How to pick the best gaming laptop for MS-DOS games.

5 mar 2016
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In this episode, I walk you through the pros and cons of many laptops from the 1980's and 1990's and show some of the differences.
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  • This is a really cool and interesting video, but I think I’ll stick with DOSBox on a more modern computer. Personally my favorite old game is the original Age of Empires II, and I can actually run that on Windows 10 with no additional software or any issues.

    Frog 4096Frog 4096Dag sedan
  • Or you can just look at an archive

    Chad WeissChad Weiss8 dagar sedan
  • Worth noting -> the 1991 gulf digitally cliped the sales of 8k optical caching cpu's such as the 486. msdos ERA games start in the summer of 1992, one year after gi get back from thier tenure in the gulf war. whomp there it is the first msdos game of the new era! wolfenstien 3d! everything before that is shit all loser 32kb comodore port jobs. total shit. i have to pinch my selft i cannot believe graphics were this shitty

    Mik BackstromMik Backstrom10 dagar sedan
  • That LAN party with a friend killed it :-D. Thanks so much for your great videos. Making quarantine easier...

    simaly78simaly7810 dagar sedan
  • my oldest pc is a dell dimension 8300 and it might be taking things a bit over the top when its running ms dos with a sata 120gb hdd intel celeron and 512 mb ram

    RazerinRazerin13 dagar sedan
  • We used to be playing Duke3d all days, over 20yrs ago. No one had a laptop that time, thus one of us had to carry his desktop + monitor. Sessions were amazing, it was a great time... Thanks!

    Łukasz GrykaŁukasz Gryka14 dagar sedan
  • Yeah; I have never REALLY liked laptops.. for various reasons (not upgradable, people think they can be placed on a cloth-surface (like the proverbial "lap"), or moved around while running but they really do harm to their computer by doing so. But.. when you point out that a pentium 3 might be bad because they stopped bothering about compatibility.. that is when I say that this is kind of the ultimate proof of the modularity of a real computer (rather than an etch-a-sketch) REALLY is preferable.. I have an Awe64-gold that I am just ITCHING to mount in a computer. I DO have a computer that I think works that is a p3.. ... and in my storage unit I have a 21" trinitron CRT monitor.. To be honest it's only the monitor I "worry" about size-wise, because as long as I can put in an ethernet-wire I can put the actual computer anywhere (under the bed, and so on).. contemplating building a designated livingroom table where the actual monitor can be mounted under.. (There are actually some advantages to looking down onto a computer screen anyway).

    Roger LundströmRoger Lundström14 dagar sedan
  • The PC speaker sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carla ParkerCarla Parker15 dagar sedan
  • Prince of Persia sounds better with a sound card

    Carla ParkerCarla Parker15 dagar sedan
  • lol just use dosbox

    DiamondKing PlayzDiamondKing Playz18 dagar sedan
  • After seeing this video, somehow Windows 95 has become a much more modern operating system given the fact that it has capabilities to transfer files with ease.

    Mario Saputra LienartoMario Saputra Lienarto23 dagar sedan
  • 8:38 its called ghosting

    MileniumMilenium23 dagar sedan
  • 12:44 arrogant

    Brahma SharmaBrahma SharmaMånad sedan
  • Aw mane not da volcanoo

    Federico CalelloFederico CalelloMånad sedan
  • You are forgetting about emulators don't forget about emulators that's the best thing about MS-DOS as you can play tons of games there are tons of emulators for him to stop but you guys search the internet really really you got to dig down really deep to find the emulators for your console favorites retros

    blazing angels and mkwiib101blazing angels and mkwiib101Månad sedan
  • The slim ostrich fittingly claim because weapon gratifyingly invent circa a eminent club. general gentle, deserted start

    Russell KluchkaRussell KluchkaMånad sedan
  • DOSBox

    Aivaras SungailaAivaras SungailaMånad sedan
  • Old laptop! what's name in the old sistem?

    Grzegorz AdamczykGrzegorz AdamczykMånad sedan
  • Thanks for informing about DOSBOX

    Vladan LausevicVladan LausevicMånad sedan
  • Very interesting abd insightful. Another option is just to play modern versions of DOS games either online or via downloading

    Vladan LausevicVladan LausevicMånad sedan
  • What about a raspberry pi?

