SLEEPER BUG: 517 WHP Subaru-powered 1973 VW Super Beetle | Nicole Johnson's Detour EP1

9 feb 2021
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Would you ever guess this cute little VW bug produces 517 horsepower at the wheels and screams like a Formula 1 race car? Nicole Johnson goes for a wild ride in the ultimate Sleeper Bug, a Subaru WRX-powered 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle that you’d swear was bone stock. But that’s the whole point…
Designed, built and owned by OG13 King of the Hammers winner John Reynolds.

SPECIAL THANKS to Kicker for their years of support!
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  • Definitely dad taking the daughter to teach her how to drive a stick shift vibe...

    Mr1987VegasMr1987VegasTimme sedan
  • who on earth did the subtitling? did he/she/it even speak German?

    Uwe LohrUwe LohrTimme sedan
  • This car is trying to kill it's passengers, it's perfect.

    Krabby PattyKrabby Patty2 timmar sedan
  • Nothing new... Nothing special just nothing. He does not race for tags... so big effing deal. I raced for Tags in my 59 Beetle with a Porche Engine in mine.

    di. mythiosdi. mythios2 timmar sedan
  • Yeah, this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, STAY IN YOUR LANE!

    FourDollaRacingFourDollaRacing3 timmar sedan
  • That Woman Pi**ed me Off. She Didn't listen to him when he said take it Easy on the gas pedal and she REFUSED to follow his instructions. I would have made her get out and NOT let her Drive again. Ooo that makes me mad!!

    James RaffertyJames Rafferty4 timmar sedan
  • My 5.0 had a BERT dogbox and let me tell you its not much fun to cruise with let alone daily. They're intended for racing meaning slower speeds and rpms make it harder to shift but they'll take abuse. Trying to find the sweet spot or shifting slowly will almost always result in grinding, meaning every shift it needs to be thrown into gear like you mean business. Machines like this were built for abuse the harder you drive them the smoother they run

    TheElyCornerTheElyCorner5 timmar sedan
  • My one and only speeding ticket was in a 71' super beetle going about 110 mph. ( 40 yrs ago! )

    lindalovesmusiclindalovesmusic6 timmar sedan
  • 18:33 priceless

    AriAri6 timmar sedan
  • Nice!

    CarportCarlCarportCarl6 timmar sedan
  • Grind it till ya kind find it 😆

    lindalovesmusiclindalovesmusic6 timmar sedan
  • Bet she left a wet spot on his seat

    Thomas EllisonThomas Ellison7 timmar sedan
  • car could use stiffer springs in the rear and a strain gauge for the shifter that way he can cut the timing during the shift and not grind the gears.

    Dionne BrownDionne Brown7 timmar sedan
  • Had a '66 VW Beetle once... The only way you'd get it up to 110 is if you drove it off a cliff. ...a VERY tall cliff. ( It topped out at 70mph, downhill, and with a good tailwind. )

    Guard DogGuard Dog7 timmar sedan
  • Very cool. A perfect example of when time & money are no object

    Disabled PrepperDisabled Prepper8 timmar sedan
  • whats sad is he is scared of his own car lol

    goof ballgoof ball8 timmar sedan
  • Waaaaaaay Koo!!

    H ColinH Colin8 timmar sedan
  • Eh it's been done

    Alpha Wërks automotiveAlpha Wërks automotive8 timmar sedan
  • I remember an EMPI powered bug with 250hp that would pull the front wheels off the ground, I think this guy will never experience this car at 10/10, you could see it in his face.

    4lostinamerica4lostinamerica9 timmar sedan
  • what a babe

    Big-Mike Gun-n-ammoBig-Mike Gun-n-ammo9 timmar sedan
  • Whoa whoa!

    Dennis SchulteDennis Schulte9 timmar sedan
  • When you realize this is Herbie but in another dimension where it autopilots, going against the DeLorean, if only you could do some modifications, imagine seeing the classic race against those two.

    Sam WattsSam Watts10 timmar sedan
  • I am actually working on a mk1 vw rabbit I am doing a awd conversation on it and putting in a 1.8t engine which will eventually make just over 300hp (it would be capable of much higher but I'm not going to tune it for much more than that to keep it controllable on a racetrack) and weigh only about 2000lbs. It is also modified to have 4 corner independent suspension. I'm not done with it yet but I should be able to drive it very soon seeing as I just have some minor wiring and plumbing to do yet. Although it will only be at 150hp for now which is stock for this engine I will be able to make sure everything else is solid and dialed in before I throw a ton of power at it.

