Best of CallMeCarson (2020 Edition)

23 apr 2020
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Wanted to do a big compilation for 2019 but I'm late so now it's 2020. Enjoy!
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Best of CallMeCarson (2020 Edition)

  • what game is it at 20:40

    Ben RobinsonBen Robinson12 timmar sedan
    • @Ben Robinson oh cs:go

      ParappaPaprikaParappaPaprika3 timmar sedan
    • @ParappaPaprika no the one shortly after that game

      Ben RobinsonBen Robinson4 timmar sedan
    • apex legends

      ParappaPaprikaParappaPaprika4 timmar sedan
  • I love you carson you were my comfort streamer and youtuber and i hope that you are doing well and that you will come back soon I really miss you

    LelonzLelonz23 timmar sedan
  • Honestly if Carson came back right now and streamed I’d just ask if he’s okay, I wanna know if he got help

    Saturm00n YTSaturm00n YTDag sedan
  • Carson just needs to come back, he doesn't need to address it, he just needs to prove himself by making better decisions. The world is a darker place without him.

    Prometheus PalpatinePrometheus PalpatineDag sedan
  • It’s been three months man. Come back. We miss you.

    andy01andy01Dag sedan
  • He's coming back y'all.

    Ian TurneyIan Turney2 dagar sedan
  • “Don’t worry there will be more videos this year” proceeds to upload four videos then disappear

    Lelund CrosbyLelund Crosby2 dagar sedan
  • I really hope he can make a reappearance soon

    Short Yellow GamerShort Yellow Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • I am crying Carson meme because Carson hasn’t come back

    OxyMoronOxyMoron2 dagar sedan
  • hes almost at 1 million likes...

    AlerivAleriv2 dagar sedan
  • I finally finished this video

    PainPain2 dagar sedan
  • 17 and 19 is nothing man, don't sweat it. I dont even like your content.

    ElatedBlowfishElatedBlowfish3 dagar sedan
  • We miss you Carson I hope you are well

    RebSteelRebSteel3 dagar sedan
  • 15:59 What the dentist does when he tells you to stay still

    The Everything ChannelThe Everything Channel3 dagar sedan
  • In the beginning he says there will be more videos then posted 4 and went silent I’m so sad

    Max NMax N3 dagar sedan
  • we need you back man. its not the same without you. anybody with have a brain, google, and knowledge of where you lived at the time would know that the drama is completely unnecessary as its legal where you are/were at the time

    Brian_CipherBrian_Cipher3 dagar sedan
  • It’s really hard to hate this guy

    MiucMiuc4 dagar sedan
  • 0:09 I've been waiting for you to say those words for mouths

    Captain VeilCaptain Veil4 dagar sedan
  • we miss you

    Big LizBig Liz4 dagar sedan
  • Listen everyone, the Carson situation has definitely been blown out of proportion. The allegations aren't as serious as it has been. The chick was 17 and he was 19, a perfectly fine age gap for a relationship. Anyone correct me on this, but I've also heard that she sent him nudes, which is the only illegal thing in this situation. It may look scummy because he abused his platform to get chicks, but he was and still is a young man who didn't know better. I don't believe that Carson should've been cancelled. It's understandable for his close friends to give up on him considering he lost their trust, but it's still not right to destroy a guys life because of a tiny mistake he made when he was younger. There are literal politicians, people who govern our countries) who have done worse at his age and still haven't been cancelled or in jail yet.

    Dripyspoon YtDripyspoon Yt4 dagar sedan
  • he gonna remove the video at 1 mil likes and we still haven't reached it I am glad we didn't xD

    c l o u dc l o u d4 dagar sedan
  • happy birthday

    techno angietechno angie5 dagar sedan
  • please come back

    mateus !mateus !5 dagar sedan
  • i think i watched a movie trailer

    LudicrousLudicrous5 dagar sedan
  • He never got his 1 million likes

    SevenIsAwaySevenIsAway5 dagar sedan
  • I hope Carson is doing good. Yes, I did see the video of him and his cat, He sounded like he was doing good. Over all, I wish him the best.

    Shaggy RogersShaggy Rogers5 dagar sedan
  • This wasn't his first rodeo

    not matsuemonnot matsuemon6 dagar sedan
  • Carson, why

    Neptune SupremeNeptune Supreme6 dagar sedan
  • "Nothing bad happend" *thinks about losing in 8-ball*

    VerigaVeriga6 dagar sedan
  • He almost has the million likes... can we push it over?

    Nathan55411Nathan554116 dagar sedan
  • excited for best of cmc 2021

    CamocloudCamocloud7 dagar sedan
    • that videos gonna be huge

      MillerMiller6 dagar sedan
  • pain.

