89 Players on Waivers, Including Corey Perry, Blues Sign Hoffman, Coyotes Hire Doan

11 jan 2021
52 745 visningar

Well, this is quite the list of players...
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  • Good thing you didn't get a Balcers jersey

    Kevin LeeKevin Lee13 dagar sedan
  • Lol Senyshen doesn’t even surprise anymore

    BigBadBruins37BigBadBruins3714 dagar sedan
  • Look for Hoffman to have a sneaky good year for STL. He could get 35+ goals with the weapons around him and is only two seasons removed from a 30 goal season in Florida.

    Ian LutzIan Lutz14 dagar sedan
  • Blues signed Hoffman but traded his girlfriend for a younger rookie girlfriend for him.

    Ori AmirOri Amir14 dagar sedan
  • There should not be an NHL season. Young kids hockey has been wiped out, junior hockey wiped out, CFL couldn't play, yet these major leagues get to ? Seems to be a disconnect there.

    STEVE JOBSSTEVE JOBS14 dagar sedan
  • I hope the habs pick up khaira such a good top 9 forward

    JC - 12PE 628912 Lorne Park SSJC - 12PE 628912 Lorne Park SS15 dagar sedan
  • You probably have the video as you are good for explaining to new people. I feel if you dont have a what is the taxi squad video explained would pull in views

    kevinhesspschampkevinhesspschamp15 dagar sedan
  • So if they don’t get claimed they go to the minors?

    Quintin DewsburyQuintin Dewsbury15 dagar sedan
  • Tampa lost an enforcer in Paquette, I could see them try for Perry if no one else goes for him

    Pat RameneaterPat Rameneater15 dagar sedan
  • Sam Anas is on the wire and he was the leading scorer in the AHL last season, and his contract is 725k wtf

    WeedSmoker69WeedSmoker6915 dagar sedan
  • Most of these players will be apart of their teams respective taxi squads no?

    Connor SenkowConnor Senkow15 dagar sedan
  • Boston should pick up kylington, would be a big boost to the blue line, I think he and vaakanainen would be a great pairing

    Christopher DiMaggioChristopher DiMaggio15 dagar sedan
  • I don't see Blue Jackets not claiming Balcers

    Martin BrichtaMartin Brichta15 dagar sedan
  • Zach Senyshyn & Zboril both being drafted by the Bruins still pisses me off, u could've drafted Matt Barzal, Brock Boeser, Chabot, or Sebastian Aho! At least Don drafted Debrusk, Carlo, & Lauzon in the same draft, but imo Don cost the Bruins a cup! If the Bruins had drafted Barzal, Boeser, or Aho we definitely would've beaten the Blues in 6 games in the finals!

    metal melodiesmetal melodies15 dagar sedan
  • Svech has to be on a third scoring line to do anything this season. Even then, he isn't what he was supposed to be. And the wing is where all the great prospects are in Detroit's system. He needed to make the team this season to have a good chance to play a couple of season's and acclimate enough to be in longer as the vet over developing a winger longer kind of decision.

    Billy HowellBilly Howell15 dagar sedan
  • I thought he was gonna say Shane doan has now officially retired

    D VD V15 dagar sedan
  • Loui “The Elite” Eriksson. Hottest commodity to hit the waiver wire since Bryzgalov.

    Kerry DustinKerry Dustin15 dagar sedan
  • Kylingtons decision making is pretty bad, was stoked when he was drafted by the flames but at this point it's not too big of a loss tbh. He cannot defend.

    krunklushkrunklush15 dagar sedan
  • Guess I'm a bit puzzled...why would Bergevin sign both Frolik and Perry to just put them on waivers. They made these 2 guys move to Montreal get a place to live and go through quarantine for a few practices and scrimmages and be cut loose?? Didn't Bergevin know before signing them his team would be over the cap....I mean help me understand this process....

    Eric BakerEric Baker15 dagar sedan
  • I doubt Ducks will pick up Perry, they're already paying him $6.625 million this year to not play for them. Now, since I'm a Ducks fan - I would mind seeing him finishing his career as a Duck

    Daniel SchöldDaniel Schöld15 dagar sedan
  • I hate these logos, it's almost impossible to make up the teams on my small screen phone.

    zouhairyzouhairy15 dagar sedan
  • 10:10 leafs You're welcome

  • Balscers to the Boston Bruins. Just for the alliteration.

    John DoeJohn Doe15 dagar sedan
  • Wow, Thomas Hickey. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I remember he had that pretty good year with the Islanders, signed that pretty decent contract, then all of a sudden he’s in the minors. what happened??

    Zach HamillZach Hamill15 dagar sedan
  • Kylington not so much an analytic darling!

