Carving Pumpkins with my Best Friends ft Charli, Noah, James, Chase, & Larray | Dixie D'Amelio

30 okt 2020
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Heyy! For Halloween we all got together for a fun weekend of Halloween content. I hope you enjoy watching us all carve pumpkins, make sure you watch till the end to see who had the best pumpkin! Don't forget to watch all my friends videos from our Halloweeeeen weekend! Thanks @James Charles @charli d'amelio @Noah Beck @Chase Hudson @LARRAY
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Chase's video:
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  • Charli:we are done with our pumpkin Dixie: I got murder on my mind *stabs pumpkin*

    marie20359marie2035947 minuter sedan
  • Stop calling Dixie out what she said to James in the beginning or how she looked at him in the end that’s how best friends act they are purposely mean to each other jeez for eg. Larry 8:35 why aren’t ppl calling him rude for that it’s because ppl know it a joke and it’s the same with Dixie. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

    itsSiyaitsSiyaTimme sedan
  • Helo

    anina leiteanina leiteTimme sedan
  • I literally felt so bad as dixie didnot let him do anything..

    Sachmika KarkiSachmika KarkiTimme sedan
  • Did y'all forget chase exposed everyone?

    DanganronpavibezzzDanganronpavibezzz2 timmar sedan
  • Toxic environment sad bruhh

    Aina ZafyrhAina Zafyrh4 timmar sedan
  • I luv how charli so protective with her pumpkin she should call it little Jim

    Eloise HallEloise Hall4 timmar sedan
  • Tontaaaa

    tonto ajajjajatonto ajajjaja5 timmar sedan
  • Charli not Dixie I love charli

    Justin Myle SabandalJustin Myle Sabandal5 timmar sedan
  • 10 - 10: I think Larries/Charlies is a 7/.9 And Chases/ Dixies is a 9/.9 James/Noah is a 10/.10

    ElliJanelle BautistaElliJanelle Bautista5 timmar sedan
  • I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️

    Jorey JojoJorey Jojo6 timmar sedan

    Darima BalzhievaDarima Balzhieva6 timmar sedan
  • I'm felling bad for Charli but ye that how sisters do😊😔..

    Zaira and Zia VlogsZaira and Zia Vlogs6 timmar sedan
  • Dixie's personality is so Ew... I dont really watch her but whenever I do she's so immature and cringey to watch...every.single.time.....

    Elizabeth CruzElizabeth Cruz7 timmar sedan
  • poor charlie🥺

    Jennifer garciaJennifer garcia8 timmar sedan
  • Dixie

    ISHA LIBASISHA LIBAS8 timmar sedan
  • Dixie pumpkin is a 10 out of 10

    Peter TranPeter Tran8 timmar sedan
  • 😂

    Elizabeth MartinezElizabeth Martinez8 timmar sedan
  • Charli and Larri 100% won

    Sophia WinskillSophia Winskill9 timmar sedan
  • 😍😍😍

    Brenda Mae LamsenBrenda Mae Lamsen9 timmar sedan
  • It's not for nothing but I think Dixie is very ugly to Charlie

    Tiktoker un poco de todo!Tiktoker un poco de todo!9 timmar sedan
  • I love you Dixie,Charlie,Chase, Noah,larray,James❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Ana Flávia PereraAna Flávia Perera10 timmar sedan
  • This a Charlie jajaja I love yo so so so much🥺❤️

  • chill out on Dixie, you dont have good relationship with your friends if you cant pick on each other a little bit and they just spent whole weekend together so its impossible to not get on each others nerves a little bit

    Lydia EricksonLydia Erickson11 timmar sedan
  • Harley Demilio

    MariahNadia PowersMariahNadia Powers11 timmar sedan
  • C

    MariahNadia PowersMariahNadia Powers11 timmar sedan
  • james and noah totally should have won

    Lydia EricksonLydia Erickson11 timmar sedan
  • I really loved the one with charli and James charles ... I felt very bad because dexie stabbed the pumpkin of charli it makes me very bad since it is difficult to do this and that a person mistreats him😡

    Karla estrella Paulino AntonioKarla estrella Paulino Antonio11 timmar sedan
  • Lmao when she stabbed the pumpkin i lost it😂😂😂😂