    MatboMatbo7 dagar sedan
  • Rewatching this because I heard the recent news on Carson going to therapy and slowly returning to social medias. All I can say is I genuinely miss your content and hope your doing alright King. I will be waiting for your return

    OverTime3223OverTime32237 dagar sedan
  • i miss you

    Vladimir LeninVladimir Lenin7 dagar sedan
  • 2:37 is when it starts

    Chqrry_BombChqrry_Bomb7 dagar sedan
  • “I used to rule the world”

    Callum GarveyCallum Garvey8 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait for best of 2021....... oh wait

    criztopercriztoper9 dagar sedan
  • Can”t wait for 2021

    DrNoobDrNoob9 dagar sedan
  • so.... uh... are we gettin a uh.... 2021 version? "I hope nothing bad happened while i was gone" "Some stuff happened in the past few months"

    7salad3salad7salad3salad10 dagar sedan
    • ur comment is so obnoxious and unfunny

      ToolyHDToolyHD9 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait for the best of 2021

    Not NickNot Nick10 dagar sedan
  • I want him to open with that exact intro if he comes back I miss him

    Rylan DoRylan Do11 dagar sedan
  • not me watching this to cope 👀

    bonk beansbonk beans11 dagar sedan
  • He’ll come back, He’ll come back, He’ll come back, He’ll come back, He’ll come back, Won’t he?

    Goose PogGoose Pog12 dagar sedan
    • no

      Carter JCarter J11 dagar sedan
  • 0:30 “Don’t worry there’s going to be more videos this year” You’ve lied to us Carson..

    Minty CactusMinty Cactus12 dagar sedan
  • outro almost made me cry. Come back carson

    SwittleSwittle12 dagar sedan
  • I miss this

    HolyEGGHolyEGG12 dagar sedan
  • i'm sick and tired of all this bullshit

    ArmartwaArmartwa13 dagar sedan
    • Ikr? Whiny sjws lying to defame a god.

      Jen DrownedJen Drowned5 dagar sedan
  • That intro suddenly has different context now...

    DavidH0777DavidH077713 dagar sedan
  • did somethin bad happen...? NAH its probably nothing

    plague doctorplague doctor13 dagar sedan
  • Damn I’m gonna miss this guy

    Ethan PaulEthan Paul14 dagar sedan
  • Damn he really is fine huh

    mat coronamat corona14 dagar sedan
  • wish he said this again 00:00

    bonifac kelemenbonifac kelemen14 dagar sedan
  • balls

    LINASLINAS14 dagar sedan
  • M u u. N. U. J

  • "I hope nothing bad happened while I was gone"

    Not NickNot Nick14 dagar sedan
  • The outro to this video is really sad knowing everything that happened

    JD WilliamsJD Williams15 dagar sedan
  • Damn the 2021 version is gonna look super cool

    QuetzalQuetzal15 dagar sedan
  • The internet just doesn’t feel the same without Carson

    Tom GTom G15 dagar sedan
  • Carson: I hope nothing bad happened while I was gone This folks is what we in the industry call foreshadowing

    Russian DoggoRussian Doggo16 dagar sedan
  • I miss Carson I wish he would come back he saved me from my depression and I still love him. I hope I’ll see you again someday Carson.

    Echo GameboysEcho Gameboys16 dagar sedan
  • o7 Commander

    PhalanxPhalanx17 dagar sedan
  • Love you bro

    bubba triezanbergbubba triezanberg17 dagar sedan
  • Carson's entire channel is just one big moment where youre doing an overnight with your buddies, its really late so everything is funny, and laughter makes you laugh

    TuxTux17 dagar sedan
  • Mans 100% innocent

    GravelDealerGravelDealer17 dagar sedan
  • So sad seeing the "thanks for making my dream come true" now...

    Celabro SpaceCelabro Space17 dagar sedan
  • Rip Carson :(

    TormilineTormiline18 dagar sedan
  • I'll always support you from Brazil, man. Keep up with your work, it makes me feel happy every time i need it. Thank you

    Dj NunesDj Nunes18 dagar sedan
  • Ay, uhhhh... can I get a Sausage Sammy?

    GrimPatriarchGrimPatriarch18 dagar sedan
  • that thumbnail basically captured his whole career

    Que4saeQue4sae19 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know what game Carson is playing where he's with the man who needs to buy bread?

    sans the skeletonsans the skeleton19 dagar sedan
  • Pain

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach19 dagar sedan

    WilburMinecraftWorldsWilburMinecraftWorlds19 dagar sedan
    • @YaBoiKnightfall he is back tho

      XoXo17 dagar sedan
    • This was a year ago 😐

      YaBoiKnightfallYaBoiKnightfall17 dagar sedan
  • My name is also Carson and I can see myself doing the exact safe thing that you do and it really makes you think about how your names our chosen and if it effects how you behave or how your life turns out

    GoldenEchoGoldenEcho19 dagar sedan
  • I mis you, plz come back

    IzutsumiIzutsumi20 dagar sedan
  • sad how all of the accusations were wrong and hes gone now... sad

    TreeRexV2TreeRexV220 dagar sedan
  • Where can I find the 2021 version ?

