Road Rage USA & Canada | Bad Drivers, Hit and Run, Brake check, Instant Karma, Car Crash | New 2021

12 jan 2021
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1. Justin P - --- A couple clips ( Fenton, MO )
2. That Riki Thing - --- Instant Karma Tailgating a wrong car ( Calgary, Alberta )
3. sunrunnerpei - --- Dashcam 2020-08-29 Near head on in NB ( New Brunswick )
4. IT Works - --- Road Rage Washington ( Tacoma WA )
5. Drivers of Houston - --- Houston - 290 Bad Lexus driver. Almost passed cop. ( Houston Texas )
6. insane kirby - --- Road rage idiot gets fined (story in description) ( )
7. JTArndt - --- Wrong Way Driver ( Raleigh, NC )
8. Kha Sok - --- Instant Karma ( San Francisco California )
9. Jack and Violet - --- Transformer explosion and I hit downed powerline ( Riverside, TX )
10. sunrunnerpei - --- Dashcam - 2019-07-07 Rear-ended by Cadillac CTS ( Middleton, PEI )
11. Oliver the Tat - --- Oliver's Travels: White Audi Accident (Original) ( Brampton / Greater Toronto Area )
12. corruptwraith - --- JAN 02, 2021 Car crash on i-495 ( on I-495, Maryland )
13. Jordan Neff - --- ( Mount Brydges, Ontario )
14. James F - --- ( on I-480 in Maple Heights, OH )

  • 7:32 beee!

    Logan brentLogan brent2 timmar sedan
  • 1:58 the light you have on the hood is not legal for on road use, and has to be covered when on road.

    Arthur HardyArthur Hardy18 timmar sedan
  • I don’t agree with the highbeaming incident and the gun draw, but it was great to see regardless. You can bet those pieces of trash will think twice before pulling that crap again. Almost getting mowed down and having a gun drawn on em: ooof. Soiled underwear

    Go ClunkerGo Clunker22 timmar sedan
  • 4 - So fuckin' lucky those two Irish guys didn't shoot you, or you get charged with brandishing a weapon! Pull over, pull a gun on them, then turn your back on them? Over brights? You should NOT have a gun!

    Venus FlytrapVenus Flytrap23 timmar sedan
  • I just love how folks always state that this person or that person cut them off. Look folks if you do not have to slam on your brakes you were not cut off.

    Steve HarthunSteve HarthunDag sedan
  • If you can learn anything from this video, don't tailgate a black ford explorer, or chevy impala

    ChmenicalChmenicalDag sedan
  • 1:31 - IT Works - So glad I live in a CIVILISED country that regulates access to lethal weaponry

    CaptainllamaCaptainllamaDag sedan
  • The guy that ran over the debris was TAILGATING. I hope his insurance denied any claim.

    Kenneth W. EdwardsKenneth W. EdwardsDag sedan
  • Changing your mind would mean to unsub though.

    Krezal SkogKrezal SkogDag sedan
  • When you jump out of a car to confront someone, you don't know what state of mine the other person is. Those two are lucky he didn't empty the clip on them and then just drive away.

    Josh BrobudJosh BrobudDag sedan
  • That guy was looking for any excuse to use his gun it seems

    Austin GilcherAustin GilcherDag sedan
  • Whiner

    Carl SchroederCarl SchroederDag sedan
  • The clip with the high beams oh man where do I start. You have kids in the car and instead of just letting them go on the way you decide to put your brights on. Then you almost run over the guy instead going to the left. Then you park with the truck on and run towards the guys not knowing if that was a trap to kidnap the kids. Then you pull your gun out and run towards them. Are you serious, if that was my hubby I would’ve screamed at him and told him that’s not how you should teach our kids.

    ellengabelellengabelDag sedan
  • Hey tacoma stop high beaming cars!

