Numskull Quarter Arcades - Ms. Pac-man, Galaga, Track & Field And More!

26 jun 2019
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Today we are talking about the amazing new quarter arcade announcements from Numskull Designs!
You can purchase or pre-order many of these amazing Quarter Arcades from Numskull in web links below:
Pac-Man Quarter Scale Mini Arcade Cabinet:
Ms. Pac-Man Quarter Scale Mini Arcade Cabinet:
Galaxian Quarter Scale Mini Arcade Cabinet:
Walmart Quarter Arcades:
Gamestop Quarter Arcades:
Geekstore Quarter Arcades:

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  • Check out my reviews of these arcade cabinets! Numskull Pac-man Review: Numskull Galaga Review:

  • I hope NumSkull make a Donkey Kong 4.1 scale Arcade cabinet that's the classic one I want to see.

    greg Great trick snarkegreg Great trick snarkeMånad sedan
  • Ms Pac-Man Track and Field 👌

    tha vaulttha vault3 månader sedan
  • And that's why I never pre-order at Gamestop. They always find some way to screw you over.

    SNARCastSNARCast4 månader sedan
  • I want to see the Space Invaders one

    King K-azooieKing K-azooie5 månader sedan
  • I bought the Numb Skull Ms.Pac Man. I wish it had simulated scan lines. : (

    Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne5 månader sedan
  • Ordered Miss Pacman for my mancave today, from suppose to be here Tuesday..shipping was free too..can't wait ;)

    Blakmajik78Blakmajik787 månader sedan
  • I have a top 5 list of arcades I’d love to see from this company if anyone is interested:

    ShadowGaming ukShadowGaming uk8 månader sedan
  • Pretty interested in the Miss Pac-Man. Not finding information on it.. is it the fast mod? I might actually start collecting. But that's kind of a must 2 started for me

    miragexl007miragexl00711 månader sedan
    • miragexl007 it’s the speedier version of Pac-man and it releases officially in about a week.

      COOLTOYCOOLTOY11 månader sedan
  • I currently have pacman and galage. I ordered ms pacman. I would love to have Popeye & Q * Bert

    Dominic DroletDominic DroletÅr sedan
    • Galage is a great game. I love Galage. Classic!

      SR CSR CMånad sedan
    • I hope there’s Donkey Kong too

      Nintega PicturesNintega Pictures3 månader sedan
    • Jesus Compean he meant Galaga

      Nintega PicturesNintega Pictures3 månader sedan
    • What's galage

      Jesus CompeanJesus Compean3 månader sedan
    • Do any of yours have simulated scan lines?

      Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne5 månader sedan
  • just got my Galaga. To bad no fast shoot mod. Maybe in a firmware revision. And yes it has the no shoot trick hack and will crash on level 256.

    ACiDRAiN97ACiDRAiN97År sedan
  • Kung fu master Bombjack Gauntlet Paperboy Ghosts n goblins

    brianbraddock2012brianbraddock2012År sedan
    • brianbraddock2012 excellent choices!

  • Thank you. I have the Pac-Man machine and am in the pre-order for every other machine. So excited.

    Scott J. ParisiScott J. ParisiÅr sedan
    • Scott J. Parisi awesome! I’m glad I could help out, I’m very pumped for the new releases as well!

  • track n field looks great for the pub

    jimmy deanjimmy deanÅr sedan
    • jimmy dean I’m looking forward to that one the most!

  • one of my all time favorites is centipede

    Robert Croxton Jr.Robert Croxton Jr.År sedan
  • No coupon code? :(

    Gorilla JonesGorilla JonesÅr sedan
  • I like the vid but hit the like button for Ron

    Scott's Block'sScott's Block'sÅr sedan
    • Scott Simoneaux who doesn’t love Ron!

  • Cool video, but the price point is a no for me

    Taylor VisionTaylor VisionÅr sedan
  • Too small for my big hands.

    Davidson L. HaworthDavidson L. HaworthÅr sedan
  • If they could bring these under $100 dollars I think they would make a killing

    Atari MagnumAtari MagnumÅr sedan
    • jerospace i agree.

      Eagle Scout Mac GuzmanEagle Scout Mac GuzmanÅr sedan
  • What is up with all these cabinet making companies coming out of the woodwork? Did some trademark expire or something?

    lilricky2515lilricky2515År sedan
    • Retro tech and nostalgic property from the 80s and 90s is now more popular than ever. Older companies are more than happy to make licensing deals to acquire new revenue to take fully advantage of this.

