This Is Gamers Paradise! - Massive Tech Unboxing #49

29 apr 2021
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God dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
▶Visit or text techsource to 500-500 for your free 30 day trial.
▶Maingear PC's:
Max Falcon-8 Macropad:
Aimcontrollers Custom Console Controllers:
Rama Works M65-B ICED:
Schiit Modius:
Schiit Magnius:
IQUNIX ZX-1 Mini ITX Case + Peripherals:
Tecware Spectre Pro RGB Keyboard:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Edge Wifi:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Force:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wifi:
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Plus:
MSI MAG Z590 Torpedo:
MSI Z590-A Pro:
Sabrent 8TB M.2 SSD:
Rode Wireless GO II:
EKWB Quantum Vector RTX 3080/3090 GPU Block:
RK100 Wireless Gaming Keyboard (White):
RK100 Wireless Gaming Keyboard (Black):
Corsair LS100 RGB Strips:
Corsair XR5 360 White:
EPOS H3 Gaming Headset:
Intel Core i9-11900K:
Gutyz Aiden Mousepad:

  • w video

    Steve GuySteve GuyTimme sedan
  • Just bought a 1080ti from eBay it’s my first gpu and some nice dude got me a crazy discount

    Dylan FlanaganDylan Flanagan2 timmar sedan
  • 14:17 lmao this shit

    X_I-HARDLY-TRY_ XX_I-HARDLY-TRY_ X2 timmar sedan
  • does he just get sent this stuff?? lucky asf.

    phwandaphwanda4 timmar sedan
  • for someone that cant afford a pc i love watching Ed and him unboxing and building pc

    Jason MunizJason Muniz5 timmar sedan
  • you clearly see that the rtx 3080 is a founders edition in the maingear pc

    E942E94213 timmar sedan
  • this man is so entertaining i just watched him unbox montherbaords and gpus for 47 minutes and didn't get bored for a second 789 TechSource

    A.M. NasaruddinA.M. Nasaruddin15 timmar sedan
  • Starts with B ends with D Big red!

    Vilj4miVilj4mi16 timmar sedan
  • Hi tech source. I'm sexy and kinda cute but imma dude. Yay!!!! 😈

    Victor LuiVictor Lui20 timmar sedan
  • That case is rad

    Charles KoushikCharles Koushik21 timme sedan
  • 27:18 £2k+ in a small package, gawdayum

    Guy On A BudgetGuy On A BudgetDag sedan
  • the FiNaL FoRm Of My SeTuP

    GeraldGeraldDag sedan
  • Can you make next episode on SETUP MEKAOVER in bulgaria whit me I don"t know how to make pc and setup Thanks

    Bach LalioBach LalioDag sedan
  • Those sabrent m.2 ssd's are $2.3k each!! 1 of those costs more than my pc lol

    luccgg _luccgg _Dag sedan
  • Shit where to buy that pc

    Tycho NautaTycho NautaDag sedan
  • Well please do a give away for the new guys who dont have a desktop set up

    mahipal ravmahipal rav2 dagar sedan
  • for your audio ( you probably already know this) but i really like the dt 990 pros, they are a studio headset and theyr're my favorite earphones i ever had

    KaydenKayden2 dagar sedan
  • Man I have a pre built pc and I was going to build a $500 pc but the gpu prices went up :(

    Venom VibezVenom Vibez2 dagar sedan

    Pablo SanPablo San2 dagar sedan
  • I skipped to the gpus so I could sob

    Robert AlexandurRobert Alexandur2 dagar sedan
  • the maingear budget friendly desktops are all out of stock 😭🗿

    Tia Melancholy JeoncockityTia Melancholy Jeoncockity2 dagar sedan
  • wow, I wish this happened to people n Africa. Keep it up mean.#love from @eldizdesigns

    Eldiz DesignsEldiz Designs2 dagar sedan
  • Can I please have one of the keyboards I am building my setup and I have been looking for a keyboard for a while and once I have my setup I want to be on setup wars. I have also been looking for a headset to but they have all been to expensive. I would also really love one of the rtx 3080s because my teacher is building a new pc and I was hoping to give it to him. I ALSO LOVE YOUR VIDS

