Disaster at The Manberg Festival (Dream's SMP)

16 okt 2020
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Manberg holds a festival and celebrates the beginning of their new town!
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  • Anybody else notice how Sam killed Schlatt a few times?-

    Sleepy and MoonSleepy and MoonDag sedan
  • Can someone give me a time stamp when SPOILER tubbo dies

    L’ EditsL’ Edits2 dagar sedan
  • Technoblade: *Epic line* "Pink sus"

    ZaTt 408ZaTt 4085 dagar sedan
  • badboyhalo was probably screaming language

    GhostburGhostbur5 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt: ö it's 4pm Me: *checks actual time, even though this is a vod*

    RGB InfiniteRGB Infinite12 dagar sedan
  • How Tubbo said those Blast Protection boots would come in handy...

    Jillian AdamsJillian Adams21 dag sedan
  • 1:03:57 Tubbo could have survived that and then techno just hits Jschlat and Quackity with a sword, they will be one shoted and then they will escape together but I can't blame them because they make the story and it's better than what I make so yeah

    Flame DestroyerFlame Destroyer27 dagar sedan
  • 0:15 (personal time stamp)

    the honest onethe honest one29 dagar sedan
  • Lmfao hearing them talk about the ten dollar budget. 😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    Bernie PeterBernie PeterMånad sedan
  • Rewatching this after todays plot points.

    blue_brainsblue_brainsMånad sedan
  • watching this afterwards you can tell that schlatt is up to something the entire time.

    WallWallMånad sedan
  • I think quackity broke the button are just completly filled wilburs room to blow up l'manburg when he said he would look around to make sure everything was safe.

    AddisonAddisonMånad sedan
  • *“wilbur said he wasn’t gonna hurt me...”* ow okay

    kinda too gay for thiskinda too gay for thisMånad sedan
  • 23:31 Looking back at the VOD Quackity mentions concrete which is what him and Schlatt trapped Tubbo in

    Ava FreyAva FreyMånad sedan
  • 2:00 10 cigarettes in 30 seconds. GoOd LuCk BeAtInG tHaT

    Laetitia Van HeckeLaetitia Van HeckeMånad sedan
  • Al techno did was confuse people

    MapleDragonMapleDragonMånad sedan
  • It's so innocent how tubbo just forgives techno :>

    CateletamaCateletamaMånad sedan
  • Poor tubbo!

    lykoi kittylykoi kittyMånad sedan
  • I love how everyone takes the role play so seriously but dream and techno are just like "ok well anyway how do we blow some shi* up?"

    Jaden LukensJaden Lukens2 månader sedan
  • Everytime I hear 58:21 and 1:05:34 it reminds me of scenes in The Fall, because in this stream, it just sounds like Tubbo doing really good voice acting, but in The Fall animatic, it sounds like Tubbo's actually crying- and it makes me wanna cry- (Link: seworld.info/will/o5q9sZmbaqVzyZc/video)

    MeowdieRoseMeowdieRose2 månader sedan
  • I watch the part1

    Banjo dolienteBanjo doliente2 månader sedan
  • Tommy: Tubbo, be safe. Tubbo: Okay. *jumps off building*

    Brote McABrote McA2 månader sedan

    Brote McABrote McA2 månader sedan
  • Jschlatt makes me bust a lung

    Pharah RosePharah Rose2 månader sedan
  • I’m like:o_0 when techno killed Tubbo but then I’m like this:

    Raven AnnRaven Ann2 månader sedan
  • Tubbo worked so hard on this

    V.VV.V2 månader sedan
    • Tommy and Wilbur are so obvious over there, they should’ve found a different hiding place

      V.VV.V2 månader sedan
    • This video just proves that Tubbo should be president

      V.VV.V2 månader sedan
    • Wilbur only needed to watch this to see Schlatt’s one weakness; he will immediately drown if placed in water. If Wilbur wants to defeat Schlatt and take back L’manburg, he should just bring him to the ocean.

      V.VV.V2 månader sedan
  • I love that Tommy was like “where’s that button” after Techno killed Tubbo. Friendship at its best!

    Pluto PupPluto Pup2 månader sedan
  • The fact that I knew Schlatt from the Anime voice camp thing. :)

    NiNiNicolettaNiNiNicoletta2 månader sedan
  • i love how everyone was calling him a traitor them literally loves him again after they find out hes working with innit and soot- oh yea i forgot to say some of the fans of Tubbo told Jshlatt about Tubbo tommy and Wilbur making a deal.

    KiraWolf MspKiraWolf Msp2 månader sedan
  • 3 mill 1:18:39

    Karina GKarina G2 månader sedan
  • 1:09:01 Chlat says do I look like a bad guy? ........... Me: You look like voldumort............... Also Me: Yes absolutely, very much, very bad and Donald trumpive.

