Mario Kart Wii: The Ultra Shortcut Revolution

21 feb 2021
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  • Thanks to the Mario Kart Wii community for having an incredible scene. Absolutely could not have done it without them. The following people should be particularly credited for helping greatly with research: Blaze: Braixen: cf: Ejay: Jellopuff: Malleo: Additionally, I had a small group of people help me with my first Mario Kart Wii video a couple years ago. The following two people helped me immensely: MrBean35000vr: SwordofSeals: I’ve loved covering the community in the two videos I’ve made so far, and hope to make more down the road as these players break the game even more!

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    • @you For the whole music list. It will feature past videos as well.

    • I have a question for Summoning salt, so what is that song that starts playing at 36:14 it sounds great and I’ve been trying to get it into my playlist for a while now, You’re response would be greatly appreciated, Have a nice Day! Much love and keep it up

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  • 5:15

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  • Keep making these Mario kart videos, they are the best

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  • Anyone else notice the dad music half way in?

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  • Summoning salt = yes

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  • How are your videos so flippin good? I've played Mario Kart Wii once in my life, for about half an hour, and I've never been more invested in anyone's videos in my life wtf. That ending I was legit like celebrating inwardly, my mouth agape like. How do you write these so well??

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  • The ending almost made me tear up. Arthur is a legend.

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  • Why is it that the instant salt makes a video it becomes out of date lol, koopa cape just got done

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  • guys i deed eet

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  • I wonder if those oreos gave Badabun the idea of the pizza and coke eating between levels

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  • Bruh, when he pulled into that "author" at the end I could've sworn he was about to hit us with a twist like "Yeah, it was me."

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  • I woke up at 3:30AM and chose to watch an hour of people exploiting Mario Kart Wii

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  • Man, I still remember the first shortcut I found way back on the N64. The only way to play Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road is to make the leap across.

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  • No notif??? never daw this all week?? time to hit the bell

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  • 15:28 Thats probably also a world record

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  • 29:50 I think I may have lost my brain

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  • No one: The pipe at 30:23

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  • Best youtube video ever love the Mario kart Wii videos

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  • 23:40 PolarSaurusRex got funky to this

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  • Covid hits, and Mario kart wii speed runners suddenly had too much free time!

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  • gonna call it "but then" ( first watch rn )

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    • 30:04

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  • Bro we need to get cookizi or whitecat to tap 30 times a second for a Mario kart player lol. Btw, these are some of my favorite videos to watch. Thank you for making such great content

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  • Sherbert Land Ultra Shortcut. SLUSH. Very fitting.

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  • Thank you for the video!

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  • Okay cool video and all. BUT AN ENTIRE PACK OF OEROS???

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  • Summoning salt and aot on the same day. Yes please

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  • The repulsive saudi arabia broadly moan because george finally stay next a energetic blouse. maniacal, measly singer

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  • Summoning salt, your videos truly are the best thing ever. I could show this to my friend who doesn’t give a damn about mario kart and even he would be impressed with Arthur. Ur channel is an artistic masterpiece

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  • congrats on 1 mil!!!!!!!

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  • “we can’t go through the wall” “we can’t go under it” “we have to go over it!”

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  • Anyone know the song at 43:10 ? I neeeeeeed to know what it is

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  • "it's impossible" you say, and i swing my legs eagerly as i await to hear how people managed to figure it out anyway these videos help a lot when i'm in a negative headspace. they're relaxing and delightful and i appreciate all the time and effort you put into them

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  • Poor Laketu, so important yet shown so little respect for just telling you wrong way.

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  • what's the name of the song in the beginning please i need to know

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  • Let's gooooooooo!!!

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  • *interaction to boost the algorithm*

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  • Gibbs Rule #39: "There is no such thing as coincidence." 11:45

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  • 2020 was the year of ultra shortcuts... I wonder why so many people are playing during that time....

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  • I Loved how these guys are doing absolutely brilliant for the Ultra Shortcut. GG Man, And Long Live to you...

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  • your choice of music always blows my mind

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  • The ending brought a tear to my eye

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  • Congrats on 1 Million Summoning Salt! The way you display Mario Kart Wii's intricacies never ceases to amaze me. Keep it up brother!

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  • Nothing but absolute bangers in this video goddamn. This music selection is top notch.

