The Tandy 1000 - The best MS-DOS computer in 1984.

29 dec 2018
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  • So if you have 486DX and 5.25'', you can run these Tandy games, right? It is IBM PC compatible.

    Lukas SatinLukas Satin3 timmar sedan
  • what music plays at the end on video?

    WeylandWeyland4 dagar sedan
  • My first PC was the Tandy 1000tx. I believe it was the only 286sx ever made. I bought a 40MB hard card for 265.00, and went all in on a 16color RGB monitor. I just could not afford VGA at the time. I started up a BBS off of it called Middle Earth.. 1 phone line with a 14.4k baud modem and I had 100's of users. I would call Exec PC long distance and take hours to download games. It took me 10 minutes to download 1 mb.

    JamesJames4 dagar sedan
  • tandy 100ex was the first computer i thought that was very good my previous computer was a timex sinclair basic

    arnold smitharnold smith5 dagar sedan
  • In 1984 Skynet came online... With the Birth of the T-1000.

    Naked ZebraNaked Zebra5 dagar sedan
  • I remember as a wee tyke my folks complaining how it was hard to find compatible software for our tech. They weren't savvy enough to code themselves ... but we were also holding onto an old DOS variant when MS-DOS was just so much more popular.

    Charles CopleyCharles Copley8 dagar sedan
  • Wow, this brings back memories. My first computer when I was a kid was a Tandy 1000 HX computer, I had the 5 1/4 external drive bay, and seeing that game LHX Attack Chopper, I used to play that and Tank Platoon all the time.

    coRpSEcoRpSE8 dagar sedan
  • My first computer purchase in 1985. Also bought with it King's Quest I and MECA's Managing Your Money. Still using Managing Your Money for DOS version 12 on my Dell Windows 10 computer.

    Bob CappanBob Cappan9 dagar sedan
  • this video is just as much fun now as it was when you made it.

    Mike DancyMike Dancy11 dagar sedan
  • Did you know about the MSDos system sold as a Kit in Australia in 1982? CB CB Radio12 dagar sedan
  • just got the 1000 EX and HX today, and soon, i'll take over the world. or at least expand my collection

    ChrOnicKPoPChrOnicKPoP13 dagar sedan
  • LOL 6:12 - 6:36

    CurcuminCurcumin14 dagar sedan
  • If you open it up and plug in a sega master system cartridge into the 8 bit slot on the board and turn it on it will make a circuit killing binding souls that are pulling you to hell and eventually your hand prints and feet prints will disapear if you cut enough of them 4

  • This video informed me of a lot. Before I was so ignorant I didn't know my DOS from my Tandy 😎

    BD CrumBD Crum16 dagar sedan
  • I really missed out on the full features of this computer because my dad went on the cheap and got the monochrome monitor with it.

    Fergus Mor mac EircFergus Mor mac Eirc16 dagar sedan
  • Oddly enough the Tandy 1000SL would have been an older computer and not displayed prominently in RadioShack at the time young Sheldon purchased one in 1991.

    Hurricane FloydHurricane Floyd19 dagar sedan
  • Tandy 1000 TX user here. Great machine, and we kept it until we replaced it with a Pentium 60 years later.

    BeauwithaBangBeauwithaBang20 dagar sedan
  • It seems that Tandy 1000 was famous at that time.

    Judas IsraelJudas Israel22 dagar sedan
  • It's too bad Tandy didn't try harder to innovate in the '90s and beyond. They could be dominating the market even today if they had played their cards right.

    Daniel DouganDaniel Dougan22 dagar sedan
  • I had a 1000SX, which I upgraded to 640K of RAM, and added a 3.5" 720K floppy to. Got me through the first 2 years of college.