  • Wooooo.... Dexter Morgan is back...

    FirestarterFirestarterÅr sedan
    • Firestarter 😂 I hear that a lot

  • Track and Field

    Daniel GomezDaniel GomezÅr sedan
    • Daniel Gomez I’m so excited for that one!

  • 4:06- Is it just me or are we also getting a backpack sized arcade cabinet of Trog (a claymation maze style arcade game in which you play as 4 bipedal Styracasaurus headed dinosaurs who must eat all the fruits and eggs to escape the islands while avoiding a hungry cyclops named Trog and his goons.) and Burger Time (an arcade cult classic platformer in which you play as a fry cook named Peter Pepper who must complete all 5 giant burgers while avoid getting eaten by 3 giant food products (a sausage, an egg, and a pickle). Surprised nobody has modded this game with a Bob's Burger theme). I really hope so it's true because those games deserve some love. Especially for Trog because that game has never been re-released and why not the Waste the opportunity to re-introduce this hidden Midway/Warner Bros (they own the rights to former Midway games after their bankruptcy) arcade gem.

    el monoel monoÅr sedan
    • That was just an image of a space invaders arcade machine from a nearby arcade, not a picture from numskull.

  • Cool...!

    Cody The FoxCody The FoxÅr sedan
  • Very cool video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.

    The Kurt's Place ChannelThe Kurt's Place ChannelÅr sedan
    • thanks Kurt!

  • New favourite channel- love it!

    Nick mNick mÅr sedan
  • I ended up with 3 of the pacman machines after my order was messed up and all the units had bad damage to the cabs, coin doors busted out, chips in the wood, dirt on the panels. Just awful products. Buyer beware. Such a shame because I’m sure it’s a manufacturing QA issue.

    C1V1L WARC1V1L WARÅr sedan
    • @COOLTOY I spoke with someone at their end on the phone but they where not interested in my complaints only collecting the items. After dealing with them and getting 3 units instead of one I was just glad to have them all returned and get a refund.

      C1V1L WARC1V1L WARÅr sedan
    • did you ever reach out directly to Numskull about these issues?

  • The Space Invaders, should be just white graphics, with plastic film coloured filters in front.

    Cr CommentsCr CommentsÅr sedan
  • Got Pa-man and going to get the rest of these arcade machines

    Christopher DicksonChristopher DicksonÅr sedan
  • LOVES me so Track n field, but for a mini? I used to beat the crap out of the buttons on Track n Field! 👏😲 I'd love to have em all, but for novelty reasons. Just wished there were better selections. Star Castle would be great. Or maybe Robotron, or Frogger..

    Steven WheatSteven WheatÅr sedan
  • This is all bull shit people are getting more & more dumb all the time. Guys Don’t pay these crazy prices for these dumb super small not fun at all to play games. With the Technology we have today we should be able to get full size arcade cabinets that play are favorite games for $200-300 NOT $180-$300 for a way to small 2& a half foot tall or smaller replica that’s only fun to play for about 5min B4 get get sick of it Cmon is there any1 out there that’s played their small replica arcade game for more then 10min - 2days B4 you realize it’s not the same as the original fun experience you remember. How hard is it to give us a full 1,1 scale arcade cabinet made of cheap wood ,,one 19in flat screen & a simple tiny Computer chip that has Gallaga Frogger Pac-Man whatever programmed onto it for under $250? Fuck I can buy a 40” 4K flat TV rig it up to a cheap ps1 with every old 80’s arcade game put it all into a wood box set up to look like an old style arcade cabinet all for under $350 giving me a 1000 time better gaming experience then any of this overpriced crap out today & many have already done so but all any of you assholes want to build is some cheap way to small to play & have fun piece of crap that cost 400% more then what it should. People stay away from these crooks buy a $20 CD with all your favorite arcade games all on one CD for your favorite gaming console buy a joystick pad and play hundreds of arcade games & have real fun & save hundreds of dollars till these guys build a real arcade cabinet we can be proud to own

    Trumpisacrybaby dictator NarcissisTrumpisacrybaby dictator NarcissisÅr sedan
  • Awesome job keeping us updated! Ms. pacman and Galaga pre ordered awesome!!!

    Camaro68 RobertsonCamaro68 RobertsonÅr sedan
    • great choices!