    Mishal MohanlalMishal MohanlalMånad sedan
  • I just cheat and use dosbox on a linux pc I have wired to my tv. Match that up with a pair of wireless headphones and a wireless mouse and keyboard and I can play older games from the comfort of my recliner.

    jzimmerman1229jzimmerman12292 månader sedan
  • I just want to know how to play the IBM version of Disney's "Stunt Island."

    KlingonCaptainKlingonCaptain2 månader sedan
  • He could have shown blood on ms DOS

    Carbboonie LetsplaysCarbboonie Letsplays2 månader sedan
  • If you want networking you're better off dual booting with Linux on machines with that little RAM. Win95 will just be obscenely frustrating - it does not run well below 4 MB RAM. You're also far more likely to get working drivers for Linux

    SteelRodentSteelRodent2 månader sedan
  • Meme Da 8bit guy telling that modern technology can't write or read da floppy drives Me seeing him put the floppy disk in the modern floppy reader and hearing him say it that it might work Also me *goes down to mom and telling her that I am deaf and blind She asking me how I came down the stairs and how I gave her her phone when a call came 3 seconds ago Me o ok bye

    Crispy PhantomCrispy Phantom2 månader sedan
    • Go do your homework

      Tard WranglerTard Wrangler12 dagar sedan
    • @Zarze99 btw call me phantom

      Crispy PhantomCrispy Phantom2 månader sedan
    • @Zarze99 ooo have a channel??

      Crispy PhantomCrispy Phantom2 månader sedan
    • @Crispy Phantom I wasn't actually asking, just implying that I believe you're a little kid.

      Zarze99Zarze992 månader sedan
    • @Zarze99 umm is that an appropriate question to ask? over the internet? and i am for your kind knowledge i am 6+6=eh

      Crispy PhantomCrispy Phantom2 månader sedan
  • Hard mode? Write your own faithful 1:1 port to modern systems. ;)

    ManjushriManjushri2 månader sedan
  • I need a friend like yours XD

    Eduardo Jose Gonzalez GonzalezEduardo Jose Gonzalez Gonzalez2 månader sedan
  • Hi there! So...i just found a gas-plasma portable computer (IBM PS/2 model P75) for sale, and since you didnt mention, if the screen is suitable for gaming, i wanted to ask the the gas plasma screen suitable for decent retro gaming?

    AnonymousDoggoAnonymousDoggo2 månader sedan
  • 6:43 Or a OPL2LPT

    Jay YangJay Yang2 månader sedan
  • Unfortunately I cannot even play DUKE 3D on Freedos. It sais it cannot find the FM chip.

    ArkdovArkdov3 månader sedan
  • Game at 3:14?

    Magnus WilénMagnus Wilén3 månader sedan
  • I know a computer that will run every dos game out there. A modern computer with dos box installed

    Akotski1338Akotski13383 månader sedan
  • And if you set them correctly, you can run these games.

    Augustin GavriloviciAugustin Gavrilovici3 månader sedan
  • There are emulators.

    Augustin GavriloviciAugustin Gavrilovici3 månader sedan
  • ms dos games need a crt . period.

    prozac1127prozac11273 månader sedan
  • What is the game @3:22?

    KAN Visual DestructionKAN Visual Destruction3 månader sedan
  • 16:19 You can be sure Will Smith took it

    FelipeTech BAFelipeTech BA3 månader sedan
  • One day all the best ms-dos and windows 95 cd rom games should be port it to steam

    Lester ChiefLester Chief3 månader sedan
  • Can someone tell me what laptop I could get to play CD Roms and Classic MS DOS?

    Dark ShadowDark Shadow3 månader sedan
  • 12:44 that laugh cured my depression

    Красен ДековКрасен Деков3 månader sedan
  • How about a Pentium 133 Mmx laptop? Still overkill like Pentium 2 or 3?

    John SchleichJohn Schleich3 månader sedan
  • £370 I saw to buy LTE 5000 here in the UK and that is for one that's not working....

