The Tandy 1000 - The best MS-DOS computer in 1984.

29 dec 2018
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  • This was my first computer! Granted it was in the early 90’s so it was a hand-me-down. Loved playing the old game Castle!!

    Scott CortusScott CortusDag sedan
  • I had an mc10 computer.

    BanazirGalpsi1968BanazirGalpsi1968Dag sedan
  • What a fun video and channel! Have you seen that documentary film call something like 8-bit Generation? I'm here in Silicon Valley and saw that at the Computer History Museum. Those were the days of such rapid development. The web and mobile have continued on (progress though?), but PCs seem to have plateaued.

    giroheadgirohead2 dagar sedan
  • 1:26 The proof that you are from my generation is not that you know those computers, but that you understand the publicity joke.

    Manuel DManuel D2 dagar sedan
  • Omg! I remember my tandy!!🤣🤣🤣 My desk mate was overused when I was in high school...🤣👍👍

    shinnidanshinnidan3 dagar sedan
  • The TRS-80 with a whopping 300-baud modem helped get me through college as a poor commuter student who knew how to dial in to our university mainframe. I figured out how to make a terminal emulator work and did most of my programming work from home. Then the Tandy 1000 came along, with PROCOMM modem software and I was in geek heaven LOL.

    DIY DaveDIY Dave3 dagar sedan
  • I had almost every incarnation of TRS-80 until the 1000 came out. Tandy did put some odd hardware incompatibility in the 1000; they used non-standard hardware interrupts for hard drive access. I bought a third-party controller that didn't work; found out in a hardware magazine that to make it work, you had to take a screwdriver and scratch out a solder trace and install a jumper to change the interrupt; voila, it worked. The Tandy 1000 was a dandy little computer for it's time.

    DIY DaveDIY Dave3 dagar sedan
  • I worked at Radio Shack from 89 to 96, oh the memberberries.

    Lance ZimmerLance Zimmer5 dagar sedan
  • I remember eying the HX model that could boot DOS 2.1 off chip. Still I was waiting for the later model with math compressor.

    Riley KinnRiley Kinn6 dagar sedan
  • I sure loved my TRS 80. Awesome video at 16 colors. I spent years coding in BASIC on it and kept programs on cassette.

    Riley KinnRiley Kinn6 dagar sedan
  • Вы тоже надеялись увидеть русские комменты?

    Дмитрий СамсоновДмитрий Самсонов6 dagar sedan
  • Where did radioshak go?

    the ugly truththe ugly truth6 dagar sedan
  • I had an HX back in 1997. It was already obsolete, but still a fun computer to play with. Back then you could find old computers at Goodwill for around $10

    Tha PigTha Pig7 dagar sedan
  • This gives me nightmares of having owned a PCjr, one of the worst compatible MS-DOS computers ever.

    George HGeorge H8 dagar sedan
  • Those 2 aliens in the ad would flip out if they went into a computer shop today.

    Kevin KabugaKevin Kabuga9 dagar sedan
  • By the time the PC jr was released, consumers couldn't help, and the market clearly saw proof of, IBM having become an ossified institution. Because they wanted to keep their cash cows at maximum profitability, the PC XT and PC AT, and yet they didn't want to appear like a company made up of old school black suited corporate stiffs, they released a crippled machine to compete with the sea of IBM clones - at a much higher price, with inferior hardware, and very limited expandability. My machine language professor was peddling that machine, at a time when they weren't selling and IBM was forced to drop the price (to $999), but I saw it as not much more than an expensive and disposable, limited life computer. If you are going to spend $100 or $1000 on a computer, you'd want to have some assurance that the company was going to be around a couple of years form now and that your machine wasn't going to be obsolete or abandoned in 2 months.

    Manolo KonoskoManolo Konosko11 dagar sedan
  • When I see those old IBM PC prices, it still floors me. I know they were mainly appealing to businesses and most of them wouldn't know any better, buying them solely on the reputation of the IBM name... but wow. I mean the greater general public at the time wouldn't have known any better either, as far as they were concerned that $3100 price tag was normal.