  • Where can I order full size arcade games?

    gsueagle04gsueagle04År sedan
    • the closest thing to that currently is AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade, which isnt out yet. Pre-orders for that machine start next week.

  • dig dug if I get one

    cyrus649cyrus649År sedan
  • Very cool but I like the 12” size of the New Wave Toys Replicade games better

    Stephen LozanoStephen LozanoÅr sedan
  • Track and field better be built extra heavy duty! For all you O.G gamers you know what I mean...heavy pounding on buttons....

    dolphin19721000dolphin19721000År sedan
    • dolphin19721000 most definitely, that game took a beating to play successfully

  • I want Terminator Salvation, Castlevania Arcade, Mazan, and Pop 'n Stage

    DanceGameGuyDanceGameGuyÅr sedan
  • I'm getting sick of all these cabinets. We have the 1/6 Scale New Wave Toys ones, the 3/4 scale Arcade1Up ones, the MyArcade cabinets, the smaller ones from Wal-Mart, the Countercades from Arcade1Up, the Wallcades from Arcade1up, the Cocktail tables from Arcade1up, and the 1/4 scale ones from some other company.

    WebVManWebVManÅr sedan
    • Maybe you should get an arcade cabinet vaccination shot if you keep getting sick

      mav68nrsmav68nrsÅr sedan
    • you don't like having multiple options?

  • What tiny cabinet do you think is better Numskull or Newwave toys?

    navaho275navaho275År sedan
    • I like them both, since they both have great attention to detail. It's hard to compare the two since they are both doing different games.

  • I got my pac man from gamestop. Lord help them if they screw me in a few months and tell me they sold my galaga machine to someone else.

    Richard CarpenterRichard CarpenterÅr sedan
    • Richard Carpenter luckily I think it was just a one off example of a poor GameStop management team. Hopefully you have no issues getting your Galaga cabinet.

  • As others have mentioned, the price point here is crazy... $169 for a cab that's 17" tall? I would be excited about picking one of these up for maybe $99 (MAYBE), but it's just not enough bang for the buck at $169. I mean, good job Numskull for making it cool and authentic--- I'm sure the product is awesome, but they're never going to sell any of these at that price. You'd have to be a super-hardcore fan with absolutely no room in your house/apartment to pony up that kind of scratch for a 1/4 scale cabinet that only includes one retro game. I'd much rather have an Arcade1Up Counter Cade, which I've seen on sale for around the same price, and the 3/4 scale Arcade1Up models are routinely going on sale for way less than that. This is a hard pass for me!

    Bonez McCoyBonez McCoyÅr sedan
  • I love this new wave of arcade replica cabinets for home. I grew up a mallrat and arcade machines was everything to me. I dont want this craze to stop, bring em on!

    Derrick The Gator RiverboatDerrick The Gator RiverboatÅr sedan
    • Derrick The Gator Riverboat I hear year man, I hope this retro renaissance keeps going strong!

  • Nice man

    Kio ÐÎÊKÎÑKio ÐÎÊKÎÑÅr sedan
  • Very cool, would be neat to have one on my desk but don't think I can drop that much on one. I hope you didn't plunk down all your money on that Gamestop pre-order which they may or may not ever fulfill! On a side note, you're looking awfully snazzy today, trying out a new look?

    James JohnsonJames JohnsonÅr sedan
    • James Johnson luckily I was able to get my bank to reverse the charges from GameStop. It took a while but it all got resolved eventually. I just got home from work and didn’t bother to change clothes, hence my snazzyness 😂

  • 1:30 I am guessing the num 💀 is left of Raiden. The arcade quarter door with mechanic is around $50 from xgaming. I think the Arcade1Up is a better deal.

    • Personally, I would love to have em all, but mainly for novelty reasons. Lord knows I have every damn game in the world on my mame, but these are so detailed and cute n mini sized! I'm diggin the Tempest beside the mini Num!

      Steven WheatSteven WheatÅr sedan
    • Xellos Metallium yes the numskull unit is left of the Arcade1up MK cabinet

  • I wish the arcades were bigger. I’m sticking with arcade 1up

    Crosley and HuddyCrosley and HuddyÅr sedan
  • Hey @COOLTOY thanks so much for your review and reveal. We're really excited too! :)

    Numskull DesignsNumskull DesignsÅr sedan
    • thank you, keep up the amazing work guys!

