FIRST TIME WATCHING: ROGUE ONE!! (first movie of 2021)

11 jan 2021
133 226 visningar

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Original Movie: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
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  • On one hand, it's the BIGGEST crime we didn't get a Donnie Yen vs Vader fight. On the other hand, Donnie Yen is so gloriously overpowered, he clearly doesn't need a lightsaber.

    Andy CAndy C27 minuter sedan
  • Girl... you can't both include paid promotions and ruin the watching by cutting the film away like that. Watch Se7en.. Greed is a deadly sin....

    atjatj2 timmar sedan
  • If you think K2 is the sassiest droid ever, it's because he's voiced by your favorite sassiest star ship pilot Wash/Alan Tudyk.

    Paul OssouPaul Ossou3 timmar sedan
  • Cant watch reactions to Firefly and The Mandalorian and Serenity as I havent seen them and dont want to be spoiled

    DiamondDiamond3 timmar sedan
  • "He's the sassiest droid." Somebody hasn't met Chopper.

    Matt MasonMatt Mason5 timmar sedan
  • When you're watching this movie you were actually watching the yellow scrolling letters before episode 4. That's why this is the only one without scrolling letters.

    Victor BarredaVictor Barreda5 timmar sedan
  • 22:31 EARS BEWARE

    Terique FosterTerique Foster8 timmar sedan
  • The backstory of Saw Gerera is partly shown in The Clone Wars. (Should be watched before "Solo" and "The Mandalorian Season 2", because huge spoilers)

    vorlockvorlock9 timmar sedan
  • Alan Tudyk (Hoban "Wash" Washburne from Firefly) voiced K2S0!

    Thom1212Thom1212Dag sedan
  • Disney will do good with the spinoff movies. People were angry cause they screwed up the Skywalker story. Nothing technicality wrong with the new movies but the story didn't hold up to the older movies.

    VinnyVinnyDag sedan
  • One major take-away. do not go to Lord Vader with your HR complaint.

    Curien247Curien247Dag sedan
  • When you realize the rebellion's doors never malfunctioned at the end, but Vader was holding them still with the Force as he slaughtered the rebel fighters. 😅

    PKD OrionPKD OrionDag sedan
  • People don't hate the sequels because it's a new story. People hate the sequels because Disney did a piss poor job.

    Aldridge517Aldridge517Dag sedan
  • i always thought it was good they didnt kiss eachother....somehow their relationship was just perfect as it how it ended....two strong personalities hugging eachother...knowing they are about to die, but managed to finish their goal. the hug seemed to me like even more personal because....if that would happen to me, i would just want to hold someone as close as i can

    Cptn HeroCptn Hero2 dagar sedan
  • I actually didn't like Rogue One that much when it came out. Only after seeing how bad the rest of the sequel trilogy was, did I appreciate Rogue One more lol

    Szeltovivar SydroxanSzeltovivar Sydroxan2 dagar sedan
  • Natalie, It's been announced that a sequel to Rogue One will happen. It's going to be called A New Hope.

    Returning ShadowReturning Shadow2 dagar sedan
  • Natalie watching Rogue One: The plans are stolen by Leia. Me: SIGHS

    Returning ShadowReturning Shadow2 dagar sedan
  • Natalie, Ok this is the second time you've mentioned evil droids with lung problems. I am going to give you the back story on General Grievous. Many years ago there was an animated Star Wars series called the Clone Wars. However this is NOT the Dave Filoni series. This one was prior to that. At the end of that series it showed Grievous kidnapping Chancellor Palpatine on Courosant. This event as literally hours before the beginning of the movie Revenge of the Sith, hence Palpatine was locked in that chair. However, before Grievous managed to get back to his ship, Mace Windu confronted him in a brief lightsaber duel and at the end of the duel Windu did a bit of Force Crush on Grievous' chest which resulted in his chronic coughing in the movie. So there you are. Now you know why he had a chronic cough.

    Returning ShadowReturning Shadow2 dagar sedan
  • Natalie, THAT is NOT "The Dude". The Dude is in the Big Lebowski.

    Returning ShadowReturning Shadow2 dagar sedan
  • @Natalie_Gold "I'm a leaf on the wind". Alan Tudyk is K-2SO, aka the sassy robot! I love Firefly and was so happy to see you watch it (I can assure you that 15 years later I am still not okay with his death)

    Kale PendleburyKale Pendlebury2 dagar sedan
  • 14:29 I always thought they could be mistaken for lozenges/cough drops🙃

    B_G _CB_G _C3 dagar sedan
  • 16:48 Happy 90th birthday to James Earl Jones!