    KBCHESTER10KBCHESTER102 dagar sedan
  • The rode is so so so so much better ❤️

    Subhayan BaagSubhayan Baag2 dagar sedan
  • MSI is basically telling you to make videos with there products lol

    WilliamsnowballWilliamsnowball2 dagar sedan
  • If you ever feel like giving away a pc, I’m still using ddr3 and an rx570 to play most games and it’s pain

    Adiii OfficialAdiii Official2 dagar sedan
  • Nice stuff

    Pedro MartinezPedro Martinez2 dagar sedan
  • I think I passed out when he casually said 2 8 flipping TB SSDs

    JH's Transport VideosJH's Transport Videos2 dagar sedan
  • You still helping people getting better setups?

    Jonathan D EvensenJonathan D Evensen3 dagar sedan
  • i am using ryzen 3 with 1060 cant even stream in 60fps, i wish i could get a pc to stream and game both

    Rony BhattacharyyaRony Bhattacharyya3 dagar sedan
  • I love it how you always put as much humor as possible in your videos - thanks, they really liven my day up :)

    Ivan StefanovIvan Stefanov3 dagar sedan
  • mans got a lifetime supply of mobo's

    Peter FinsaasPeter Finsaas3 dagar sedan
  • I been trying to get me a new system

    Kaos DontcryKaos Dontcry3 dagar sedan
  • I guess I didn't realize just how lucky I was when I got my ps5 in December

    MightyOrcaGamesMightyOrcaGames3 dagar sedan
  • hello tech source i would really love to get a setup makeover please as i am currently using my laptop for everything i am begging you

    Nasser Al-MusalhiNasser Al-Musalhi4 dagar sedan
  • You freaking out over this pc is me af. XD XD XD

    MightyOrcaGamesMightyOrcaGames4 dagar sedan
  • B d omg omg big red

    Dragon F1reDragon F1re4 dagar sedan
  • (41.43) everything that has a hole he also smiles

    Oh TurnbullOh Turnbull4 dagar sedan
  • 43:16 Mumbo Jumbo x Techsource confirmed??

    Pog SaucePog Sauce4 dagar sedan
  • the rockets are going to big red

    GsK07GsK074 dagar sedan
  • That water cool makngear pc is looking FINE ASF

    Shawn Sheep56Shawn Sheep564 dagar sedan
  • He said shit so much i'm dying

    SHARK YTSHARK YT4 dagar sedan
  • Hey Ed, btw. EPOS is a split company of Sennheiser :)

    b1lzebubb1lzebub4 dagar sedan
  • This is the first creator to read 90% of his comments this guy is a beast

    LuxOn60HZLuxOn60HZ4 dagar sedan

    JethroJethro4 dagar sedan
  • I wish I had 1 of the keyboard from the giveaway

    B!p10pB!p10p5 dagar sedan
  • Im unsubscribed

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha5 dagar sedan
  • A shame most of it is an add, regardless its another banger as usual.

    Mr. DuckMr. Duck5 dagar sedan

    Aagam ShahAagam Shah5 dagar sedan
  • paint is chipped... just fix it with a sharpie

  • Much Love ed!! thanks for looking at my mousepads!!

    GutzyAidenGutzyAiden5 dagar sedan
  • he should keep some of those stuff for his kids if they ever get into gaming

    ryan seifeddineryan seifeddine5 dagar sedan
  • Your editing skills or who ever edits your videos are crazy good

    Benyamin ZafrirBenyamin Zafrir5 dagar sedan
  • plz a graphics card plz give it to me i really need

    name lessname less5 dagar sedan
  • I feel like he experiences like 12 christmases or hanukas in 1 video.

