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  • Felix is absolutely adorable 😍

    Hollie SHollie SDag sedan
  • get an octopus

    Jason HuffmanJason HuffmanDag sedan
  • what a wholesome love story

    Maddy VeatchMaddy Veatch11 dagar sedan
  • Eggsack? Wow!

    Sandra MorrisonSandra Morrison27 dagar sedan
  • You got something better then more T's you got a female that mated plus produced an egg sac wasn't that the whole objective? You wanted at least one female? Obviously to breed and they did that under not the best conditions EITHER. Just be thankful you didn't tear open that egg sac poking around so abruptly.

    Silence MattersSilence MattersMånad sedan
  • Any update on the sac??

    Dustin PanopioDustin PanopioMånad sedan
  • Yay Felix!

    Jeremy CostaJeremy Costa2 månader sedan
  • I kind of want to get a chameleon now...

    druu jenkinsdruu jenkins2 månader sedan
  • Wild wild wild wild!!!!!

    sandramorrison99sandramorrison992 månader sedan
  • Beautiful chameleon. It’s great that he trusts you like that

    india 2india 22 månader sedan
  • Interesting man keep it up

    Randomrebel 101Randomrebel 1012 månader sedan
  • Did the egg sack survive ??

    Robyn MarieRobyn Marie2 månader sedan
  • We had some type of big hairy spider from the Poconos mountains here in Pennsylvania. It dropped an egg sack and died shortly before they hatched. Kind of sucked

    M WM W2 månader sedan
  • AWESOME NEWS about the egg sac !! Hope you get a good hatching from it !!

    Russell HummelRussell Hummel2 månader sedan
  • Hi. I'm an avid fan of your channel. I love seeing you and your tarantulas. Feeding, playing and most of all caring them. But the thing is I don't have tarantulas "that's the saddest part of my life." I feel jealous 😭. Can I have one Mister? I'm from Philippines everytime you uploaded video I watched it several times because it's addictive. Thank you mister! I hope you and your tarantulas notice me. Love you! God bless you and your family and more power to your channel. 😀😀😀

    Mina BiasoraMina Biasora2 månader sedan
  • Had a thought, who knows if the survivor is the father of the egg sack. There's a high chance she ate the father

    MiLady_SaiyanMiLady_Saiyan3 månader sedan
  • "It was just one ultimate Battle Royal" -Petko

    Mark KuypersMark Kuypers3 månader sedan
  • Imagine magnitude 10 earthquake hit their area and the spider cage break and you live next to him to see all these spider coming to your house

    Butcher KenButcher Ken3 månader sedan
  • Who misses Cappuccino? 💔😩

    Samie KongSamie Kong3 månader sedan
  • Maybe a bigger enclosure would have gave them more of a fighting chance just seems small for that many spiders in it.

    Amanda MandigoAmanda Mandigo3 månader sedan
  • People in the comment section go mad when Petko gives us a sad update on a tarantula, but are okay with the fact that Petko let these eat more than 5 of their siblings. What?

    Dávid PávelDávid Pável3 månader sedan
  • Felix is awesome 🥰

    Stephanie NikolovaStephanie Nikolova3 månader sedan
  • Thanks to Dark Den I’m am looking into buying my first tarantula, I’m looking at Lasiodora parahybana or Grammostola pulchra. Any suggestions on which would be better? Any tips?

    Bravo13181Bravo131813 månader sedan
  • You never fail to make me smile, now matter how bad i am, thanks

    R6RidikR6Ridik3 månader sedan
  • I thought this was exotic lair..I’ve been bamboozleddddddd (I was half asleep clicking on the vid)

    Dancy MoranDancy Moran3 månader sedan
  • petco where is you crazy sand beatle

    roniele rodriguezroniele rodriguez3 månader sedan
  • Hey consider this, what if they are only communal until maturity were they would then begin to compete for the right the bare the sole egg sac 🤔.

    sal ruizsal ruiz3 månader sedan
  • Finding the sack was just craziness

    Kevin HKevin H3 månader sedan
  • I had a very succesful H. Incei communal setup. But the enclosure I had was two times bigger. And a lot of layers of corkbark. I fed them crickets. I had Dubias for my larger species of birdspiders.