    Hehe LOLHehe LOL2 månader sedan
    • @Hehe LOL it’s ok I never seen Harry Potter

      Valdesparis :DValdesparis :D2 månader sedan
    • @Valdesparis :D oh sorry no offence, actually I might enjoy voldumort giving a speech but I won't enjoy if it was chlatt

      Hehe LOLHehe LOL2 månader sedan
    • my second nick name is voldemort :D

      Valdesparis :DValdesparis :D2 månader sedan
  • I love that tommy cares sm as his friend, I want that

    Hails .-.Hails .-.2 månader sedan
  • I love how everyone is (kind of) joking around and then there is Tommy who is PISSED

    Skyler Cheng-ChapmanSkyler Cheng-Chapman2 månader sedan
  • Wilbur is nagito in chap. 5

    Johnny ThunderJohnny Thunder2 månader sedan
  • i want to be tubbo's friend. he's so nice to everyone and he cares so much about what others think. ☺️

    Armin_ArmOutArmin_ArmOut2 månader sedan
  • wait is this the stream where bathtub fucking dies

    Circus_ StarCircus_ Star2 månader sedan
  • So- this is a purge

    Kat now dieKat now die2 månader sedan
  • The three youngest people on the server are together now. Wonder how they’re gonna take back L’Manberg....

    Isabelle OYRIsabelle OYR2 månader sedan
  • This tubbo-tommy friendship is so wholesome

    Willy The Travelling MerchantWilly The Travelling Merchant2 månader sedan
  • "In the final night, I was led to my demise. Trust a comrade, fell into my death hole." "Eyes on enemy sides, I thought I was far from my demise. Can't believe what I adorned was my death hole."

    Rachelle ReddRachelle Redd2 månader sedan
  • Tubbo get a new set headphones

    Naeimr Gamer NGNaeimr Gamer NG2 månader sedan
  • The worst part is that it looked so promising that Techno wouldn't kill Tubbo but he does

    Uravitynumber1Uravitynumber12 månader sedan
  • Near the beginning when shlatt is testing his mic you can see quackity go where you could assume is to break the button

  • Tubbo= He's is CRAZYYY Me=Yes,Wilbur it is Crazy

    Lin JiayiLin Jiayi2 månader sedan
  • Wilber and techno have gone insane I just think if I was you I would pack all my things and move to a different location from them you tommy and nihchu

    Melissa PoindexterMelissa Poindexter2 månader sedan
  • So you’re telling me: Techno killed Tubbo, Wilbur is turning crazy, tommyinnit is craving techno blood and niki joined the squad?

    rosa canonicatorosa canonicato2 månader sedan
  • 6:20 I don't think anything actually happened at this time but I need to remember where I left to go watch Hentai

    MoonFire ShotzMoonFire Shotz2 månader sedan
  • *Tommy is casually walking on the top of the building* *Me:* It's not noticable *at all!*

    Krisztián MuzsekKrisztián Muzsek2 månader sedan
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Chat at the end: jshlatt was slain by awesomedude Me: 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

    Auberry_ strawberryAuberry_ strawberry2 månader sedan
  • if i could stop getting ads from literally my least favorite politician every time i try to watch a video i’d like that

    Not TodayNot Today2 månader sedan
  • anybody else going "awww, tubbo!" when tubbo called an umbrella a 'brollie'

    Azaliah RamosAzaliah Ramos2 månader sedan
  • “I love democracy”

    Brownie the Boba :3Brownie the Boba :32 månader sedan
  • I want to make a whole movie about this you think I can? It would take years yes but does it look like I have a life? The answer is no I will make a 30 minute animatic of this whole storyline and all I need is the gang to redo some of the lines that are spoken over by everyone else / said in the wrong tone. I will start with the music disk war and go all the way through the destruction of manberg.

    Dragon GamingDragon Gaming2 månader sedan
  • I love how Tommy is like tubbos big brother, he wants to push the button to get revenge for Tubbo he cares about tubbo so much

    Naveyah LemmonNaveyah Lemmon2 månader sedan
  • Why does niki sound like she’s crying when Tubbo was caged

    Veasna ChannVeasna Chann2 månader sedan
  • Why did sushibae host MA freeend(tubbo)

    Mizaan SwartzMizaan Swartz2 månader sedan
  • It’s so cute how Nihachu, Tommy, and Tubbo are deciding to stick together and they are all my comfort streamers 🥰

    shobaishobai2 månader sedan
  • This is the 900th comment

    Alyson DiPesaAlyson DiPesa2 månader sedan
  • Techno seems to have misunderstood the order to kill Tubbo. Instead of killing Tubbo, He kills everyone!

    Liam WallsLiam Walls2 månader sedan
  • why doesn't tubbo have more subs?

