Piers Morgan joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' for first interview since 'cancelation' | Preview

5 apr 2021
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Former 'Good Morning Britain' host accuses Duchess of Sussex of stifling his right to free speech. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  • Fake duchess lol

    Donna JeanDonna Jean31 minut sedan
  • Megan did want to see your ugly face😂

    Rose FragomeniRose Fragomeni35 minuter sedan
  • Good for you Piers M.organ 👍

    mytrueblissmytrueblissTimme sedan
  • Aw... I am all choked up. Poor Piers is suffering? Who knew!!?

    karen.akaren.aTimme sedan
  • Thank goodness for people like Piers Morgan who have no need to suck up to anyone for financial benefit. He's as rich and as posh as he wants to be, so unless he can speak the truth he will not do the job. How many journalists do you know of like that?

    657BIueArmy657BIueArmyTimme sedan
  • Meghan for queen

    Steve WestSteve WestTimme sedan
  • If I'm not mistaken, the royal family doesn't like any kind of news or commentary that would shine a negative light on them and they either would shut people up or deflect. Piers kinda made himself the village idiot and brought it on himself instead of allowing the royal to respond to her accusations. Too bad there's no knighthood for him. Also, he wasn't fired, he quit

    Maverick L.Maverick L.Timme sedan
  • Gammon's Reunited.

    Bryan JohnsonBryan Johnson3 timmar sedan
  • No one got you fired, you liar! You walked out for persecuting and dehumanizing a woman.

    23magaly123magaly13 timmar sedan
  • This is way to treat ALL people in the UK not only A journalists.

    j gj g4 timmar sedan
  • I made a parody of this interview on my SEworld channel.

    Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson4 timmar sedan
  • My Admiration Mr. Piers Morgan ! 👍🏼👏🏼

    Lourdes de OliveiraLourdes de Oliveira4 timmar sedan
  • Really funny to hear Piers Morgan refer to his own camp as the woke brigade.

    Mitchnet-pvz okMitchnet-pvz ok5 timmar sedan
  • Never liked him but it's nice to agree with him about something and funny to see him on the other side of the fence.

    Premislao89Premislao895 timmar sedan
  • Didn't know she was a coloured woman until she told us ?

    Peter LostrohPeter Lostroh5 timmar sedan
  • Piers Morgan going on about free speech is a joke. He does all the talking, but never allows the other person to respond, he constantly talks over them. Good riddance to a bad journalist.

    MobyMoby5 timmar sedan
    • Ha! True. I made a parody of this interview on my SEworld channel.

      Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson4 timmar sedan
  • When you can speak the truth and get sacked for it. Dear we upset the woman of colour.

    Tom MacTom Mac5 timmar sedan
  • P!ease go back and find Piers interview with Trump shortly after Trump was elected. It is truly cringe worthy. Also check out how professor Jason Leigh the Scottish clinical director handled pierce during a covid TV interview on morning TV. Priceless!!!

    W FultonW Fulton5 timmar sedan
  • I think Tucker Carlson and Piers Morgan are lying liars.

    7rob277rob276 timmar sedan
    • True! I made a parody of this interview on my SEworld channel.

      Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson4 timmar sedan
  • Take away their title

    John DutchburnJohn Dutchburn6 timmar sedan
  • Piers, let it go my brother. You and Meghan had some drinks. No one wants to believe they were ghosted. I'll pray for you my guy.

    Kwesi JohnsonKwesi Johnson6 timmar sedan
  • She's not even nonwhite she's not nonwhite she's half white

    Matthew CoxMatthew Cox8 timmar sedan
    • A wit.

      Steven BrSteven Br8 timmar sedan
  • Harry was drugged and hypnotized in Las Vegas, that time, by the Oprah WinfreyObama Chicago Connection.

    Steven BrSteven Br8 timmar sedan
  • We did Stormed the Capitol, a second time. Like 1812 the Burning of Washington. Mission accomplished.

    Steven BrSteven Br8 timmar sedan
  • Morgan the mighty Moron.

    Steven BrSteven Br8 timmar sedan
  • Piers Morgan is a very british man. We, British, are better than the Americans, because we still know and uphold what freedom truely means.

    Steven BrSteven Br8 timmar sedan
  • Piers Morgan was almost deported for telling Americans how to make gun control laws. Send him back to England.