    Rich FranksRich Franks23 dagar sedan
  • Very educational you're videos bro I'm glad I subscribed

    Lynden JonskiLynden Jonski23 dagar sedan
  • Clue: Computers (and 'devices') are still incompatible. MS-DOS did nothing to standardize anything; CP/M was the standard M$ ripped off and made proprietary, because they had no clue how to code a DOS having only written 1 program and ported it so far, and had not followed the developments in OS development at all. Even the horrible Mac DOS looks good in this light... Clue #2: Compatibility is created by *supporting standards*. At this point computers were evolving from the stuck-in-the-old 8-bit (finally! 5 years late!), and some new standards were emerging from this; needless to say the PC, MS-DOS, whatever you want side of things supported exactly *zero* such emergent standards. Finally: If this is the best MS-DOS computer in 1984, it very likely 1) Looked and sounded like shit, making nobody buy it, 2) was ass-slow and couldn't even run a single decently game properly, and 3) wasn't compatible with anything. Does the video say that?

    ScoopexUsScoopexUs24 dagar sedan
  • I had a "clicky" keyboard, sweet!

    Jackilyn PyzochaJackilyn Pyzocha25 dagar sedan
  • I had an RLX 1000, the hard drive was bad, it kept switching from DOS and DeskMate. I had a Warranty. Three drives later, I got the system, I wanted. I liked DOS and, especially, DeskMate($699.00) not including tax. Great system.

    Jackilyn PyzochaJackilyn Pyzocha25 dagar sedan
  • Oh boy it's such fun to see there my first computer and its softwares. Thank you so much !

    BloodysugarBloodysugar26 dagar sedan
  • I got a T1000 HX for a birthday the year they came out. And the fam got the memory maxed out that Xmas. So I had a fully loaded system pretty much from the get go. This has been a real Blast from the PAST for me...TY for the in depth breakdowns.

    Chris JonesChris Jones27 dagar sedan
  • Tandy 1000 wow brings back memories. My family bought it when I was 12 I think. Lots of memories messing with ms-dos and dos based games.

    J WJ W27 dagar sedan
  • I was interested in working at Tandy in Fort Worth, back in the 90s.

    Major DukeMajor Duke28 dagar sedan
  • Back when Intel and AMD chips were able to be on the same board lol

    Anthony RobinsonAnthony RobinsonMånad sedan
  • Why don't modern computer have HOLD key?

    Wyatt WalkerWyatt WalkerMånad sedan
  • Thanks, this is a great view of the old Tandy computers. I had several Tandy computers: From the First Home Computer, the TRS-80, to the Color Computer and the MC-10, to the Tandy 1000TX-286. I loved every one of them, but my favorite was the MC-10. I had the Extended RAM kit, a box that plugged into the back, and the requisite Cassette tape machine for recording or re-loading programs. I had friends with the same machine and we would get together and write games. We purchased a book from Radio Shack with printed programs in DOS that we had to type into the computer. We'd save them and then modify them to be much better. It was a lot of fun, mostly because it was something my friends and I could do together. Later, I would lead the local Computer Users Group and we were one of the first to get every new version of DOS to beta-test. I was one of the first to beta-test MS-DOS-2.0, and 3.0 all the way to 6.0 which Microsoft never released but gave to IBM who released it as PC-DOS. In some ways, I really miss those days; but we didn't have the Internet yet so I'd rather not go back.

    Jim HimesJim HimesMånad sedan
  • who the hell came up with the name JoyStick... "cant wait to get home so i can play with my joySTICK"

    avi verdeavi verdeMånad sedan
  • I feel bad for anyone who spent $4,000 in the 80s , only for their computers to become a relic a year or two later

    Alex CastroAlex CastroMånad sedan
  • I had a tandy 1,000 EX I remember how great it was when I did a ram upgrade and I didn't have to switch discs all the time while playing games.

  • Hey look at a young self of yours working tech support !

  • I actually remember all of these computers....

    L.E. RobboL.E. RobboMånad sedan
  • 16:07 hx model?

    Chris TrahanChris TrahanMånad sedan
  • After seeing the Memotech on Wierd Science I wanted to venture into the Cpu world back then. Told my mom and she laughed at me. and said you must not plan on eating next year! I HAVE A MACBOOK AIR NOW MOM! 😡

    Eric BakerEric BakerMånad sedan
  • 10:29 It actually runs in the 640x200 4 colour mode, however the paint program does seem to use the regular 320x200 16 colour mode as you probably wouldn't want only 4 colours to draw with.

