Steve-O Takes It Too Far While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

15 apr 2021
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Hot Ones legend Steve-O is back for the Season 14 finale! He’s a comedian, author, and SEworldr. His latest special, Gnarly, is currently available on, and while you’re there check out his memoir Professional Idiot, his skateboard decks, and-as fate would have it-his own hot sauce, Steve-O’s Hot Sauce for Your Butthole. But how will he fare in his second round with the wings of death? Watch as he shares stories about 50 Cent, reminisces about his Jackass days, and closes out the season in the most epic fashion possible.
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  • This one’s for the fans! Thanks for supporting another season, spice lords. Who do you want to see next??

    First We FeastFirst We Feast22 dagar sedan
    • Spice king

      James piniotesJames piniotes3 dagar sedan
    • Joe Budden needs part 2

      Michael EggerichsMichael Eggerichs11 dagar sedan

      dilditedildite21 dag sedan
    • Does it matter? Too scared to sit in from of each other

      Terry McAllisterTerry McAllister22 dagar sedan
    • Chuck Liddell!

      therealsirgoatmantherealsirgoatman22 dagar sedan
  • That dude is super-human when it comes to pain threshold and tolerance.

    Evil GeniusEvil GeniusTimme sedan
  • pretty sure steveos pain receptors are dead from all the drugs n pain lol

    foster smithfoster smith2 timmar sedan
  • he was never heard from again

    Thomas GaleThomas Gale3 timmar sedan
  • Sean wearing the Nine Club merch... hellll yes

    John ScheersJohn Scheers5 timmar sedan
  • I hope steve-o lives forever

    Alex BestosoAlex Bestoso6 timmar sedan
  • Absolute legend

    Masoud RahshaniMasoud Rahshani6 timmar sedan
  • Damn !!!!!!

    VJ MUSIXVJ MUSIX6 timmar sedan
  • just another lvl here

    AnarkyAnarky6 timmar sedan
  • Bro you guys should have snoop dogg next season

    Billy bob JoeBilly bob Joe7 timmar sedan
  • The guy who played Lucifer on Netflix

    Takiji CasterTakiji Caster9 timmar sedan
  • Omg that Voicemail hahahahahahaha 😂 i would love that vm

    bbygoatbbygoat9 timmar sedan
  • 21:48 This is what you are looking for.

    Loogi BalloogiLoogi Balloogi9 timmar sedan
  • the part u looked for 21:58

    tired dekutired deku10 timmar sedan
  • Is Steve-O wearing two watches???

    Mr. K.Mr. K.12 timmar sedan
  • HE LOOKS SO HEALTHY BRO! Good for you Steve

    Sunny BizzleSunny Bizzle13 timmar sedan
  • 15:57 respect to the lemmino music

    Fobman2004Fobman200414 timmar sedan
  • lets be honest 21:48 is what you come for...

    Randy hutamaRandy hutama15 timmar sedan
  • What a finale

    RobinRobin17 timmar sedan
  • Stevo is and always will be a maniac!!! hahah awesome episode!

    GoreTornGoreTorn18 timmar sedan
  • Epic!!! Thanks Steve O

    ThedjrushThedjrush19 timmar sedan
  • Speechless

    Troy BealsTroy Beals23 timmar sedan
  • Ebanat

    California dreamingCalifornia dreamingDag sedan
  • The voice is weird check it

    yi Siyi SiDag sedan
  • That WWE fight is straight up the most insane thing I have ever seen lmao

    Why Not MNWhy Not MNDag sedan
  • That was pretty fucking profound and deep bro...

    Mitchell MarcumMitchell MarcumDag sedan
  • I thought this was Logic

    MishaMishaDag sedan
  • Imagine he did the bomb 💀💀💀💀💀

    Gil Fatien OrigíGil Fatien OrigíDag sedan
  • This still has to be the craziest episode

    Gil Fatien OrigíGil Fatien OrigíDag sedan
  • holy crap i have the same pocket knife as stevo

    SnaxBot 12345SnaxBot 12345Dag sedan
  • He just had to say fire breathing clown.

