I Bought a Squatted Truck. You’re Welcome

1 maj 2021
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After months of looking for the most squatted/ugly truck on the planet. I’ve finally got my hands on it. Say hello to my little Alabama friend :) #KILLITWITHFIRE

  • REMEMBER. The more you support. the more squatted trucks ill get 😏

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    • Nut

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    • Yeyeye

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    • Dgdbdhd

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    • Vsvs

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  • Have plan b build a 4 link kit for front end 😂

    Dillon JacksonDillon Jackson12 minuter sedan
  • How bout a clapped dodge

    Jason HammondJason Hammond25 minuter sedan
  • This is not a Ford v. Chevy v. Ram guy discussion. This is a general fuck that thing discussion.

    Brady GearstBrady Gearst27 minuter sedan
  • The whole truck used to be dropped please burn it already

    Ricardo QuezadaRicardo QuezadaTimme sedan
  • the two tahoes at 9:56 that captions cant compete where you cant compare those are actually two of my bros hat live where i do in north carolina lmfao

    Donna FlemingDonna FlemingTimme sedan
    • dont min me im just on my moms computer and just realized im logged in on her profile lmao

      Donna FlemingDonna FlemingTimme sedan
  • Its a SC thing not an Alabama thing...seworld.info/will/paOX0q6soHVq15s/video

    Eric JonesEric JonesTimme sedan
  • I just wish these kids saw how stupid they look finally

    Ricardo QuezadaRicardo QuezadaTimme sedan
  • Please destroy that crap please! I said that before the video starts and I know the outcome lol 😂 but that can be out on the streets like that

    jesus lozanojesus lozano2 timmar sedan
  • You should’ve put a gooseneck on it 😂

    Trujillo MateoTrujillo Mateo2 timmar sedan
  • What exhaust are you running

    Jacob CoghlanJacob Coghlan3 timmar sedan
  • The guy that jb welded this pos together is about to be pissed when he sees this thing get demolished. He's probably going to cry he spent his whole life saving on trips to a junkyard to get random bolts to hold that thing together

    Aaron ThomasAaron Thomas4 timmar sedan
  • when you rev it sounds like an explosion (which it is)

    Pearl CommodorePearl Commodore4 timmar sedan
  • Here you go 1:20

    Keisha MartinKeisha Martin4 timmar sedan
  • It needs a rainbow flag

    Harleys ForeverHarleys Forever5 timmar sedan

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  • Did that come from Kentucky???

    Corey RogersCorey Rogers6 timmar sedan
  • I have 04 z71 that's baby squated 10 thousand dollar wheels mild engine mod an alot of guys wife's like to ride around in it but yea that one the blue one is stupid high I believe they just built it to piss people off an it was half ass done

    Charles DanielCharles Daniel7 timmar sedan
  • He should keep this one nice and really piss people offf

    Slammed CorporationSlammed Corporation7 timmar sedan
  • It's not that bad it's Cali lean or if your from SC squat truck yee yee

    Charles DanielCharles Daniel7 timmar sedan
  • 3k people but hurt bout squatted truck goin bye bye

  • Your doing God's work, bless you. 🙌

    Saoirse Ó SéaghdhaSaoirse Ó Séaghdha10 timmar sedan
  • we thank you for your services

    Axl HernandezAxl Hernandez10 timmar sedan
  • "Its not a family Tree is family Log"

    Kyle BrookerKyle Brooker11 timmar sedan

    M. BotelhoM. Botelho13 timmar sedan
  • jump the dam thing alredy

    Logan HicksLogan Hicks13 timmar sedan
  • If that 5.3 is still good I'd pull it out and throw it in something else before you destroy it

    Addison PerriganAddison Perrigan14 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂 fuck the squatters

    Zach MedeirosZach Medeiros14 timmar sedan
  • No no no please leave the square bodys alone.

    Jackson YarberryJackson Yarberry14 timmar sedan
  • Get a donk car next.

