Why Ricciardo thinks McLaren's his best-ever F1 title shot

18 feb 2021
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Daniel Ricciardo has had his first taste of driving for McLaren following the launch of the team's 2021 MCL35M car. As Ricciardo settles in to life in orange, Scott Mitchell assesses why the Australian decided the time was right to go to McLaren now - having rejected approaches from the team in the past. Ricciardo has revealed he has a three-year deal with the team, which he believes can give him his first proper F1 title shot in the years to come.
McLaren MCL35M: Your questions answered
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  • Let's all just hope either Danny or Charles splits the mercs with max

    missouri mongoosemissouri mongooseDag sedan
  • I think ultimately nobody will be able to challenge Verstappen as his teammate as the team prioritise him over anyone in the other seat. You can just see why Daniel left and I think McLaren is a more realistic shot.

    ShayyanShayyan3 dagar sedan
  • "we need to swap positions, we need to see lando's pace in clear air. Swap positions exit turn 7"

    Spyros DevarisSpyros Devaris4 dagar sedan
  • I so hope he does!

    Ben HofBen Hof4 dagar sedan
  • No customer engine team will ever win a championship imo

    FPL AsssistFPL Asssist6 dagar sedan
  • I think everything will work out for my boy Ricciardo..

    Highway ConceptsHighway Concepts15 dagar sedan
  • oh and redbull wasnt

    Destro MetroDestro Metro21 dag sedan
  • "Red Bull look no closer"

    Revan FernandoRevan Fernando24 dagar sedan
  • Completely agree with your assessment on this one. Momentum is key, timing is everything. Zak Brown is one hell of a leader, and Norris has his feet wet now and is quietly aggressive - great teammate.

    David GretleinDavid Gretlein26 dagar sedan
  • I hope it all works out. Daniel is awesome to watch and I think he needs a place he can feel good working at and can focus.

    Kevin IceKevin Ice27 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Ricciardo 2022: I would like to announce that at the end of the season, I'll be leaving McLaren and joining ME.

    Yah YeetYah Yeet28 dagar sedan
  • First step get rid of that ugly ass livery

    jamie h.jamie h.28 dagar sedan
  • Reckon lando and Daniel will be in a title fight next year

    Vincent CardoneVincent Cardone29 dagar sedan
  • He gave up the chance for a title when he left redbull for worse teams tbh.

    Stephen GibbStephen GibbMånad sedan
  • Ricciardo alway looks like he's having fun.

    I-330I-330Månad sedan
  • No way it’s the best shot. He probably won’t win a grand pris this year. At least he won a few in a Redbull

    AJ DAJ DMånad sedan
  • These cars are horrible looking

    N.W.O WhoknowstheshadowknowsN.W.O WhoknowstheshadowknowsMånad sedan
  • He will never get a championship too late now he swaps around to much the top teams want young ones

    David Brian ReihanaDavid Brian ReihanaMånad sedan
  • 2021 will be 1) Red Bull, 2) Mercedes, and 3) McLaren. 2022 is anyone's guess but if I had to bet I'd bet McLaren doesn't do better than 3rd in 2022.

    Leggo My EgoLeggo My EgoMånad sedan
  • Say 3 properly !!!

    ThisisBenThisisBenMånad sedan
  • Ricciardo has a solid shot at fourth place with all cars finishing. The idea that anyone not driving for Mercedes or Red Bull can do better is pure fantasy.

    WildwoodClaire1WildwoodClaire1Månad sedan
  • My bet that he will be on another team soon

    ståle hansenståle hansenMånad sedan
  • The little count of dislikes are from alpine fans?

    Ishan BhaduriIshan BhaduriMånad sedan
  • Tbf, lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo is a really strong combo

    BackByUnpopularDemandBackByUnpopularDemandMånad sedan
  • Ill-judged move?? Why? I think there's 50M Euros of reasons in addition to escaping Horner's politics and knowing RB weren't a contender. Interested to hear your thoughts.

    Matthew KnottMatthew KnottMånad sedan
  • I expect nothing, and I hope Norris and Alpine beat him.

    tim yotim yoMånad sedan
  • Simple - because he doesn’t have to beat Max. I can never respect Daniel again for running away the way he did. Money Badger.

    tim yotim yoMånad sedan
  • he thought the same when he moved to Renault, leaving Redbull (who is a title contender), so doesnt really matter what Ricciardo thinks, we just need to wait to see what happens. Just like Mr badger himself.

