31 okt 2020
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three boys go on a candy collecting adventure

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  • Not even kidding, at Halloween some kid came to my door in a berd costume with a fortnite pickaxe on his back

    Baguette DogBaguette Dog4 dagar sedan
  • so canonically berds are one bone?

    MochaFurMochaFur6 dagar sedan
  • Well you know what they say! Never cry over spilled milk! Ba-dum-tss

    Cute KittyCute Kitty9 dagar sedan
  • Hey don't cry over spill milk

    Eeveetheboss :3Eeveetheboss :311 dagar sedan
  • I guess you could say he's SPILLED MIL- oh wait never mind.

    Dominick JonasDominick Jonas12 dagar sedan
  • The fact that the berd dressed as a skeleton has only one bone implies that berds only have one big bone and everything else is like cartilage or something

    Kenma KozumeKenma Kozume12 dagar sedan

    Juice_ BoxJuice_ Box14 dagar sedan
  • the guy dressed as a skeleton is dressed up as an among us skeleton

    Mr. BrickMr. Brick14 dagar sedan
  • This confirms my theory that the skeletal structure of a berd Is one big bone

    AitkrapooAitkrapoo15 dagar sedan
  • Berd cup: thats i stupid costume Other guy: kicks berd

    dearest eggdearest egg15 dagar sedan
  • dont cry over spilled *M i l m*

    DauhxeDauhxe16 dagar sedan
  • Why didn't the milk(or somethin) spill drown all of them?

    The EngineerThe Engineer16 dagar sedan
  • get the paper towels

    Erik FootzErik Footz17 dagar sedan
  • I guess you could say that green berd is a *boner* okay ill stop

    Matteo LeMatteo Le18 dagar sedan
  • 0:11 I like SEworldrs who call themselves "Stupid" in their own videos

    Dylan Shorts2008Dylan Shorts200818 dagar sedan
  • 0:17 cuphead died

    robindybobindyrobindybobindy20 dagar sedan
  • Don't cry over him.

    TB TabbyTB Tabby22 dagar sedan
  • In the berd Cinematic universe all the berds have one bone, so his Costume makes sense.

    manman23 dagar sedan
  • The skeleton, i need that costume Sell it as merch

    BthomhankBthomhank24 dagar sedan
  • Don’t worry He’s a among us skeleton

    WheatleyWheatley25 dagar sedan
  • I thought that pumpkin was fire

    Hodd TowardHodd Toward25 dagar sedan
  • Don’t cry over spilled milk

    Jillian ZiglerJillian Zigler25 dagar sedan
  • oh

    xhannyxhanny26 dagar sedan
  • The kid was a skeleton is a among us skeleton

    Deshane TrottierDeshane Trottier26 dagar sedan
  • He made a pun even during his last breath..... Respect....

    Roy DilipRoy Dilip27 dagar sedan
  • That skeleton costume is dope.

    Jack McFarlandJack McFarland28 dagar sedan
  • berd in right is among us skeleton

    Kevin ShenKevin Shen28 dagar sedan
  • Don’t cry over spilled *BERD*

    Brad TremainBrad TremainMånad sedan
  • Don’t cry over spilt milk

    Derpstruction 07Derpstruction 07Månad sedan
  • The people who disliked are just angry that the cup of milk said berd was stupid.

    Shaikha aliShaikha aliMånad sedan
  • I've spilled

    Kieva JohnstonKieva JohnstonMånad sedan
  • bird man has halloween

    Vibe TroungVibe TroungMånad sedan
  • green bird is an among us skeleton confirmed

    Wysteria CampionWysteria CampionMånad sedan
  • 0:16 If berd was a Cuphead boss

    Ghost PepperGhost PepperMånad sedan
  • I thought the other guy was dressed as a ghost or somthin

    Philgamer_ 309Philgamer_ 309Månad sedan
  • berd in a berd costume might actually be the most terrifying thing i've ever witnessed

    Megan BlakeMegan BlakeMånad sedan
  • Moral of the story: "Don't cry over spilt milk"

    OmgKeithOmgKeithMånad sedan
  • This confirms again that berds only have one bone

    sky ratsky ratMånad sedan
  • This confirms again that berds only have one bone

    sky ratsky ratMånad sedan
  • “I’m a fucking cup or milk or something” Yeah you definitely look like milk 😂👀

    Cheesy Hamburger Jr.Cheesy Hamburger Jr.Månad sedan
  • *Halloween in a nutshell* :

    NyNy UwUNyNy UwUMånad sedan
  • Imma skeleton A m o n g u s i n t e n s i f i e s

    CoolDawg08CoolDawg08Månad sedan
  • did you use cocaine before writing the animation script?

    polaroide silvapolaroide silvaMånad sedan
  • Berd cup: spills Skello berd: there's no crying over spilt milk Spilled berd: dies Skello berd: oh...

    DKARMA DkarmaDKARMA DkarmaMånad sedan
  • The green berd is a among us skeleton

    robbie the one and onlyrobbie the one and onlyMånad sedan
  • skeleton is bone lol

    xbox chromeboixbox chromeboiMånad sedan
  • The “milk guy” is a *MILM* guy

    Peter CantyPeter CantyMånad sedan
  • I lick halowean yay berdd

    ItsUnpugItsUnpugMånad sedan
  • Next year you better make a brewed Halloween costume

    Barb BBarb BMånad sedan
  • Noone cried over him because noone cries over spilled milm.