  • Where is Dragon's Lair

    Super Sugar CrispSuper Sugar CrispÅr sedan
    • New Wave Toys will be releasing a Dragon's Lair cabinet in 2020

  • I don't really care for these things. They look nice on a shelf but they are too small for the price point.

    ScottScottÅr sedan
    • agreed, its a cool item if you grew up with it and want to display it, nice novelty when people come by and see it. Other than that i wouldnt get it. Even the arcade 1 up im waiting till its like 100-150 before i pick one up and im just going to mod it immediately.

      Chris MChris MÅr sedan
  • Sausage fingers. Too small. Hard pass

    GetOffMyLawn GamingGetOffMyLawn GamingÅr sedan
  • I've been patiently waiting for a Ms. Pac-Man...🤗

    The WorstThe WorstÅr sedan
    • Same. I ordered mine from Geek Store yesterday. Hope it arrives by the end of the week.

      SNARCastSNARCast4 månader sedan
    • I see now, Walmart 2/24/2020 release date? Is it happening? And it looks to be the Slow version...sad

      miragexl007miragexl0079 månader sedan
    • Yeah, and is it going to be the fast one?. I still want for the artwork. Wanted arcade1up to come out with a Miss Pac-Man fast. Just can't do the standard one no matter how cool a cabinet is. I wasn't going to buy a 1up until that came out if it came out. But I did get an old Street Fighter, I'm going to mod it with a kit to get my fast Miss Pac-Man

      miragexl007miragexl00711 månader sedan
    • What is taking so long?

      Paul ClintonPaul ClintonÅr sedan
  • Track & field arcade 1up.....any info??

    Gdepps Famous Dishes George EppsGdepps Famous Dishes George EppsÅr sedan
    • Gdepps Famous Dishes George Epps ive not seen or heard anything about this coming from Arcade1up

  • Really awesome looking, but too small, a1up is small enough in my opinion for ‘gameplay’. As a ‘collectible’ showpiece, these would be cool, but as far as playability? I already get headaches with the small print on my phone and books/magazines, thanks for video bro, nice to see whats up and coming ✌🏻

    Bo KnowsBo KnowsÅr sedan
  • I hope they do an R_type cab

    Curby DinobotCurby DinobotÅr sedan
  • Numskull can get a ms pacman license but arcade 1up no dice 🤔. You and your wallet are excited? your wallet should hang out with my wallet because iam also excited but not my wallet we don't look eye to eye on purchasing a game cabinet. 🤑

    Fernando SalasFernando SalasÅr sedan
    • Fernando Salas Arcade1up I’m fairly sure already has plans for a Ms. Pac-Man release, I don’t think their are any licensing issues for them on that one.

  • So many choices now! These and New Wave look great.

    BobaRhett13BobaRhett13År sedan
    • Couldn’t agree more! Both companies are bringing the HEAT with their new releases.

  • For the price it's best just to get an A1UP. These things shouldn't cost more than 75 bucks.

    ProWrestlingGamerProWrestlingGamerÅr sedan
    • Plus, after owning both a 1Up and a Numskull for 7 months, I can safely say the Numskull is way more durable and sturdy than 1Up. Though, I will say, I've had really good luck with 1Up, as the biggest issue I've had is the joystick has worn on my 1Up. No deck protector trouble or anything like that, which is surprising. I love both, but the Numskull is more playable and is more durable in my opinion.

      TheBackStabGamingTheBackStabGamingÅr sedan
    • @ProWrestlingGamer Some of us want the original design Pac-Man cab, not the 1Up cabinet. There's a certain charm to the shape, which 1Up doesn't have. I've got both, and 1up is definitely more spacious and comfortable to play, but when it comes to the accuracy, Numskull knocks the 1Up clear out of the park.

      TheBackStabGamingTheBackStabGamingÅr sedan
    • @mav68nrs A1UP are poor quality and I can't justify the 300 dollar price tag. Neither can many people that's why they are getting marked down in several stores. Honestly though most people just buy them for the nostalgia of having a cabinet. Why pay 300 bucks to play pacman when it's available on every platform in most cases for free? It's all about the cabinet not the actual game

      ProWrestlingGamerProWrestlingGamerÅr sedan
    • @ProWrestlingGamer then I could see, I can't imagine them lasting very long playing on it. I was excited when they came out but seeing them in the store. Any place with any humidity gonna trash it fast. I though about getting their bar top ones I see. A preview of, and building a floating shelf for it to set on.

      mav68nrsmav68nrsÅr sedan
    • @mav68nrs Depends what you want it for. I just use them as background pieces for my SEworld and Twitch. They make nice art pieces.