    Viktor TandofskyViktor Tandofsky8 timmar sedan
    • Ha! No, please keep him over there.

      Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson4 timmar sedan
  • This man has been TARGETING this woman for years. It's simply EGO. Entitled EGO! Why, he just REFUSED, to let a young couple travel their own path is baffling??? Move on there are REAL ISSUES, going on in the world right now., however, this RICH WHITE MAN, seems to care less. When, sh*t hits the fan, the wealthy run. Leaving real folks to sink or swim. Priorities!!!!

    Wanda GreeneWanda Greene8 timmar sedan
    • Spot on! I made a parody of this interview on my SEworld channel.

      Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson4 timmar sedan
  • Drink your own medicine my man. Who remembers his interview with Ben Shapiro a few years ago?

    AlexLeizerovichAlexLeizerovich9 timmar sedan
  • He is having the freedom to say what he wants by the virtue of the fact that he is saying what he wants. At the same time, the media has the right to say not to say what you want at our expense. No police is stopping him from saying anything he wants. Where do they get the idea that free speech means that the media is forced to broadcast their talk?! By the way, Churchill was a war criminal.

    Ahmad VahabAhmad Vahab9 timmar sedan
    • True! I made a parody of this interview on my SEworld channel.

      Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson4 timmar sedan
  • Pierce Morgan is one hundred percent correct, nowadays even if you apologize you still get fired from your job. It wasn't like that years ago, if you apologized, you would get to keep your job and people would forget about the incident once the next 'outrage' event that triggered the snowflakes happened in a couple of weeks. I say never apologize. There is no upside.

    San AnsaSan Ansa9 timmar sedan
    • If you apologize you admit guilt, or to have done, it. Deny all allegations.

      Steven BrSteven Br8 timmar sedan
  • Duchess of Los Angeles. LOL.

    San AnsaSan Ansa9 timmar sedan
  • Think I know who the racist and bully is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    L CoxL Cox9 timmar sedan
  • Great actors 👍

    dazzzy2869dazzzy286910 timmar sedan
  • Tucker should be next

    Riva EwingRiva Ewing10 timmar sedan
  • Gmb is rubbish without piers now you've got stand in presenters trying to be him and failing miserably

    Jamie CoveyJamie Covey11 timmar sedan
  • I can understand why people in the United Kingdom have are interrested in their royals but everyone outside the UK really shouldn't care about them. They're not your royals nor are they mine.

    navylaks2navylaks211 timmar sedan
  • He is super jealous!

    Bert KauwenberghsBert Kauwenberghs11 timmar sedan
  • He is such a looser 😭 crying 😭 on the the biggest trash tv channel in the world!

    Bert KauwenberghsBert Kauwenberghs11 timmar sedan
  • Oprah Winfrey is a spoiled little rich GIRL used to getting her way

    Alvin StreickerAlvin Streicker11 timmar sedan
  • The Woke Cancel culture. Woke is believing everything you say is true and everyone else is wrong. Cancel culture is rubbing out everyone that disagrees with you. There is one other group in the last decade that that has followed these principals. It's called ISIS.

    Kurt MillsKurt Mills12 timmar sedan
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      ForfliesForflies12 timmar sedan
  • wasn't forced off. . he was a weak willed prick.

    dave pauldave paul12 timmar sedan
    • Haha! True. I made a parody of this interview on my SEworld channel.

      Ritchie RossonRitchie Rosson4 timmar sedan
  • Piers and I have clashed over Twitter before and I don’t always agree with him. BUT, I do agree that the Oprah interview was completely disrespectful to Her Majesty.

    Miss Dog LoverMiss Dog Lover12 timmar sedan
  • Ever notice how quick some of these assholes cry racism as soon as you disagree?

    StardustedStardusted12 timmar sedan
  • Title brings privilege. In this case, the privilege to act out against the en-title-ment they claim to despise. 🤨

    Lydia PinkhamLydia Pinkham12 timmar sedan
  • There is no longer freedom of speech, so sad that we can’t have a dialogue and listen to different opinions.

    Maya DelarosaMaya Delarosa12 timmar sedan
  • Piers getting eaten by the very machine he fostered is some kind of poetic justice. At least had enough dignity left to not apologise...