    Reel ManReel ManDag sedan
  • 1:18 Anyone have subtitles for this girl? 🤣

    R KR KDag sedan
  • 7:49 i notice NCT 127 cherry bomb, also always stop on a stop sign when there's on coming cars

    Chibi JanChibi JanDag sedan
  • NAH, @2:45 i see three idiots.😣

    Bones 65Bones 652 dagar sedan
  • Number 4- Are you fucking kidding me? YOU HAD KIDS IN THE CAR AND DECIDED TO TRY TO GET KILLED?!?! I swear, get off the fucking road if you can't learn to DRIVE AWAY.

    WolfoftheFrost&FlamesWolfoftheFrost&Flames2 dagar sedan
  • First video,"it's not his fault he can't read"🤣🤣🤣

    Heather PriceHeather Price2 dagar sedan
  • While I'm all for carrying a firearm, that guy that decided to stop and pull his out needs to have it taken from him. He could have driven away after the car pulled over. He decided to get out and take things to the next level. What if those guys also had guns,? You said you had kids in the car and this is the choice you make? You're a bad dad for that one.

    krak_a_lakkrak_a_lak2 dagar sedan
  • Those Canadians are indeed quite nice and polite LOL

    Patrick XPatrick X2 dagar sedan
  • That Rise Against though. Best thing in this video.

    FiddlesticksFiddlesticks2 dagar sedan
  • in Tacoma, everyones strapped, heck, you see that grandma that just came outta Fred Meyer, she packing .45

    Jay YangJay Yang2 dagar sedan
  • #8 4:47 a yellow strobe gives NO vehicle any rights that other drivers have. their purpose is to warn of some danger, usually humans coming out of the far side into traffic. anyone can get one.

    Dashchasm WreckspertDashchasm Wreckspert2 dagar sedan
  • Maybe next time don't jump out of a car when you were in the wrong intentionally. It's like showing your life is worthless and noone can feel remorse for you

    James OleloJames Olelo2 dagar sedan
  • 2:47 That's the most gangster move I have ever seen... I loved it....

    Soham KhandveSoham Khandve2 dagar sedan
  • What I learned from watching this video - Americans can't drive. What I learned from reading the comments on this video - Americans can't spell to save themselves...

    Andrew CranAndrew Cran2 dagar sedan
  • 7:30 This was too funny. It's always hilarious watching the morons possibly kill themselves from sheer stupidity. 😂

    TheNuckinFoobTheNuckinFoob2 dagar sedan
  • 5:11 Maybe if you weren't gawking at the power pole or even noticed everyone else STOPPED you would've noticed a power line across the road. This episode should be titled "moron cammers."

    TheNuckinFoobTheNuckinFoob2 dagar sedan
  • #5. Go figure.

    Summit 1234Summit 12342 dagar sedan
  • insane kirby posts his clip with no sound, like no one will know that the preceding couple minutes of video would indicate he instigated something here.

    jeepnutnhjeepnutnh2 dagar sedan
  • 3:05 so let me get this straight, they be stupid and you be even more so? First you high beam them (you expected them to take that after their actions?), then you follow up by using your vehicle as a weapon to a person who appears to be unarmed, and finally you charge at them with your own gun clearly displaying intent to cause harm to them. Surprised the police haven't used this video against you...

    Egg-RollEgg-Roll2 dagar sedan
  • Black people stop being so angry because your black. Don't blame people blame god.

    American PatriotAmerican Patriot2 dagar sedan
  • My man standing his ground and not taking a life. Even though they're insects

    Ramba RalRamba Ral2 dagar sedan
  • 1:30 Stating it for all the world to know: I have no problem with how you handled that. I can’t stand when the aggressor plays the victim. Maybe they’ll thing twice about pulling that crap again.

    Dave OlsonDave Olson3 dagar sedan
  • @5:05 changing lanes in an intersection, without signalling, cutting off another vehicle and all in front of a cop.... Its like quickest and tiniest little action to get a handful of citations lol

    Jon WilliamsJon Williams3 dagar sedan
  • I could have driven off but I had my kids in the car so I did what any sane person would do... swerved to hit a pedestrian with my truck then pull over and instigate a gun fight MURICA!