    Victoria RussVictoria Russ11 timmar sedan
  • 2:23

    basicallycandybasicallycandy12 timmar sedan

    Samantha ValdezSamantha Valdez12 timmar sedan

    Aulia Zahra BILQISAulia Zahra BILQIS13 timmar sedan
  • chase looked kinda sad and nervous the entire time :c I feel bad for him

    ItsQuinnzelItsQuinnzel14 timmar sedan
  • Wow

    Maria VitóriaMaria Vitória14 timmar sedan
  • This was so boring

    juli_jujuli_ju15 timmar sedan
  • Dixie is so childish. She isnt letting chase do anything and is being such a brat

    Tommyinnits DiscssTommyinnits Discss16 timmar sedan
  • Charli talking to her self for 10 minutes straight

    Denise PDenise P16 timmar sedan
  • I pick charli and larray

    Amber Rocha-loser*roblox losers winAmber Rocha-loser*roblox losers win16 timmar sedan
  • Charli and larray wins easly

    Leonita VeseljiLeonita Veselji16 timmar sedan
  • في عرب ؟

    sof theticsof thetic16 timmar sedan
  • On Charlie’s and Larry’s whare was chase lol🤣

    Paulina SandovalPaulina Sandoval16 timmar sedan
  • Hey Dixie! ❤️

    Alba ZelayaAlba Zelaya16 timmar sedan
  • I love how Larray literally left Charli for like 5 minutes lol

    Kaydance_ FerryKaydance_ Ferry16 timmar sedan
  • Dixie was the impostor

    Dan GlissmanDan Glissman17 timmar sedan
  • James does not know how to act around another diva and I love you so much for that🖤💗🖤

    Tosha RodriguezTosha Rodriguez17 timmar sedan
  • I couldn’t rlly watch cause chase was just he ignored for most of the video

    Creekpeektv UCreekpeektv U17 timmar sedan
  • *charli using teacher words (YASS QUEEN SLAY)*

    ROSI BANUVEROSI BANUVE19 timmar sedan
  • Sorry but Dixie is being so rude to chase

    deja waliddeja walid19 timmar sedan

    Ben PalmerBen Palmer19 timmar sedan
  • Dixie D’Amelio is the imposter

    Angel xD AldanaAngel xD Aldana19 timmar sedan
  • Dammm Dixie was kinda selfish mannnnn

    Moonlight SunsetMoonlight Sunset19 timmar sedan
  • Shoreee

    P3isthename P2P3isthename P219 timmar sedan
  • Y’all realize that chase could’ve been helping Dixie off camera.. right? (Ik Dixie prob didnt let him but yk he could’ve helped more off cam then on cam)

    elliewastakennelliewastakenn20 timmar sedan
  • Please haosu touur ilove you dixie and charli

    Mirela Jesus Murcia SantamariaMirela Jesus Murcia Santamaria20 timmar sedan
  • James is the best person I’ve ever seen in my entire life he is amazing he is respectful he is just awesome

    Liva RiveraLiva Rivera20 timmar sedan
  • nobody: larri’s hand in the thumbnail: 💨

    Amelia MontanaAmelia Montana21 timme sedan
  • Charli was so rude to chase James is more nicer

    cheryle Eusebiocheryle Eusebio22 timmar sedan
  • please dont get james near noah..

    Rxiny PearlRxiny Pearl22 timmar sedan
  • Charli🤣🤣🤣🤣 i love u

    Rosileia Gomes MonteiroRosileia Gomes Monteiro23 timmar sedan
  • Chacha

    lola queenlola queenDag sedan
  • poor chase

    Jayde HodgettsJayde HodgettsDag sedan
  • dixie is kinda rude i know it's not her intention but she have to control her actions and think thr words she has to say

    stars lightstars lightDag sedan
  • i wanna give chase a hug i feel bad

    Feena WallaceFeena WallaceDag sedan
  • Dixie is being rude as heck

    xoheavencandyxoheavencandyDag sedan
  • i really do felt bad for Chase :/

    Yi-Jia WangYi-Jia WangDag sedan
  • larry: go off, go off queennnnnn!!! lmaoooooo