    Zach HamillZach Hamill15 dagar sedan
  • The thing with perry is, hes 36, he wanted to play in montreal, he could just say to anaheim "if you claim me, im just going to retire" he has no obligation to play for any team that claims him.

    piklesampiklesam15 dagar sedan
  • Man, I don’t want Corey Perry in the Western division...

    SakeSamSakeSam15 dagar sedan
  • Derek Ryan is surprising to me

    Zachary DarkesZachary Darkes15 dagar sedan
  • In these guys won't even be signed by 2022.

    Brandon kelleyBrandon kelley15 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I doubt that any of those players will get signed. And these teams they can't even say these guys

    Brandon kelleyBrandon kelley15 dagar sedan
  • WT.F is Montreal doing. When you think Bergevin is doing well for oncce.

    RYGRYG15 dagar sedan
  • 89 players on waivers? That is like four full teams of NHL players!!! You have to be a pretty good hockey player, even to get put on waivers.

    David SDavid S15 dagar sedan
  • Perreault gets picked up for sure...

    Michael H.Michael H.15 dagar sedan
  • I'm bummed Columbus waived Gerbe. He was one of my favorites.

    Matt WilcoxMatt Wilcox15 dagar sedan
  • Will leafs grab Johnson again?

    Topper HarleyTopper Harley15 dagar sedan
    • Pretty sure that's not the Johnson that was on the Leafs

      rivahkillahrivahkillah14 dagar sedan
  • Wait, I thought Ho Sang was supposed to be the next Mario Lemieux. That's what his jersey says.

    Mikey J.Mikey J.15 dagar sedan
  • The Canes better pick up Derek Ryan

    stuart millerstuart miller15 dagar sedan
  • Please do what you hinted at. Draft a Seattle team out of who's on waiver's! Great video idea I think.

    TheChewyWunTheChewyWun15 dagar sedan
  • Bold prediction: Lou finds a loophole to put Josh Ho Sang on daily wavers at 6am EST Monday thru Friday.

    Daniel KrallDaniel Krall15 dagar sedan
    • @Drew Fobbe I am stealing this.

      Daniel KrallDaniel Krall15 dagar sedan
    • So you're saying he finds a...Lou-phole

      Drew FobbeDrew Fobbe15 dagar sedan
  • The reason why Travis Boyd is on waivers is to be put on the taxi squad. He skated today with Toronto

    RACHEL !RACHEL !15 dagar sedan
  • Can you make a recap video of what happened during the off season? Like, the biggest highlights, obviously not everything ^^ I’ve been missing out on most of it and would be really interested in such a video :)

    YepsteRYepsteR15 dagar sedan
  • Bigras is pronounced Bee-Gra

    TurtleDuckTurtleDuck15 dagar sedan
  • Stupid of the Flyers to put Samuel Morin on waivers.

    Carol SollenbergerCarol Sollenberger15 dagar sedan
  • Shocked, shocked! Why acquired Perry and Frolik for free and let go for free. I believe those two could make the Habs much better. Crazy chess game. Afraid of being over the cap, stay put.

    Zhongkhue ChaZhongkhue Cha15 dagar sedan
  • I’m begging for Anahiem to claim Perry

    The AquaNovaThe AquaNova15 dagar sedan
  • I really have to think if they send Loui down he would probably just retire and play in Sweden.

    TheDream GSGTheDream GSG15 dagar sedan
  • Toronto should sign David Ayers as starting goalie

    Randy NRandy N15 dagar sedan
  • Maybe the Jets put Perreault out there to trade and they add Roslivic as a sweetener :)

    Team GSaleTeam GSale15 dagar sedan
  • Zac Rinaldo should of been mentioned as well, he is bad ass.

    Dan CampbellDan Campbell15 dagar sedan
  • Habs lost a good defenceman and didn’t sign Perry WOW that’s a fail but eh Go Leafs Go Habs can stay out of the playoffs in 2021

  • all you people that were saying that was a great pickup by montreal arent looking so good right now are they? These old timer add ins can come back to haunt you. I am just waiting for calgary to say why did we sign markstrom and tanev. Its going to happen

    Tim WallaceTim Wallace15 dagar sedan
  • Disclaimer that I don't really see Ho-Sang as an NHL caliber player. I said as much when he was drafted and my opinion hasn't changed. That said...One wrinkle to the Ho-Sang situation is that several teams who might have looked at claiming Ho-Sang are up near the contract limit. There are ways around this (usually involves sending a player to junior, etc.), but it could have been a hang up as to why Ho-Sang wasn't claimed. Anaheim (49/50), St. Louis (48/50 -- and had to waive de la Rose and MacEachern today) and Chicago (48/50) are teams I could potentially taking a chance on a guy like Ho-Sang for a few different reasons, but contract limits are among the reasons why they probably didn't. So, Ho-Sang true believers, there's a silver lining for you. :)

    C.M. GiordanoC.M. Giordano15 dagar sedan
  • Wonder if Vancouver picks up Luke Schenn?

