that DID feel goofy to me when they could have left that time for relevant plot. I recently reread Goblet of Fire and I totally didn't remember that Rita Skeeter was an animagus and could turn into a beetle to pick up juicy stories for the Daily Prophet and Hermione literally traps her in a jar at the end of the book. I feel like that was GREAT and was a great way to explain how she was getting the info that she was. I feel like they either should have kept that or nicked Rita from the movie altogether and used that time to further the Barty Crouch and Jr. story. 4 just did not have the right vibe to me. It's like that weird stage of life where you're not quite a kid but you're not kind of a teen yet... which I completely realize is the stage of life the characters were at but seeing it so literally on screen was just painful lol. I don't DISLIKE any of them and watch them all annually. But if I HAD to pick a most fav and least fav this is how I feel. (That being said, Voldemort's resurrection at the end of 4 is literally one of the best scenes in the entire series)

    K EK E2 dagar sedan
  • Personally, the third movie is my favorite. Like you said it's the one that feels like a standalone film and is one of the only movies that effectively does time travel. I enjoy the Half-Blood Prince though (mostly because I love Snape).

    Oingus BoingusOingus Boingus2 dagar sedan
  • Worst to Best (films) 8) Half Blood Prince (Just Bad) 7) Goblet of Fire (important info left out) 6) Deathly Hallows Pt2 (meh gave up) 5) Deathly Hallows Pt1 (basically tied with 6) 4) Prisoner Of Azkaban (horribly paced beautifully shot) 3) Order of the Pheonix (got most of it spot on, lil bland) 2) Chamber of Secrets (great except the Hollywood ending "Hogwarts isn't Hogwarts without you Hagrid...eww) 1) Philosopher's Stone (just amazing and still holds up today in 2021....20 years ago nearly.....ah crap)

    Superhero Movie Review TimeSuperhero Movie Review Time2 dagar sedan
  • ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. fite me bitchez.

    Chris PetersonChris Peterson2 dagar sedan
  • Thank christ you made this series cus I'm definitely in the same boat emotionally based on JK developments within the last year alone. Excellent video, my dude! I agree with your rankings except for movie 2 and 6; I'd put 2 over 6 but it's pure nostalgia tbh. 2 is the first one I remember seeing (for some fucking reason) and I liked it a lot when it first came out. 6's tonal consistency knocks it down a peg for me Again, awesome job!

    CatCat2 dagar sedan
  • You do realize that the death eater that kills Hedwig runs off to get Voldemort because Hedwig gives away the real Harry?

    Adrian WheelerAdrian Wheeler3 dagar sedan
  • Funnily enough, book 5 Dumbledore was my favorite. Just the calm and sheer self assurance he had. The confrontation in his office, his arrival at the Ministry, and the ending in his office.

    Sneaksy RangerSneaksy Ranger3 dagar sedan
  • Chamber of Secrets is lowkey my favorite.

    Sean The NerdSean The Nerd3 dagar sedan
  • How you know I’m a cosmonaut fan-I’m watching a vid about Harry Potter and I hate Harry potter

    Spoink SpoinkSpoink Spoink3 dagar sedan
  • I should have commented this on the last video, but I wanted to share my opinion on why Harry doesn't use magic in this series as much as Ron or especially Hermione do. My theory is that Harry, specifically in the earlier movies, uses more physical methods of defense because we tend to fall back on things we are comfortable with in times of crisis or stress. Pre-Hogwarts Harry was probably used to fighting off Dudley and his friends with whatever he could get his hands on (bc he was a small, scrawny kid). When Harry is fighting something like a giant spider off, he's not really thinking about each and every spell he could be casting, he's just gonna use whatever he has to get it off. I know that Hermione was also not raised around magic, but she tends to rely on her intelligence because it's what she's good at, which includes her knowledge and practice of spells. And as mentioned in this video, the older Harry gets, the more he relies on spells and magic because he gets more comfortable with them. Anyways, this is long but that's why I don't really think the argument that Harry should use more magic completely holds up!

    Ashley MarshAshley Marsh3 dagar sedan
  • i feel like i liked the 6th one for the reason you didn't like it. i like that we see more of malfoy, i really think he is an underused/underdeveloped character (much like you also said), and i like that we get to see more of him. As he in the earlier movies really is an interesting character, i wish we would have seen more of draco and harry together though, its a lot of what you also said about missed opportunity and i would have liked for it, to have had a bigger impact on the story later on, since i really like the concept of the movie, however non of the harry potter movies really do it like the prisoner of Azkaban, it is by far my favorite harry potter movie. Looking forward to the new game 2022!

    NeedGodBroNeedGodBro3 dagar sedan
  • Me and my friends always make fun of that Voldemort scene. Mehhh!!

    Center LeftCenter Left3 dagar sedan
  • The one thing I don’t get is Percy weasley he had a much bigger role in the books. Wonder why they didn’t have him in the movies more?

    Center LeftCenter Left3 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know why but I actually like the half blood prince. I ranked it third for me and after rewatching it I actually liked it. I was always too young to understand these movies but now I love them

    Andrew DiminoAndrew Dimino3 dagar sedan
  • What if they used guns instead of magic wands in Harry Potter 😂

    RaddopieRaddopie3 dagar sedan
  • I always had a gripe with Harry's wizard skills after Goblet. 2nd probably to Hermione he should have been a super badass. The training he went through just was never shown in the movies.