    GammaBoost GamingGammaBoost GamingMånad sedan
  • Maniac mansion takes me back

    GoroGoroMånad sedan
  • I really love this video. It's eerie how the ads and catalog pages and shots of the Tandy 1000 you show take me back to that time, when my life was a lot more fun and exciting and filled with promise than it is today. I left a comment a year ago how the Tandy 1000 was the dream machine I never had, and each time I watch this I get the same bittersweet feeling about the one that got away. Boy, do I miss the days when computers were fun.

    Laughing GravyLaughing GravyMånad sedan
  • I was at Lamar Highschool at the time and that was my first experience with a computer on the regular. Papers, BBS's (1200 band modem wee!) were on that. I was kind of jealous as it had a great sound system but since it was a library, can't really use it:P

    warlockdwarlockdMånad sedan
  • 8 MB of graphics,2 mb of Hard drive,4 MB of Memory's,Some right old processor,Be lucky enough to get doss running on it,Not much else

    Dale BentonDale BentonMånad sedan
  • I had a Tandy 1000 RLX.

    Eskimo PieEskimo PieMånad sedan
  • Que tiempos aquellos! Yo di mis primeros pasos en la informática con este modelo de ordenador a los 6 años. El ratón no existía en aquellos años. Todo era por comandos en la consola de MS-DOS. Salu2

    #LaynorChannel#LaynorChannelMånad sedan
  • I remember looking for a dos game and then getting so excited when I would see "Tandy 16 color" support. SCORE! I wish I kept my tandy 1000.

    Frankies WorldFrankies WorldMånad sedan
  • 1984. I made the worst mistake of my life. I married my Xwife.

    Techrecycle4uTechrecycle4uMånad sedan
  • Perhaps you can one day do a program on little known computers that were cheaper then brand named models like XT computer Exidy Sorcerer The Exidy Sorcerer was the fist computer I bought back in 1978. It had a plate at the bottom that really got hot. The compute would often lockup because of the heat. This thing sold at around $1000.00 as I recall.

    Le FLe FMånad sedan
  • yep, had one of these....used the hell out of it.

    QuantumRiftQuantumRiftMånad sedan
  • I started out with an Atari 1200 computer and moved up to an original Tandy 1000 after looking at An Apple IIC and the PC jr. I added a 20 mb Zuckerboard hard drive to it that I think I paid $800 for if memory serves me right. I later upgraded to a T1000TX. We had a computer users group at the local Radio Shack Computer Center in Allentown, Pa which we pretty much had the run of. The weak point of the 1000 was its power supply which I think was only 60 watts. If you loaded too many power hungry boards you would start to have shutdowns. Back then it was just fun messing with the technology and what you could upgrade. I ended up using my original machine to run a bulletin board . After the 1000s I started building my own from parts bought through Computer Shopper and local computer shows down near Philly. Those were fun times.

    scottyV1000scottyV1000Månad sedan
  • OMG how over price this stuff was!

    dabmothadabmothaMånad sedan
  • I named my kitten Tandy. I wanted to name him after a classic computer system...but also, he's worked out.

    plutoniumshoreplutoniumshoreMånad sedan
  • Are you aware that SEworld is (in addition to inserting annoying advertisements all throughout your video) putting advertisements, that appear with no warning whatsoever, about 1 minute from the end of your video? This is EXTREMELY frustrating and it is a serious deterrent to watching your videos in the first place. PLEASE make SEworld stop this!

    Bulos QoqishBulos QoqishMånad sedan
    • get an ad blocker

      RokasRokasMånad sedan
  • Just getting to this. Thanks for posting. I was a DeskMate developer at Tandy HQ in 1988 and 1989, so a lot of memories here. Made some lifelong friends there, although I drew the short straw on management.😀

    Rocky Mountain MikeRocky Mountain MikeMånad sedan
  • 160x200 16 color mode was used because it was the PCjr mode, whereas the 3 others were only on Tandy (dunno if they were EGA-compatible). A CGA card has 16k RAM, so if you modify it to square the number of colours, you need to halve the resolution. I recall that this was the mode of Epyx's Jumpman, and also SCREEN 3 in BASICA/GWBASIC (whose number conflicts with a different mode on a mono card). Apart from PCjr not being popular, another reason that mode was rare was that many game companies preferred to use vertical stripes in 4-colour 320x200 because the TV adapter would mangle those colours to make it something that looked more like a 16-colour mode while still looking somewhat like a monitor's 320x200. Back then it was standard for a same graphic mode to look totally different on a TV compared to a monitor (see the case of the Color Computer 3...).