    Jaison BabuJaison BabuMånad sedan
  • I like his enthusiasm but he won't win the title in that Mclaren. Not while the Mercedes grand prix show exists.

    APM MAPM MMånad sedan
  • Man I want to see Renault just win all the races.

    John BeattyJohn BeattyMånad sedan
  • Frankly renault has been all over the place in terms of result compared to mc laren’s. He only has a few years left and renault failed to develop a competitive machine. At least the pay was good.

    maman89maman89Månad sedan
  • I hope Ricciardo does very well this season, I like the guy a lot and mclaren is cool too.

    ChristianChristianMånad sedan
  • i feel riccado will seprise a lot of people in 2021

    Tribal MagicTribal MagicMånad sedan
  • Is peter prodromou still with Mclaren as aerodynamacist? Thanks

    Dj Alexander AvelinoDj Alexander AvelinoMånad sedan
  • I can't wait to see what Ric does with McLaren. Not to underestimate Max at RB either, but would love to see anyone give Merc a run for their money

    Bear NewmanBear NewmanMånad sedan
  • I find him brilliant pilot, and if he will never win the title it's only because ne had no top car.

    Gediminas BaltrušaitisGediminas Baltrušaitis2 månader sedan
  • Interesting.

    james pisanojames pisano2 månader sedan
  • Ricciardo thinks he would win the wc since 2014 but he never will

    Marco C. S.Marco C. S.2 månader sedan
    • He will

      AppleZ 123AppleZ 1232 månader sedan
  • Good Luck DR.

    Darryll SpaldingDarryll Spalding2 månader sedan
  • He has to say that, every driver has to say that they’re contractually obliged to do so. The only way to win F1 is to be in a Mercedes and be called Lewis Hamilton

    Lord SnowLord Snow2 månader sedan
  • My heart says McLaren will finally get back to winning this year, even if it's just one. My mind says...McLaren will get back to winning this year, even if it's just one. Hey, the two are on the same level again!

    walkwithmewalkwithme2 månader sedan
  • I think its cute that he still thinks he is going to win a title that he is that good i will give it to him for thinking that but no

    simo223simo2232 månader sedan
  • He has to say that... They pay him now,, Simple as that..!! If he said anything otherwise,, people would bash him for being at McLaren.. This team will get what they deserve this year..!! They are 4th or worse at best,, unless COVID gifts them 3rd again..!! RedBull was the top team when he showed up there,, whats was his excuse for being 2nd best then..??

    Mike TyrrellMike Tyrrell2 månader sedan
  • Why would Mercedes give their power unit to McLaren if they think they could challenge them for the championship??

    Frenzy BarFrenzy Bar2 månader sedan
  • I want to see bottas and Hamilton have nico v Hamilton season it would very very entertaining

    Magnus DimovMagnus Dimov2 månader sedan
  • WHAATTT??? ILL judged? Hes fifth in the standings for 2020 compared to his teammate esteban in 12th he only brought more money for the team its ridiculous

    Kmam KmamKmam Kmam2 månader sedan
  • they should have taken ferrari's engine.

    Mayur RautMayur Raut2 månader sedan
  • No.

    WannaBe A pandaWannaBe A panda2 månader sedan
  • everyone is too unrealistic with their season goals. I mean there is a team called Mercedes that has been dominating the decade and has two very skilled drivers no one can compete with them its always a fight for the 2. place in constructors and 3rd in drivers

    PimpDaddy GPimpDaddy G2 månader sedan
  • Hope McLaren will grab a win or two this year!