      ProWrestlingGamerProWrestlingGamerÅr sedan
  • I am so excited about the ms.Pac man cabinet do your agree cool toy hey cool toy your the best hard working man in the world and keep up the good work your awesome cool toy😃

    MSMMr1982MSMMr1982År sedan
  • Arcade is my favorite genre as well. I actually just picked up the Pacman from a far away GameStop's last week; they had it opened on display, so I talked them into giving me a discount! I did notice they are now on Bestbuy's website as well, for $150 if you're still looking to pick one up. Also; amazing E3 covered stuff that I was most interested in...stuff most other channels didn't cover. Good stuff Cooltoy, keep it coming!

    Rogue LyricsRogue LyricsÅr sedan
    • Rogue Lyrics thank you very much! E3 was a blast, I had such a fun time covering the show and saw all sorts of amazing new stuff! The worst part is now having to wait to see and play some of those things again, months from now when they actually get released.

  • Nice video! These look great. I like the authenticity and attention to detail this company is showing. Hey, almost 10K subscribers!! Way to go, man!

    Charles CoverlyCharles CoverlyÅr sedan
    • Charles Coverly their attention to detail is what has really won me over on these. Thanks for your support!

  • ahh yes, i remember blistering my fingers on arcade games.... wait, what?

    Heavy PalmzHeavy PalmzÅr sedan
    • I used to always get my skin pinched open playing roller ball arcade games like centipede. Something about the track ball and my child sized hands back in the day always equaled bad news.

  • I think you’ve found your calling bro. Looking more and more professional each new video

    • thanks man!

  • I really wish these mini arcades would also have video-out support.

    Mr. Vidja GamezMr. Vidja GamezÅr sedan
    • I agree, that would be sweet to be able to hook them up to a TV/monitor

  • Great video! Might need some of these... would love to watch a review first before deciding tho

    alejandra bravoalejandra bravoÅr sedan
    • I can say that the Pac-Man cab is great--and after talking to Numskull, the later cabs are supposed to be even better with lots 'o' subtle improvements. I have no worries.

      PacarioPacarioÅr sedan
  • While I dig what Numskull Designs have put out, I really wish they went 1/6 scale to go alongside my New Wave Toys/Replicade Centipede and Tempest cabinets. But that's my personal preference.

    Grand Funk Master ChiefGrand Funk Master ChiefÅr sedan
    • As someone who loves and collects the New Wave Toys units I feel you. I'm sure it was a business decision by Numskull to help differentiate themselves in the market more and not have consumers confused thinking they were the same company.

  • last pic of space invaders has galaga on it.. lol

    Jeff WulfJeff WulfÅr sedan
    • yea its a frankenstein cabinet for sure.

  • There

    CyberCyborg 20XXCyberCyborg 20XXÅr sedan
  • These things look pretty cool but I’m still hung up on the Pac-Man preorder debacle!! Did you get your money back 😂😂 I think out of all of these is probably get ms pacman. I’ve been waiting to long for 1up to release theirs, I need my fix lol

    Ben LaurenceBen LaurenceÅr sedan
    • COOLTOY dude that’s insane 😆

      Ben LaurenceBen LaurenceÅr sedan
    • @Pacario Agreed! It the screw up was completely on GameStop's end, these cabs are excellent pieces or art.

    • @Ben Laurence I did get my money back, no thanks to GameStop. I argued with their manager for a few days back and forth and then I ended up having to go through my bank to get the charge reversed and my money back however. It was a whole ordeal, super annoying to have to mess with.

    • Don't blame Numskull for Gamestop's screw up. These cabs are worth the money if you love the originals. They are essentially collectible art pieces--but playable!

      PacarioPacarioÅr sedan
  • Comparing these to Arcade1up’s counter cades, how big is the screen? I know counter cades are only 8 inches. You did mention these mini arcade cabinets are 17 inches but what is the screen size? If its 8 inches as well then I think I will get one but if its smaller I dunno . . I think these are just too small then to really have fun. Let me know if you know that info. Great video though!!