    MitchellMitchell3 månader sedan
  • Should experiment with a water dish too man!

    Slim TimSlim Tim3 månader sedan
  • Alabama spiders confirmed

    Giwrgos TsirikoudisGiwrgos Tsirikoudis3 månader sedan
  • Another great video!!

    Michael MancillMichael Mancill3 månader sedan
  • The leg strength of that chameleon is actually nuts.

    Ryan SadauskisRyan Sadauskis3 månader sedan
  • Thats insane😲 btw thanks for the great experiment it really answer things that Im curious about

    Mathew FranciscoMathew Francisco3 månader sedan
  • Felix: This human keeps on talking to that camera thing, Imma grab it.

    Anjenette LumberaAnjenette Lumbera3 månader sedan
  • I have been watching your vlogs for so long but up until now I don't have any T. I just couldn't find the courage to see my Dad throwing the enclosure out of the house. 😂😂😂

    Anjenette LumberaAnjenette Lumbera3 månader sedan
  • I'm from South Africa and I do love your baboon spiders as they are native to South Africa and it would be great if you can get a Blue footed Baboon spider. As they are very beautiful and also like to burrow.

    Mr BallsiticMr Ballsitic3 månader sedan
  • Guys i need help, where can i order a jumping spider in middle europe? Thanks for any advice/help😁😁

    ToxikToxik3 månader sedan
  • So u kept tapping the enclosure the female an egg sack were in lol. Nice start for not disturbing her.

    8legged keeper8legged keeper3 månader sedan

    Harvy AlfafaraHarvy Alfafara3 månader sedan
  • hi, I was wondering. how's kiwi today? can I request for a video?

    Aye SeterraAye Seterra3 månader sedan
  • Dear petko, I Need your help. My Cyclosternum fasciatum mature male havent eat for like 6 months. And im really worried about it. His abdomen is so small compare to His carapax. And thats not an good sign. He really doesnt want to eat. Im trying to feed him every day. But thats not working. He is about 8 months old. Maybe he will die soon ? He has his ultimate molt already. I dont know what to do, because all my other tarantulas never had this kind of behaveiar. Sry for my bad bad english

    someBoyssomeBoys3 månader sedan
  • Your chameleon and I share a name, but I'm man enough to admit he's way cuter

    Felix BlackwoodFelix Blackwood3 månader sedan
  • *singing Avatar* Secret egg saaaaac, secret egg saaaaac, from the spiders. Secret, secret, secret, secret egg saaaaac!

    Lucien DLucien D3 månader sedan
  • Great video thanks

    creatures cavecreatures cave3 månader sedan
  • Free babies

    fairyamyfairyamy3 månader sedan
  • I honestly believe this guy deserves more subscribers than he has, far better content than any other channel of this topic. Far, far better than the exotics lair. Amusing, interesting and informative. Cheers for the great content

    ThisisBenThisisBen3 månader sedan
  • It's really awesome to see Felix actually coming to you and climbing everywhere rather than trying to hide in the shadows anytime you go near

    Kapitan916Kapitan9163 månader sedan
  • I wonder if the spiders could be communal if they’re from the same brood, perhaps most of them mated and got eaten?

    D KD K3 månader sedan
  • I was soo sad but then there was a sack!! =D

    Dez RDez R3 månader sedan
  • Hey maaan! Love your videos! Hugs from Brazil! What’s the band in you shirt?

    Maurício AlvimMaurício Alvim3 månader sedan
  • Felix!!!

    Lynn MuellerLynn Mueller3 månader sedan
  • I love your content den man keep up the great content

  • Alright, let’s work on that Ollie though

    Lord SamLord Sam3 månader sedan
  • Spiders are cute because they are fluffy

    viviana aguirreviviana aguirre3 månader sedan
  • If slings come from the same egg sack and the grow up and create an egg sack would that cause issues?