    Jon WilliamsJon Williams3 dagar sedan
  • 2:47.... The best idea would be to keep driving. Now if the offending vehicle tried to force the truck driver to stop, that would have been a different story. I can't blame him for drawing down on these two punks (and thereby teaching them a BIG lesson), but it would not have been viewed in a favorable light by the local D.A. Thankfully, nothing happened.

    Mike SenseiMike Sensei3 dagar sedan
  • Ya gotta love it. Cops camp the passing lane then pull you over when you get frustrated about a lane camper...

    Tyler BecknerTyler Beckner3 dagar sedan
  • Take a careful look at those in the silver car - what else do you expect - you were stupid flashing YOUR lights.

    W TrolleybusW Trolleybus3 dagar sedan
  • The intro sounds like team fortress 2 engineer

    BON3ZBON3Z3 dagar sedan
  • HAD to be a smartass kid in the vehicle tailgaiting the black SUV.

    Christi BaldridgeChristi Baldridge3 dagar sedan
  • 3:00 Guns are supposed to be a last resort. You're not supposed to stop your vehicle and then pursue others. That's not self-defense.

    Robert ScheschukRobert Scheschuk3 dagar sedan
  • 7:59 next time don't tailgate

    Roman BortnykRoman Bortnyk3 dagar sedan
    • Guarantee the lesson didn't get learned.

      jeepnutnhjeepnutnh2 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know what side mirrors are for, I mean seriously.

    Bernie ByldaBernie Bylda3 dagar sedan
  • These Cammers turn on Bright Lites, honk horns for 20 seconds and run up on car that cut them off or passed them and then think they are 100% in the right

    FIRST SGTFIRST SGT3 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos

    Kailey JohnsonKailey Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • 2:25 Fuck Yeah! LOL

    AZCobramanAZCobraman3 dagar sedan
  • 2:49 did he point a gun at them?

    Dakota AultmanDakota Aultman3 dagar sedan
  • 5:08 Am I the only one that think the 3 people walking same direction of the traffic in the rain is an extremely horrible idea?

    Alex MAlex M3 dagar sedan
  • Are we censoring the word IDIOT now?

    Alex MAlex M3 dagar sedan
  • 7:32 you don't even stop to check if he/she is alright? What a tool.

    YannYann3 dagar sedan

    bd gang funny videobd gang funny video3 dagar sedan
  • 7:30 hey that’s my state! And one of the highways close to me! I’m glad theres one from my state!

    The Dark GamerThe Dark Gamer3 dagar sedan
  • 4:30 another one of Turdeaus buddies I see.

    John MacKinnonJohn MacKinnon3 dagar sedan
  • #4 - 1:33 - The cammer is the one that is completely in the wrong and would (should) have been going to jail if anything happened. HE escalated with his high beams, HE swerved his car towards the person on foot, and HE pulled the gun on other people.

    OrxenhorfOrxenhorf3 dagar sedan
  • 4:44 Rx8? ;)

    Morten NielsenMorten Nielsen3 dagar sedan
  • Why do people choose to stay after people get out their car? Just leave!

    Sam LungSam Lung3 dagar sedan
  • 2:15 cammer should be arrested

    MrMacDarraMrMacDarra3 dagar sedan
  • Come cammer swerved and then pulled a gun..while his kids are in the car...another got rear ended ...sounded perfect fine while asking for insurance info..but then magically he has whiplash and back problems...but the biggest dickdrip was the dude who saw the accident..recorded it..but said hell and drove by with out stopping to make sure the person was so damn confused why people are so damn messed up....did they forget the meds they are on