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty12 timmar sedan
  • I'm torn I can't stand Morgan - I think he is an oleaginous little creep And then this - it is obvious that that woman has the ineffectual little man she is married to wrapped around her little finger and is playing him like a puppet. It's not the first time it has hapened in that family - what is the Harry boy's relationship to Edward the abdicated? I can't be bothered to work it out - suffice it to say that it is in the blood.

    Gerard FergusonGerard Ferguson12 timmar sedan
  • Freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom to dissent are essential, non-negotiable rights/values. If the people of the world don't fight for those rights and values they are digging their own graves.

    Night LightNight Light13 timmar sedan
  • The racist card is old and we don’t care if you feel like there’s racism if there isn’t any ACTUAL PROOF of racism. Meaghan Markle needs to grow a pair. No one likes her and the only reason some people like her is because she’s black lol. Did anyone like her before marrying prince Harry? Nope! In fact, she was non existent in Hollywood 😂

    Erika AyalaErika Ayala13 timmar sedan
  • pierce is a snob. you see the issue with people like pierce morgan is they like to state the fact which is not fact as fact . such as the way the sun news paper bullied the public with fake lies for deacdes while pierce morgan was in charge of this ! well no change there then he has done it again . just a few years later while pierce morgan changes his own story . his own fact ! in an attempt to change the facts surrounding other people who simply want to live their own lives . now if the truth is pierce morgan ? we are all in trouble . this cancel culture is alarmist subterfuge and the race card ? who cares about that when they are the ones making a deal between physical and frankly vane differences between people in the first place . then pierce calls the it has got to stop card ? free speech is about talking and people listening . the victim is our freedoms our voice . our minds and news . the semantic line is not about him it is then about meghan markle ? her skin colour in the mixed race uk ? come of it pierce you are a walking joke and the royals are just as bad for letting all this go on . which they do . obviously nobody else feels just like me . as pierce has teh authority you see . the man is a media control freak and obvious narciccist and sociopathic snob . the only hipocrisy is the point pierce is talking to a people who have systemc racism in their own country to feed pierce morgan and his ability to spin his personal agenda to clear his name for being rude and vile to people himself .

    brianpc pcbrianpc pc13 timmar sedan
  • Lmao he cancelled himself ......... you walk out of work , you've quit

    Mathew KellyMathew Kelly13 timmar sedan
  • fox news should hire this guy

    Joshua 윤호 HanJoshua 윤호 Han14 timmar sedan
  • We support you!! These bullies are despicable.

    Jacqueline SantosJacqueline Santos14 timmar sedan
  • Her lies are being uncovered by the week now. Piers was correct and telling the truth after all.

    MayDay GoingDown!!MayDay GoingDown!!14 timmar sedan
  • Carson if you read this .please bring up tony tempa on your show

    william lozitowilliam lozito14 timmar sedan
  • Can you guys at fox keep getting "canceled" and just play the same program but come up with a witty name to go with instead? Like who do I need to phone to make this happen?

    Jackson DanielJackson Daniel15 timmar sedan
  • Makrle and Winfrey are grotesque race hustlers, fueled by hate and racial division.

    stp479stp47915 timmar sedan
  • Woke supremacists.

    stp479stp47915 timmar sedan
  • I agree with every word he said there 👍👍 well said Piers 🙏🙏

    THE LOST BOYTHE LOST BOY15 timmar sedan
  • Kakistocracy. Look it up. We are led by the worst of us, and I am speaking of the filth layers higher than their puppet government lackeys. Take care of one another. Be free. “Speak out against the madness.”

    Chris WeidnerChris Weidner15 timmar sedan
  • Meghan has bigger balls than Harry.

    Terry GrossTerry Gross15 timmar sedan
  • Agreed and FYI I’m black

    Mel AndyMel Andy16 timmar sedan
  • Morgan still mad because he couldn’t get his beak wet and got his grass cut by a prince. 🤣

    Ken CaisseKen Caisse16 timmar sedan
  • 1st world problems lol

    dukem nukemdukem nukem16 timmar sedan
  • "We trebled the ratings". Yeah, because dumb people love tabloid crap, Piers.

    kidunknown76kidunknown7617 timmar sedan
  • don't always like Piers Morgan but he is entitled to his journalistic opinions and is speaking truth.