    Alan RizkallahAlan Rizkallah12 dagar sedan
  • 6:12 "Games on the XT sounded like this:" *sick dubstep remix plays*

    TheGame455TheGame45513 dagar sedan
  • I bought the original Tandy 1000 because of the $1,200 price. I was quickly disappointed to find out that you can't upgrade the RAM without buying a $300 Tandy expansion card, because the Tandy 1000 doesn't come with the DMA controller, which was standard on the IBM PC. So, now we're up to $1,500 when the IBM PC was $2,000. Not all expansion cards with clock, ram, serial and parallel ports would fit in the Tandy, bumping the price of the Tandy 1000 to very close to the $2,000 of an IBM PC. In the long run, I would have saved money with the IBM, as I ended up buying one anyway.

    TheClearSoundsTheClearSounds15 dagar sedan
  • I had once Tandy 1000 sx...

    buzhug35buzhug3515 dagar sedan
  • born too late to have a Tandy or CGA or BASIC machine, but still in time where CGA games were 'en vogue' and my games consisted of like 30% or so CGA games and I already had a VGA machine that my mom bought me in 1990 And I enjoyed them too much ^^

    Mira Sofi-AnekMira Sofi-Anek18 dagar sedan
  • Wired and tested Not a kIt Lol, XD ^^

    Mira Sofi-AnekMira Sofi-Anek18 dagar sedan
  • Добавь субтитры интересный материал хотелось бы комфортно посмотреть

    Леонид МЛеонид М19 dagar sedan
  • Tandy master race

    BlaquaBlaqua19 dagar sedan
  • "Hit series Young Sheldon"... hmmmm

    panzerkitsunepanzerkitsune21 dag sedan
  • I worked for Radio Shack and owned one of these very machines in 1985. Bought my first 20meg Hardcard for it. Those were the days. Deskmate was the bomb!!! LOL

    David AkridgeDavid Akridge24 dagar sedan
  • 2750 dollars for a computer is not cheap even today my dear 8-bit guy

    Linus MagnusLinus Magnus24 dagar sedan
  • Used one in 1983! Disk was 8" and had to be inserted from the right side

    Milan MondalMilan Mondal25 dagar sedan
  • Adults in 1984 are still alive today... thats crazy...

    jerolvilladolidjerolvilladolid25 dagar sedan
    • Fast Times i was in my past life coz I aint born yet!

      jerolvilladolidjerolvilladolid18 dagar sedan
  • Fun watch. Thanks.

    kurt mathewskurt mathews25 dagar sedan
  • but I had a Tandy that was given to me brand New..I only only used it to play a Digital Christmas Music disk...since My Amiga was my love.

    Eijent WunEijent Wun25 dagar sedan
  • Buying Any computer or game console From Tandy or RadioShack always seemed like you were getting a Bootleg copy of something else....this is what made them fail in my Opinion...the name Tandy sounded stupid too...kind of like an ATARI computer, the words dont go together.

    Eijent WunEijent Wun25 dagar sedan
  • I had this computer! (and many other Tandy's)

    Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson25 dagar sedan
  • best? if best means horrible specs.

    Mark DymekMark Dymek26 dagar sedan
  • Now I do feel old. I learned about computers on the trs-80 and later got the trs-80 color computer. I've also had the color computer 2, tandy 100EX and HX. I couldn't tell you how many hours I spent in dos and GW Basic, learning Windows Gold (wooooh), and a butload of hours on BBS systems playing L.O.R.D. (Legend of the Red Dragon). Computer class in school was all about the Apple IIE and the programming between GW Basic and Apple was so similar, I would do my work at home on the color computer 2 and then convert the programs to Apple and write it in a notebook (which I still have LOL) and then just type it in at school in like 3 minutes, save, and then play Hitchhikers the rest of class :). Computers have come along way, but I'll always remember Tandy for being the start of my computer and electronics obsession. Thanks for the flashbacks.