    Carl MillerCarl Miller3 dagar sedan
  • WOW, YOU GOT TOOK $8,500?! Whoever fixed your vehicle, RIPPED YOU OFF BLIND! There’s NO DAMAGE?!?? Unless he bent the entire frame of the Vehicle 🤔🤢🙄, but then THAT WOULD BE A RIGHT-OFF! 🤷‍♂️ Are You sure you didn’t POCKET the money ?💰😱😁

    Glory BelieveGlory Believe3 dagar sedan
  • Love the gun guy sticking up for his family

    Anthony TabbalAnthony Tabbal3 dagar sedan
  • I hate people that go crazy at their own medicine..than act gangster with kids in a car..very traumatic kids seeing violence

    Anthony TabbalAnthony Tabbal3 dagar sedan
  • Police are the most dangerous on the road

    Anthony TabbalAnthony Tabbal3 dagar sedan
  • I love these videos!😂

    Wally PrichardWally Prichard3 dagar sedan
  • The kids that got out of the car can’t be tough if you’re run over...Fools become dangerous fools when they get behind a few thousands pounds on wheels..driving is a privilege...NOT a show of’s getting from A to B...You’re never more because of what you drive..,O, How fast you go or how much you put others at risk by your idiotic driving....If you think you are..PLEASE...Get therapy

    Aaron ObryanAaron Obryan3 dagar sedan
  • what a country, carrying a gun in truck to start with. OK thats your right over there so up to you. But you have kids in your truck, those dudes in the car where total dicks but to pull over and pull your gun thats mad. Just drive by and go home and try to de-escalate the situation and get your kids home safe. Pulling over and confronting them with a gun thats just idiotic in any ones books. Is this really the first reactions of Americans now, pull out a gun in all situations of conflict?

    Paul KPaul K3 dagar sedan
  • Waste of time.

  • Boring

    Big RickBig Rick3 dagar sedan
  • 3:00 I am from Germany and have a question. If this was a black man, could he have shot him legally?

    ToSa 252ToSa 2523 dagar sedan
  • That guy with a gun while he other driver was acting like an asshole finds out don't mess with me.

    Shaul JonahShaul Jonah3 dagar sedan
  • Don't bitch bout people not subbing

    Pug RitoPug Rito3 dagar sedan
  • so with kids in your car you make such moves, almost running someone over and pulling the gun? What a great dad you are!

    EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response VideosEnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos3 dagar sedan
    • Team em young! I'm joking though

      Midget ArmyMidget Army2 dagar sedan
  • How is the guy that hit the power line alive holy shit he is lucky

    Tanner VanpeltTanner Vanpelt3 dagar sedan
  • 0:35 Yo that is a Murano Cross-Cabriolet! It’s the ugliest and one of the only SUV-convertibles that exist. They’re kinda rare with only like 4,000 produced

    Golden GodGolden God3 dagar sedan
  • I have to question why a guy that says he had "kids in the car" would exit his vehicle with a handgun to confront a jackass over a road rage situation. A piss poor example for the children and needlessly placed them in harm's way. Doubtful he was actually planning on killing the guy in front of the children, and his weapons misconduct could have either gotten him shot or arrested. I think that's the kind of ignorance that gives responsible firearms owners a bad name.

    Arizona PapaArizona Papa3 dagar sedan
  • 1:30 dude driving the truck was looking for trouble. If you look back, the car behind him never flashed his high beams. It simply went around him. This seemed to bother the truck driver and he was the one who flashed him with his light bar (which are only for offroad use). He then tries to run over the guy that gets out?? To make things worse he pulls a gun on them. . . All while having 'kids in the car'. Just keep driving and stop looking for trouble. You put yourself and your kids at risk because of your ego.

    hustler539hustler5393 dagar sedan
  • 04:12 Window down pepper spray out.