    Lou’s TarantulasLou’s Tarantulas3 månader sedan
  • They would of lived if u had a bigger home u try to keep 15 spiders in that tiny home u need to triple the size and u would have them all alive

    Stephen CerriStephen Cerri3 månader sedan
  • not really relevant but how do you fix the crushed cans that fans send?

    Kisame HoshigakiKisame Hoshigaki3 månader sedan
  • i put 20 slings in a huge tank, had multiple sacs but ended up with only 3 females and a male in the end, still have the 3 females and have recently bought a male who is in with a female atm. Definitely not a communal tarantula but it did look cool in the big tank.

    The Spider ChroniclesThe Spider Chronicles3 månader sedan
  • Seeing your videos and the animals/bugs you have. Ever think about getting a salamander ? Where I live salamanders get to a fair size. Some are a foot long head to tip of tail and they eat the same bugs you feed your animals/bugs. It's best to keep a pool for them. They swim like crocodiles. When I owned one I had two plastic bins attached together with a pvc pipe. One was their home filled with dirt and the other was their swimming hole. They dig tunnels and hibernate. Keep soil damp and you won't see them for months. That could be just the ones I have where I live because we get winter.

    Adam RodgersAdam Rodgers3 månader sedan
  • 3:40 ..... Leroy Jenkins?

    JoeJoe3 månader sedan
  • Wow, come along way with Felix. Never thought I would see him go right for your arm without hesitating. nice!

    jchen3jchen33 månader sedan
  • This is awesome. Congrats on the egg sack. Also, what is that shirt????

    Phil TrevisPhil Trevis3 månader sedan
  • Just conted The communal neo holothele incei gold...half Year 9 out off 11counted, not ending my communal

    absit abbaabsit abba3 månader sedan
  • I tako udomim tarantulu(poecilotheria regalis) od prijatelja(devojka mu je prestravljena i morala je da ode), tarantula ugine jako brzo ali mi ostanu terarijumi(dao mi je 2), i evo sada po ceo dan gledam ovakve stvari i imam spisak sta mogu da kupim u skorije vreme od tarantula(otp 8 razlicitih vrsta). kanal ti je fenomenalan. pozdrav iz Novog Sada :D

    Daniel KenđelDaniel Kenđel3 månader sedan
  • Aren't they sac mates so this in an incest egg sac?

    R PR P3 månader sedan
  • Could be that it was all males apart from that one female and that’s why there were so few survivors?

    Gardiner's PetsGardiner's Pets3 månader sedan
  • swqe sqwswqe sqw3 månader sedan
  • Nice thumbnails. You should add a red circle and some question marks too, because your audience is clearly full of retards.

    J AJ A3 månader sedan
  • Felix is so cute!!! I remember when he used to hate being handled, I guess the bond between him and you Petco has strenghtened - Good job! Keep us updated on the egg sac please, that's really interesting that despite all the spiders gone, one managed to somehow 'save' the population to start the next generation. :)

    AmZiee HerbAmZiee Herb3 månader sedan
  • how much for one of your baby scorpions ??

    Andrew BedfordAndrew Bedford3 månader sedan
  • I released a tarantula video also! More on the way

    Tarantulas DudezTarantulas Dudez3 månader sedan
  • I could watch Felix endlessly - he's so mesmerizing!

    RackiePRackieP3 månader sedan
  • Oh my God it's my best friend Felix look every 1 he's up close I love him

    Jimmy StancliffJimmy Stancliff3 månader sedan
  • Well who ever said communal setups work are probably going to shut up now. 15 to 1 poor guys and gals.

    Brett and LaosBrett and Laos3 månader sedan
  • it is not a question of whether it works or not, but a few factors must be met for a communal setup to work. first, you need to ensure that you give them enough food so that cannibalism does not occur. then the container must not be too large - it should be one nest because when tarantulas spread to other nests, they become territorial and eat each other. that's why some claims it works and others don't.

    Palooch88Palooch883 månader sedan
  • The female has mated with her brother? That's inbreeding, isn't it?