    David UlmerDavid Ulmer26 dagar sedan
  • FLASHBACK the TRS80 popped my cherry feeling a little gooey inside.

    Ernest KuljisErnest Kuljis27 dagar sedan
  • The game on 5:16 - 5:21 is LHX (helicopter) used to play as was so good game 😀

    Tomas BosasTomas Bosas28 dagar sedan
  • I wonder when he will conduct a “Going Out of Business Sale. Everything Must Go”.

    RapscallionRapscallion28 dagar sedan
    • Ouch

      Monty22001Monty2200128 dagar sedan
  • You ignored, except for one mention, the 1000TX, my first MS-DOS computer. Bought it when I retired from the military. Started with two floppies and no hard drive. It had a 80286 processor that wasn't used in the protected mode. The 1000TX was not designed to use all the memory that a 80286 could access. I used it to do college work when other students were using typewriters for their assignments. It was amazing how impresses the instructors were when I formatted and printed my work using a very early version of Ventura Publisher. (I was still using only two floppies.) I installed a hard drive card after I got tired of swapping floppies so often. PC compatible business software worked with no problem. However, the Tandy version was required for many games. I learned to program in C on that computer and I learned how to make all sorts of modifications beyond just adding cards.

    Me MyNameMe MyName28 dagar sedan
  • Prefer the TYPEWRITER.

    SpeedyGonzalesSpeedyGonzales28 dagar sedan
  • Just seeing the games of King's Quest and Space Quest certainly brings back memories...

    Geoff FalboGeoff Falbo29 dagar sedan
  • Wow so many different models

    James MatthewsJames MatthewsMånad sedan
  • The fact it has no mouse it irking to me. I mean no computer set up is complete without: 1. Computer/Tower/System Unit 2. Monitor 3. Keyboard 4. Mouse

    Fell ManFell ManMånad sedan
  • My favorite

    Sammy TolomeoSammy TolomeoMånad sedan
  • My first computer was a tandy 1000, and I loved it.

    Silicon ProgrammerSilicon ProgrammerMånad sedan
  • I had a Tandy 1000 EX growing up. It was pretty cool.

    Tom CastnerTom CastnerMånad sedan
  • Have you seen the toshiba PAP....? I use it in the 90' years and it's a great computer .......msdos compatible !

    rene lefebvrerene lefebvreMånad sedan
  • It's so funny that my 5 year old mobile can do much better than their entire store from that time😂😂

    Aditya NimjeAditya NimjeMånad sedan
  • Wow.. I used to sell the 1000rsx when I worked at Radio Shack in 1990. Trip down memory lane

    Marc McCallMarc McCallMånad sedan
  • My first computer. I am now a software engineer

    Head Over BarsHead Over BarsMånad sedan
  • Seeing the graphics and the monitors of that era reminded me of problems you don't hear much about anymore with the advent of high-def monitors: _eyestrain and headaches._ Sure, those aspects with PCs are still with us with many hours of of computer use. Whereas back in the 1980s, I recall office workers would have problems after an hour of computer use; especially so with those green monochrome monitors; as well as the early color ones, too.

    Bloqk-16Bloqk-16Månad sedan
  • But does it have RGB tho?

    Sebastian PlunkettSebastian PlunkettMånad sedan
  • My first PC was a tandy 1000 hx. my grandmother bought it but did not have any way to use it so I got it after a bit of dust collecting

    Frosty ThundertrodFrosty ThundertrodMånad sedan
  • Tandy was a great computer. Miss them so much.

  • I had Digital Research computer in ‘84 via Amstrad with MSDOS 1.0. 12” RGB monitor/9pin dot matrix 12cps printer/520k external floppy drive/128kram/load programs via cassette. $3,000.00

    Rick StokesRick StokesMånad sedan
  • “640k of memory is all we will every need” Bill Gates

    Rick StokesRick StokesMånad sedan
  • This was my first computer.