    Jonathan TebbuttJonathan Tebbutt3 månader sedan
  • i got an HP Omnibook EX3 with pentium 3 from 1999 and sound works great, all i needed to do is install the ESS audio driver which made it 100% sound blaster compatible, i can hear both music and sound effects

    game exegame exe3 månader sedan
  • 1990: omg tetris! This is amazing look at the graphics 2020: why cant i get 200 fps on ultra settings?!?! This is so disappointing

    Zeguy_exeZeguy_exe3 månader sedan
    • Modern gaming channels are making my GTX 1080 look old :(

      Someguy StudiosSomeguy Studios3 månader sedan
  • dont bully your friend 8bit nerd

    game exegame exe3 månader sedan
  • why not just get a windows XP laptop I have a dell latitude d531 that runs windows XP, and it plays dos games without a emulator. bonus you can play early windows games and windows XP games and they are cheap at like thrift stores and garage sales. I would recommend it for people just starting out with vintage computers

    A DellA Dell3 månader sedan
  • I use an old lenovo Netbook(yes Netbook) with lubuntu as my gaming rig for Dos and 16 bits games.

    Sh1mboSh1mbo3 månader sedan
  • I have a question... What gives energy for it?

    HTD7HTD73 månader sedan
  • I'm using an IBM Thinkpad 380XD, it is PERFECT! I have every single feature i need built in, cd and floppy are live together harmonically, no need to swap drives, CF card compatibility is very good, USB, excellent sound card and high quality speakers! I think it tops the LTE 5000 series... With all the love I have for the Compaq brand...

    Tal GlazerTal Glazer4 månader sedan
  • I'll just wait until Analogue, Inc releases a Super DOS system on a chip with all the soundcards included.

    IRMacGuyverIRMacGuyver4 månader sedan
  • Love your videos. Thank you for the love you show the Commodore machines. The 64 and 128 got me through some bad times as a youth. Thank you for all you do :)

    Robbin JenningsRobbin Jennings4 månader sedan
  • > "Now unfortunately there is no laptop or desktop out there that is going to play every single MS-DOS game to its fullest potential" *(Laughs in DOSBox and virtual machines.)*

    Clbull118Clbull1184 månader sedan
  • 12:20 i thought that stereotypical "nerd look" was a hollywood thing...

    Lady StoneheartLady Stoneheart4 månader sedan
  • 12:23 We're sitting in Ventrilo, playing lots of DOS Games...

    Adrian MardiantoAdrian Mardianto4 månader sedan
  • Oh man not the volcano! ( made me laugh )

    Peggy CassisPeggy Cassis4 månader sedan
  • I recently bought a Dell Latitude C640 with Windows 98SE with the intent of playing some games from late 90s (Age of Empires, Duke Nukem 3D, Diablo, etc.) and some of the early DOS games.

    Capt_ChucklesCapt_Chuckles4 månader sedan
  • 0:25

    Gduhfgsgdh GsudhgGduhfgsgdh Gsudhg4 månader sedan
  • Wish I could still by a LTE 5000 series laptop for $40 lol

    Jay KwonJay Kwon4 månader sedan
  • Whats the music from 4:16 to 4:40?

    justinlikesDogs2001justinlikesDogs20014 månader sedan
  • "Actually pretty cheap these days" - 4 years later and the cheapest 486 laptop currently on sale in my region is 150,-... what happened?!?!? I remember buying these things basically for postage around 2002-2003.

    InkshockInkshock4 månader sedan
  • best way to play dos games: use wine on linux

    CitrusCitrus4 månader sedan
  • The two player demonstration reminded me of this

    ChezzChezz5 månader sedan
  • What about a ASUS L8400 Pentium 1 with Windows XP with both Floppy and CD rom on it. It can be installed with Windows 2000 or 98 that is the last true MS DOS system. It both supports old tech like serial ports and more modern tech like USB1 port and such. It has a screen resolution that supports MS DOS games and more modern Windows XP too. This is how it looks like: Its not useless as he says on this video, but fun here watch the video of this ASUS L8400:

    MrSeekLoadMrSeekLoad5 månader sedan
  • Can someone please help me. I have the Toshiba 325CDS with CD-ROM. I currently have MS-DOS 6.0 installed but can't get my CD-ROM setup and enabled correctly. I know you have to edit config.sys and autoexec.bat in a specific way but I can't seem to work it properly. Maybe someone can help me????

    armanddarkearmanddarke5 månader sedan
  • 5:12 what laptop is that

    solami 122solami 1225 månader sedan
  • I have a HP Windows 98 laptop, any idea about how good is compatibility for DOS games with a parallel port game controller? Because my laptop does not have a game port

    Puff MasterPuff Master5 månader sedan
  • I have a Compaq LTE 5000 laptop Series: 2880B. Other than the single brightness dial; is there a way to confirm that it is a TFT screen? Is there anyone that also has a series 2880B? Thanks in advance!