    ScDesScDes3 månader sedan
  • I want a felix ... and i want a giant tree thing like that aswell... are they expensive to keep? Got so excited when the eggsack with female popped up :D

    dreaming4ffrdreaming4ffr3 månader sedan
  • Wow! That egg sack discovery really turned everything around 😆 what a miracle

    dna arachnidsdna arachnids3 månader sedan
  • FELIX 🥰

    Liasco FoxtailLiasco Foxtail3 månader sedan
  • How great hope that you get the spiderlings to make up for the lost ones

    Lesley HuckerbyLesley Huckerby3 månader sedan
  • I swear once I seen him with his chameleon I subscribed lol

    Big ManBig Man3 månader sedan
  • I had them in old fish tank communaly. It can be done. But they need lot of space..

    EntropopeEntropope3 månader sedan
  • probably they are communal but when the enclosure is overpopulated they start eating each other, so it would be better to check and divide them into different enclosures when they become too many (or give them bigger enclosures so when the web becomes too big you know it's time to separate some of them

    3Clod3Clod3 månader sedan
  • Ahh my friend petco. Wish u could have came back out to Arizona this year for some more herping! Miss ya buddy! -Shane @ hold fast reptiles Az

    irishanacondairishanaconda3 månader sedan
  • When will your basement be ready to move in all the T's? Looking forward to the new new den. ^_^

    Almighty ShippoAlmighty Shippo3 månader sedan
  • Me: reads the title Also me: oh no

    타요Tayo타요Tayo3 månader sedan
  • Do now u know the one male will survive everyfight :D if he have to

    schwambo 667schwambo 6673 månader sedan
  • Felix is so beautiful, I freaking love chameleons! It's so cute when its trying to reach something haha

    DavidDavid3 månader sedan
  • Part two as soon as possible please

    Elizabeth PruettElizabeth Pruett3 månader sedan
  • Is it possible the roaches ate the spiders?

    Stephanie BrunerStephanie Bruner3 månader sedan
  • Hope you recoup your losses with a successful egg sac. Good luck!

    Tarantula MomTarantula Mom3 månader sedan
  • Wow Felix is sooo amazing! Good luck with the egg sack keep us up to date with it!

    RobynGuppy ArtRobynGuppy Art3 månader sedan
  • My Asian Forest scorpion died today Heterometrus sp.

    • He was a big boy he had a good life

      DOLLA PROFITDOLLA PROFIT3 månader sedan
  • That's crazy!

    Jeff Vader_Head_Of_CateringJeff Vader_Head_Of_Catering3 månader sedan
  • Felix is adorable! What type of chameleon is he again I forget?

    John BrazellJohn Brazell3 månader sedan
    • @Julie Purcell that's what I was thinking but I didn't want to embarrass myself by guessing and it be wrong. LOL

      John BrazellJohn Brazell3 månader sedan
    • Panther

      Julie PurcellJulie Purcell3 månader sedan
  • Felix seems as sweet as his Daddy! You have such a loving soul and you are so good with your animals children that I knew he would come around to be a sweet boy. Congratulations on your egg sac and I am so excited to see what comes of it.

    Aly NAly N3 månader sedan
  • Communal for tarantula is absolutely idiotic. They are not communal creatures so forcing them to live together will only end up with nasty massacre. This is not your first mistake of the similar situation. They are living creatures,not your plaything. I hope you can learn your lesson and learn to value their lives.

    KiriharaakiraKiriharaakira3 månader sedan
  • It's funny how petco still messes up his english....an still speaks it better than I do. Smh...i just made myself sad a little.

    Branden CBranden C3 månader sedan
  • should I be worried that my Australian feather legged tarantula hasn't eaten in 76 days

    bugs and explosivesbugs and explosives3 månader sedan
    • Homo_Erectus ah good to know.

      Harry LitzlerHarry Litzler3 månader sedan
    • @Harry Litzler IT ATE!!!

      bugs and explosivesbugs and explosives3 månader sedan
    • If there’s no sign of a molt and you haven’t seen it drink I’d say it must have something to do with stress, but I have no experience with that species so I don’t know.

      Harry LitzlerHarry Litzler3 månader sedan