    Joseph AnthonyJoseph AnthonyMånad sedan
  • WOW, this is a HUGE memory trip. I'm 61 and the first computer I bought was a Tandy 1000, I was hooked. I bought it home and I was up all night until I started to hear the birds in the morning. My first hard drive was 20mb, it was about the size of the external floppy drives. From then to now is such a huge jump in tech. LOVED that machine.... Actually, the movie "Electric Dreams" got me well and truly hooked.

    OzzyBargainHunterOzzyBargainHunterMånad sedan
  • I am a '88 baby,but my parents always had us 5-10 years behind the latest tech. Haha. '84 almost seems like the 50's watching this in 2020.

    TheAceOfSpadesTheAceOfSpadesMånad sedan
  • This looked like you went back in time, those systems you showed look out of the box brand new. Thanks for the memory throw back.

    Brian ClevengerBrian ClevengerMånad sedan
  • Just how weird Radio Shack was, my first computer was a 6803-based MC-10, and in 1990 I inherited a 68000-based Model 6000 with Xenix.

    mightymartiancamightymartiancaMånad sedan
  • I used the T1000 in college (1980) and basically copied that exact same 80186 architecture, 8259 PIC, memory, etc.. into the product line of my 1st employer. Tandy gave you the schematic so it was easy. Wrote all the code in ASM86. They are still 100s of systems out there running today.

    NJ PhilNJ PhilMånad sedan
  • I had a Tandy 1000!

    Jason BrooksJason BrooksMånad sedan
  • Волосатые руки на заставке )) - это конечно пиздец!))

    Floks 700Floks 700Månad sedan
  • corona

    Tobias BergmannTobias BergmannMånad sedan
  • MS-DOS was and is very very insecure like Windows

    Tobias BergmannTobias BergmannMånad sedan
    • @Tobias Bergmann . . . Working with MS-DOS was like traveling through a wilderness area with very little to guide the adventurer. And in some cases it was like venturing into a minefield.

      Bloqk-16Bloqk-16Månad sedan
  • this Tandy was not the best

    Tobias BergmannTobias BergmannMånad sedan
  • I used to use my parent’s.

    BenBen153BenBen153Månad sedan
  • Loved the 80's music at the end.

    Blarson 12Blarson 12Månad sedan
  • My first was a TRS-80 model 3 with no disk drive for 700 bucks.

    Blarson 12Blarson 12Månad sedan
  • I loved my Tandy 1000. I used it for over 10 years before I upgraded. I played Zork and dungeon.

    Dr. Charles ReedDr. Charles ReedMånad sedan
  • I started with a Tandy Color Computer when it came out in the early 80s. In 1985 I bought a Tandy 1000 and later upgraded to a Tandy 1000 SX. To be honest I really liked all of my Tandy computers. I added a VGA card and hard drive to it. It was a great computer and I used it for many years.

    Jimmy AblesJimmy AblesMånad sedan
  • The weard is that all computer made of same yellow plastic material

    Ali ZahouaniAli ZahouaniMånad sedan
  • The Tandy 1000 was the duck’s nuts

    The GornThe GornMånad sedan
  • I used all 5 slots - a modem, a battery clock (so, I didn’t have to enter the time and date on every boot up), my 1st hard drive (20 MB!) that took up 2 slots, and a cpu (286?). It made “the devils own noise” on every boot up.

    Greg HartwickGreg HartwickMånad sedan
  • This was the first computer our family had along with that same joystick, CGA monitor, and daisy wheel printer. I remember my dad bought from the Navy Exchange for around $800 in 1987.