    Josh 123Josh 12315 timmar sedan
  • Dude, buy a 7-ton from government liquidation and just absolutely destroy it lol

    Kordell CornwellKordell Cornwell16 timmar sedan
  • Really wanna make the hatters mad make it a giveaway truck 🤣🤣🤣

    Jonathan StraussJonathan Strauss19 timmar sedan
  • Dont destroy it

    IcloudNate -IcloudNate -19 timmar sedan
    • please do

      Pennsylvanian RailfanPennsylvanian Railfan8 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Man Marshall gonna be pissed about that in the morning

    Kyle PokorskiKyle Pokorski20 timmar sedan
  • Hey you have a good one too chase that sun 🤣

    FishHardOrGoHomeFishHardOrGoHome22 timmar sedan
  • Im building a squatted truck, sell me the sick suspension setup brother.

    Nicholas FlashNicholas Flash22 timmar sedan
  • Myrtle Beach native here, thank you for taking this monstrosity off the streets

    SlateySlatey22 timmar sedan
  • Trucks suck

    LennyLenny23 timmar sedan
  • I'm from Vegas and I'm into Cars I go to slot of car shows and I have never seen such a thing! WTF?

    • This must be some southern crap!

      LASHONN FORDLASHONN FORD23 timmar sedan
  • You bought a useless piece of shit

    Head Flat44Head Flat44Dag sedan
  • This truck is gay destroy it make fun of it

    Squatted TruckSquatted TruckDag sedan
  • 🤪😅

    Aaron PodgorskiAaron PodgorskiDag sedan
  • Bro

    Jeremy alexanderJeremy alexanderDag sedan
  • 1K, ill buy it from you XD

    TheShady86TheShady86Dag sedan
  • You need to level it

    Denzil BossDenzil BossDag sedan
  • You need to put it done

    Denzil BossDenzil BossDag sedan
  • The front can come done

    Denzil BossDenzil BossDag sedan
  • 50 million ads kinda ruins the experience a little!

    avery gentryavery gentryDag sedan
  • I'd rather drive a prius than that abomination

    AlphaAlphaDag sedan
  • guys next time you could have rigged up a camera on hood & screen in side cabin lol

    Dave LDave LDag sedan
  • Truck sounds amazing, but it shadowed by the tremendously terrible color and squat, if you have a squatted truck just sell it. It’s useless

    cody francecody franceDag sedan
  • I’m sorry I just don’t see what’s so entertaining here. He has no character. No charisma. Certainly not humble.

  • Is this a thing somewhere??? I've never seen a truck jacked up in the front like this unless it had bags on it and just drove that way for steering clearance.

    cardiffGIANT067cardiffGIANT067Dag sedan
  • you should have blurred out his instagram sticker. this is the most action his page has seen

    Matthew BenavidezMatthew BenavidezDag sedan
  • 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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  • Wow for the first time someone found out to make a Chevy a terrible truck

    Poor bikesPoor bikesDag sedan
  • Piss *

    Aarond AdamsAarond AdamsDag sedan
  • Destroy the puss out of it for the love of god

    Aarond AdamsAarond AdamsDag sedan
  • Thank you for getting that pos off the streets

    Gavin HarpGavin HarpDag sedan
  • Lmao 😂

    AJAJDag sedan

    Mark TiptonMark TiptonDag sedan
  • Family tree is a Christmas wreath!

    Todd DanielTodd DanielDag sedan
  • Uncles money aka blackmail to not tell them uncle touched your privates!

    Todd DanielTodd DanielDag sedan
  • Family fence post lolol

    Shawn StewartShawn StewartDag sedan
  • Love the energy, the guy who loves making people mad. Even he has standards. Can’t wait to watch you break it.

