Among Us but it's the world's fastest round

21 aug 2020
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Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us but it's the world's fastest round

  • The original 1 v 8 clutch win by dork

    Jose ColotlaJose Colotla4 dagar sedan
  • Ohm just made my day walking past that body

    Evie O'MearaEvie O'Meara7 dagar sedan
  • im from the future and this is one of the rounds where dork actually was a great impostor and vented

    my name don't mattermy name don't matter7 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Fruit, I have been lurking on your channel for a while and want to say thank you for bringing such an energetic and positive energy into your videos! I'm constantly in a stressful situation that I can't get out of, and your videos provide a much welcome distraction for me. Even just waiting for your daily updates gives me the motivation to look forward to the next day. Thank you again for your hard work and I hope you're doing well!

    HiShouHiShou12 dagar sedan
  • Watching this 2 months later I realize he doesn't play with half these people anymore. I miss ab (versus) and aerios in his videos :( also the days when Rhabby went by Rob 😢

    LiveLikeMarieLiveLikeMarie20 dagar sedan
  • My fastest round was 1.56 seconds.

    barry hindmarchbarry hindmarch20 dagar sedan
  • Theses days dork would only vote himself even if he knows who it is

    KatKat20 dagar sedan
  • Me: gets impostor Everyone else: leaves Me: I’ve won, but at what cost? P.S. this has happened to me for real, like 4 seconds

    I will defeat Epic CrewmateI will defeat Epic Crewmate21 dag sedan
  • 10:03 classic dorkshadow 20:09

    YaBoi ThunderYaBoi Thunder25 dagar sedan
  • Ok boys what is papaga? Pipaega? Its probably simple but im smooth brain and i cant figure it out

    Abigail JohnsonAbigail Johnson25 dagar sedan
  • My fastest round is when everyone just left the game in the first 3 seconds..

    Blue CamoBlue Camo25 dagar sedan
  • Blue laugh so evil 🤣

  • When someone sees your leg and assumes that you were alive.

    DarkiDarkiMånad sedan
  • omg this was so funny

  • Dork is God

    Mergi XedefMergi XedefMånad sedan
  • i dropped my phone when the meeting was going on and thought i cracked my phone

    Prestige OrxPrestige OrxMånad sedan
  • the titanic song makes me cry every time i rewatch this video

    Alyssa StevensAlyssa StevensMånad sedan
  • ok lets make this clear no but 0-10 people have witnessed the fastest among us round

    Joshua BohannonJoshua BohannonMånad sedan
    • and im one of those people

      Joshua BohannonJoshua BohannonMånad sedan
  • I’ve had four minute rounds with more players.

    DeadBoned GamerDeadBoned GamerMånad sedan
  • “Among us but it’s the worlds fastest round” *video is 30 minutes long*

    Raven6802Raven6802Månad sedan
  • Aerios has my hat and color

    Shiloh Myers_25Shiloh Myers_25Månad sedan
  • my fasted round: the impostor left immediately

    MoistCharlieMoistCharlieMånad sedan
  • Worlds fastest round......... 30 min vid........ you sus bruh

    sh0rt bussh0rt busMånad sedan
  • i have done one better. (on skeld) game starts, 56 seconds later body reported in med bay found by orange. cyan says he was in elec. i say cyan could have vent killed. orange says he saw cyan do trash. i say then ur both the imp. there is no way cyan could have had enough time to do both schutes, and then for you to be in med bay and him to be in elec. cyan was an impostor. orange was an impostor.... from that point on i was always killed first lol.

    FIRST sansFIRST sansMånad sedan

  • Would you guys be able to identify whoever is talking for those that read captions? 😁 Make this top comment!

    Ms. McEwuenMs. McEwuenMånad sedan
  • Does dorkshadow not talk?

    Caroline m GunterCaroline m GunterMånad sedan
  • tbh, I went to a match, u did not even see what role I was, and I all ready one, I got the fastest round ever

    An AstronomerAn AstronomerMånad sedan
  • Not what I was expecting

    A.A.a.a CiobanuA.A.a.a CiobanuMånad sedan
  • 11:50 what is with Ohm's body in the corner??? I'd never have seen that on just a passing glance

    WolflordyWolflordyMånad sedan
    • i think he was in that corner of the cams when he was killed and his body phase through

      ArsenicSulfurArsenicSulfurMånad sedan
  • 0:56 who else sees “mr. robit”

