H3H3 ANIMATED #3: Ethan's Panic Attack

16 okt 2017
671 204 visningar

Back with another H3H3 animated. With a cameo from Ian Hecox from Smosh, Pewdiepie and Markiplier's laugh for half a second at the end. It's a real youtuber bonanza!
Original video: bit.ly/2kUY3IY
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  • The guy had a byakugan in 0:07

    1k subbs Befo 20211k subbs Befo 2021Månad sedan
  • :0

    Ritchel GaerlanRitchel GaerlanMånad sedan
  • O

    Ritchel GaerlanRitchel GaerlanMånad sedan
  • Its struggling....see u in screen.

    chef Jonrey tvchef Jonrey tv3 månader sedan

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  • Happened for me with a rush by myself at Walmart, asked for another dept managers help bc the other one left me with all the orders and she just said,” not my dept “

    Koji KKoji K4 månader sedan
  • did he die?

  • Ethan is a liar and a backstabber. This story probably is fake or just blown up out of porpotion. Btw your anination is great, i'm just hating on ethan not you.

    dantederidantederi7 månader sedan
  • You left me in the trenches 😂

    PaulPaul8 månader sedan
  • Entry song: great moves

    Gavbot GGavbot G8 månader sedan
  • i would breath and like but it’s not my department

    ghostieghostie8 månader sedan
  • Hello I'm from the future and I predict that now you over 2 million subs

    Niki VidusNiki Vidus8 månader sedan
  • This video just makes me wanna watch scare pewdiepie even more :(

    Myles VaughanMyles Vaughan8 månader sedan
  • Put warm water then it will come out

    YGYG8 månader sedan
  • Hey tats Ian from smosh!!

    Kwame GyasiKwame Gyasi10 månader sedan
  • my name is ethan

    CutUpCutUp10 månader sedan
  • We have real Earwicks in Alberta and they will made you have the biggest panic attack of your life.

    Guess What AnimationGuess What AnimationÅr sedan
  • U are from Romania?

    SebastianSebastianÅr sedan
  • Jesus Christ, Ian Hecox is still knocking around on SEworld after all these years?

    Jack HinksJack HinksÅr sedan
  • This is such amazing animation 😍😍😍

    Terry OmaTerry OmaÅr sedan
  • Cool

    BenBloom #1FanBenBloom #1FanÅr sedan
  • these are awesome. hope u keep making more

    brandon whartonbrandon whartonÅr sedan
  • Iiiii

    Martijn Duuren VanMartijn Duuren VanÅr sedan
  • Oh my god that did not look like light for a split second 😂

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  • (/>_

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  • Lol

    Elizabeth The popElizabeth The popÅr sedan
  • That's so painful in many different ways

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  • I was eating an Oreo.

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  • Poor pricesses

    Cherepakha RukaCherepakha RukaÅr sedan
  • a

    TRASHY憂鬱なTRASHY憂鬱な2 år sedan
  • Love it 😍

    Lemonade SchokoladeLemonade Schokolade2 år sedan
  • why you stop useing that cool hat

    ps1 hagridps1 hagrid2 år sedan
  • seworld.info/will/n52u3M6wbKKktGg/video

    sinkevich.e Virolaynensinkevich.e Virolaynen2 år sedan
  • After these struggles youtube decided not to release scare pewdiepie season 2

    Jagwaseni BanerjeeJagwaseni Banerjee2 år sedan
  • They should make merch that says "Sorry bro, not my department" 😂

    Rina ChRina Ch2 år sedan
  • Why am I getting eaten by a anime character for my logo?

    Dr. CCsDr. CCs2 år sedan
  • This is the reason i start watching Ethan klein

    Swedish ComedianSwedish Comedian2 år sedan

    Michael Can’t DrawMichael Can’t Draw2 år sedan
  • That ear animation is gross as hell dawg

    DEXAPHOBIA 808DEXAPHOBIA 8082 år sedan
  • What fricking selfish society is there. Pfft, and the USA is great. Yeah suuuree.

    ReppetiReppeti2 år sedan
  • The ending with Ethan on the roof 😂

    TurbochargedTraction ProductionsTurbochargedTraction Productions2 år sedan
  • tip: if something is stuck in your ear, block your nose and blow. chances are it’ll fly out. if it doesn’t, then have a panic attack.

    nphynphy2 år sedan
  • I fucking HATE people who say that. Its just like "Oh really? Then it must be my department to *FUCKING STRANGLE YOU IF YOU DON'T HELP ME BECAUSE OF THAT DUMBASS EXCUSE."*

    Panic! Because I need a username!Panic! Because I need a username!2 år sedan
  • Anyone else see the ring with the Deathly Hallows symbol?

