11 apr 2021
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You've already seen the hand soap which is literally in the shape of hand. But can you imagine the foot soap?😁
Try to make it at home and prank your friends!
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  • yo massage with the blue foot soap

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  • Your foot is your soap lol

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  • I love this how did u do it

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    Ayush DubeyAyush Dubey4 timmar sedan
  • U can just get a 10 rs sope instead doing all this😉

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  • All the people creeped out by feet are not washing their hands in your house 😩

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  • Who else knew that they would do something like this?

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  • Doesnt everyone want a foot soap in their bethroom?

    Eleanor Green keatingEleanor Green keating5 timmar sedan
  • Pair wala sabun ? kya baat hai

    R.C GamerR.C Gamer5 timmar sedan
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    Oscar tosta TostaOscar tosta Tosta5 timmar sedan
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  • Like really??!😳😳🤯

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  • What has this world come to that now we have to use soap shaped like 🦶🏻

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  • Bisa dong cetak patung manusia

    Muhammad RiyadiMuhammad Riyadi6 timmar sedan
  • Oi tudo aí tá muito bom desculpa mesmo sei o nome mais como é que isso ♥️🤨🤫😀😃😄😄😁😁😆😆😗😙😚😘🥰😏😋😌😋😝😜😛😌

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  • Would you rather use a foot for a soap or use a heart for a soap I'm I'm just saying this but I would rather use the heart

    Julia WintersJulia Winters6 timmar sedan
  • But she used her own foot to wash her foot

    Julia WintersJulia Winters6 timmar sedan
  • I would rather use a hand more than a foot usually the say that feet are disgusting I'm just saying this because it's gross I smelled my mom's and blee

    Julia WintersJulia Winters6 timmar sedan
  • Means melt soap to make a soap🤦

    Siri SprySiri Spry6 timmar sedan
  • Tus manos van a holer a pies , por qué es un jabón en forma de pie

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    Anita NagleAnita Nagle7 timmar sedan
  • Why is this funny but it’s not it’s just so cool but everyone in this thing keeps saying that it’s funny and then I think it’s not funny and then it looks like it’s funny but my mom did this before!

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