    ManoloManolo2 månader sedan
  • I predict Daniel will have a good season with McLaren narrowly finishing 3rd in the constructors ahead of Aston Martin, then moving on to Mercedes (after 1 or 2 years) replacing Lewis (or Valtteri) to fight for the drivers championship. I don't see a title challenge happening with McLaren; though I definitely see Daniel being on the shortlist to join Mercedes on a 2 or 3 year contract as early as 2022.

    perp1exedperp1exed2 månader sedan
  • I would love to see Ricciardo take a title at McLaren :-)

    Richard BainesRichard Baines2 månader sedan
  • They are moving on and getting a great driver and great teammate. He enjoys and will make the team better.

    the e-manthe e-man2 månader sedan
  • I just started following f1 this year and, although I know basically nothing, I'm feeling pretty good about choosing mclaren as my first team to root for

    Kian YTKian YT2 månader sedan
  • McLaren number two this year. Another step up. Ricciardo will have a great year with support from Norris. Redbull will find out Perez races for himself not the team. Best stay clear of him Max. Should be an exciting year of great racing.

    Indie Love BrandIndie Love Brand2 månader sedan
  • Sainz was a fool to ditch an upswinging McLaren for a Ferrari management team that is REALLY pushing hard to get Mick Schumacher in that second car next to Leclerc. Believe it! Sainz is 1 season away from yet a THIRD...career fiasco like at Toro Rosso AND Renault, if Mick works out at Haas. Mick's a PR dream for Ferrari in every way and Ricciardo just might have fixed his mistake of being played like a rube by letting Cyril Abiteboul exploit his insecurities into running away from Max. It's fair to say Horner's gotten the last laugh on Cyril about that smug "no engine and now no driver" wisecrack on Drive to Survive. lmao

    Channel ZChannel Z2 månader sedan
  • Honda Honda Honda with their Variable Timing Engine will beat Mercedes. Just watch. I have two Engineering Degrees from Texas A&M and I own a VTEC Honda (better know as Acura in Texas).

    Shamim HuqShamim Huq2 månader sedan
  • *It is starting to concern me is how RIC and SAI seem to be somehow following ALOs path, **_but on steroids._* They're quickly running out of "good teams". If it doesn't work out this time, it'll be back to F1.2 or INDY for both... *Especially when they jumped ship one year BEFORE the New F1 gets going in 2022.* They're stuck in multiyear contracts when many of the others will be able to pick and choose the "best horse" for 2022. Too nervous, too anxious, it may backfire pretty badly.

    Freddy ChaleFreddy Chale2 månader sedan
  • Doubt it. Ricciardo doesn't have the character of a champion.

    TosaTosa2 månader sedan
  • I really like how you analyse the situation, great job 👍🏻

    Florian ReinfeldFlorian Reinfeld2 månader sedan
  • This year Mercedes and RB are still going to be more dominant but next year could be a totally different story...they can begin to dream from 2022

    Richie Rich 007Richie Rich 0072 månader sedan
  • I think McLaren will be the 2021 champion because of Mecedes Engine.

    Prince Charles AndreiPrince Charles Andrei2 månader sedan
  • Well I'm pretty confident he will never win a championship then

    Malole26Malole262 månader sedan
  • Have a good feeling about this season.

    ShakengandulfShakengandulf2 månader sedan
  • I'd love to see a British team back at the top

    James MiddletonJames Middleton2 månader sedan
  • Ric world champion 2022

    muhammad nabilmuhammad nabil2 månader sedan
  • Redbull with 2022 engine....and it looks mean...and they got Perez. ...

    Trevor LawrenceTrevor Lawrence2 månader sedan
  • I really do not think McLaren will beat the Red Bulls, deep down he had his heart set on Ferrari.

    Phil TindlePhil Tindle2 månader sedan
  • i'm so excited watching his overtakes. this season's gonna be awesome! he will be on podium every game!

    9 ronaldo9 ronaldo2 månader sedan
    • To see he win could be great too

      muhammad nabilmuhammad nabil2 månader sedan
  • I hope he does great, it would be great to see another winner and team besides Mercedes ,Ferrari , and Red Bull

    James LimonJames Limon2 månader sedan
  • Redbull will suffer massively from reliability woes if they decide on making their own engines. Their best bet is convincing Honda to stay in F1

    Ahmed NaveelAhmed Naveel2 månader sedan
  • Yes I do. He will do well ...much better than some have said ...good on him ...he is a great guy and driver...

    George GaitanosGeorge Gaitanos2 månader sedan
  • McLaren will continue to improve with regular podiums during 2021.. Wins are not far away.