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  • you just got coconut malled

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  • I love your videos like this, props to Arthur for getting the cut

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  • When he documents the story of dark souls speedrun its gonna be good

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  • 2 ultra shortcuts being discovered on my birthday feels really cool

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  • I have cried at the end.

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  • The worst part of this entire video was the guy eating Oreos without milk

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  • Guys, after so many years a video of this fantastic game has already gotten 1.4 M views and it’s increasing everyday. 1.4 M views after only a week. I don’t have words to describe it. It’s amazing.

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  • unrelated to the video but why does every SEworld i watch use that one song

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  • This video took me forever to watch, I had to take multiple breaks. Wether it due to a lack of interest in Mario Cart or the fact that the video had so many TAS in it, it was a struggle to watch the entire thing. However the amount of passion that could be felt in the video felt genuine and I love that, it’s great seeing Salt work so hard on a project has big as this. Regardless this video was a struggle to get through, but what is Greta about this video is that it should be a while until he makes another Mario Cart vid so I’m excited to see what Salt makes next.

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  • hit 1 mill congrats

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  • goddamit salt.. making me emotional about that RR ultra shortcut..

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  • *2008* "Hey, just so you know, there's a missing wall on Koopa Cape." "Oh shoot, where?" "Nah, it's okay. The players won't find it."

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  • YUUUUUUEEEEESSSSSSSSS NEW SUMMONING SALT Also: Bro I love you, but you gotta release higher res than 720P, it's 2021

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  • your voice sounds sooo sexy now omg

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  • Finally, 1 Million subs

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  • 36:37 haha monke go brrroooom

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  • I’m here 90% for the music and 10% for the stories

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  • I will always watch every second of your videos.

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  • i love you

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  • "I DID IT" That ending made me tear up! You can hear how happy Arthur was, so wholesome.

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  • One hour-long video about shortcuts from Mario Kart Wii? Welp, thats a 23hours long day for me)

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  • i got chills at the end when the music fades in and author changed to arthur

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  • It's crazy how you manage to make a fifty minute long video feel like ten. You're truly a world class story teller.

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  • i grew up in this era, i would watch my brother try these shortcuts (especially the rumbling volcano one) out in online games. fun times.

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  • Little did the world know, that the most important youtube channel on the planet is right here. Thanks Summoning Salt, always holding it down for the culture.

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  • 15:28 ~ cool cool a full pack of oreo in 3 min 15:35 ~ TAS to eat oreo? that seems interesting

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  • I never thought someone could make the history of speed run so interesting I'm absolutely subscribing.

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  • This made me cry, im so happy for the MKWii ultra shortcut community!

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  • Not to take away from the TASer's work and time put into technique R&D but I feel like if a "shortcut" isn't humanely possible it shouldn't be considered a real one until it is.

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  • 38:54 One week later...

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  • snoop has to be a transvestitesexual there's just no way a natural-born-vagina chick would give any interest into committing to such a specific subculture. all speedrunners and TAS players are men, at least, all the contributors. as in, they were born with penises and no ovaries.

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    • ok transphobe. your opinion is invalid

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  • Congrats for 1 million subscribers Salt you deserve it

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  • Congrats on 1 million subs!!!

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  • I watch these in the background but i always go :D when i hear a "she", like snoop discovering how to do the wall trick. Girl speedrunners are always nice to hear from.

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  • Congratulations on 1 milion subs!!!🎉🎉🎉

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  • 9:13 its so obvious you would just make like 3-4% to satisfy the rule i thought of it in 10 seconds while watching the video lol why didnt they think about it at all bothers me

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  • This anime keeps getting better, waiting for the matt turk redemption arc to be animated, keep up the good work salt

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  • Mario Kart speedruns are the best

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  • Rainbow Dash shortcut is the holy grail of shortcuts, And the one who pulled it off was named Arthur. Well shit, Arthur found the holy grail.

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  • It's so ironic, that on bc3 skipping the entire u-turn doesn't skip a kcp, but skipping the last turn skips a kcp

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  • I was waiting for this. Great job on the video. Also Justin has been able to pull off the Koopa Cape Ultra Shortcut.

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  • I miss this game

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  • Please tell me I’m not the only one that puts Summoning Salt’s videos on repeat to fall asleep to. They’re so calming and when they include “We’re Finally Landing” by Home it just hits different.

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  • i finally get it..... 4:44 . . . *it's a dolphin with a Santa hat...* (or a birthday party hat for the uninitiated) it's like seeing the matrix.

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