    Philip LePhilip LeÅr sedan
    • @Philip Le countercades would be better if you are looking for a closer to life gameplay experience. I think of these Numskull cabinets as functional art pieces. They look great as a display piece first and foremost, then they also happen to be completely playable second. Having this thought in mind helps me justify the cost and the need to have all these 😂

    • Nevermind just looked it up. Five inch screen . . . :-)

      Philip LePhilip LeÅr sedan
  • CoolToy, I love my Pac-Man Numskull cab! I still can't believe how amazing this thing looks! If I had this when I was a kid, I would've went total bonkers! I'm almost about to pull the trigger on Galaga... MUST... RESIST... Also, if the Space Invaders truly has the mirrored inlet screen, it might just be a must buy. However, very disappointed that everyone releasing a "tiny" version of Space Invaders keeps releasing the Japanese version. SO FRUSTRATING! I want my button movement like on the American cab (NO JOYSTICKS) the way I played it as a kid. Again, I love my Numskull Pac-Man, but it did have some flaws, which I hope we won't see on their next mini cabs. The speaker above the screen was popped out during shipping (I was able to pop it back in with little problem), but the rom... Let's just say the random gameplay slowdown at times disappointed me to no end. However... Our buddy Glen (there's really only one :) ) did a video showing you can update the firmware and fix the gameplay. I haven't done it yet, I'm going to do so, but I'm glad Numskull did right by their customers and fixed it. Thanks for the pre-order link! I'm SO HAPPY to find out there's more than one place to pre-order now. When I first tried to purchase my Pac-Man, Geek Store, the only way to pre-order at the time, did me dirty. When I first tried to order, I tried with AmazonPay and got an error that said that payment method was currently down and they were working on fixing the problem. I tried a couple hours later and still had the error. Five days later, I received an email from Geek Store saying they saw the Pac-Man cabinet was still in my cart and wanted to see me back, so they sent me a 24 hour 10% off coupon to use. I went back to the site, within the 24 hour period, and tried to purchase the Pac-Man cabinet again. Again, the same error that they were working to resolve the issue came up. Frustrated at this point, because after 5 days the AmazonPay was still not working, I tried to make a purchase with my credit card. It wouldn't let me do that either saying it was an invalid card. I was surprised, because I've used that card at foreign Amazon sites with no problems. It's Visa for gosh sakes. I tried for two days to purchase the Pac-Man cabinet, trying both payment methods, even after the coupon expired, and still couldn't make the purchase. I then reached out to Geek Store and let them know the problems I was having. I let them know the coupon they had sent me expired and wanted to see if they could help me with the purchase and possibly send me a new coupon. Let me tell you about the customer service at Geek Store. It's non-existent. To this day, they haven't responded. At that point, I had chalked up getting this cool collectable, to a loss. But of course, I eventually got the Pac-Man; I was able to get it from Think Geek. Unfortunately Think Geek is now going out of business (at least online), but at least Numskull have a pre-order link to Game Stop for the Galaga (AGAIN... MUST... RESIST...). But after hearing your Game Stop pre-order story, I'm getting kind of worried. Like you said, you have a pretty common name. And the name VideoGameVegas is even more common, so they'll probably sell mine to the first person who comes in with that name. Damn! Thanks for this exciting update! vgv

    Videogame VegasVideogame VegasÅr sedan
    • oh man that sounds like a nightmare trying to buy the cabinet. You wouldn't think it would be so hard in this day and age to give a company some money 😂. I still shop at GameStop, luckily I have 3 in my town, so I just avoid the one that jerked me around and all has been good thus far.

  • All I know is track and field tore my hands/fingers up so good, I’m excited for this little guy!!

    Stan SyeStan SyeÅr sedan
    • Absolutely! I definitely jammed a few fingers back in the day playing this one, can't wait until I can relive that again with their Track & Field cabinet!

  • Track and Field is on top on my list!

    cacantilcacantilÅr sedan
    • same, I can't wait to get my hands on that cabinet!

  • For collecting but I don't think anyone gonna enjoying playing something small.

    • these are definitely geared more toward collectors.

  • I got to try the pac-man cabinet at a think geek store. The build quality on these are amazing. I wish the joystick was just a little bigger but that’s a small complaint. Glad to see they have found a way to reduce the price on these. The original price was too steep in my opinion. I think $100 would be the sweet spot. Awesome videos as always. I didn’t realize numskull was doing a dig dug, track and field, and space invaders cabinet. I want them all haha. I wish I could transport my childhood self to the future to see all this stuff. My mind would have been absolutely blown. It’s a great time to be a retro gamer fan. So many amazing things coming out.