    Benyamin ZafrirBenyamin Zafrir5 dagar sedan
  • Honestly the rode is better

    Casper BengtssonCasper Bengtsson5 dagar sedan
  • My pc could use an upgrade. I named my pc “Xbox”😅

    Drew NevilleDrew Neville5 dagar sedan
  • this unboxing is so litttt

    Ruland FurqanRuland Furqan5 dagar sedan
  • How to participate in the giveaway poll

    SUBASH PRSUBASH PR5 dagar sedan
  • plz giveaway me a gamming pc

    name lessname less5 dagar sedan
  • Wowwwww

    Dj&BellaYTDj&BellaYT5 dagar sedan
  • Your voice got deeper

    Majeed AlbqsamiMajeed Albqsami5 dagar sedan
  • 27:26 big red ;)

    kurokuro5 dagar sedan
  • plizzz put a rgb light in the Tech Source sign

    Azeem GamerzAzeem Gamerz5 dagar sedan
  • I wish one day i will have a good setup

    Yash Nagar{2353}Yash Nagar{2353}5 dagar sedan
  • i would love a gaming pc ahuhu i game at a mac grwrgargaerg

    Hosea CapacioHosea Capacio5 dagar sedan
  • Lol his streaming pc is better than my pc that i worked three years for lmao

    chiXchiX5 dagar sedan
  • just imagine tech sources ask me im coming 🤤😭😭😭😭

    Mr. ImmortalMr. Immortal5 dagar sedan
  • His vids r awesome 😎

    RaxAceRaxAce6 dagar sedan
  • The fact that this guy isn't a gamer who just build pcs acting like he's pro

    c21_3sc21_3s6 dagar sedan
  • me watching with a intel hd laptop...

    BLACKdragon4999BLACKdragon49996 dagar sedan
  • How do I apply for the giveaways, I joined the discord, what do I do next?

    7skittles_7skittles_6 dagar sedan
  • How do you enter the givaway

    Garchomp ψGarchomp ψ6 dagar sedan
  • We keep spending most our lives Living in a gamers paradise...

    Tech NuggetTech Nugget6 dagar sedan
  • Broo i need a new pc xD mine was built in like 2016 and I'm still using it xD its all I got

    slendermen 666slendermen 6666 dagar sedan
  • Nice clips i wish one day i ll get a pc and appear on your videos

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  • Tech source is soo funny and entertaining to watch keep up the good work

  • Are you middle eastern?

    Dani YakminDani Yakmin6 dagar sedan
  • Stop being a baby about paint it works fine its just the paint lol

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  • when

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  • O0000000000ooo

    ToXic GamerToXic Gamer6 dagar sedan
  • Yo just started watching your videos and I love them especially the setup make overs their amazing

    Namez RidhaNamez Ridha6 dagar sedan
  • the best budget gaming headset i had are the HyperX Cloud Stinger and they the best so far

    RisnPheonixYTRisnPheonixYT6 dagar sedan
  • I always leave a like before the video even loads in haha

    CircuitryCircuitry6 dagar sedan
  • Wait! Are you sick?

    GushoGusho6 dagar sedan
  • litreally salivating now 44:55 eehhhhhhhhhh 😍

  • cant wait to see what switchs ur going to do for ur rama build? also did you get after the gb when they were doing the extras or something coz I just heard it took long etc.

    ReinRein6 dagar sedan
  • win win for rode 31:57

  • bro plzz just give me any of those boards 26:42 ....... I am making a PC for myself... and graphics card too was going for 6700xt the same will be swapping out 2080 from my old pc and give it my sister AMEN!!!

  • Gonna jump off the building... 3060

    FRQYFRQY6 dagar sedan
  • Shit modious😂

    AsperoAspero6 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: there $5 on eBay

    GVC gamerGVC gamer6 dagar sedan
  • Hey isnt this the fake giveaway guy?

    ꧁༺༻꧂꧁༺༻꧂6 dagar sedan
    • Imagine being so jealous that u call giveaways fake

      Raj SharmaRaj Sharma6 dagar sedan
  • i'd rock the christmas keyboard anyday

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  • :_)

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  • Better thing is giving each boxes to each of the people

    Muhammad cMuhammad c6 dagar sedan
  • He is alone

    Muhammad cMuhammad c6 dagar sedan
  • Hey Ed. I want to get the rtx 3060 ti but its out of stock everywhere, do you have any tricks about how i can get it?

    Alon EshelAlon Eshel6 dagar sedan
  • Lakshya AroraLakshya Arora6 dagar sedan
  • Ohh broo 😢 give me one of those ... I don’t have a graphics card 😖

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