    Tye HegreTye HegreDag sedan
  • I still absolutely love that this dude just did so many drugs that he forgot how to fucking use his vocal chords. Watch his video, he doesn't speak like that because of an actual injury, a speech therapist actually walked him trough how to speak properly and seeing him speak in a normal voice is fucking creepy at this point =))

    SniffersMcSniffersMcDag sedan
  • if a new jackass movie is coming out, the last 10 minutes have to be a skit.

    JvRacingVidsJvRacingVidsDag sedan
  • I would peg Steve-O

    Julia-Naomi Ka'iulani Lindsey-KekaulaJulia-Naomi Ka'iulani Lindsey-KekaulaDag sedan
  • I know its hard to but it would be awesome if you could get more WWE Superstars on here. Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, The Miz, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, or Edge would be some good names

    Get MooseyGet MooseyDag sedan
  • Mad respect

    AAAEAAAAEADag sedan
  • I cant believe steve-o is getting old

    AnarchoTugafightAnarchoTugafightDag sedan
  • This guy here lol!

    The Real JPThe Real JPDag sedan
  • Dude Steve o is awesome and still just as insane

    ProXYoDa 420ProXYoDa 420Dag sedan
  • I think there is offically a new king of Hot Ones.....

    KitKat WalkerKitKat WalkerDag sedan
  • Whats up with his voice? He Sounds like a wrecked Junkie.

    Torsten RaunerTorsten RaunerDag sedan
  • I didn't know that logic changed his name

    cringe guycringe guyDag sedan
  • This dude was like a crazy uncle for a whole generation of kids. Thanks steve you're a legend

    Justin SmithJustin SmithDag sedan
  • I had ZERO doubt Steve wouldn’t put extra and finish w/ ease.

    Christopher GailliardChristopher GailliardDag sedan
  • Idk who this guy is

  • stevo-o is a legend

    toxic zephytoxic zephyDag sedan
  • LOL

    My Bed Is SoftMy Bed Is SoftDag sedan
  • The link in the description is wrong, real address is

    Sp4nn4riSp4nn4riDag sedan
  • I would like to see Bear Grylls on Hot Ones

    Al BrewerAl BrewerDag sedan
  • Steve is a f ing ledgend

    S TomielloS TomielloDag sedan
  • Wait for me im going to order some KFC wings. I'm back.

    TKO??????????????TKO??????????????Dag sedan
  • Genio💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 mi religión también 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

    victor chicovictor chicoDag sedan
  • pod cast is cool, but he needs to ask questions and hear the answers. usually he just spends over 60% of the time telling them about his own stories (which are cool), I just feel its his chance to find out their stories

    traida111traida111Dag sedan
  • If adrenaline was a person

    BobBobDag sedan
  • I love stevo man he always gives 110%

    Mason DillonMason Dillon2 dagar sedan
  • Did Sean get on the vegan wings too?

    XenXen2 dagar sedan
  • The nine club gear

    Osbaldo HernandezOsbaldo Hernandez2 dagar sedan

    Acyd fuzZAcyd fuzZ2 dagar sedan
  • Tyler The Creator should come on the show.

    Chicken StripsChicken Strips2 dagar sedan
  • when are we gonna have maxmoefoe and anything4views on??

    LucasLucas2 dagar sedan
  • 22:26 I thought I was whatching a super villain just transform into a different being

    AdrianboiAdrianboi2 dagar sedan
  • Idiot or genius, you decide....

    Richard CabezaRichard Cabeza2 dagar sedan
  • Colter wall

    Will ReiberWill Reiber2 dagar sedan
  • We have to see Gino D'Acampo!

    Victor RobertsenVictor Robertsen2 dagar sedan
  • Dude probably went blind in one eye

    Ultimate WarriorUltimate Warrior2 dagar sedan
  • Steve 🐐🐐🐐

    Brain DeadBrain Dead2 dagar sedan
  • I think we should have a third MGK round update with Megan Fox as a duo! Or Pete Davidson again too.

    Jasmine JenniJasmine Jenni2 dagar sedan
  • Please invite Aaron Morhino from Alpha M. on Hot ones! You'll get soooo many views!!

    RasputinRasputin2 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂 that ending caught me off guard like a mf 🥴 right in the eye 😭😭😭

    Oscar ReyesOscar Reyes2 dagar sedan
  • Steve-o sponsored by USPS!