    Kerry LewisKerry Lewis2 månader sedan
  • Interesting to hear the move to Renault viewed as misjudged. Yeah, he probably would have finished higher in the points with Red Bull, but two seasons of coming up short next to Verstappen would not have done well for his value.

    Tyler FernandezTyler Fernandez2 månader sedan

    Samira PeriSamira Peri2 månader sedan
  • Hopefully this should be a good season! With Seb at race point aswell

    Alan JacksonAlan Jackson2 månader sedan
  • Welcome back mclaren (hopefully). They have always done well with Mercedes power so now will be no different.

    Alan JacksonAlan Jackson2 månader sedan
  • If he can qualify well, he should always be in the hunt for a podium place with Norris. Possibly ahead of Ferrari.

    Chee Hei FooChee Hei Foo2 månader sedan
  • Daniel Ricciardo is a top 3 driver not top tier...Well played McLaren you have a WDC in waiting on your hands.

    Josh GeeJosh Gee2 månader sedan
  • It will be impressions

    Hus 9Hus 92 månader sedan
  • Feel like he’s just below pure championship quality but with the right car and teammate I feel he could sneak one. This contract and this team is probably his last chance.

    Justin WilliamsJustin Williams2 månader sedan
  • I believe his best chance was in 2014

    wolfe1970wolfe19702 månader sedan
  • I expect Riccardo to win two titles, both with Ferrari in 3-4 years time.

    Poole DoggPoole Dogg2 månader sedan
  • Ric will get the title when Lewis retires. This year Ric will beat Norris in points and will come third/fourth overall in points. Next year he will come second/third overall points wise. In three years he will win the title.

    To the point ReviewsTo the point Reviews2 månader sedan
  • I couldn’t have worded this better myself

    Dread_Pirate_JodwinDread_Pirate_Jodwin2 månader sedan
  • The move wasn't ill-judged. He mad a tonne of money at Renault and realistically wouldn't have beaten max over a season. now, he's in a Mclaren on the up with a Merc in it.

    mabboyz4lyfmabboyz4lyf2 månader sedan
  • This might be the best engine he’s ever raced with so yeah its possible

    Dustin DinglerDustin Dingler2 månader sedan
  • Oh Ricardo I’ve waited for you to be on the podium again

    Michael BrookMichael Brook2 månader sedan
    • I wait to see him take WDC

      muhammad nabilmuhammad nabil2 månader sedan
  • I don't know if he is going win world title or not but it's step up from last year's car

    david fishdavid fish2 månader sedan
  • He might well be right and there is a certain amount of "of course he would say that" about a new signing gushing about his new team, but at this stage in his career Riccardo hasn't got too many more years left to win the title that he yearns for,

    John MJohn M2 månader sedan
  • he is not that good...simple...

    Patrick GuinnanePatrick Guinnane2 månader sedan
  • They will be closed to Red Bull may be Bottas too

    Alain BelangerAlain Belanger2 månader sedan
  • Is pronunced 'al-pine' -- not 'al-peen' !

    VC YTVC YT2 månader sedan
  • Title shot??? He's been on more than just Fosters then 😂

    Damien KearnsDamien Kearns2 månader sedan
  • I really hope he gets that championship!

    Silent Wolf StreamingSilent Wolf Streaming2 månader sedan
  • They will finish 3rd again in 2021. Maybe Ferrari can put up a good fight. Aston Martin lost Perez and Alpine lost Riccardo. I don't see them fighting for the 3rd spot.

    Duolingo GermanDuolingo German2 månader sedan
  • Nicest pair in the paddock

    Javier RuizJavier Ruiz2 månader sedan
  • I think people are overhyping McLaren. They have improved, but their 3rd place in the constructors championship last year is a bit misleading. They actually finished in 4th but got 3rd place due to Racing Point's 15 points penalty. And if Ferrari weren't caught red handed then they would've been the 5th best team. They are still very far from being a championship contender.

    Tahneek Uddin MullickTahneek Uddin Mullick2 månader sedan
  • Short answer: because he's delusional. Saved some minutes of your life, you're welcome

    MxM_PrimeMxM_Prime2 månader sedan
  • Ricciardo is definitly a top tier driver but he will never be a world champion. Not with Mclaren at least.

    gastinogastino2 månader sedan