Dream SMP War: The Movie

12 aug 2020
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Made by Me (Luis)
Edited using Windows Movie Maker
Footage by TommyInnit: seworld.infovideos
SMP made by Dream: seworld.info
Members of Dream Team:
Dream: seworld.info
GeorgeNotFound: seworld.info
Sapnap: seworld.info/tv/qynl7rdtktKMQESdSBmE-g.html
Members of Tommy's Team:
TommyInnit: seworld.info/tv/5p_l5ZeB_wGjO_yDXwiqvw.html
Tubbo_: seworld.info/tv/Az5JW1_oryewk0eR-eP7Bw.html
ItsFundy: seworld.info/tv/CE5NVlm0FhbunMMBT48WAw.html
WilburSoot: seworld.info/tv/1n_PfsVqxllCcnMPlxBIjw.html

  • This is R. Swearing, violence, F-bombs.

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    • More of MA

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    • +Drugs

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    • Any H-Bombs?

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    • @Inky Gacha technically i'm NOT supposed to watch R movies yet but nobody in my life gives a fuck what i watch do or say

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    • @Inky Gacha no its all of us

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  • I just want to document that this is my 3rd time watching this and that I was here for these events

    r Atr At3 timmar sedan
  • all this for a few disc-

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  • 1:47:50

    Official Bacon Man YTOfficial Bacon Man YT13 timmar sedan
  • *Gone Away intensifies*

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  • Im leaving a comment to say i was here for this great piece of history

    NoahGamingYt!NoahGamingYt!Dag sedan
  • Is this the whole story like from beggining to end?

    NoahGamingYt!NoahGamingYt!Dag sedan
  • I have witnessed history. I HAVE JUST WITNESSED HISTO-

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  • thank you luis :p POG

    Isabella WestIsabella WestDag sedan
  • I really really hate Tommy he is idiot Who more you like Dream or Tommy

    *Tony & Teny Gaming**Tony & Teny Gaming*Dag sedan
  • Now i know who's the reason why L'manberg got destroyed its because your the reason why L'manberg got destroyed Im sorry for the comment but its true you started the SMP WAR

    Freya Kryztah LopeFreya Kryztah LopeDag sedan
  • "wElL tHaT wAs GaY" felt that.

    Isabella WestIsabella West2 dagar sedan
  • Dream Smp War 1: The Rise of L'manberg.

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  • 1:15:03 "Meet Him Inside"

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  • Stop breathing

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  • This should be an actual movie on Netflix

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  • OMG this is the birth of L'manburg

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  • 1:00:14

    swaggy bestyswaggy besty4 dagar sedan
  • 1:14

    swaggy bestyswaggy besty4 dagar sedan
  • 53:49

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  • 1:01:28 have a carrot pls calm your self

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  • parabens, você encontrou um brasileiro :) sim, eu sei que vc não ta entendendo nada que eles dissem pois você é brasileiro e não entende inglês

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  • From stealing disc to a new empire

    je kkr vaderje kkr vader5 dagar sedan
  • I love the mario music

    je kkr vaderje kkr vader5 dagar sedan
  • 2:34 Tommy kill dream with a DIAMOND SWORD Tommy: happy noises

    Receio que simReceio que sim6 dagar sedan
  • Watched this literally 6 times. Love it lmao. I remember when I joined the dream smp community at the beginning at the school year.

    Eejay GuinnEejay Guinn6 dagar sedan
  • This was so emotional 😞👊

    DefinitelynotabotDefinitelynotabot6 dagar sedan
  • well, i was alive during this historical war. that is all i'll say

    Andrew ShervillAndrew Shervill7 dagar sedan
  • Somebody should really make a book on the Smp. I will gladly read it.

    Nickies life of gamingNickies life of gaming7 dagar sedan
  • “Well that was gay” Me to myself anytime I lose the ability to speak because a pretty girl smiled at me

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  • “Destroyer of wo-“

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  • Please do correct me if I’m wrong, but if Tommy didn’t join the server, the dream smp would be the dream smp it is today! *_tOmMy sTaRtEd iT aLl_*

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  • All he had to do was say sorry and he would have got his discs

    Joy linnellJoy linnell10 dagar sedan
  • I was alive during this....

    TJ StudiosTJ Studios10 dagar sedan
  • hell yah

    - _Eli_the_stxpid_ -- _Eli_the_stxpid_ -10 dagar sedan
  • Tommy used to be a bitch but now he gave his discs for L'Manberg independence

    williamwilliam11 dagar sedan
  • Amén.