    Alex LutzAlex Lutz10 timmar sedan
  • Hate hearing gears grinding, my sister drives like a champ.

    55commander55commander10 timmar sedan
  • Annoyingly American

    Enem DiskEnem Disk10 timmar sedan
  • That is way cool and I never want to drive it. Thank you and goodnight!

    MycathatesUMycathatesU11 timmar sedan
  • She’s annoying!

    M KruseM Kruse11 timmar sedan
  • Why the f I let you drive 🤡🤡🤡🌺🌺🌺

    Jr's GarageJr's Garage11 timmar sedan
  • Nicole is a keeper, solid lady open to new adventures but down to earth. Nicole, let him drive; he scares himself enough!

    KajuniterKajuniter11 timmar sedan
  • ultimate sleeper

    dcrane62dcrane6211 timmar sedan
  • Is she annoying?

    peter charlespeter charles11 timmar sedan
  • INCREADIBLE !! I drove my sister's '73 "Super Beetle" back in the early eighties, and thought, "Nice", "fun-ish".... My car was a big block IROC 4speed Comaro. And very hot. This is the ultimate "sleeper" ! He should go after the '502' in Oaklahoma.

    Peter RuizPeter Ruiz12 timmar sedan
  • Syncromesh gears, what synchromesh???

    Tristan MorrowTristan Morrow13 timmar sedan
  • Oooh that's "Herbie" without the "53" on the hood 😉

    Jan JensenJan Jensen13 timmar sedan
  • Too much hair touching!

    R8 DrvrR8 Drvr13 timmar sedan
  • NFS Heat vibes

    Solly PPSolly PP13 timmar sedan
  • Nah, that's not that impressive. Try this Tesla powered Beetle. Blows this Beetle out of the water.

    Gavin GrantGavin Grant13 timmar sedan
  • 13:28 - Seeing how violently the thing pulls and twists on boost, and hearing her scream "HOLY CRAP!" was worth it alone 🤣🤣 and the camera doesn't even do it justice- once I hear the sound though, it's like I can process what the camera isn't entirely capturing hahaha! 🤘😆 And she's such a goofball and so fun- I love how second time she stops and goes through the gears, she's got a feel for it and he's still trying tell her how to shift it, then puts a LITTLE mustard behind it and he gets spooked. 😂😂 Yeah, duh it's a beast! What'd he expect- for her to idle it through all the gears? C'mon!😆😆 This thing is badass. I'd LOVE a sleeper like this, but I'm addicted to kustomizing and visually standing out...😕 Hmmm...🤔(*excuse to nitrous my clapped-out daily Tahoe...?*)

    Joshua ChapinJoshua Chapin13 timmar sedan
  • I'd rather just have the girl

    dougjstl1dougjstl114 timmar sedan
  • Take the girl keep the car

    dougjstl1dougjstl114 timmar sedan
  • So originally was a 1302s

    Robin SharpleyRobin Sharpley14 timmar sedan
  • Man I thought she needs practice driving a stick! Lol okay she cute enough for me to drive around! Not ride with!

    Isaac WilliamsIsaac Williams15 timmar sedan
  • when i was in high school back in the late 70's i drove a bug to school i forget what year it was late 60's perhaps. but winter in northwest Pennsylvania was a treat the heater would scorch you pant legs and you employed a ice scraper every few seconds on the flat windshield because it would frost up and it had no real defroster. i remember it fondly.

    save the republicsave the republic15 timmar sedan
  • She needs to lay off the coffee 😉🤘🏼

    American Patriot LiveAmerican Patriot Live15 timmar sedan
  • First time on your channel and I love the bug and your vibes.. keep smiling 😁😁

    adriann charlesadriann charles16 timmar sedan
  • I own a 1973 superbeetle. and this makes me sad, because mine doesn't even have spark.

    N1TRØN1TRØ16 timmar sedan
  • Super Beatles are super ugly. Should have used pre 69. 🤮

    Bryan AllendorfBryan Allendorf17 timmar sedan
  • Never hand a chimp a gun.

    Mark McGranahanMark McGranahan18 timmar sedan
  • When she said, "your gonna have to show me how to drive it. The gears and everything..." John was like, "WTF?" "I do?" 😂😂😂

    Billy Ellis Jr.Billy Ellis Jr.18 timmar sedan
  • Reading the title i thought he put a sleeper quarters in his bug.

    Daniel GodfreyDaniel Godfrey18 timmar sedan
  • She is so pretty; and seems to be confused with a stick shift. Pretty girl though.