    PowerPiggyGamingPowerPiggyGamingMånad sedan
  • WOWW

    yu caoyu caoMånad sedan
    • 在乎过自己就可以

      yu caoyu caoMånad sedan
  • Dork: The wildcard Aaerios: King of the obvious Ohm: *Something* Rob: Usually dies

    QuisquiliarumQuisquiliarumMånad sedan
    • Fruit: Always SUS

      cassie jacksoncassie jackson21 dag sedan
    • Ohm: *something* LMFAO

      IharleyI650IharleyI650Månad sedan
  • Mine was faster

    Big Boi the llamaBig Boi the llamaMånad sedan
  • I much prefer watching you guys play this than enduring the idiocy in the public games

    bigbowlowrongbigbowlowrongMånad sedan
  • I played with you

    Radhika LavuRadhika LavuMånad sedan
  • dude the offkey titanic music had me falling out of my chair crying yall a trip.

    Alyssa StevensAlyssa StevensMånad sedan
  • worlds fastest round? oh thats easy when the inposter leaves

    Doggomus PrimeDoggomus PrimeMånad sedan
  • So fake, he adds voice over to make it look like he knew the whole time.

    An OlogyAn OlogyMånad sedan
  • Omfg lmfao!

    INFAMOUS 201xINFAMOUS 201xMånad sedan
  • 29:20 is it me or did it hit the corner?

    bendegúz székelybendegúz székelyMånad sedan
  • it's okay content... but who's talking... who's who? kinda lazy dude and many others going to distance..

    Nate BNate BMånad sedan
  • 5:32 Fate did not want Ohm to find your body

    OreokingMEGAOreokingMEGAMånad sedan
  • imma be honest lol i hate rob

    Jaykeb HowellJaykeb HowellMånad sedan
  • 9:55 IS THE TITLE

    s1k vics1k vicMånad sedan
  • are u sure its the fastes heres a good hack turn off light and u and ur friends hide neer elc if u imposter and while they come in u can kill them me and my friend won before even a meeting happend

    Samyte_ PlayzSamyte_ PlayzMånad sedan
  • Sorry man, I have the current world record watch my video

    Taco CraftTaco CraftMånad sedan
  • you sound like batman

    Kaidan WrightKaidan WrightMånad sedan
  • No way its the worlds fastest round i once had a round that ended before i even saw us load in

    Dumbledore02Dumbledore02Månad sedan
  • Ive done that too HAHA its just the start of the game and pick the meeting button and randomly pick someone to vote them and they vote it and guess what im correct HAHA its just 1 impos game

    gab ozaragagab ozaragaMånad sedan
  • I beat a among us a game in one minute

    AshesAshesMånad sedan
  • 20:50 our Lord and savior 🙏

    StendrenStendrenMånad sedan
  • Just watched RDCWorld play Among Us and this is the polar opposite of that hour long witchhunt 😂

    KAce MagicKAce MagicMånad sedan
  • AhAhHhAhhaahhahahaaA i loved that

    NikoSS GameSNikoSS GameSMånad sedan
  • My fastest round:There's a hack3r k1lls ever1on3 With0ut K1ll C0OL D0WN

    Jaber YTJaber YTMånad sedan
  • Title: Among us but it’s the world fastest round Video minutes: *30:29*

    Anna LucasAnna LucasMånad sedan
  • I've had a faster round, the game was starting and I got imposter then as soon as we were about to spawn the game ended

    Levi GenderFluidLevi GenderFluidMånad sedan
  • 'I feel like I saw fruit not long ago' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    assassin 1234assassin 12342 månader sedan
  • My fastest imposter record is 45 sec

    Kerem Tuna ArasKerem Tuna Aras2 månader sedan
  • i played with ohmwrecker the other day haha

    Abandoned AdelaideAbandoned Adelaide2 månader sedan
  • I played as impostor and I set a reactor meltdown and I won it took 30secs to win lol

    Pavol GuttekPavol Guttek2 månader sedan
  • Mr.Fruit: Worlds fastest round Also Mr.Fruit: 30 Minute vid

    MangyTangyMangyTangy2 månader sedan
  • 10:11 for everyone wondering

    Icthys WailaseIcthys Wailase2 månader sedan
  • I love your video un lic uder youtuber in UMONG US

    Gloriam Marie Tabangcora-Dela CruzGloriam Marie Tabangcora-Dela Cruz2 månader sedan
  • Fastest round I had? host started the game, this 0:20 thing plays, the other crewmates haven't even loaded in and we already got victory because the impostor left in a millisecond

    beansbeans2 månader sedan
  • Fastest round iv been in was 2 seconds try beat that

    Me life as keeleyMe life as keeley2 månader sedan
  • That's not the world's fastest round of Among Us. The fastest round is when the impostor/s left the game.