    Linda PhillipsLinda Phillips17 timmar sedan
  • Who watches Oprah? or listens to Markle? anymore

    janice mckenziejanice mckenzie17 timmar sedan
  • BUT too little too late for Peirce. We needed you to stand firm a long time ago

    Retrovintagething70Retrovintagething7017 timmar sedan
  • How does it feel Piers. Censure of citizens have been going on for over a year. Did you speak up for the rest of us at any point when we were being bounced from social media as “conspiracy nuts?” And by the way, I happen to agree with you about Ms. Markle.

    Lydia WeaverLydia Weaver17 timmar sedan
  • Lol when they were after trump buddy had no issues with liberals, now that the shoes on the other foot....😂

    26 2326 2317 timmar sedan
  • Bring Piers back...he is quite silly on the whole but..his view is humorous. A bit like an old dudes view...bring him back. He isn't racist but more a but bigoted...mayb

    Anndee RaneyAnndee Raney17 timmar sedan
  • he quite not fired and he did that because all this get woke bs. piers need to start your own news SEworld channel or something..

    ItsYourMamaItsYourMama18 timmar sedan
  • Piers Morgan is just maintaining his snobbish attitude in an attempt to sound as wise as possible.

    Globe255Globe25519 timmar sedan
  • She did not call you a racist..... you spend too much time bashing her. If she in nothing why don't you stop talking about her. Ignore her and she will fade away. Otherwise you are looking bad

    Lydia Ochieng-ObboLydia Ochieng-Obbo19 timmar sedan
  • I hope he sues her into obscurity!

    SissySissy20 timmar sedan
  • Meghan is a jezebel.

    Shawn PShawn P20 timmar sedan
  • As he says, ' in a democracy he should be allowed to speak out'. Theres you answer. We are no longer in a democracy.

    John HallJohn Hall20 timmar sedan
  • Never been a fan of Piers but am glad he is standing up for not only himself but all of us who refuse to comply with the pyscho lefts demand that we do and think what they tell us. Well done Mr. Morgan!

    bglk2310bglk231020 timmar sedan
  • Let's be honest, all these people who cry about petty things like this, clearly have too much privilege

    S MS M20 timmar sedan
  • He quit

    Capricorn MeCapricorn Me21 timme sedan
  • OMG....cancel, canceled, CANCELLATION.

    urbanothepopeofdeathurbanothepopeofdeath21 timme sedan
  • Everything icke says is true. He’s been saying this for years

    Mr MagnoMr Magno21 timme sedan
  • Ewww piers! tucker (the idiot) carlson? Really? You know better than this .....

    Scooby DanScooby Dan21 timme sedan
  • Anyone who tries so hard and goes to such trouble to prove 'their truth' when not in a court case is almost absolutely lying

    Calum DiqueCalum Dique21 timme sedan
  • I don’t like piers , but I do agree with him in this case , retired lifeboatmen uk

    Clive SmithClive Smith22 timmar sedan
  • Love 95% of what Piers says. Top bloke

    Bradley WashfordBradley Washford23 timmar sedan
  • Stop talking about the meghan BS none of you have free speech...you keep on with this covid nonesense

    Anthony FergusonAnthony Ferguson23 timmar sedan
  • Only when Meghan does away with Harry will he realise he’s been used.

    Buster RexBuster RexDag sedan
  • Can you say ‘British windbag’?

    LeeLeeDag sedan
  • World wide censorship spot on

    SupremeSupremeDag sedan
  • we need people like Piers,I don't always agree with him,but I totally do on this occasion

    jane Griffithsjane GriffithsDag sedan
  • Sick and tired of this socialism BS. Oppressed f-ing millionaires... Let's send them $5 each.

    RusanovkaRusanovkaDag sedan
  • Racist meets racist...riveting viewing in the dumb lane 🤪

    David CarterDavid CarterDag sedan
  • I bet tucker carlson's breath is horrible

    Marlon Seiring-andersenMarlon Seiring-andersenDag sedan
  • Piers is the best

    whitedust696whitedust696Dag sedan
  • As long as they don't beg for money for private jets the left-leaning media won't bat an eye.

    Nightstalker314Nightstalker314Dag sedan
  • Anybody remember what stopped the witch hunt that began in Salem in 1692?

    IgnominiusIgnominiusDag sedan
  • I dont like him , But He is Right in all he says here.

    Jack JonesJack JonesDag sedan