    JT BJT B3 dagar sedan
  • 'Name another franchise that has 8 movies in a row that range from okay to pretty good.' When did the Men in Black wipe this guy's memory of the MCU?

    carealoo744carealoo7443 dagar sedan
  • Are you gonna do a vid on the mandalorian?

    Deranged CroutonDeranged Crouton3 dagar sedan
  • mate everyone has trouble with love island its actually more relavant to make jokes about it than to watch it (im british btw)

    Angus WaterhouseAngus Waterhouse3 dagar sedan
  • The ending fight of the fifth movie is how I was hoping doctor strange would look when doing their magic

    Brandon GerberBrandon Gerber3 dagar sedan
  • 5:00 Stan sample text

    Onni RajaniemiOnni Rajaniemi3 dagar sedan
  • I disagree that the books are too long. Most people love the world building and want more details. The movies included those things because of fan service. It could be too long yes, but i can't get enough of it.

    lagofalalagofala3 dagar sedan
  • Didn’t Harry get disarmed when he gets kidnapped by the random snatchers? So then the elder wand should be bound to some random low level bad guys in a forest or something.

    JonathonJonathon3 dagar sedan
  • Deathly hallows pt 1 is the best

    Banjo Blake 83Banjo Blake 833 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I just liked the 1st one the best, it's a fun, straightforward kids' adventure, and I felt it was the most tightly written overall, although Order of the Phoenix definitely has my favorite action scenes in the series.

    Eddie NeavesEddie Neaves3 dagar sedan
  • I think Jurassic park is also a solid series not one bad film in my opinion

    RaNdOmLy RaNdOmZRaNdOmLy RaNdOmZ3 dagar sedan
  • Are you one of the voice actors in darling in the franxx, are you hiro

    Magic MTBMagic MTB3 dagar sedan
  • Goblet of fire is my favourite because I’m a sucker for a good tournament arc lmao

    trevon444trevon4443 dagar sedan
  • HOLY SHIT I used to watch this channel all the time! I remember the overwatch videos back when this channel had almost no subs. I come back to 1 MILLION?!? LETS GO

    It's JakeIt's Jake3 dagar sedan
  • I've asked a fair few people and their least favourite is not Order of the Phoenix or Half-Blood Prince. It was largely mixed with more votes for Chamber of Secrets being the least favourite than anything else.

    Divyen JoshiDivyen Joshi3 dagar sedan
  • the 6th movie was my favorite, idk why tho. it was just the easiest one to watch for me personally

    Ezra AtnafieEzra Atnafie3 dagar sedan
  • In all honesty, slug horn is the best character in the 6th movie because of his portrayal, not his plot relevance. His plot relevance is a cop out, but him as an actual character is very good. He wants to do good and be there for Harry like a friendly old Grandpa, but at the same time, you can tell he’s coping with some sort of ptsd like serving in the war. Because Slughorn is not entirely relevant one way or the other, he ends up being the most genuine character on screen, and that is what makes him likable. He genuinely likes being a teacher and being at Hogwarts, that he’s sort of blissfully unaware of Voldemort, but at the same time, is coping with the fact that Voldemort’s immortality is his fault. It’s interesting use of a brief character

    X_HolyTemplar_ XX_HolyTemplar_ X3 dagar sedan
  • My lord that Harry Potter GBA music at the end just TRIGGERED my nostalgia

    skimbo120skimbo1203 dagar sedan
  • Idk. I really like the first 2, maybe 3 movies. They were the ones that really felt whimsical and magical imo. Something about that initial world building and the childish innocence the cast have in discovering this magical wizarding world is just really great to me. Yeah. It really comes down to the tone for me.

    Mike AlgiersMike Algiers3 dagar sedan
  • i know every one says this one but the prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite

    Leon PelletierLeon Pelletier4 dagar sedan
  • Order of the Phoenix is the best one, you have bad taste

    supdawgsupdawg4 dagar sedan
  • You should do the lord of the rings trilogy for your next video

    the running manthe running man4 dagar sedan
  • 11:46 don’t worry mate. A lot of us have a hard time watching those self centred arse holes as well

    Kyle FearKyle Fear4 dagar sedan
  • Hey what is your opinion on dragon Ball z kakarot just want to know

    Michael MooreMichael Moore4 dagar sedan
  • Very unpopular opinion but my favorite movie is The Chamber of Secrets. Yes, everything that happens in the story is way too convenient (and the stupid clapping scene is stupid) but that's not what I like about it. I like how the child acting improved (especially Emma), the story is not as whimsical as the first movie and the dark parts really shine because of that. In later films, you expect things to be dark but since this is only the second movie, it's a surprise. Gilderoy Lockhart and Kenneth Branaugh's portrayal of him are hilarious. Everything about The Burrow is awesome. Plus, this is probably the most accurate book-to-movie adaptation of the series--minus the ending. Imagine the book saying, "and then the entire Great Hall clapped for like 20 minutes even though only 5 people care about the situation." And finally, Chamber of Secrets had the best video games--sorry, not sorry.

    LinkLink4 dagar sedan
  • I know its a minor detail but at about 29:10 when you talk about how the death eater just moves away. We see that Harry is confused too and seconds later Voldemort himself attacks Harry. So I think the Death Eater just followed Voldemorts orders, because its established pretty clearly that Voldemort wants to kill Harry himself

    fabian köppfabian köpp4 dagar sedan