    BDK 09BDK 0915 dagar sedan
  • Would love it if Tyler Johnson was claimed by Buffalo. But not with that cap hit 😂

    Mitchell EdgarMitchell Edgar15 dagar sedan
  • Starting to look like covid going to put a halt to the season 😥

    DrifterDrifter15 dagar sedan
    • Hey I dont want it to happen either

      DrifterDrifter15 dagar sedan
    • Nah

      NOSNOS15 dagar sedan
    • Shut up!!!

      William MunnyWilliam Munny15 dagar sedan
  • N Merkley was Draisaitl's teammate back in Kelowna, then Dube's etc. Mr Chayka in Arizona promptly sends player to Tuscon

    Jim KJim K15 dagar sedan
  • I love balcers and not just for is name he’s pretty good

    Matt GardinerMatt Gardiner15 dagar sedan
  • Not a single surprise at all for the Leafs, to me.

    DSCDSC15 dagar sedan
  • Lots of former Canucks on the list.

    mrpritosringmrpritosring15 dagar sedan
  • Sorry Dude, I'm gonna disagree re Detroit, Detroit's been playing 30' something year olds and really, how frequently have you seen their youngsters brought up to their lineups? re-hash.

    Jim KJim K15 dagar sedan
  • Why did Keefe have to dunk on Engvall like he did, I get he may not have liked his play (for reasons beyond me) but it seemed out of character and verged on being needlessly mean to the guy

    JD MarshallJD Marshall15 dagar sedan
  • You should do a video on best waiver pickups

    Some OneSome One15 dagar sedan
  • I really hope Kylington doesn't get claimed. Even right now he is capable as a 6th D-man, but he has serious potential as a top 4 guy

    BrenzycBrenzyc16 dagar sedan
  • Damn, Merkley. Really wanted that to pan out for the Devils. He's looked good in camp!

    oifwarveteranoifwarveteran16 dagar sedan
  • "Look forward to it again next year." 😅😅 It's like the "Francisco Franco is still dead" bit from SNL back in the day. Let's Go Isles.

    Bernie HenaoBernie Henao16 dagar sedan
  • Fred Gauthier back to Toronto? Is that possible?

    KerkopesKerkopes16 dagar sedan
  • I want Carolina to pick up Svechnikov. I always like when brothers play together. And isn't Lucas Johansson the brother of Ryan? For that reason alone id want Nashville to pick him up.

    Clark WilsonClark Wilson16 dagar sedan
  • I'd like Anaheim to pick up Perry so we can go back to the old days of just hating him outright and not having people say "nah you can't hate him, you just hated him when he was playing against your team."

    JuiceJiveJuiceJive16 dagar sedan
  • Any question of Zach Senshyn being a first round bust for the Bruins has now been answered. He is.

    annihilus23464annihilus2346416 dagar sedan
    • Yup. I’m a bruins fan and gave up about this whole idea of him becoming a top six player long ago. Some fans are only “shocked” because of his draft position. It’s crazy how some fans will defend him to his grave lol it is what it is. A miss.

      Zach HamillZach Hamill15 dagar sedan
  • Perry is probably on Taxi squad. Calling it now. Dallas and Anaheim, don't pick him up. As for Toronto's waivers.... Meh, they were Marlies bound anyways. How the hell did Babcock get a contract with NBC?

    PrincessFlora42PrincessFlora4216 dagar sedan
  • I didn't think the ducks pick him up.

    HiHi16 dagar sedan
  • Svech hurt his arm and missed last nights red/white scrimmage. Mathias Bromé took his spot in his absence. Svech's next stop should be the KHL, a first round dud.

    Eric StevensEric Stevens16 dagar sedan
  • Ericsson not bought out made sense. Montreal should of waited a year to buyout Alzner and they would of had more cap available

    michael bourgeamichael bourgea16 dagar sedan
  • Flyers d is deeeep congrats to Friedman on making the team , yeah they moved Morin to wing for camp but someone is gonna pick him up for a look on their blue line.

    Michael StephensonMichael Stephenson16 dagar sedan
  • Kylington and Ryan being Waived is nuts to me. I would be honestly surprised if they are flames going forward. Shame tho, both played great for the flames

    Connor DaweConnor Dawe16 dagar sedan
  • Tyler Johnson won't get picked up with 4 x $5 mil remaining

    Jed JungJed Jung16 dagar sedan
  • Poor Samuel Morin

    Norristown ZepNorristown Zep16 dagar sedan
  • Honestly Khaira should have been gone at the end of the season. Yes he had his good moments. But last year all he did was turn the puck over in his on zone. Then 9 times out of 10 they were scored on

    Adam DowningAdam Downing16 dagar sedan
  • Sad to see Michael Chaput on waivers in Arizona...Canucks legend

    Jeremy JJeremy J16 dagar sedan
  • I'd be surprise if anyone claimed Perry of Frolik. They were available 3 weeks ago...