    EVA_Unit_4AEVA_Unit_4A3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like K2 is pretty much what R2 would be if he spoke English lol It also gives me chills to think that Darth Vader was holding that door closed in the end “Get this man a lightsaber” Watch How It Should Have Ended😏

    Geralt_Rivia7Geralt_Rivia73 dagar sedan
  • When I saw it in the cinema I was it’s okay but the last 4 minutes when Vader showed up was worth the £11.50 .

    lasarith2lasarith23 dagar sedan
  • Natalie: Are we gonna see Vader in this orrrr... Us: Only the greatest 90 seconds in Star Wars history Luke: Hold my beer

    Joe Bwan KenobiJoe Bwan Kenobi3 dagar sedan
    • Maul made it work without a Saber lol

      Jedi MandaloreJedi MandaloreDag sedan
  • We called them At- Ats back in the day, not A.T.A.T.s

    30noir30noir3 dagar sedan
  • Don't watch The Mandalorian until you've seen Clone Wars and Rebels. It will ruin the surprises and feels. Trust me. And if you love feels, you ought invest in the Clone Wars. It tends to drag at some points and seems childish in the beginning but it's done by design and the payoff at the ends of the last 3 seasons for someone who clearly loves character development like yourself will make you thank yourself for investing the time forever. You'll want to share it with your kids in the future too.

    Marc AdlerMarc Adler3 dagar sedan
  • Shiiii, Nat gettin ads already!? Girl is big time right quick and deservedly so!

    Mikell CzermendyMikell Czermendy3 dagar sedan
  • Disney did it wrong

    danmancino22danmancino223 dagar sedan
  • Yes, the gentleman who said, "I would trust her with my life" was Bail Organa, the man who adopted Leia and made her his daughter. And K2SO was played--physically as well as vocally--by Alan Tudyk, who played Wash in Firefly.

    IrishSkyeOMalleyIrishSkyeOMalley3 dagar sedan
  • Great video! And don't listen to the negative comments on the sequel trilogy. They are fine. It's a thing with some fans to hate on the most recent thing that's released. 10-20 years ago every Star Wars fan hated the prequels and now they've come around on those as well. Just watch them and make up your own mind!

    Geert van der PlasGeert van der Plas3 dagar sedan
  • Saw Gerrera has a long hard life

    Anime DudeAnime Dude3 dagar sedan
  • I am One with the Force and The Force is with Me

    Anime DudeAnime Dude3 dagar sedan
  • The thing is they had PLENTY of material to use for the sequels trilogies they just decided LOL NOPE ITS NOT CANON

    Emily CarterEmily Carter3 dagar sedan
  • I think it would have been a better movie if some of the main characters survived. My reason for this is as much as I enjoyed this movie, I find it hard to rewatch it. I had the same problem with the English Patient. Great movie, but I never need to see it again. I think a movie that leaves you with that feeling has made a fundamental and unnecessary mistake in the story. I don't think that was required to make Rouge One a great movie.

    Chris BiroChris Biro4 dagar sedan
  • 19:48 reaction was priceless haha

    Richard GRichard G4 dagar sedan
  • Just get the sequel trilogy over with, you'll be glad you did. It's SOOOO bad.

    Ben VBen V4 dagar sedan

    Ben VBen V4 dagar sedan
  • Alan Tudyk is the voice of that droid

    dardell2001dardell20014 dagar sedan
  • I've always said people should watch movies before judging them. If you go into the S.T and dislike them, then that's completely fine. But you *need* to watch them. Even if you hate them, even if it's the worst experience in your life, you need to watch them.

    Cyber Controller 16-914Cyber Controller 16-9144 dagar sedan
  • Fucck, why do you scream so fucking much? It's so obvious that you are faking your reactions

    Baldi-Wan KenobiBaldi-Wan Kenobi4 dagar sedan
  • AT-AT (All-Terrain Armored Transport) = giant 4-legged "walkers". AT-ST (All-Terrain Scout Transport) = smaller 2-legged "chicken walkers", usually dispatched for recon missions, or ahead of the big walkers during surface assaults.

    Blackie NuffBlackie Nuff4 dagar sedan
  • Yes, this is a "back in time" film ; I call it "Episode 3.9" cos it's the events right before & leading up to Episode 4, showing how the Death Star was constructed and came to be, and how the plans for the DS were stolen and into the hands of Princess Leia on Tantive IV (the small shuttle ship). The Empire is fully established, and, yes, Darth Vader is "around"... Yes, that woman in the white robes with the short red hair is Mon Mothma... you saw her in Episode 6 (Return of The Jedi), briefing the rebels before they embarked to the forest moon of Endor. Yes, that Imperial officer is Grand Moff Tarkin... you first saw him in Episode 4 (A New Hope)... he is ALL CGI in this movie (and so is Princess Leia's cameo, for that matter), cos the real actor (Peter Cushing) died many years prior (1994). Spoiler alert : characters who do not appear in A New Hope will not survive this chapter, lol. But that's like "duh", right?