    TradeCard GOATTradeCard GOAT5 månader sedan
  • David, the Toshiba 430CDT has a program that can strech out the resolution to the edge of the lcd It's a Pentium I 120Mhz which cache off option so it's perfect for DOS games.

    Ziemax ONZiemax ON5 månader sedan
  • I bought 2 Compact Contura Aero 4/33c's locally for about 50 bucks each. Only minor problems, like dead battery and a screen hinge needed fixing (that one is typical on these particular ones). Has the slower screen but at least it's color and the machines are very compact. The processor is 486SX 33mHz. Ebay asking price is up to 250 bucks range on these so I think I did well.

    MF175mpMF175mp5 månader sedan
  • dosbox has multiplayer support over ipx networking

    Freddy SethFreddy Seth5 månader sedan
  • You shouldn't have a problem playing almost any console from the Atari 5200 through the Xbox 360. For the really old machines like the Atari 5200 you can use a standard coaxial cable. I know they're terrible but if you really want to play you have to deal with nonsense like that sometimes. Now, if you know what you're doing or know someone that can help you, many old machines can be modded to use newer connection methods quite easily. Let's just say all you can do is use coaxial. That's still believe it or not used today. I have several 4K UHD's in my home that all have coax inputs. I wouldn't use them for retro gaming below an Xbox 360 but in a pinch. Although....and I still don't believe it myself but my Neo Geo AES (bone stock) looks flat out amazing on my Samsung Series 8 4K UHD. The colors pop off the screen and for some strange reason it doesn't look flattened or distorted like you would think. For a short while I thought maybe that TV did something to the signal for legacy hardware but no...I tried an Snes and Genesis/Sega CD just to see if my theory rang true. No, it looked absolutely awful and I put the kibosh on that real fast. Old DOS PC's have some of the greatest games you will ever see. If that's your bag, I get it. However, don't count out old consoles.

    Sinn0100Sinn01006 månader sedan
  • In place of DOSBox, it is better to use 86Box or VARCem, the emulation accuracy is much higher. PS In old games that are written in TurboC ver. 1.0 or 2.0, the "delay" function on processors 486 and higher, does not work correctly, but in TurboC ver. 3.0 this function already works fine on modern processors(486+). I checked this in the game "Kurtan", replaced the old code with the code from TC v3.0, and I optimized the code for the minimum size. So if such an old game is patched, it will work normally on processors 486 and higher.

    ДейтеритЛития-6ДейтеритЛития-66 månader sedan
  • We should have stopped at DOS. The platform was very stable, things didn't crash, and so on, but we went onto Windows. PCs crash, things freeze, multitasking becomes unmanageable and causes havoc, etc. :/

    roachtoastiesroachtoasties6 månader sedan
    • You cannot multitask with DOS my friend, also hardware acceleration is alot easier with windows, windows is alot easier to manage and if your pc is not a total piece of shit or have tons of malware, it will be very stable. My pc has bluescreened only once and that was due to overheating

      NauravaPerunaNauravaPeruna6 månader sedan
  • I just got a toshiba 300cds and its still got a DSTN screen even though its a pentium laptop from around 1997-1998. Im hoping I can find a better panel for it to upgrade it to TFT.

    nzoomednzoomed6 månader sedan
  • emulator?

    Harry KrugerHarry Kruger6 månader sedan
  • hi , the best is buy a cheaper laptop chinesse from aliexpress

    Jose RamónJose Ramón6 månader sedan
  • This guy has a lot of treasure

    Krishna OzaKrishna Oza6 månader sedan
  • One word: Emulator. Two words: You're welcome.

    GG6 månader sedan
  • Run “PUBG” On windows From windows 3.1 and from MS-DOS In the year 1993

    Atti and rocky gamesAtti and rocky games6 månader sedan
  • Thaink you for the video, very informative. Can you please tell me the name of the game at 4:44?