    Julia RaganJulia Ragan2 månader sedan
  • Wow A lot of stuff just went down

    the plaguethe plague2 månader sedan
  • I’m *speachless*-

    Bumble BeeBumble Bee2 månader sedan
  • Run away with tommy just run away from all of it poggtopia manburg Wilbur all of it. Listen to tommy you have to go

    That HumanThat Human2 månader sedan
  • i watch all these and all i can think is "poor fundy" hahaha

    jordan dixonjordan dixon2 månader sedan
  • POV : you came here from Wlbur’s channel

  • Ok my biggest question now seeing tubbos POV of the festival how the flip did no one see tommy and wilbur on that roof. Like I know bbh and a few others did but I mean schlatt and quackity. Tommy and wilbur weren't even that hidden a few times. 🤣

    LucidaLucida2 månader sedan
  • Love how this started as a war about some music disks and the old L’Manburg didn’t like dream’s leading

    StarFoxStarFox2 månader sedan
  • Everyone: shouting and running Techno: sub to technobladeeeeeee

    a human gamesa human games2 månader sedan
  • did big Q and jschlatt notice tommy and will? bc it was soo easy to just see they're heads popping up and down

    Sondos AlbreikiSondos Albreiki2 månader sedan
  • Are we going to ignore that everyone on the server went insane except for 3 people after a singular event

    Vivid scrubbyVivid scrubby2 månader sedan
  • The place he adorned was his death hole.

    DeathDeath2 månader sedan
  • L'manberg not manberg

    Lance Peter TamayoLance Peter Tamayo2 månader sedan
  • should've pushed wilbur into the pit ngl👀(I know it's roleplay)

    CupidxcoreCupidxcore2 månader sedan
  • "Tell him how much you hate him!" "Well yeah I was pretty surprised! :)"

    CupidxcoreCupidxcore2 månader sedan
  • I like how BadboyHalo didn’t talk at all and he didn’t say language at all

    Kokichi OmaKokichi Oma2 månader sedan
    • @Wall yeah

      Kokichi OmaKokichi OmaMånad sedan
    • I think he was probably scared.

      WallWallMånad sedan
  • 56:38 the zombie bro bruhhh

    MysticMystic2 månader sedan
  • If you think about it, tubo is the best person to be in the smp. He has some connection with everyone, and has no enemies

    Matthew LolsMatthew Lols2 månader sedan
  • Can't believe techno killed you :(

    tdorseytdorsey3 månader sedan
  • I love how you can see wilbur and tommy during the speech

    Andrew BettsAndrew Betts3 månader sedan
  • This SMP is goin' crazy!!

    ADAM QaryADAM Qary3 månader sedan
  • i don’t think schlatt can swim

    ・ Riley_MT ・・ Riley_MT ・3 månader sedan
  • The ending, it was pretty awesome. Meanwhile Technoblade: "Blood for the blood god" and Wilbur is like Anarchy and haos is cool, can I be bad guy too, Techno- yes, sure!

    Person Man ManPerson Man Man3 månader sedan
  • hi n indonesia?

    asnina Brbuasnina Brbu3 månader sedan
  • I have the sudden urge to subscribe to technoblade after this

    MayytyMayyty3 månader sedan
  • Wooooooooowwww, techno.

    LUKE CORTEZLUKE CORTEZ3 månader sedan
  • ‘It’s just a stream of oxygen’ b i o l o g y

    Tu 991Tu 9913 månader sedan
  • Didn't it kind of sound like Wilbur was bullying Tommy

    Abbie CokerAbbie Coker3 månader sedan
  • m.seworld.info/will/m22buJu5j6lonZ8/video

    Trisyn ZhengTrisyn Zheng3 månader sedan
  • Turbo Niki need you

    Trisyn ZhengTrisyn Zheng3 månader sedan

    Kawaii VioletteKawaii Violette3 månader sedan
  • "someone said 'jschlatt sus' and he got elected" BRUH

    Wiktor NowickiWiktor Nowicki3 månader sedan
  • ``Tubbo give me my- oh frik i killed him``

    Perfect FlawsPerfect Flaws3 månader sedan
  • Oh man I watched this live. I insta knew twitter was gonna go angsty for a few weeks on #TubboFanart.

    CAPTAINCAPTAIN3 månader sedan
  • remember when tubbo in a box was a happy thing

    SamSam3 månader sedan
  • Technoblade is like this awesome comic relief character who brakes the fourth wall

    Blue BerryBlue Berry3 månader sedan
  • I loveeeeeee your vids tubbo you dream SAPnap are my faw youtubers

    ñøţ møõņ ťhē ŗāţñøţ møõņ ťhē ŗāţ3 månader sedan
  • World war 3

    FleurrKitsuneFleurrKitsune3 månader sedan
  • The Manberg massacre is the most funniest and craziest shit ever

    Dip ShitDip Shit3 månader sedan
  • this server is just a bunch of theatre kids and techno

    victoria bonivictoria boni3 månader sedan
  • im not a big fan of this "war," it just seems to roleplay-ish and just not realistic, i wish it was more like the dream smp vs l'manberg war, because it was still roleplay but it didn't seem like the whole thing was scripted like eret betraying, of course it was planned, but the reactions seemed real. now techno gives tommy and wilbur a perfect time to attack but instead wilbur goes "crazy" and tommy gets mad at techno for "betraying." yeah ik its for entertainment but to me its a bit cringe, i like the streams and videos but i hate how scripted each stream feels

    CadenTheTrollMasterCadenTheTrollMaster3 månader sedan