    Phan Thế TùngPhan Thế Tùng20 dagar sedan
  • 0:13 hmmmmmmmmmm

    The Chickens FightThe Chickens Fight20 dagar sedan
  • This video is a year old now

    CrinixsxpCrinixsxp20 dagar sedan
  • 6:54 translate: You fucking n word, this is my icecream

    Moe LesterMoe Lester21 dag sedan
  • This guy was great, I liked him even though I don't really watch his videos, He has a great smile, A smile that made me like who he is without even watching his videos, And now he's out there sitting on the chair, Trying to forget about people calling him a pedophile, Watching stresms without getting noticed, And sleep on each day that passes

    Creative MannersCreative Manners21 dag sedan
  • What a funny wholesome guy, sure hope nothing bad happens

    squids __squids __21 dag sedan
  • We've hit the one year mark and he has less subscribers now then he did last year at this time. It saddens me to think about Carson these days. I miss Carson.

    ShadowlynxxShadowlynxx21 dag sedan
  • 2021 Best of Carson compilation will just be a compilation of him dropping the soap in prison

    Soviet RaccoonSoviet Raccoon21 dag sedan
  • Not for long

    HillbillyHillbilly22 dagar sedan
  • Goodbye Carson, you flew so high but you crashed and burned.

    Tristan SmithTristan Smith22 dagar sedan
    • Eh he just flew a bit lower for me. I think he isn't some horrible person, I just think he made a tiny mistake

      Unusually Odd AcademyUnusually Odd Academy22 dagar sedan
  • Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

    mr.budder piemr.budder pie22 dagar sedan
    • Cringe

      Unusually Odd AcademyUnusually Odd Academy22 dagar sedan
  • 15:35 didn't age well

    gamefiles gaminggamefiles gaming22 dagar sedan
    • LOL

      Unusually Odd AcademyUnusually Odd Academy22 dagar sedan
  • ngl gonna lie been playing Smash Bros Melee for a long time and it took me just now to notice this is the Melee Intro, im a dumbass

    sisselosusisselosu22 dagar sedan
  • 00:12 *hmm*

    Angel TorresAngel Torres22 dagar sedan
  • 7:56 legend has it Carson is still on the floor laughing like a duck lol Xd

    Insight FlightInsight Flight24 dagar sedan
  • big lion

    DarkarmaDarkarma24 dagar sedan
  • Best of 2021 should be dropping any day now! Cant wait carson :) Did you make a new twitch I haven’t seen you go online in a while? Did you lose your password or anything and had to make a new one?

    DaBearz1027DaBearz102724 dagar sedan
    • The amount of passive aggressiveness lol

      Meme DaddyMeme Daddy22 dagar sedan
    • 17

      Bonnie VRBonnie VR23 dagar sedan
  • Gonna miss you buddy

    Lord VigilanceLord Vigilance24 dagar sedan
  • Goodbye my friend

    Hopeless_ god_Hopeless_ god_24 dagar sedan
  • Yeah hes wierd but hes not a pedophile.

    Mo Kush It GoneMo Kush It Gone24 dagar sedan
    • Exactly

      Unusually Odd AcademyUnusually Odd Academy22 dagar sedan
  • Pain.

    ellaella25 dagar sedan
  • Never really liked Carson.

    Double X StrikerDouble X Striker25 dagar sedan
    • @Unusually Odd Academy broad, muscular men

      Meme DaddyMeme Daddy21 dag sedan
    • @Meme Daddy floppy, normal, men

      Unusually Odd AcademyUnusually Odd Academy21 dag sedan
    • @Unusually Odd Academy soft, weak men.

      Meme DaddyMeme Daddy21 dag sedan
    • @Meme Daddy Big buff men

      Unusually Odd AcademyUnusually Odd Academy22 dagar sedan
    • @Unusually Odd Academy *uno reverse*

      Meme DaddyMeme Daddy22 dagar sedan
  • Slime @ 33:15 "I'll support you"

    r1ftr1ft25 dagar sedan
  • hes on 916 831 likes, bro I thought the 1 mil was a joke, hes actually going to hit it lmao

    Lucas PriorLucas Prior25 dagar sedan
  • Damn, I finally finished watching this after almost a year since it was uploaded

    KodieTheAussieAlastorFanBronyKodieTheAussieAlastorFanBrony25 dagar sedan