    Blackie NuffBlackie Nuff4 dagar sedan
  • This movie's events happen so close to the original movie (immediately before) that it's as if it was part of the original trilogy. I call it "Episode 3.9"

    Blackie NuffBlackie Nuff4 dagar sedan
  • the planet Vader was on with the Lava was Mustafar where he lost to Obi he built a temple their and the liquid he was in was a Bacta tank its a healing liquid (sorry if i misspelled stuff)

    Bishop1151Bishop11514 dagar sedan
  • "White planes"

    Christopher CouplandChristopher Coupland4 dagar sedan
  • This was good

    blake causeyblake causey5 dagar sedan
  • Don't worry the new Star Wars mobies Solo included are fun movies. They are far better acted and written than the prequel trilogy that nearly actually hurt the careers of the stars because people that Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen couldn't Act. You'll be surprised by how the complaints are just people not hetting the fam fiction they imagined on screen. Mandalorian had none of the same toxic fandom fan fiction to overcome.

    cm1996 cgcc6152jslcm1996 cgcc6152jsl5 dagar sedan
  • The only decent Disney SW movie. After this it's all down hill.

    Jonathan S.Jonathan S.5 dagar sedan
  • Natalie when she sees Vader: "Oh no!" me: "Oh YES!"

    soyZambosoyZambo5 dagar sedan
  • Love, death and robots please

    NORKIENORKIE5 dagar sedan
  • K is voiced by Alan Tudyk, the guy playing Wash in Firefly. I've loved that guy since A Knights Tale, he is absolutly awesome

    F1rst World NomaDF1rst World NomaD5 dagar sedan
  • The only *real* problem with this movie s a star wars fan is that you knew how it ends before even watching it. There are some other stuff that's quite annoying or makes no sense but it's mostly small or rather unimportant stuff.

    F1rst World NomaDF1rst World NomaD5 dagar sedan
  • This movie is what happens precisely before A New Hope. "The plans" for the death star that Leia puts into R2-D2 in the beginning of a A New Hope are the plans being stolen in this movie. This is essentially "How we ended up here" for episode 4.

    F1rst World NomaDF1rst World NomaD5 dagar sedan
  • If you wanna see something *really* cool. Check out "Vader - Shards of the Past". A SEworld fan-made short film about Vader set in between episode 3 and 4 (same as this film) The guy who made it goes by StarwarsTheory here on SEworld. Be sure to not miss out, It's absolutly fantastic.

    F1rst World NomaDF1rst World NomaD5 dagar sedan
  • It's not bad, it has its problems but it's a good enough movie. If I saw it in the theater I wouldn't feel that I got cheated out of my money and time like with TLJ or TRoS. It's the best Disney Star Wars film by a mile and a half... Easy.

    F1rst World NomaDF1rst World NomaD5 dagar sedan
  • When my body finally dies, I want my brain waves to be implanted into a C3PO bad-ass robot!

    Robert QuintingRobert Quinting5 dagar sedan
  • 13:56 *I’m...pretty sure he’s **_physically_** incapable of running at this point.* XD

    Purple EmeraldPurple Emerald5 dagar sedan
  • Run to da Choppaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    HampireHunterHampireHunter5 dagar sedan
  • Disney trilogy sucks. Never watch it, It will be deleted from Canon anyway. (fingers crossed)

    HampireHunterHampireHunter5 dagar sedan
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    Unpleasant TruthUnpleasant Truth6 dagar sedan
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    Unpleasant TruthUnpleasant Truth6 dagar sedan
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    Unpleasant TruthUnpleasant Truth6 dagar sedan
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    Unpleasant TruthUnpleasant Truth6 dagar sedan
  • "Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed-not 'deconstructed' but destroyed." ~ Jewish Retired Harvard Professor, Noel Ignatiev

    Unpleasant TruthUnpleasant Truth6 dagar sedan
  • Have you seen The Princess Bride? If you have not seen Star Wars before, there is a chance you have not seen that. It's a classic swashbuckling adventure that has become a classic.

    cosmicorder2cosmicorder26 dagar sedan
  • Off course you liked K2, it`s Alan Tudyk from Serenity/Firefly that plays him! 😁 👍

    Rune Håkon HelmundsenRune Håkon Helmundsen6 dagar sedan
  • Watch The Green Mile, The Last Castle and Wonder.

    Charley BrownCharley Brown6 dagar sedan
  • Pls tell me the song in the beginning intro ?!!!!

    Extraordinary IguanaExtraordinary Iguana6 dagar sedan
  • Mylanta..... really Nat?!? ❤️

    Ar RanAr Ran6 dagar sedan
  • 8:49 effing about opening a sweetie wrapper and almost missing an important moment ARRRRRGGGGH!