    JasonJasonMånad sedan
  • Wow thanks for such informative video. Non of my friends in russia back in 1986-1990, had a pc. Even their parents had no computer. Most of them could not even dream of having one. I was blown away by the fact that computers were sold all over US back in 1984. This is unbelievable how US were a way technologically and economically advanced over Russia. By the end of 1989 I saw a custom made computer made by my father's friend, but this guy was engineer. But the majority of the people couldn't afford the PC even if they wanted because it was expensive, and Russia was a closed country like North Korea. Only diplomats were allowed to go outside. You could probably buy one outside the country, but never bring it back because it's expensiveness. But wikipedia says that there was a production of a PC In Russia in 1984. They tried to copy IBM and Apple. To be honest, as a 10 year old boy, I never heard someone has a computer back in 1990. Atleast in my City :-)))

    mfstudiomfstudioMånad sedan
  • I’m glad I was old enough to see something close to this in 3rd grade. My first computer was a windows 98. I had no idea what I was doing until windows 2000/XP

    Co MoCo MoMånad sedan
  • Man what memories! I owned a Tandy Pocket Computer, a Color Computer which I upgraded to a Big 64K and the new keyboard and then got the 1000. During that time they were great computers.

    Chris CheshireChris CheshireMånad sedan
  • where's the mouse???? how can you use a computer without a mouse?

    mark friedmanmark friedmanMånad sedan
  • I remember what a pleasure it was to switch to Word Perfect from Peachtext...

    Pale DudePale DudeMånad sedan
  • Hi

    A- KayA- KayMånad sedan
  • $1,200 in 1984 is about the same as $3,000 today. Think about that.

    Jonathan SJonathan SMånad sedan
  • Well, dont laugh. In the year of 2500, people would probably laugh at our 6TB hard drive.

    Whoever WhoeverWhoever WhoeverMånad sedan
  • I had a Tandy 1000 HX. It was my first computer. I loved the music composer on Deskmate.

    pwcorgi2000pwcorgi2000Månad sedan
  • I cannot disagree with this. I had the EX and not only did it play games phenomenally I ran TWO BBS's off of it.

    The ORIGINAL Next Level GamingThe ORIGINAL Next Level GamingMånad sedan
  • I learned all about ms-dos when I was in high school!

    Future TrunksFuture TrunksMånad sedan
  • I had a IBM J.U.N.K

    Ghola RexGhola RexMånad sedan
  • I love IBM sound

    Ahmetcan AksuAhmetcan AksuMånad sedan
  • In our QA company, these were one of the most requested products that developers wanted us to test on and the units my staff wanted to use personally (including me). We had the choice of any machines of the day and I used a turbo-charged Tandy 1000 for quite some time. Great little machines.

    Rich HeimlichRich HeimlichMånad sedan
  • So this is what Tandy is. Neat

    BrunoBrunoMånad sedan
  • Hypnotize yourself and submit to amiga chauvinism. SNAP enter to my channel, my world, XIRTUS

    Andreas XirtusAndreas XirtusMånad sedan
  • No lie I found some floppy disks and regular old school computer discs in my garage a month ago ... they were from high school and college... (🤦🏽‍♀️ low key hoarder)

    CyriousCyriousMånad sedan
  • Me who ws born in 2000: * I N T E R E S T I N G*

    Akhil ShajiAkhil ShajiMånad sedan
  • In 1984 I bought my first computer. An Apple iic and a dot matrix printer. New out of the store for around $1,400 or so.

    XSoCalXSoCalMånad sedan
  • I remember that game at 5:17, LHX, a helicopter simulation. I spent a lot of time playing the missions in the different war theaters there!

    VendemiairVendemiairMånad sedan
  • I had a Commodore 64 that did little or nothing, but in 1985, I purchased my first business computer. I looked at Tandy, but a recent radio shack short wave radio I had purchased was a lemon. So, I bought a Zenith 8088 computer. This saved me about 3 hours a week in bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, etc. I thought at the time, that the 8088 with the math co-processor was the greatest invention in 100 years. Today, my $300 phone is superior to that $4,000 purchase, and my laptops are like having the Library of Congress on my desk. It makes one wonder what we will have in 2050.

    wi54725wi54725Månad sedan
  • Antiques! Nice..!!!!

    Tony SteelTony SteelMånad sedan
  • Hair styles not included.

    The PlanetThe PlanetMånad sedan
  • This is an incredibly well made video on Tandy computers!

    Vladislavs DovgalecsVladislavs DovgalecsMånad sedan