    JoeMo79JoeMo79År sedan
    • It absolutely is an amazing time for retro and nostalgic tech these days. I'm like you, my childhood self would have been astonished to see even just a fraction of what we have available these days.

  • Awesome video as always, I need to get off my fat ass and start pumping out content

    the redneck gamerthe redneck gamerÅr sedan
    • Thanks man, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come out with!

  • That was awesome video der Android it thank you man have a good one

    Cesar RivasCesar RivasÅr sedan
  • Wait did you get your money back ??? That's messed up

    Dio JoestarDio JoestarÅr sedan
    • @COOLTOY that's messed up man glad it got fixed in the end sorry you never got the machine tho

      Dio JoestarDio JoestarÅr sedan
    • I did get my money back, I ended up having to go through my bank to get the charge reversed and my money back however. It was a whole ordeal, super annoying to have to mess with.

  • Hey what's going on bro thank you for this video and I used to play Arcade when I was younger yes I'm interested to watch this video and have a great day bro

    Cesar RivasCesar RivasÅr sedan
  • I got Pac-Man the day they released preorders. I was not disappointed in their products!

    bullitt1017bullitt1017År sedan
    • @COOLTOY oh yeah, I'm a huge fan of Ms. Pac-man! I'll probably get a couple others eventually as well. These display perfectly next to Hot Toys and NECA 1/4 scale.

      bullitt1017bullitt1017År sedan
    • You going to get Ms. Pac-Man to finish off the pair?

    • Yep, I love my Pac-Man cab, too. C'mon Ms. Pac-man!

      PacarioPacarioÅr sedan
  • finally no backward baseball cap

    Stephane MoquinStephane MoquinÅr sedan
    • Yep, I rushed straight home from work. 😂

  • Beautiful but seems expensive for that size and only 1 game. Granted I don't know how playable these are at that size for longer time periods. Will be a pass for me.

    Michael SunaMichael SunaÅr sedan
    • these are definitely geared more towards collectors who would like to have their own little nostalgic mini arcade set up on display somewhere. I think of these mini arcades as functional pieces of art.

    • Same here

      jaxfanjaxfanÅr sedan
  • I'll probably pass on these...price point doesn't excite me. Would rather spend $ on larger cab that is more easily playable

    Bond008 ABond008 AÅr sedan
    • @Pacario I agree...these are more for the collector. Cool units though😁

      Bond008 ABond008 AÅr sedan
    • I understand, but the point here is their authenticity--they are nigh-exact duplicates of the original cabs, which is no mean-feat--and a great thing for art lovers and preservationists alike. The Space Invaders one looks especially cool.

      PacarioPacarioÅr sedan
  • I like ms Pac-Man but I’m wondering if it is too small to be enjoyable

    rob peepsrob peepsÅr sedan
    • Thanks for the insight it makes it an easier pick up when you look at it that way.

      rob peepsrob peepsÅr sedan
    • I have the similarly sized Pac-Man cab and find it fully playable, but...I'd be lying if I said this was the best way to play the game. The real reason you buy one of these is for the history--these are exact replicas capturing the tiniest detail of the original but quickly disappearing piece of art. In other words, this is a display piece first, a playable game second. With this in mind, I think you'll be pleased.

      PacarioPacarioÅr sedan
    • I think these are nicely made but they are just too small for me. I'd say go with arcade1up for a more authentic feel.😉

      CAPCOM784CAPCOM784År sedan
  • Which of these new cabinets are you most excited about? Are you thinking about picking any of them up? Let me know in the comments below!

    • centipede. i am such a fan of this game. my name is robert. i love old school video games.

      Robert Croxton Jr.Robert Croxton Jr.År sedan
    • Track & Field!!!! I'm worried about its size & the buttons being too small. What do you think? Should I worry about it before pre-order??

      Kevin ChauvinKevin ChauvinÅr sedan
    • WebVMan it was just a photo from a local arcade. That cabinet had a multi board in it

    • @C64remixer Yes! it has excellent replay value for people who are trying to break records or get far in the game.

      Ruben MejiaRuben MejiaÅr sedan
    • Track and field was a surprise announcement. Those buttons will take a bashing but its such a cool game to play!

      C64remixerC64remixerÅr sedan