What GeorgeNotFound Was Doing During Dream SMP War

20 nov 2020
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What GeorgeNotFound Was Doing During Dream SMP War
There was a huge war on the Dream SMP server but @GeorgeNotFound was nowhere to be seen... Where was he and what was he doing?!
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The Manberg vs Pogtopia War was a giant fight between many members of the Dream SMP such as Dream, TommyInnit, Technoblade and Wilbur Soot. They were fighting over who would have control over the land. Big epic fight is scary so George didn't want to be near it.


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    Eric LinEric Lin3 timmar sedan
  • George: making house George finds out Lmanburg is destroyed *instant regret*

    Zarart And ArtZarart And Art4 timmar sedan
  • smp: has a war :george: i wanna make this jump

    Tasty gamerTasty gamer5 timmar sedan
  • Literally EVERYONE BUT GORGE:*Chaos Gorge:*Peace* *Grows a big mushroom*

    Unique_Squad_UwUUnique_Squad_UwU7 timmar sedan
  • george is like thanos retiring and settling in a nice house

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  • damn he just wanted to build a house lmao

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  • Me when I see the title of this video: Which war

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  • George was not found during the war... badumtschhh

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  • Tommy: NOOOOOOO Dream: yessssssss its happening

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  • tommy and his armies: oh oh nooo shoot him shoot him! no no george: so lets build a house💆‍♂️😌💅

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  • "were you guys fighting or something?"

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  • George living upto his name.

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  • goerge is so calm

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  • So if this is not georgenotfound then is this georgenowfound

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  • Everyone is just figting and Gorge is just bulding his house with calm musik in the bachground 😅🙃

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  • Omg George is so adorable ;^;

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  • Everyone: fighting over power George trying to build a house: *angry Tom reading the newspapers noises*

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  • This is me in every sport I do:

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  • Everyone: at war George and Callahan: *Building a house*

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  • Lol people are in war and George peacefully just building

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  • george just casually building and trying to decide where to place the lantern, while l’manburg is just completely getting blown up

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  • ngl it kinda looks good

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  • As expected

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  • Wait there is a war? I mean, I am building my *hOuSe* ~George not found

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  • Switzerland :Who are you? George :I'm you... But as a minecraft youtuber.

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  • I hate Tommy init!!!

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  • Its kinda cute how hes just building a house while warfares just happening

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  • my favourite video of all time because ur just vibing and building with callahan and the rest are just having war and blowing up l'manberg

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  • Every won on dream smp* fighting George* bulding a house

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  • I had a war in my minecraft sever and I won it my freinds was fighting for power and I won

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  • He just chilling

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  • Georgenotfound isn’t his username, it’s his prophecy.

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  • 6:29 george: *checks on chat * *ignores it * "hOw Do YoU mAkE tHe BaRrELs" *l'manburg exploting * 6:44 "they blew up l'manburg?"

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  • honestly he's just having a good time :) i think it was a good thing he wasn't there at the moment you know.. peaceful lesbian cottagecore house building time :D

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  • 5:14 "I mean... I'm just vibing here" "I don't think they need my help" I respect this man so much-

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  • 4:24 George: "I don't think they're having a wAr right now honestly" Everyone else: *fucking murder* *panik*

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  • everyone else: *having a huge fucking war* george: *building a cottagecore lesbian house peacefully*

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  • Why are your SEworld channel name Not GorgeNotFound.

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  • George is lazy how dare George kick out eret for being the king and replacing him eret is in revolution and in dreams team but when George became king eret attacks dream

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  • The rest of the server: WAR!!! Goggy: Ok what's the lantern recipe

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  • Stupid George hahaha his in a war hahaha hahaha

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  • Tommy dream and other's: having a war Goerge: making a mushroom house

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  • George is litterally doing nothing but dream is super CHAOTIC IN WARRRRRRRR

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  • GeorgeNotFound why are you not Helping Them.btw you have a Nice House.

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  • We all know that George is a cutie and wants to build himself a cute house :)

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  • George is just so peaceful while the others are screaming and shouting like loonies 😂 But he did come to help which is really nice of him!

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  • GOD

    Filip KačmarikFilip KačmarikDag sedan
  • No one: *2020 having a bad vibes vs. me having fun to survive depression*

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  • Me when i hear neighbors yelling. What are you guys fighting or something???