    Rachel BlackRachel Black19 timmar sedan
    • Given her off-road motorsport credentials I'm pretty sure she'd be able to operate a "normal" standard shift gearbox. She had never used a gearbox without synchros though. I've driven standard shift cars for 23 years now but it sounds like I'd probably have to acclimate to this one just as she did.

      hey yohey yo7 timmar sedan
  • Love the bug .! Love the upgrades,and the wastegate stealth pipes!!

    Mark AtkinsonMark Atkinson19 timmar sedan
  • For someone who had a very little understanding about what he is saying, she interrupts him a lot. Mmmhm, uhuh, yep.

    Will I amWill I am19 timmar sedan

    Daniel CortinasDaniel Cortinas19 timmar sedan
  • Nicole your the best.... !

    Louie LouieLouie Louie20 timmar sedan
  • Guy in USNY has a Beetle with close to 800 H/P He was smoking way more H/P cars at the 1/8th mile in my home town. That thing was so quick it was over before the V8 got rolling.

    jimmyjackassjimmyjackass20 timmar sedan
  • Nice build. But that tiny twin exhaust is holding that bug back from really flying. 💯

    Steven MastersSteven Masters20 timmar sedan
    • Those are used for turbo pop-off, overpressure. The real exhaust outlet is hidden under the car)

      Rimrock300Rimrock30018 timmar sedan
  • C'mon Nicole, just manhandle it and push it in! 😉🤣

    shiela haberechtshiela haberecht20 timmar sedan
  • I know which bug I would take home

    Peronnik BeijerPeronnik Beijer21 timme sedan
  • So much money spent to prove such a tiny penis ....

    Jim GooseJim Goose22 timmar sedan
  • Would LOVE to give this little lovebug a spin here in Germany, but I guess it would never pass safety regulations. About the "110mph wow", that is my cruising speed driving home =P

    DerIchBinDaDerIchBinDa22 timmar sedan
    • guess you are normally crusing at a bit wider and straighter road at 110 than this mountain road we see here)

      Rimrock300Rimrock30018 timmar sedan
  • The owner's " ass on the hands" was the best part...hahaha.... Please don't fuck up my car...pleaseeee...rsrsrs

    Rick MRick M22 timmar sedan
  • Why would anyone do that to a perfectly fine VW Beatle, wait, Americans...

    Michael NMichael N22 timmar sedan
  • Love the car!!!😍 Cringe the interview 😬

    DJKPlaysportZX3DJKPlaysportZX322 timmar sedan
  • VW Käfer!!!✌😘❤👍

    Kalle GrabowskiKalle Grabowski23 timmar sedan
  • The engine sounds not like an original beetle

    Tommy Lagi BelajarTommy Lagi Belajar23 timmar sedan
  • she slams the door then asked if he heard that. What a psycho!

    JmanJman23 timmar sedan
    • LOL....You are kidding...right?

      Rimrock300Rimrock30018 timmar sedan
  • too bad it's not amphibious like the original ;) :-S

    voidship133voidship13323 timmar sedan
  • Fun video but the funniest thing was... after being jammed together in a VW bug for a day, yelling and laughing and talking at each other (without masks) ... they do an elbow bump to maintain social distancing and avoid spreading the CCP virus (or the deadlier, more contagious mutation that has become so prevalent in California -

    Allen InksAllen Inks23 timmar sedan
  • MY GOD LET HER DRIVE THE FKN THING. I don't think ive seen a more paranoid car owner on SEworld.

    Deleted.Deleted.Dag sedan
  • Man' he's miserable .... proof that owning stuff isn't whats important. Turned it off, couldnt watch anymore.

    Ray HawkRay HawkDag sedan
  • This Nicole girl feels like she's from the 70s :o

    Andrew RiceAndrew RiceDag sedan
  • Bed Bug.

    Will 2-BWill 2-BDag sedan
  • Waste gate pea shooters are brilliant. My favorite part of the whole build.

    Clay SavageClay SavageDag sedan
  • He's driving, but when he gets on it he looks as scared as she does.

    Incog NitoIncog NitoDag sedan
    • and they called the corvair unsafe at any speed..

      John BucholtzJohn Bucholtz14 timmar sedan
  • noob here. What's the "pffft" sound during accelerations?

    adamcrookedsmileadamcrookedsmileDag sedan
  • His look when she can't find the next gear!!!! LMAO!!!!