    Mathieu BouchardMathieu BouchardMånad sedan
  • Only prefab computer I ever owned in PC form with msdos was a tandy 1000/TL2

    NakasasamaNakasasamaMånad sedan
  • I used one of those Tandy monitor stands for my Amiga 500. It worked perfectly!

    OneFastDusterOneFastDusterMånad sedan
  • Used to love playing with these in Radio Shack!!!

    Kevin JohnsonKevin JohnsonMånad sedan
  • 1985 - "our" computer lab (one of several on campus) had 6 Tandy 1000's (all monochrome), 1 IBM PC and 1 IBM PC-XT. The Tandy 1000's would regularly crash, even doing such simple tasks as word processing (which, back then, was less sophisticated than my current text editor). No warning, just bleep - you lost whatever you hadn't saved to disk. Learned to "Save and Save Often" thanks to those things. Eventually found out that the IBM PC's never did crash, and used those exclusively. This was years before I could afford my own machine, which I think was actually an IBM branded machine. It was around 1995, and I think that by this time IBM wasn't making PC's anymore, so it was more or less a genuine clone...

    rn reajrrn reajr2 månader sedan
  • I grew up in Western Australia and the Tandy 1000 was the first computer I remember using. Space Quest brought back all the feels!

    Christopher WalthamChristopher Waltham2 månader sedan
  • Our first family computer was a Tandy. Nostalgia at its finest

    Chip WilsonChip Wilson2 månader sedan
  • 10

    Jeetender KakkarJeetender Kakkar2 månader sedan
  • I had the MC-10 from Radio shack...first micro Computer ever.

    Frank EspositoFrank Esposito2 månader sedan
  • I had the MC-10 from Radio shack...first micro Computer ever.

    Frank EspositoFrank Esposito2 månader sedan
  • Lovely video. Very interesting to hear the history on these models. I remember going up to my dad's work or having him bring one home on the weekends and playing Kings Quest. Great times!

    BernieBernie2 månader sedan
  • Thank you for the good history! In 1989 I started exploring BBS systems on my Tandy 1000 SL and discovered tons of freeware and shareware games. But none of those games supported Tandy graphics and sound, so I wrote my own shareware game for Tansy 1000. It was called Darwin's Arena and you can see a demo of it on my channel named "Banjos and Robots".

    Banjos and RobotsBanjos and Robots2 månader sedan
  • As a young guy who likes to learn about the history of computing, I can't really understand what the purpose of the Pocket Computer is shown at 1:00 Quite literally - "what the heck can you even do with it?" I'm quite impressed with Tandy's Deskmate suite and can totally understand how powerful and significant it was for the time, but can't see the Pocket Computer being very versatile with it's extremely small screen. Also, what does it mean to be "IBM compatible"? And can you comment on the relationship of DOS? I sort of thought DOS was Microsoft's thing pre-Windows, but you seem to be referring to it as a sort of popular, open source type of deal.

    StomachbuzzStomachbuzz2 månader sedan
  • price i would never expect $1999 in 1984 30 seconds later.... trs-xenix $4999 12mb hd $2995..... O.O

    Tyler BTyler B2 månader sedan
  • i programmed in pro-dos, ms-dos, ms, and c++, and after c++ i gave up.. everything went to china. as for the computers, i made my own from parts in college (in 1990's), scrapped it for parts, and bought a new laptop, which i'm using now. damn china....

    Sooner Science NerdSooner Science Nerd2 månader sedan
  • This guy is the King of classy special interest.

    Junket TarpJunket Tarp2 månader sedan
  • The teeny forehead optionally chew because hall shortly smash up a gaudy star. quixotic, tawdry target

    Cheston KordysCheston Kordys2 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know the name of the game in the thumbnail? I had a tandy 1000 as a kid and I used to play it but I forget what it was called

    John RedcornJohn Redcorn2 månader sedan
  • Only $998? Wow the people of 2030 are going to be like, $1000 in 1984 dollars is like $25000 today with all the Stimulus BS hyperinflation spending.

    dragonore2009dragonore20092 månader sedan
  • i miss deskmate. all my computer skills trace back to that.

    elchapeauelchapeau2 månader sedan
  • tengo una trs-80 impecable!