    Devin HolmesDevin HolmesDag sedan
  • Driving the stairway to heaven 🤣🤣

    dope dopedope dopeDag sedan
  • It be the young kids doing that in jacksonville Fl SHM

    MrBoot44MrBoot44Dag sedan
  • I'll give u 1cent for that pos so I can destroy it lol

    Zack RyanZack RyanDag sedan
  • www A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A

    Julie HawkinsJulie HawkinsDag sedan
  • I was Just sittin here hoping he would roll it over

  • You got it from tiktok I got the dude on my page this is funny

    Jerome Mobile Shop SmithJerome Mobile Shop SmithDag sedan
  • 3k people squat to pee...... I mean drive squatted trucks😂😂

    Joey DouglasJoey DouglasDag sedan
  • "its lifted AND lowered" - scratches head lmao

    WrapThatJimmyWrapThatJimmyDag sedan
  • Explode the truck

    s es eDag sedan
  • The whole stunnaempire watching this on fire

    Random Rivas5Random Rivas5Dag sedan
  • Previous owner watching this on fire

    Random Rivas5Random Rivas5Dag sedan
  • I say buy out of the stunnaempires trucks and set all of them on fire

    Random Rivas5Random Rivas5Dag sedan
  • Awesome truck ruined. Love that body style and to do that is just criminal. I had an 01 Z71 with a leveling kit, rough country suspension, and 20 inch wheels wrapped in Nitto Terra Grapplers. Best truck in the world.

    Cody MartinCody MartinDag sedan
  • Previous owner watching his prize build getting destroyed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Random Rivas5Random Rivas5Dag sedan
  • nothing like 50 pound's of air fresheners

    Chris DunnChris DunnDag sedan
  • My ranger could do that!

    Jesse DukeJesse DukeDag sedan
  • Okay okay, now I love your content. Some of these idiots doing this...

    joshua6200joshua6200Dag sedan
  • The rims are dope🤷🏽‍♂️

    big Albig AlDag sedan
  • Dear god bust out thad duche back glass fuckin burn it

    will bachmanwill bachmanDag sedan
  • But this truck is honestly squatted wayyyyyyy to much imo

    Goon AllenGoon AllenDag sedan
  • Don’t understand why squatted trucks are so hated on 😕 but nobody hates on diesels and idiots rolling coal on other peoples cars

    Goon AllenGoon AllenDag sedan
  • Wat song is dat

  • I wonder how if you could how you would build your truck from ground up....I bet it would be awesome....

    just b aquaticsjust b aquaticsDag sedan
  • The time I agree for him to destroy a truck

    Yovany LandaverdeYovany LandaverdeDag sedan
  • Drop the truck🚗

    Carlos AguilarCarlos AguilarDag sedan
  • You should lower the truck

    Carlos AguilarCarlos AguilarDag sedan
  • Just...wow

    D- SWANKD- SWANKDag sedan
  • See, this is why I stopped watching, you wreck good vehicles and yet this piece of shit lives??? I don't condone destroying anything, but damn, this is just wrong. I watched the video after this one first and decided to see how the heck this all started. At least you're laughing at the pos like everyone else is!

    Low Range in Nova ScotiaLow Range in Nova Scotia2 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe your going to wreck such a nice truck? Mid 2000s Silverado with only one light on on the dash so you know it’s good. Front up high so the paint match the sky 🤑 bumper on the ground cause my lady gets around. I’m soo mad. Your mumma should have spit you on a rock for the seagulls to eat.

    Cheviesel ChevieselCheviesel Cheviesel2 dagar sedan
  • Dude thank you for taking that piece of shit off our roads🙏🏻🙌🏻

    Suggested UsernameSuggested Username2 dagar sedan
  • I'm not going to lie, Ive never watched your channel before I saw the thumbnail for this video. I clicked on it just to see how stupid the guy that made this truck was thinking I was going to watch a video and just laugh at how many chromosomes the poster was missing. instead you made me laugh my ass off with hilarious comments! Good job man I subscribed so go get more of these safety hazards off the road.

    curtis brumwellcurtis brumwell2 dagar sedan
  • He’s gay

    Hank HHank H2 dagar sedan