    Benutzer KontoBenutzer Konto3 dagar sedan
  • 2:50 Oh look at him use his gun for defense! You betcha. He could've easily just continued on, as most everybody else would, but NO, he decided to 'teach 'em a lesson'. That would never have happened if he didn't have a pistol. More evidence that guns just act as dick extenders for most of these people. Makes him no better than the two punks in the car.

    Glenn AllenGlenn Allen3 dagar sedan
  • 4:52 , Cammer is wrong. White truck began to change lanes WITHIN the intersection. But, he also did cut the cammer off as well.

    Woodward AndertonWoodward Anderton3 dagar sedan
  • 8:00 And this is what happens when you tailgate! 😂😂😂 Well deserved. 👍👍👍 Lesson probably not learned, but there's always next time. ✋✋✋👏👏👏

    AimanAiman3 dagar sedan
  • 7:21 Cool. Was everyone *"beyond* well"? ... 😐😐😐

    AimanAiman3 dagar sedan
  • 6:28 ??? How fast was he going???

    AimanAiman3 dagar sedan
  • 2:46 realized to late they got the wrong mfr 😂😂 he almost left his “friend” lmaoo

    Jesse BrownJesse Brown3 dagar sedan
  • 2:15..... Freakin brilliant

    Inverted 311Inverted 3113 dagar sedan
  • Hey Tacoma. Why did you flash them with your illegal off-road use only light bar? Didn’t flash and expect everything to go your way! And instead of pulling you gun out how about drive away and call the police.

    Banks TubeBanks Tube3 dagar sedan
  • This is why I don’t trust pickle eaters

    Eric LeeEric Lee3 dagar sedan
  • @2:02 Who knows what the other drivers' deal was, but the cammer escalates the situation by flashing his high beams out of anger (just let them go on their way, man) then it just gets worse from there. This is not someone who should own firearms until they've dealt with their anger management issues.

    AaronAaron3 dagar sedan
  • Remind me not to buy a Toyota Highlander.

    jaydak99jaydak993 dagar sedan
  • 2:00. Cammer’s nuts & has an itchy trigger finger. Guy didn’t do anything until Cammer’s brights were flashed FOR NO REASON. Then both parties acted like assholes.

    rgrndurgrndu3 dagar sedan
    • Dude flashed* him first.

      Midget ArmyMidget Army2 dagar sedan
  • not enough shooting

    Bunson HoneydewBunson Honeydew3 dagar sedan
  • Hey, 7:28, if you are going to go full-on batcrap, do it.

    Lance RobinsonLance Robinson3 dagar sedan
  • ok so around 2:10 someone actually sent in a video of themselves committing attempted murder. so....who does that? lol! Then he gets out of the car with a gun and chases after them?! wtf

    bassbeardifulbassbeardiful3 dagar sedan
  • Toyota suv driver very much the drama queen.

    Lance RobinsonLance Robinson3 dagar sedan
  • #8 SFPD actually doing their job with shitty drivers, a city worker no less. I'm amazed lol

    Justin C.Justin C.3 dagar sedan
  • 7:44 = non American car with crappy tires + a crappy driver

    Kyle RuzKyle Ruz3 dagar sedan
  • attempting to get in a gunfight with your kids in the car should be grounds to have them taken away from you

    ًً3 dagar sedan
  • Tbh the intro is quite annoying

    WellWell3 dagar sedan
  • Tbh the intro is quite annoying

    WellWell3 dagar sedan
  • 0:10 A man is driving to work when his wife calls him on the cell phone. She says "Honey, be careful driving to work! The news says there's a crazy guy driving on the wrong side of the freeway!" He replies "One?! There's hundreds!"

    Sean BrewerSean Brewer3 dagar sedan
    • Ahh, the Homer Simpson school of driving. I know many of its graduates.

      Henry RodgersHenry RodgersDag sedan
    • That happens. . . Guy and wife drove down the wrong side. I wonder if they wondered why all the cars were on the wrong side of the road, Then they both died, and took an innocent other out too.

      Mark SMark S3 dagar sedan