    PATAGONIA 4k video DRONEPATAGONIA 4k video DRONE2 månader sedan
  • Sorry, No, no it wasn't. Don't have to go any further than they weren't 100% compatible. Some software had issues or wouldn't run at all on Tandy's. That aside, they had mediocre performance although they had pretty good bang for the buck for non-technical users. You could build yourself a much more capable machine that was 100% compatible for the same money. It was the early heydays of building PC's when you would save a lot of money building your own as the markup on prebuilt systems were still very high. You could make a good living back then building PC's out of your basement. Several of my friends quit their jobs and one closed his electronics repair shop the money was so good. I'd of done it also but I'm too introverted, couldn't deal with all the people. Great times back then... miss those days. Built a Sinclair ZX80 kit around '81, bought it out of the classified ads in the back of Popular Electronics. The best thing I can say about those was it forced me to learn assembly language due to the pitifully small memory. Got a VIC 20 a year later, man what a difference! Still limited in memory but multi-voice sound and bit-mapped graphics, I was in heaven. It also brought I/O out to the user port which made interfacing it to the outside world open up a lot of possibilities. One of the cool things I did was interface it to my slot car track to keep track of laps/times and basic stats. That fed a database with drivers, cars, races, etc. I had an HO train layout incorporated with the track with 2 grade level crossings. I used the computer to activate the crossing lights and kill power to the track @ the crossing. Cars hitting the train tended to damage the magnetic couplers I used and they were a bit pricey. Sorry, I'll stop reminiscing (rambling) now...

    Marc MicllefMarc Micllef2 månader sedan
  • 1984 - 1993ish airflow in computers: Who needs cooling :D Airflow now: (1 fan fails) Computer burns down

    DonnateloDonnatelo2 månader sedan
  • I wanted one so bad back then.

    EzbzEzbz2 månader sedan
  • Thumbs up for Bill Bixby at 1:29 My Favorite Martian, The Courtship Of Eddie's Father, The Incredible Hulk, The Magician...

    Brett BakerBrett Baker2 månader sedan
  • Tandy 1000 sl/2 and deskmate got me through high school.

    Larry RoyovitzLarry Royovitz2 månader sedan
  • Wow I never stopped to realize how high I flew the R.S. flag in those days. I had the MC-10 shown at 0:46, then 'graduated' to a used Model 1 shown at 12:09. Finally ended up with a used 1000SX shown at 14:01. That's the computer I learned programming on: Basic, C and assembly language. I bought the 20 mb hard card for it and loaded Microsoft MASM 6.0 for assembly language programming. Pushed that little 8086 to the max. I even bought an 8087 math coprocessor. I even partitioned that 20 mb card and put Linux 0.95 on it. Really versatile little box that SX.

    Bob LittleBob Little2 månader sedan
  • My first color PC. Leisure Suit Larry was my vice

    mickavellianmickavellian2 månader sedan
  • I had one of those tandy 1400 laptops in pristine condition. I was gonna keep it so I could show my kids how much tech has progressed some day, but while I was overseas my parents got into a messy divorce and all the stuff I had stored at home got thrown out and it ended up in a landfill.

    TomTom2 månader sedan
  • I had one of those Tandy 1000 computers it was pretty fun at the time the only thing that sucked was the audio from the games as well as the games weren’t as graphical as they are today but that was due to the hardware but still being my one of my first personal computers it was OK for the time I bought mine in 1989 and yes it was a boatload of money compared to today’s computers 💻 any other thing that sucked was the storage it only had a 1.4 floppy disk I didn’t have the large floppy disk I didn’t purchase the upgrade for it I had 640 K ram

    SuperAgentman007SuperAgentman0072 månader sedan
  • I had a Tandy Color Computer. Only 1 game for it though, "Dungeons of Daggoroth". Great game, though, for the time.

