"DEBATE NIGHT 2020!" - A Bad Lip Reading of the First Presidential Debate of 2020

23 okt 2020
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Donald Trump and Joe Biden debate vital issues while participating in spirited rounds of "Five Favorites" and "Time To Act".
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  • My fellow Americans - not that you need another reminder... but VOTE. Just do it. Ok? VOTE

    Bad Lip ReadingBad Lip ReadingMånad sedan
    • @Bubba Buee calling all of it corrupt and oppressive

      You're being played lemmingYou're being played lemming7 dagar sedan
    • I'm 13...

      M AM A7 dagar sedan
    • Bad Lip Reading "Cougarheart" Can we keep this, please?

      Ivory ASIvory AS7 dagar sedan
    • trump

      Matthew Thomas GabelMatthew Thomas Gabel8 dagar sedan
    • Comedy... being able to laugh at both sides. Too bad for the DNCommies this year's election was run by the DHS, who marked all legal ballots with blockchain watermark... and even the MSM walked right into our trap. All involved in this second coup attempt will hang for high treason. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  • Trump 2020

    Teagan EditsTeagan Edits52 minuter sedan
  • "I'd like to say the c-word, caring." "Butt chunks, butt chunks, butt chunks."

    ljack6468ljack646854 minuter sedan
  • Alternate title: Chris Wallace being literal mood for almost 11 minutes

    Garrison. BradGarrison. BradTimme sedan
  • No one: Biden: ..Guys. I think it was the dog who farted!

    Garrison. BradGarrison. BradTimme sedan
  • Chris turning and asking for "1 whiskey".....I felt that.

    Pedro ParkerPedro ParkerTimme sedan
  • 3:57 so I'm fat? yees trump u r obese

    Buxton GunterBuxton Gunter2 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂💀

    THEGurl onXGamesTHEGurl onXGames6 timmar sedan
  • Masterpiece.

    Sonny KaiSonny Kai7 timmar sedan
  • Wtf why was this more civilized than the *actual* debate?

    Redtail PlaysRedtail Plays8 timmar sedan
  • When it got to Biden's favorite body part, I was seriously expecting legs. *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.*

    LegendLegend10 timmar sedan
  • This is how presidential debates should be.

    Emily DuffinEmily Duffin11 timmar sedan
  • Butt chunks😂

    LxntixzLxntixz11 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Please do one on FAUCI!! PLEEEEASE!!😂😂😂

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  • Hey, this was great! Would you make a bad lip reading on it?

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  • This is not a bad lip reading this is a perfect lip reading. I love it.

    PixcelizedPixcelized13 timmar sedan
  • SO relatable lmao, recount the votes!

    Caitlin MccutcheonCaitlin Mccutcheon13 timmar sedan
  • I am convinced that Joe biden is just Morty with alzheimers

    Shadowtyger GamingShadowtyger Gaming15 timmar sedan

  • Hi

  • Honestly? This debate was better.

    Chris BuchheitChris Buchheit16 timmar sedan
  • Why do they sound weird

    Jud animationJud animation16 timmar sedan
  • I like this not being one sided like most parodies are shows the people that make this are in for comedy not agenda

    Krzysztof LomaziejKrzysztof Lomaziej17 timmar sedan
    • @Levi and his Bae you make a fair point but i think that if everyone is doing it it loses its value cause if they do the jokes get repetitive for example joe being sleepy and stuttering and trump being orange we heard it millions of times to the point where its more obnoxious than funny

      Krzysztof LomaziejKrzysztof Lomaziej13 timmar sedan
    • tho comedies are also good ways of informing, educating and explaining facts/truths to make understanding them easier, so why not use that medium? most media are used to dumb people down after all

      Levi and his BaeLevi and his Bae13 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for skewering both equally.

    Cranky GrandmaCranky Grandma17 timmar sedan
  • Once he said "the C-word" i think we know what Trump meant - Chi-

    B_eastB_east18 timmar sedan

    Darren JordanDarren Jordan18 timmar sedan

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  • will someone answer the phone? the phone? get the phone? what?

    spookboispookboi19 timmar sedan
  • 1:00

    SweatedMetalSweatedMetal22 timmar sedan
  • Wow, they both sound so much more coherent and inelegant.

    Xrystiana HeiseltXrystiana Heiselt22 timmar sedan

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  • LMFAOO this is just what we need after all that’s going on in today’s world

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  • Glad to see yall back, great vid laughed so hard Butt Chunks!!!!

    Dangerous MikeDangerous MikeDag sedan
  • "You know if these were wings id fly away " :)

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  • 2 dummies

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  • And then I just discovered this gem of a channel. Can I double subscribe? 😂😂😂

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  • I almost peed watching this! 🤣🤣🤣

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  • After hours of fact checking, and many many attempts to research into the topic, I have to agree with Joe Biden, Will anyone answer the phone?

    Cole JorgensenCole JorgensenDag sedan

    • Ground Zero •• Ground Zero •Dag sedan
  • "you smell like musty bean water" IM FUCKING CRYING

    AADag sedan
  • Ahh yes Biden my favorite shape is also stick

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  • This is perfect

    LUNAR filmsLUNAR filmsDag sedan
  • "hey the pp is tingly" - Trump, circa 2020

    sebas sebassebas sebasDag sedan
  • 0:33 "you need to hold papa's hand"

    Elizabeth MorainElizabeth MorainDag sedan
  • "Howdy folks"

    greek_gamer 2004greek_gamer 2004Dag sedan
  • I genuinely love how unbiased this was. This is amazing!!