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  • 1st dream an george started this smp Peacefully After tommy he disturb others and make funny😂makes jokes When the war George peacefully Others on Warzone

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  • I love how George just doesn't care of what's happening around him and puts all his efforts in building his house just for it to be destroyed by Tommy :

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  • george is just chilling alone I like the vibe

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  • ahhh that's relaxing

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  • Everyone: having a war George: haha mushroom hobbit house go brrr

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  • Wait i am new where can i watch the war and the 2nd one ?

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  • I like how he is just a guy wanting to have some peace

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  • George: wilbuh-Sut George *reads*: Hi george build a hobbit house it'll fit u well considering how short u are *silence* *inhales*

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  • ime hera bcs of tiktok love it 😍

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  • Now I know that SAD-IST didnt join GOGY in the animatics

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  • Everyone: WHERE'S GEORGE!?!? George: "not found"

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  • George: "I dont think their having a war actually..." The others: "aaaa" "gogogogo sapnap go" "what the f-"?

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  • Let’s just respect the fact George arrived helped kill the wither got a nether star then left

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  • Its Dream and tome

    horacio pinahoracio pina2 dagar sedan
  • "wilbursoot was shot by jschlatt using bow" george: ok

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  • George reminds me of Thanos the farmer for some weird reason

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  • I do not have twich IDK if I spell it wrong . The idea is that at the war I looked Whit a friend on his phone and I didn't see George there so I was wondering what happen Whit him and then I saw that and I was like : George is an idiot ⊙-⊙ HE NEEDED TO HELP SAPNAP AND DREAM. But I still like the fact that he had no idea what happened there

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  • To put it simply, while all of George’s friends were fighting for their lives and homes, George was making a house😂😂 Also.. L’manberg: blows up George: pog 😂😂 omg this is so funny

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  • Wither: is in l'manberg Everyone: is screaming Tommy: is shouting techno's full name Chat: literally_any_player went off with a bang due to a firework fired from *[Rocket Launcher]* by Technoblade George: *aRe YoU gUyS lIkE fIgHtInG oR sOmEtHiNg*

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  • George 2020:WOAH that is a tall mushroom

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  • And complicated

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  • This is soooo competitive

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  • Why did this war even happens

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  • Why is this soooo sad for me?

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  • was that Zaypixel's hobbit house?

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  • War: is happening George: wait lemme build this house for a sec

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  • 4:43 technoblade looking straight at me made me feel uncomfortable

    Zuzia DomanskaZuzia Domanska2 dagar sedan
  • When George Relaxing while the others suffering seeing lmanburg get yeeted off the map George:This is fine Others:oh my god, oh sh1t, oh no , noooooooo, George:ummmmmm "speechless

    Gervy CabreraGervy Cabrera2 dagar sedan
  • George causally builds his house while a epic war has begun

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  • George: I don’t think they need my help Karl: AAHHHHH AHAH AHHH

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  • Yes.,

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms2 dagar sedan
  • Manburg and Pogtopia: **having a war** George: Da fuq they doin over der

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    • lmao

      Marcel SolanoMarcel Solano2 dagar sedan
  • gorge dosnt understnad he was building his house other fight kill dream george=where should i place my house.

    Debabrata PramanikDebabrata Pramanik2 dagar sedan
  • the SMP : *HAHSHHEDGJUEYWGRYGF* George building his house: uhh..what is going on??

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  • george is so dumb

    Aryan KnoxAryan Knox3 dagar sedan
  • his face when he joined the vc XD

    Ella SmithElla Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Omg i heard badboyhalo swear

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    ITS ME MAIITS ME MAI3 dagar sedan
  • Tommy's face when l'mamberg blew up AHHAHAHA

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  • JAHAHAHAHHA, i cant with this vid

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  • Whats the dream smp war video called?

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  • Everyone except george: Fighting and dying. George: Trying to jump over a fence while building a hobbit hole.

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  • this is so funny

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  • "it was never meant to be" o7

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  • Zbiggest bruh moment ever

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  • House tutorial during war be like

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  • “were u guys fighting or something?” oh george.

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  • "I don't think they need any help" Karl: AAAAAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA

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