    Genghis KhanGenghis Khan2 månader sedan
  • Install windows 1.0 on it!

    Ian GravesIan Graves2 månader sedan
  • It’s funny that IBM didn’t want to go into the gaming market because Microsoft is both big in the gaming market and the business market right now

    Akotski1338Akotski13382 månader sedan
  • The Tandy 1000SX was my first computer!!

    jhaase21jhaase212 månader sedan
  • I had a tandy 1000 that was given to me second hand in the 90's by family.... I wish I still had it but left it at the parents and think it went to the trash in the 2000's at some point :(

    Owen JamesOwen James2 månader sedan
  • I thought I already knew everything about the tandy 1000. Excellent video

    Paul the PainterPaul the Painter2 månader sedan
  • The Space Quest and Kings Quest days!

    GordonGordon2 månader sedan
  • Oh my fucking god. My brother and I got one of these when we were kids and we had no idea how to use the Deskmate stuff, let alone our parents. I think this thing was already some years out of date. They thought we could use it for homework but I think someone sold them a bridge. We just used it to play bootleg copies of King's Quest and Chopper Commando. And god knows what else. For some reason we were lucky to get anything to run in EGA.

    kuangshengkuangsheng2 månader sedan
  • Awesome! I remember as a kid my neighbors were all getting Tandys but we were sitting pretty with our Commodore 64's even years later. The game graphics weren't much better on the Tandy and neither was the sound! The only selling points I was jealous of were the internal hard drives and 80-column displays. This eventually drove me to buy my first PC in 1995, an AST of course!

    Matt DMatt D2 månader sedan
    • Ah the 80-column dream of the 80ies, i dont even remember why i wanted it but it was sooo important back then.

      Ploffy KhaPloffy Kha2 månader sedan
  • First thing I ever saw was a pc running windows 3.1 and I remember being confused at what the MSDos was. I love seeing videos of computers before my time. So happy so many people saw the vision and understood computers back then so we could arrive today where I can type this while watching the video on my cell phone.

    James BJames B2 månader sedan
  • Look at that. When the 8-Bit Guy was a wee little 4-Bit Guy but had hair.....LOL

    dBREZdBREZ2 månader sedan
  • I would love a modern case that looks like the Tandy 1000 HX computer. The bays could be used for stuff like memory card readers and hotswap drives etc. Maybe the keyboard could even be a mechanical keyboard perhaps with a more standard layout to avoid issues while gaming.

    Thomas JensenThomas Jensen2 månader sedan
  • Sale price of under nine ninety nine! 998.95 lmao

    Blake CrewsBlake Crews2 månader sedan
  • I have tandy 1000 with classic ibm my closet. Occasionally i long to play rogue on it. But i cant. Is propriety keyboard, not ata. Rogue release by epyx...first played on tandy. Played hack before it, but on monochrome. This is a seductive that closet. A person dropped a mess of old computers on me to refurb for retro market......vics..commodores....texas instruments. Trs 80. Mostly crap...that was cooked. But the tandy just needed a keyboard. Its mine now...but is in...stasis...... It was a good sure beat being stuck playing jumpman on pcjr. Even better than trying to suck the life out of pc...monochrome...dual full height....which still rocked the pc junior, for resources. That piece of crap. Is bad to have...long memory..... the kroz series of games.......for when you wanna play real games.....but are..stuck on monochrome. Then....gooooo hercules. That shit.... nevermind. But if you had slow enough computer you can watch every..damn..frame..being..drawn. Nostalgia is nightmare.

    Reiko SuzukaReiko Suzuka2 månader sedan
  • I remember my friend G.Zusmanovith having a T1000 and me havign a XT, the sound was of the T1000 was mind blowing. I remember thinking (I'm poor).

    Julian Andres Guarin ReyesJulian Andres Guarin Reyes2 månader sedan
  • Radio Shack started Out with Qualified 1970's CEO's who made Computers. Later as the 1990's came, Radio Shack had Worthless , Unqualified CEO's who cared nothing about the Customers or Education. Today The US has nothing but Worthless CEO's & has lost over 35% of Computer manufacturing....... Only 4 US Businesses have any worth in 2021.

    Aaron DanforthAaron Danforth2 månader sedan