    6rubios6rubiosDag sedan
  • This gearbox makes the car sound like a very old bus :-D

    kamran102kamran102Dag sedan
  • To that dude in the add no one cares how much you made last month we ain’t tryna buy! The girl in this vid is beautiful... 🙌🏾

    Richie seg.Richie seg.Dag sedan
  • This was utter joy & bliss!

    Douglas B.Douglas B.Dag sedan
  • My friend had a 1915cc and it was a beast, did wheelies in 3 gears. This thing must be insane. That trans looks fun to drive

    Taylor AlvidrezTaylor AlvidrezDag sedan
  • Really needs UEL headers

    nukeboy207nukeboy207Dag sedan
  • Great video! Entertaining, informative and with high production values. A breath of fresh air in the male dominated automotive “influencer” world 👍Subscribed!

    Mr BMr BDag sedan
  • This is interesting, but my best friend in high school in 1979-1980 got a 1974-75 VW baja bug with a V-8 in it. Baja bug.

    Analysta654Analysta654Dag sedan
  • I don’t understand: where’s the bed?

    eclipsewreckereclipsewreckerDag sedan
  • shawty

    curtrodcurtrodDag sedan
  • I like you, very few women get cars. That bug remedies me of my 74 Vega with a rebuilt 350 cops never caught me!

    Spocko SpockonSpocko SpockonDag sedan
  • Even he doesnt have a clue how to drive a dog box.

    Marc WilliamsMarc WilliamsDag sedan
  • I wanna build two more Bugs in my Lifetime. A bad-ass, heavy-duty Baja...and a chop-topped, slammed-on-the-ground, early 60's Bug with a 2,5 liter Subaru (ALMOST thought about using a 2,1 liter Vanagon motor...but I've had to replace heads on WAY too many of those things)(though that really wouldn't be a BAD engine...if you could figure out how to stop the head gaskets from rotting away) and a 5-speed. Four-wheel discs. R&P steering. Make it look like an early 60's hotrod (black satin paint with flames, or scallops) and old Craiger 5-spoke mags (I HAVE a set of American Racing 5-spokes in that same style)(No Bug to attach them to, however).

    Rock DogRock DogDag sedan
  • 0 to 60 ?

    Joe RumlerJoe RumlerDag sedan
    • Saw it measured to 2.8s in another video, on John Reynolds channel

      Rimrock300Rimrock30018 timmar sedan
  • Don't ask a car guy with a fast car 4 a ride then tell him to slow down !!! Funny !!!

    Ball BaggsBall BaggsDag sedan
  • Is a Subaru engine cheaper than a Porsche engine?

    PickleRixPickleRixDag sedan
  • Very cool.... But what I want to know the hell did he swap the gearbox from behind the engine to in front? At first, I was wondering how he swapped the 'Ru gearbox from back to forward. Wasn't until later that I realized he's running some kind of aftermarket 'box (non-synchro at that!). When imagining building this kind of gettup (I want to build a Bug with a 2,5 liter 'Ru engine and 5-speed box)... I'd look at scoring a Porsche 5-speed to adapt the 'Ru to. The other thought would be an aftermarket gearbox (if they are still available) that is designed for sandrail use (but NOT a non-synchro unit like he's using)...though that probably wouldn't work very well for flying down the freeway. Maybe great for drag racing! (The sandrail gearbox, that is) Not so much for daily driving.

    Rock DogRock DogDag sedan
  • Not a car guy per se...but can appreciate the details here. Enjoyed this vid a lot! LOL dad attitude, daughter who's already there ;-)

    Gene S.Gene S.Dag sedan
  • Yep they sold my '69 with an overbored 1800 and dual Weber's with 60s on the back while I was at the bank getting the money. I was !!furious!! It was all municipal silver colored inside. Ya know, With the toxic silver paint! Well anyway it's just as well because I'd be long dead now. LONG time dead. Super long time.

    Matthew MaccashlandMatthew MaccashlandDag sedan
  • Blasphemous! Simply blasphemous. One only has to look at the latest 911 GT3 RS to see what has grown from Herr Doktor Ferdinand Porsche's brainchild. Bastardizing fine German engineering to to accept a Japanese engine is akin to dumping a Chevrolet 350 in a a Ferrari 250!

    John DittmannJohn DittmannDag sedan
  • I would love a review by Smoking Tire on this creation..

    Mad MaxMad MaxDag sedan
  • This bug should be called "Beetlejuice"... This thing is a monster and a death trap at the same time...

    Mad MaxMad MaxDag sedan
  • rain man looked upset that his transmission needed to be rebuilt

    Stan MoonStan MoonDag sedan
  • Mad Bug Scientist 🐞

    R PR PDag sedan