    Yi-Jia WangYi-Jia WangDag sedan
  • No entiendo ni vergas pero aca estoy viendo el vídeo

    Valentina GuafadalupeValentina GuafadalupeDag sedan
  • Dixie was so rude

    Dearnness LyngkhoiDearnness LyngkhoiDag sedan
  • Maybe they should just forgive chase but its bad what he did to charli

    Dearnness LyngkhoiDearnness LyngkhoiDag sedan
  • Chase is like me, except hes famous. He always is the person in the back getting discluded. Dixie was hogging the pumpkin the whole time and wouldnt let chase do anything

    Bella KratzerBella KratzerDag sedan
  • Why are you stabbing Charli's pumpkin when you have your own and you should be a good sister

    Refa RefaRefa RefaDag sedan
  • Are y’all gonna cancel Charlie for gagging at a pumpkin now?

    ItsPorterItsPorterDag sedan
  • I hate you dixie you are you are so rude 😡😡😡😡charli is so famous she is a queen not you😡😡😡

    Princess CasullaPrincess CasullaDag sedan
  • Why isn't Dixie letting chase do anything:( he just want to help:(

    Sadaf cocoSadaf cocoDag sedan
  • All I see is white people black clothes and a hint of ✨Latina✨

    lacie denmeadlacie denmeadDag sedan
  • Hi Dixie D.AMILO today I'm sick but always with you to feel better

    najwa Ibrahimnajwa IbrahimDag sedan
  • Alguien que hable español jajaja xd

    Mailen_975 GarridoMailen_975 GarridoDag sedan
  • I love how Noah never talked!

    Laura WeskeLaura WeskeDag sedan
  • No entendi nada disculpen la ignorancia pero igual eres linda saludos desde Peru para Estados Unidos

    Rocío Córdova VásquezRocío Córdova VásquezDag sedan
  • 2:22 omg charli savage

    roblox playroblox playDag sedan
  • James and Noah: What about the message Him: It’s a beautiful message..... to bad I don’t care

    Jaziyah ForteJaziyah ForteDag sedan
  • Why is Noah beck not talking we can’t hear him

    Peyton I love being a daycare teacherPeyton I love being a daycare teacherDag sedan
  • Chase: I just wanna be... appreciated

    Wavy-freshWavy-freshDag sedan
  • I SHIP NOAH AND DIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else....

    Rayne CelestinaRayne CelestinaDag sedan
  • Quien habla español y vino de tik tok jsjsjsjs

    Margarita Tlaczani ContrerasMargarita Tlaczani ContrerasDag sedan
  • Nobody gonna talk about how rude charli was?

    Ida FloresIda FloresDag sedan
  • cAn YoU lEaVe OuR pUmPkIn AlOnE 😑😑

    kaitlyn playzkaitlyn playzDag sedan
  • Caan

    Abdulaziz Al-sadonAbdulaziz Al-sadonDag sedan
  • @ 6:50 James was so done with Dixie 😭

    Qxeen MyaQxeen MyaDag sedan
  • 2:24 what's up with charlie's face

    camila durancamila duranDag sedan
  • When chase screamed the whole video was ruined

    Dinakachi OnyenekeDinakachi OnyenekeDag sedan
  • Charlie is very funny 🤣

    Now UnitedNow UnitedDag sedan
  • I think all of your pumpkins should win

    Khrisy AngelKhrisy AngelDag sedan
  • i felt so bad for Chase... He is so sweet. And he was always positive even if they ignored him

    teodora patrianuteodora patrianuDag sedan
  • Iioveyou

    Alen AlmahriAlen AlmahriDag sedan
  • I feel like Dixie was being rude barely including chase to carve there pumpkins only James let them....... my opinion

    Selena CallejasSelena CallejasDag sedan
  • Noah beck what the heck, why does everyone make fun of your neck

    Arien MachicoteArien MachicoteDag sedan
  • What happened to the sister squad

    Jasmine ConleyJasmine ConleyDag sedan
  • yo let chase do something😭 he was just standing there like “🥲” edit: bro they all were keeping him in the back, kinda sad lowkey

    Addison HookeAddison HookeDag sedan
  • Noah beck what the heck why does everyone make fun of your neck Noah beck

    Iplaygames IIplaygames IDag sedan