    Cyber PunkCyber PunkMånad sedan
  • He's not a skeleton, he's among us anatomy.

    •Izumi••Izumi•Månad sedan
  • Bone berd:sans*😂

    Gaming OfficialGaming OfficialMånad sedan
  • Trick or yeet

    Leon MeiserLeon MeiserMånad sedan
  • I was dressed as nick from left 4 dead 2

    Cesar LujanCesar LujanMånad sedan
  • Fake, this implies that the berds have skeletons, they’re clearly liquids.

    i'm sadi'm sadMånad sedan
  • Among us characters when they wear costume as a skeleton

    SKY HIGH 7SKY HIGH 7Månad sedan
  • "I'm skeleton!" Me: A skeleton of an Among Us character?

    Golden G O O D SGolden G O O D SMånad sedan
  • Yep, you did.

  • This should be called berllerween

    Ryan The knightRyan The knightMånad sedan
  • 0:03 I'm a *s k e l e t o n t h a t s f r o m a m o n g u s,* what are you dressed as?

    Chin Ee KohChin Ee KohMånad sedan
  • Oh no I spilled my milk you killed us all. NOOO

    Mejestic BeastMejestic BeastMånad sedan
  • Dddd

    Poolside JoePoolside JoeMånad sedan
  • 0:17 You died!

    Kraken CartoonsKraken CartoonsMånad sedan
  • Let's not cry over spilled milk, guys

    MaterwelonMaterwelonMånad sedan
  • The dude that is a skeleton is accurate if u talking about Among us

    Mr. SuspiciousMr. SuspiciousMånad sedan
  • When you literally knock someone off their feet. Like actually separate their upper half from their lower half. Berds are scary...

    CherubiJubellCherubiJubellMånad sedan
  • imagine dressing yourself as berd? omg can’t relate 😩😩😩

    YourAverageWeebYTYourAverageWeebYTMånad sedan
  • Berd is a good costume and he is already Berd

    Lana LLana LMånad sedan
  • Haha it's been... 4... 4 weeks. I didn't know time could pass this fast.

    AboveAverageCat44AboveAverageCat44Månad sedan
  • I love berd

    Nelson CostaNelson CostaMånad sedan
  • He's an Among Us skeleton

    Devin Logan MartinezDevin Logan MartinezMånad sedan
  • "Im a fuckin cup of milk or something"

    Josiah_ JNJosiah_ JNMånad sedan

    Peengus PongusPeengus PongusMånad sedan
  • He should've said "don't cry over spilled milk"

    Corey KennadaCorey KennadaMånad sedan
  • Boo

    Uriel AnimZUriel AnimZMånad sedan
  • O I'm spilled a-aa-a-a 0:19

    my life is pain and miserymy life is pain and miseryMånad sedan
  • the one in the middle sounds like bearded expense tf2

    AGarin478AGarin478Månad sedan
  • Maybe hes dressed as a mugger

    RandomViewsRandomViewsMånad sedan
  • Don't cry over split milk

    Levi EarlLevi EarlMånad sedan
  • Plot twist. He is actually a among us guy

    Mr KrabsMr KrabsMånad sedan
  • Looks like that's some spoiled milk.

    aurka bhandariaurka bhandariMånad sedan
  • **t**

    Derble The Box GodDerble The Box GodMånad sedan
  • I like the "skeleton" costume. It reminds me of the anatomy of a crewmate.

    Derble The Box GodDerble The Box GodMånad sedan
  • "im dressed as berd"

    Fancy PantsFancy PantsMånad sedan
  • Don't cry over spilled milk.

    ChillyChillyMånad sedan
  • Are you taking about my Character from SEworld

    Dan and fire DiceDan and fire DiceMånad sedan
  • These edibles aint shit

    The Law PaytonThe Law PaytonMånad sedan
  • Is it concerning that this is the 3rd (maybe 4th) video that berd has made called halloween

    saucy sausagesaucy sausageMånad sedan
  • I'm a *COUGH COUGH* I'm a fkin *couGh* cup of mIlk or smth LOLL

    Sammie J.Sammie J.2 månader sedan

    Rich's SoulRich's Soul2 månader sedan
  • I'm a- _laughs_ I'm,, I'm a cup a milk or, something _continues laughing_

    SirUncleDolanSirUncleDolan2 månader sedan
  • Is this the first colored/detailed background?

    CeelkerCeelker2 månader sedan
  • I remember this Halloween I made a berd costume and wore it trick or treating :/

    Ethan HronskyEthan Hronsky2 månader sedan
  • No point in crying over spilled milk. Maybe over broken bones though...

    Catherine CaldwellCatherine Caldwell2 månader sedan
  • *don’t cry over spilled milk, children...*

    Chill KittChill Kitt2 månader sedan
  • aint use cryin' o'er spilt mil

    Gerald PopinskiGerald Popinski2 månader sedan
  • Aw cmon, don’t cry over spilled milk!.. *I’m truly sorry, I’ll take my leave*

    TheFutureSoupYTTheFutureSoupYT2 månader sedan
  • Damnit, I'm crying over spilled milk

    Goose McHonkGoose McHonk2 månader sedan
  • Um he is a bone not a skeleton

    Ebben CookEbben Cook2 månader sedan
  • Why do I like these

    Francesca BerviniFrancesca Bervini2 månader sedan