    CrateDigga.mp3CrateDigga.mp32 dagar sedan
  • Steve- legend he did it again like the guy from fallout

    Lé HEEZYLé HEEZY2 dagar sedan
  • Steve-O sounds like he is talking through a voicebox. I wonder why Trey Parker and Matt Stone have yet to approach him to voice Ned.

    PalliosPallios2 dagar sedan
  • That whole answer about the video camera being his religion was fucking amazing, what an answer, what a guy

    Sean WilliamsSean Williams2 dagar sedan
  • I love Steve O so much, he’s a massive inspiration

    Sean WilliamsSean Williams2 dagar sedan
  • jeff wittek

    Arianna LolagneArianna Lolagne2 dagar sedan
  • We need to get Keanu Reeves on Hot Ones.

    SkepticalRowanSkepticalRowan2 dagar sedan
  • Can we get Cardi B on one of these!

    Faith DownesFaith Downes2 dagar sedan
  • I'm curious on how the spice King would do on this show

    dead pandadead panda2 dagar sedan
  • He beat Eric Andre to it if any of u guys remember that😂

    suave so smoothsuave so smooth2 dagar sedan
  • Go back to the old display/style. (Both around da table)

    Saku ErholtzSaku Erholtz2 dagar sedan
  • I thought he was a vegan

    Thomas NickelThomas Nickel2 dagar sedan
  • get nigel ng please

    hfezy's remedyhfezy's remedy2 dagar sedan
  • Y'all should have Alpha M on hot ones

    UnforeseenDOOMUnforeseenDOOM2 dagar sedan
  • In the next video bring on Alpha M. as he said in his latest video that he would like to be in a video.

    Blake FlynnBlake Flynn2 dagar sedan
  • 22:03 my wife after introducing her best friend

    Pyrotechnical Bird manPyrotechnical Bird man2 dagar sedan
  • I mean...we all knew how this would end, didn't we?

    ChrisRyotChrisRyot2 dagar sedan
  • wait he said theres gonna be a jack ass 4, is there really

    Bryce WhykesBryce Whykes2 dagar sedan
  • Well i guess that's one way to keep staying relevant

    LinkVsGanonLinkVsGanon2 dagar sedan
  • “I RESPECT the platform Sean”🤣🤣

    Justwatch For10minJustwatch For10min2 dagar sedan
  • Steve-o is now the ruler of hot wings

    Wet SocksWet Socks2 dagar sedan
  • please bring ian somerhalder next!!

    Sara VianSara Vian2 dagar sedan
  • 22:37 Steve-O starts casting spells

    Mekenna BMekenna B2 dagar sedan
  • This whole filming yourself eating hot food and then showing the effects of eating hot food is kind of lame. People are so braindead this entertains them somehow

    FuckTheMainstreamMedia ULYINGFILTHFuckTheMainstreamMedia ULYINGFILTH2 dagar sedan
  • Why are they doing this stupid show remotely as if there is some REAL illness anyone could catch!! Wake up you mindless zombies

    Nick Lîck-a-ShotNick Lîck-a-Shot2 dagar sedan
  • i fkn love Steve-O

    NightmreXNightmreX2 dagar sedan
  • I just love how Steve-O eats the first 80% as a snack to gnaw on.

    JebClangJebClang2 dagar sedan
  • Man I have so much fucking respect for this man. I'd give anything to meet him one day. I'd let him kick me in the nuts if I had any

    ThatEbonyChick1ThatEbonyChick12 dagar sedan
  • Ramsey was not the champ, far from it. Steve-o you are not the champ, a fake azz stunt if you ask me, a ad. Tommy Chong is the champ, the fukn goat for hot ones!.

    Devin AngolaDevin Angola2 dagar sedan
  • steve should just fade away. he's not funny anymore...

    John MalJohn Mal2 dagar sedan
  • Okay, this is going to be just a tad bit corny dude. Don't get me wrong, I'm a child of the 80's / 90's ( 38 y old German ) and I grew up with Jackass, and I liked it. But I was never really one of those crazy fans or anything, it was just a good bit of dumb after weed entertainment. But Steve these days, such a charismatic, well balanced and content man. You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, his body language. This dude found peace within himself and the world around him, and it shows. This episode made me smile for no particular reason, and he is the reason for that, without even trying. Keep on enjoying your life Steve, best wishes to you.

    Twizted HarlequinTwizted Harlequin2 dagar sedan