    Salvatore GruttadauriaSalvatore Gruttadauria6 månader sedan
    • Zaxxon (1982)

      Mor MacFeyMor MacFey5 månader sedan
  • Too bad Ebay is absolute shit in the UK. Guess I have to look at car boot sales.

    certified pee dealercertified pee dealer6 månader sedan
  • I would use windows 98

    Da cathloholic GamerzDa cathloholic Gamerz6 månader sedan
  • Wow 2 players with a cable great now you don’t have ping!

    easy pc tech Tveasy pc tech Tv6 månader sedan
  • Form the 80s????

    robloz.mp4robloz.mp46 månader sedan
  • There's actually one reason why I would not recommend an MS-DOS laptop over a desktop: pixel-perfect scaling. The resolution at which most DOS games run is 320x200, which has a native ratio of 16:10, not 4:3. On a CRT this is a non-issue, since CRTs can be made to stretch pixels vertically and fake a 4:3 aspect ratio. The games sprites and bitmaps were actually drawn in a way that make use of this effect, and they only look correct when the pixels are stretched. In LCD screens however, pixels are always square, so it is not possible to do the same thing, and the games look wider than they should. You can see this distortion in action at 10:04. On modern LCDs you can remediate this problem by doing a 5x6 upscaling, bringing the 320x200 resolution to a monstrous 1600x1200 which is natively 4:3, but of course the screens on these laptops don't have that many pixels! So yeah, if you care about that, either get a desktop or attach your laptop to an external monitor.

    Marco BuzzancaMarco Buzzanca7 månader sedan
  • Omg, everyone has a friend just like that guy

    Kolfage TruthKolfage Truth7 månader sedan
  • yet my laptop with 50 megs of ram has issues running stuff like epic pinball because of conventional memory being taken by stuff like 4dos

    The Mind LordThe Mind Lord7 månader sedan
  • 1. Go to Walmart, BestBuy or whatever, 2. Buy any laptop they offer 3. Install DosBox on it 4. Play dos games.

    Jagielski GamingJagielski Gaming7 månader sedan
  • Lol the two player demo bro

    Alex SpaldingAlex Spalding7 månader sedan
  • Right on about some earlier DOS games expecting no more than 4.77 MHz. I tried running both Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein on a 1 GHz Pentium III and as soon as you launch the executable it flashes Game Over in about 10 milliseconds. FAST! But Wolfenstein 3D uses hardware timers and runs properly. I'm on Episode Two, Floor 4. See yah.

    Melvin RobinsonMelvin Robinson7 månader sedan
  • Anyone with dosbox :P

    Uke Yaoi TrashUke Yaoi Trash7 månader sedan
  • Most 386 and 486 systems (desktops and laptops) didn't have built-in sound cards. Built-in sound didn't start showing up until I believe around the Pentium era. I mean some high-end 386 and 486 machines maybe came with a sound card installed (as an option from the factory possibly), but most didn't have it onboard like they do today.

    Heelix RanierHeelix Ranier7 månader sedan
  • Is there a reason to not just run Windows 98 SE than 95? 98 is slightly more stable than 95

    RolloRollo7 månader sedan
  • i love youre videos im lurning so much . im relly love you . and the ''edit'' is so good !!! you r the best !

    aviram662aviram6627 månader sedan
  • No way you got that Compaq laptop from the city i live in Massillon Ohio home of the Massillon Tigers

    Jason YoungJason Young7 månader sedan
  • Me: *Learned computers in MS-DOS era* 8-Bit Guy: MS-DOS are the ancestors of modern computers... Me: Damn I feel old.... :(

    Christian LeinhauserChristian Leinhauser7 månader sedan
    • @竹叶狂想曲 sadly, they're becoming that (on the low end at least)

      King DededeliciousKing DededeliciousMånad sedan
    • Kids now: What is computer, a very big smartphone?

      竹叶狂想曲竹叶狂想曲4 månader sedan
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    Elisa LoveElisa Love7 månader sedan
  • 10:30 It depends on what game you run. E.g. duke Nukem 3D supported up to 1600x1200. But for this even a Pentium 133 MHz would be too slow, As far as I remember I played it at 800x600 or 1024x768 on a Pentium 200 MHz, but this was also because as far as I remember 1024x768 was the maximum resolution of the monitor I had at this time. But 1280x1024 was actually the maximum you could set in the setup (for higher resolutions you had to edit the config file) probably because it would not run smoothly on anything beyond that on contemporary machines.

    rfvtgbzhnrfvtgbzhn7 månader sedan
  • Where there any laptops that had an ISA slot?

    rfvtgbzhnrfvtgbzhn7 månader sedan