    Sweet StrxberriesSweet Strxberries11 dagar sedan
  • :Dream is the best player in minecraft :me cough technoblade

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  • thank you for this

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  • Don’t mind me just setting a time stamp for when I come back 15:28

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  • Wow what a war

    Janna GarnerJanna Garner12 dagar sedan
  • Is anyone else here from that website

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  • can someone please tell me what song tommy was listening to at 1:34:37 its been in my head for a long time and i need help :')))

    Marie SingsonMarie Singson12 dagar sedan
    • @Hubert Szulc OMG thankyuu so muchh :)))

      Marie SingsonMarie Singson12 dagar sedan
    • "fallen kingdom" by CaptainSparklez

      Hubert SzulcHubert Szulc12 dagar sedan
  • i was here

    Madelyn SteinourMadelyn Steinour12 dagar sedan
  • Why is it that everyone Tommy has teamed up with has also been his enemy at one point in time

    Someone_randomSomeone_random13 dagar sedan

    Morag McCarthyMorag McCarthy13 dagar sedan
  • I was here since it started and oh my god how shit changed terribly

    Sakurra :]Sakurra :]13 dagar sedan
  • Some one make an animation of it and try to get it on a movie program

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  • Mythical goat

    Dakota ChantDakota Chant14 dagar sedan
  • Yea dream i will always be on your side

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  • im commenting to prove i was here during this historic event

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  • This went from a mc smp to a intense rp

    Raluca RacaruRaluca Racaru14 dagar sedan
  • I’m rewatching all the lore

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  • Do I shoot him will or do I aim for the sky’s Damn that’s deep Tommy

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  • Hamilton but better = dream smp

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  • this has been kind of sad

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  • This was the video that got me interested in the server 😢

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  • 1:02:14 im unsubing just for that u little piece of shit

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  • tommy = more annoying than me me:how is that possible im 15 and like i annoy every day all but with weekend breaks sometimes bt ligit tommy is annoying

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  • Tommy kinda fucked up

    Maisy LipmanMaisy Lipman18 dagar sedan
  • Why did i end up crying?

    elixirgrqveelixirgrqve19 dagar sedan
  • my kids: mom did you live during a war? me: yes my dear it twas a very sad time

    Evelyn DybasEvelyn Dybas20 dagar sedan
  • "Well that was gay"

    Fanta UwUFanta UwU20 dagar sedan
  • POV:its alysaas and ponks fault for killing them in the first place

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  • Just leaving this here 1:47:52

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  • 31:43 XDDDDD

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  • Tommy said to subscribe so i did

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  • How to hide a disc Step1:hide it under lava or the sky

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  • This is great for my friend that is new to the dsmp community :D

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    • I mean that is new to watching the dsmp 😅

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  • Hello

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  • Well that was gay

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  • This hit different

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  • omg I would just listen closer to Mellohi and keep listening. I wouldn’t even start the war, I just love Mellohi. such a good song :>

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  • Tommy: IM THE BEST PVPER IN THIS SERVER (Awhile later) TechnoBlade: So you have chosen...Death?

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  • I am late to the show, but somebody knows where I can watch the first great war from dream's pov?

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  • yes.

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  • which war is this? is it the disc war saga?

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  • Back when they could do lore more then once a fortnight until 2 big lore streams every 2 months

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  • I cried so much during this.

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  • Is it just me or tommy said my tubbo-

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  • Tubbo:"Well that was gay-" Tommy:

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  • Tommy: *to Wilbur* good news and bad news. I got you a woman. Bad news, she's american Wilbur: *dies from laughter*

    Heaven JordanHeaven Jordan27 dagar sedan
  • Wait was there a netherite of the first war?

    Tyronsus RektTyronsus Rekt28 dagar sedan
  • 1:57:23

    Ruth BrightRuth Bright29 dagar sedan
  • Because there are many Dream and Thecnoblade fans who do not know English and wanted a caption a lot and I wanted to do it for all of them.

    Enzo CruzEnzo CruzMånad sedan
  • I wanted to be able to translate this video to Portuguese, could you make the roterio available for me to do the translation?

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  • I was listening to this while in the ravine fight part seworld.info/will/mZesqc2trHaInn0/video

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  • Why don’t they just make a disc farm? 😐 they’re not that hard to build

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  • That war was far from over

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  • Pepe

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  • guys can i ask way tommyinit say to wilbeur that i got a woman but its american?

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  • Dreams the be... technoblade walks in

  • When you haven't watched anything and need to start: (edit: Wilber be flirting with Dream. Poor George.) (edit2: Tommy: That's not part of the script.)

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  • Dang... Is that L'manburg 🥺

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  • if i were dream i would just ban the bc they are so annoying

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  • 2:31 Tommy: killed Dream Also Tommy: take 1243567890 screenshots

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