    Ghiezyll HernandezGhiezyll Hernandez2 månader sedan
  • 4:11 did I just see the tv thing go rigth in the corner

    Haukur ÓlafssonHaukur Ólafsson2 månader sedan
  • blue : ....... im gonna be honest with you, i dont know what the fucks going on me : *can relate on a spiritual level*

    JuliaJulia2 månader sedan
  • Why don't dork have a SEworld channel. I'm disappointed

    BTS BubbleBTS Bubble2 månader sedan
  • My fastest was when I was imposter and before it ever started I disconnected so they won without even begining

    Aaron ThomasAaron Thomas2 månader sedan
  • I had a game that lasted 10 seconds

    Vivien GilbertVivien Gilbert2 månader sedan
  • My fastest round was when both impostors left and we won instantly literally when it said :crewmate:

    FreeXFreeX2 månader sedan
  • Fruit, the medbay scan is to show people that your an innocent because it a virtual task

    BlisssTCBlisssTC2 månader sedan
  • Bro he can make Might Guy’s voice??!

    Diego PalliniDiego Pallini2 månader sedan
  • 5:03 to be fair lights were off

    O6NightStalkerO6NightStalker2 månader sedan
  • this isn’t the fasted round tbh. i ones accused purple for being imposter and got it right. round last less than 30 seconds

    AySparkZAySparkZ2 månader sedan
  • How did u get in that map?

    x0Little _Devil0xx0Little _Devil0x2 månader sedan
  • My fastest was a 1v7 that lasted just over 3 min as imposter. (Imposter win before first vote)

    historyboihistoryboi2 månader sedan
  • Idk why but he sounds like markiplier

    ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Meowʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Meow2 månader sedan
  • How did the last one end with a crew win?? It ended without a vote, can't that only be by death which means the Imposter would win?

    PhyloGenesisPhyloGenesis2 månader sedan
  • EVERYONE!!! LISTEN if u haven’t already pls subscribe MrFuit and likes his videos when your watch them thsi man an amazing entertainer and deserves Thx Fruit we all love u 💓

    Caelen YTCaelen YT2 månader sedan
  • damn after like 5 years you come back to the recommended😭 miss the destiny days

    J EmbrrJ Embrr2 månader sedan
  • No i had a round when the imposter left 1 second after it started

    Macaroshi MochiMacaroshi Mochi2 månader sedan
  • Wrong I got in to a game with this hacker and he killed every one as soon as it started

    Weston MurphyWeston Murphy2 månader sedan
  • I guess you could say that Rob was Robbed from his life

    Red LightningRed Lightning2 månader sedan
    • ...........sorry

      Red LightningRed Lightning2 månader sedan
  • Nah not even close

    LAVLAV2 månader sedan
  • Nah, The fastest way is if imposter(s) leaves.

    Super AwesomenessSuper Awesomeness2 månader sedan
  • I came here for the shortest round and was not disappointed.

    Candaru DriemorCandaru Driemor2 månader sedan
  • Not the world record

    Red SamuraiRed Samurai2 månader sedan
  • This games so addictive

    WeGameGoodWeGameGood2 månader sedan
  • Idk how fast it was but i had a fast game that lasted less than a minute i was the killer and it was one killer wich was me 🙃

    Duner GamingDuner Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Idk why but Fruit’s ending song always makes me so calm. Especially after hearing screaming matches for 30 minutes

    Joselin BatistaJoselin Batista2 månader sedan
  • Mr fruit is the bbbbeeeeesssstttt man

  • I had a round 15 seconds long

    Time for Max NLTime for Max NL2 månader sedan
  • I have the worlds fastest round. The game started and everyone quit. So no it’s not

    kevin smithkevin smith2 månader sedan
  • I played one that ended 3 seconds after it began..... it was so quick I didn’t even take a step.....

    Cody VallumCody Vallum2 månader sedan
  • My fastest round was when we started the game and 3 seconds later the imposters won (I was an imposter).....🤣we didn’t even get to play It was a glitch 😫

    POTATOPOTATO2 månader sedan
  • Nah I have a faster one I played the game when the game started the impostor left

    Mini_BloxYTMini_BloxYT2 månader sedan
  • I once had a round that was 0 seconds long bc people left

    Talhah tacoTalhah taco2 månader sedan