    Jake MillerJake MillerDag sedan

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  • First time here and the he already got me dead. omg this is lit...

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  • Does "Trump" start sounding like Paul McCartney to anyone else? 7:56

    t crwdrt crwdrDag sedan
  • *penguin*

    Gacha MarGacha MarDag sedan
  • I almost died when he said the pee pee is tingly lmfao

    Michael MontoyaMichael MontoyaDag sedan
  • sinco favoritos

    One does not simplyOne does not simplyDag sedan
  • Hysterical!! 😂😂😂😂

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  • Best line: One whisky 😂

    skygod varietyskygod variety2 dagar sedan
  • Omg THIS IS AMAZING!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Megyn PhillipsMegyn Phillips2 dagar sedan
  • B U T T C H U N K S

    Jacob DoyleJacob Doyle2 dagar sedan
  • I admit, I was slightly worried y’all would be partisan...but nope. Lolol it was awesome.

    Jimmy56 Hashtag78Jimmy56 Hashtag782 dagar sedan
  • I completely forgot what they both sounded like during this video so I'm accepting this as the truth

    Sockopotatoes *Sockopotatoes *2 dagar sedan
  • Only bad part about this channel is I can’t breathe when I watch it.

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  • B U T T C H U N K S

    Doug GDoug G2 dagar sedan
  • No sir you will never

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  • You can basically make Biden say anything and it would probably sound like something he'd say.

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  • Lmaooooo this one was SO GOOD 🤣🤣😂😂

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  • I can't stop watching this....😂😂😂

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  • "You smell like musty bean water"

    Lorraine SekeraLorraine Sekera2 dagar sedan
  • “Your favorite meat?” “Penguin” Got me

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  • 10:05This is the best thing I've seen in my life until now!

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  • 4:16🤣🤣🤣

    Ștefan AlexandruȘtefan Alexandru2 dagar sedan
  • 3:33 ,,Trust me, I am!''😂😂

    Ștefan AlexandruȘtefan Alexandru2 dagar sedan
  • this is to good cant lie

    BassEBassE2 dagar sedan
  • Chris, Two wiskey please.

    TheturtleowlTheturtleowl2 dagar sedan
  • My Friends: Why’d you want Biden? Me: stick Edit: btw I don’t want anyone

    Jacob Mattson Prod.Jacob Mattson Prod.2 dagar sedan
  • I don't think I laughed that hard all year. Omg lmao

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  • Bad Lip Reading 2 Found Here seworld.info/will/rrCm386lbaersJ8/video

    • seworld.info/will/rrCm386lbaersJ8/video

    • seworld.info/will/rrCm386lbaersJ8/video

  • seworld.info/will/foK8mdGajWOTln0/video Lasagna

    • seworld.info/will/rrCm386lbaersJ8/video Caring

  • This sounds about right

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  • 2020 is saved

    Jonny BrandonJonny Brandon2 dagar sedan
  • "Chris if you cooked, I would probably wouldn't chew anything, I would just spit it.. huh..oh-uh.." "I met these little meat people in my dreams, and they were like 'good job papa.. and threw its pitchfork.." -Qote by Trump

    Zørrø The FøxZørrø The Føx2 dagar sedan
  • Both candidates seem smarter than I remember.

    The One RebornThe One Reborn2 dagar sedan
  • This is more believable than the original lol

    Joanne LivingstoneJoanne Livingstone2 dagar sedan
  • I have seen the Grand Canyon. I have seen the Sphinx in Cairo. I have witnessed the birth of a child. Those experiences are diminished to ‘trivial’ compared to the miracle that is THIS BLR.

    Dr. Erik JohnsonDr. Erik Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Trump 2020

    christyn johnsonchristyn johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Just wondering why you only dubbed over everyone but Trump?

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  • 2:38 True American

    Apeksh Naidu B GApeksh Naidu B G2 dagar sedan
  • 1:08 butt chunks..

    zano zainzano zain2 dagar sedan
  • 2020 Debate: The Original Unedited Cut

    Ben JohnsonBen Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • If you watched this entire video you're insane! Lol!

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  • You are worse than three hundred itchy sweaters!

    Birch K.Birch K.3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for not being super biased and for being bipartisan with it

    Bob BobBob Bob3 dagar sedan
  • "I hope someone has an epipen, cuz I'm frighteningly allergic to corn." I'm ded

    Russ MRuss M3 dagar sedan
  • Why does this have so many thumbs down? This is great!!

    j Mj M3 dagar sedan
    • Probably because it doesn't bash trump

      wiiztecwiiztec2 dagar sedan
  • "hey pork chops, what are ya looking at."

    whafflehwhaffleh3 dagar sedan
  • My stomach hurts so bad I hiding my laughter because my palate asleep! 😂🥺

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  • My dad sent me this, thanks Dad

    Mr Raven says:Mr Raven says:3 dagar sedan
  • *butt chunks*

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  • Trump, "Chris I would like to use the C-word" LMFAO 😆 Biden 2020 ✌️

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  • This is f***ing hilarious 😂 I haven't laughed in so long

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