    Paulo KubesPaulo Kubes6 dagar sedan
  • "Is that Saturn?"

    Resonant TotalityResonant Totality6 dagar sedan
  • Romancing the Stone, movie idea?

    tylertyler6 dagar sedan
  • Yeah! You already see the only one good film of the new ones (the Disney ones)!

    Evo GarcíaEvo García6 dagar sedan
  • damn, that was a great movie, when's the sequel coming out? 1977

    Snaik_gifSnaik_gif6 dagar sedan
  • Vader was merciless, doesn’t matter if u giv the plans to him, he’ll still slaughter u.

  • I mean you can defo look up the chronological order of the films so you know where in the timeline you are... 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Sector806Sector8066 dagar sedan
  • take your time on the sequel trilogy.................

    CitizenCitizen6 dagar sedan
  • the droid is the pilot from firefly Alan something

    Glaaki13Glaaki136 dagar sedan
  • You really have to watch the clone wars and rebells! Then you will really understand a lot more in Mandalorian and in this movie.

    Michael BraunerMichael Brauner7 dagar sedan
  • "I like sassy droids" **Cries in Chopper**

    Ryan GeigerRyan Geiger7 dagar sedan
  • If you want to see an old fantasy film with some of the best prosthetics ever you should watch Legend. You will now some of the actors for sure. Love your channel. Keep being awesome.

    Ryan CowgillRyan Cowgill7 dagar sedan
  • I quite enjoyed this one, but Loved Solo: A Star Wars Story. I would highly recommend it.

    artao5artao57 dagar sedan
  • This all takes place during the last season of Rebels and runs right into the beginning of episode 4.

    SilentbobSilentbob7 dagar sedan
  • If you haven't already, watch the animated series Rebels. It helps to make a bit more sense out of whats going on in Rogue One.

    SilentbobSilentbob7 dagar sedan
  • Nat: "I'm wondering where darth vader is in all this..." End Credits Scene: we got you

    Evan DaviesEvan Davies7 dagar sedan
  • Any Star Wars is good Star Wars, IMO.

    Tim O'DonnellTim O'Donnell7 dagar sedan
  • So, just for your information, Godfather part 2 is the first ever sequel to win the Best Motion Picture Award at the Oscars.... They are the only two first and second pictures to both win.. They are both based on the same book. The Third Godfather is a big drop off because it isn't based on the book nor is it directed by the same director...

    Christopher RousseauChristopher Rousseau7 dagar sedan
  • Yeah going back in time does have a bit to do with why it's good. But also cause they didnt completely ruin characters like they did to luke for example in the sequels

    AntfunnyAntfunny7 dagar sedan
  • Natalie: This doesn't make sense Everyone who's seen this movie: *nodding along slowly with big smiles waiting for that particular scene*

    Joe KaputJoe Kaput7 dagar sedan
  • I guess the most spoiler free way I can describe the controversy surrounding the sequels is they contradict each other. Expect the unexpected, like a lot.

    irreliventableirreliventable7 dagar sedan
  • Girl learn your timelines lol

    madsatyrmadsatyr7 dagar sedan
  • Watch the Siege of Mandalore arc of The Clone Wars!

    Jackal NerfJackal Nerf7 dagar sedan
  • "This is totally the same ship!" Which just makes the opening scene in A New Hope fucking _hilarious_ in retrospect. Just the sheer friggin balls Leia had to say to Vader's face that their ship was just a diplomatic envoy. You can just imagine him screaming internally "BITCH I WATCHED THIS SHIP FLY AWAY WITH THE PLANS, I WAS FIVE FEET FROM BOARDING IT MYSELF"

    AcornAnomalyAcornAnomaly7 dagar sedan
    • The things that Vader had to put up with...

      gumdeogumdeoDag sedan
  • Solo is decent really better than Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker.

    Paul SnellPaul Snell7 dagar sedan
  • Rogue One is awesome!!!!! the best Disney Star Wars film ever though I do like The Force Awakens and Solo.

    Paul SnellPaul Snell7 dagar sedan
  • It saddens me that not a lot of people ever acknowledge the death of my favorite pilot Bodhi

    SamuelTheAdeptSamuelTheAdept7 dagar sedan
  • Yeh, RO takes places right before the original movie.

    SpongeboyMeBobSpongeboyMeBob8 dagar sedan
  • When she started asking about whether or not Vader was going to show up all I could think was, " Oh Honey, you are about to be in for the ride of your life."

    135Fenrir135Fenrir8 dagar sedan
  • Natalie .. whatever you do next, PLEASE don't let anyone convince you the other recent spinoff movie, Solo, is not worth watching. It is SO much fun, with such great characters, you will not be sorry. Plus, we finally get a version of Chewbacca with the physicality he always should have had. Great videos! Keep it up!

    BroganBrogan8 dagar sedan