    Daniel ElliottDaniel Elliott2 år sedan
  • How’d you get the ear wig out?

    General CyanideGeneral Cyanide2 år sedan
  • This was uploaded on my birthday 'v'

    TauyiiTauyii2 år sedan
  • they shouldn't have cancelled Scare PewDiePie 2

    SkeleSkele2 år sedan
  • 0:45 >My experience when listening to a Jake Paul song

    amilatedlemonamilatedlemon2 år sedan
  • How did they get it out

    Sad VibesSad Vibes2 år sedan
  • Wow Ethan great moves keep it up proud of you

    The very HUngry dogThe very HUngry dog2 år sedan
  • Exposing the truth Ethan ma boi

    Logan R.Logan R.2 år sedan
  • no his name is ET han

    Prax KamPrax Kam2 år sedan
  • What is that music? I like it.

    Señor MookleiSeñor Mooklei2 år sedan
  • Song name?

    ZestyMintzZestyMintz2 år sedan
  • I held my ear the whole time

    Mordock 24Mordock 242 år sedan
  • They should honestly just tell us the whole plot of scare pewdiepie 2 so we can just recreate it in animation

    Dude BrahDude Brah2 år sedan
  • REMEMBER GUYS SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON me: sorry, not my department

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  • Best content ever

    The Fresh JCThe Fresh JC2 år sedan
  • I love ur animations and ur vid keep it up bro👍👍👍

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  • Americans. What the fuck they be without oil

    Carlos SousaCarlos Sousa2 år sedan
  • Love these vids bro. Does the music at the end have to be so ear rapey though

    Matt PettyMatt Petty2 år sedan
  • n o t m y d e p a r t m e n t

    Sir SoupSir Soup2 år sedan
  • Why is Ian here?

    Fiber GlassFiber Glass2 år sedan
  • But how did he get the mic out, *we never got that part of the story*

    RufusRufus2 år sedan
  • #notmydepartment

    SocietySociety2 år sedan
  • there is only one thing to say. big oof

    CozyMettCozyMett2 år sedan
  • O-O

    Roman FrolovRoman Frolov2 år sedan
  • Animation is fucking sick dude well done

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  • whats the song

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  • Wow your growing

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  • me: how do i get to the restroom... worker: sorry not my department.

    ElementsGamingElementsGaming2 år sedan
  • I used to only do local productions but when I first did a big budget thing it was totally like this.

    Pale BoyPale Boy2 år sedan
  • So that’s why teachers at school don’t resolve bulling (At my school the counselors don’t either)

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  • Guy you got 100 K in one night Yesterday you had 230 K

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    • Vid Berković ikr

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  • Băi , ești Român?

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  • what song is that in the outro

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  • lol this sounds like my work... i believe we have 2000 departments (not kidding)

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  • And it was all for nothing. Since the show got canceled.

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  • is he romanian?

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  • Like the video? Can't sorry, not department

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  • *Captions*

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  • i had almost the same thing happen. but I got help from someone

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  • SEworldr: "Don't forget to like the video." Viewer of this video: "Sorry bro, not my department."

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  • I would have probably passed out. I’m not even joking.

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  • ethan is down

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  • Bro i dig this animation style good work!!

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  • What's the intro song?

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  • Oh ian hecox I really yoused to love smosh they suck now

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  • It's probably because they want to avoid ant legal drama over doing something that's not in their job description

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  • HEEEELLLPP, I'M BLEEEEEDIINGGGG!?!?! ...................sorry not my department.

    Ruben ParralRuben Parral3 år sedan
  • Who the heck just goes ‘meh’ when someone’s literally calling for help? At the end of the story they called down a doctor to take the earwig out with medical tools. Like Ethan wasn’t just asking for stuff, he was begging for medical help and no one bothered to do anything??? What the butt.

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  • Oh shit you need to make more

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  • The "you're my only hope" part alone made instantly like this video xD

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  • I love these 😂

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  • Love these so much.

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  • Song at the end???

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  • "Someone do something" cutest shit ever :3

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