    Eric In MontréalEric In Montréal16 dagar sedan
  • A deck of deuces.

    Pierre LeBourdaisPierre LeBourdais16 dagar sedan
  • Hickey was a 1st Rd pick for LA but didn’t pan out there - did good work for the Isles though. Hoping he can stay awhile longer w/ someone but injury issues might prevent that.

    CatharsisCatharsis16 dagar sedan
  • Is this the NHL end for Freddy the Goat?

    yammie75yammie7516 dagar sedan
  • Alright let’s build a team out of waiver pickups. Ladies and Gentlemen your Quebec Nordiques 2.0 - average age about 34 and most will be gone after this year but name-recognition’s off the charts...

    CatharsisCatharsis16 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else disappointed it’s not the full 89 players? Not because I want to give u extra work Shannon, it’s because I could listen to u talk about 189 plugs and it would still be interesting. 👍

    Pistol1783Pistol178316 dagar sedan
  • I cannot see Perry back in Anaheim with the way that ended. Also, they really need to put their kids in and let them go. Find out if all those forwards have what it takes, or figure out where to move them. This year is perfect for them to do that.

    David ShortDavid Short16 dagar sedan
  • Brad Treliving you have another chance at Corey Perry, get on it.

    PeoplekindPeoplekind16 dagar sedan
  • Yeah it's waiver day again. Try to say with sarcasm.

    Brett HornbyBrett Hornby16 dagar sedan
  • Copley couldn't even beat out Craig Anderson, who most likely could be on the Caps Taxi Squad.

    dmonsefdmonsef16 dagar sedan
  • We’re already paying Perry for the buyout this season, I doubt we bring him back to Anaheim

    Logan EarlLogan Earl16 dagar sedan
    • Somebody is thinking

      David KruseDavid Kruse15 dagar sedan
  • The true depth of any team becomes a lot clearer by looking at the level of the players that are put on waivers.

    Brett ViddalBrett Viddal16 dagar sedan
  • I’d nobody takes Kylington I’ll eat my socks

    Tek3333Tek333316 dagar sedan
  • Perry lmao he's so overrated, get out of here you dirty ass player.

    BrandonBrandon16 dagar sedan
  • I'm starting to think Shannon isn't a big fan of this Ho-Sang person.

    Shaun CullenShaun Cullen16 dagar sedan
  • You gotta keep guys you claim on your main roster. Florida cant just claim people left and right. I actually think Florida is FURIOUS they claimed Juulsen. Now they lost any priority they had AND a roster spot they could have used on Kilington. And it has felt to me for a while that Marc Bergevin is just throwing stuff at the wall, seeing what sticks. It feels like hes basically almost all in right now but by default, because he has to use Price/Webber's last effective years NOW, can't wait for the kids to fully establish themselves. Hes basically only signing/trading for cup winners or old first round pics regardless of performance.

    Thierry BRThierry BR16 dagar sedan
    • I agree 100% the team will be better this year than in 2-3 years

      Samuel MarchandSamuel Marchand16 dagar sedan
  • Shannon: I believe you misnamed the Columbus Blue Jackets.

    PhilipPhilip16 dagar sedan
  • Svechnikov :’(

    John GibsonJohn Gibson16 dagar sedan
  • Waiver day is my favourite day in FHM because I load up on 2.5 star+ players and trade them for draft picks, getting up to 1st rounds. One year when it was a great draft year, I had 16 1st round picks lol

    viperswhipviperswhip16 dagar sedan
  • If things don't turn around like now in the economy a lot of these NHL teams will go bankrupt

    Gary MacphersonGary Macpherson16 dagar sedan
    • Dont worry buttman has the revenue sharing covered. The six real hockey markets will prop up the other few dozen that cant seem to ever generate a profit.

      Google AccountGoogle Account16 dagar sedan
  • I thought they had to pass through waivers to be placed on the taxi Squad as well

    Gary ChandlerGary Chandler16 dagar sedan
    • @agent00puffball that's what I thought placing someone in the taxi Squad is the equivalent of sending them to the AHL

      Gary ChandlerGary Chandler16 dagar sedan
    • They do, but it still makes them available for everyone else to take. Calgary likely expects Kylington to be on the taxi squad, but he's an upgrade on a lot of team's bluelines so I highly doubt he makes it there.

      agent00puffballagent00puffball16 dagar sedan