H3H3 ANIMATED #8: Ethan Forgets Ian Hecox's Name

8 mar 2018
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Back with another animation based on the H3 Podcast. In this episode, Ethan forgets Ian's name, and awkwardness ensues. Also, I spent like 5 hours animating that slow motion hand tapping shot. Enjoy!
Source of audio: seworld.info/will/qY3dt8TSsGB82HE/video

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  • The face on the thumbnail its funny

    Hayden ThompsonHayden ThompsonMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/nGy91MSthJWVmJM/video....

    wmw1210wmw12102 månader sedan
  • He Cocks.

    Jotaro JoestarJotaro Joestar5 månader sedan
  • Wow, Hila! Great reactions. Keep it up! "Hila chuckle here"

    Games Until DawnGames Until Dawn5 månader sedan
  • 0:37 the face is a meme

    Nose monkeyNose monkey7 månader sedan
  • He cocks

    Cipri RoCipri Ro7 månader sedan
  • I gotta pee so bad.

    The ReplicationThe ReplicationÅr sedan

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  • Smosh

    stop motion J.R.Tstop motion J.R.TÅr sedan
  • Thanks to you I found h3h3

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  • Ha

    George chambers474 the jusGeorge chambers474 the jusÅr sedan
  • He actually said hard on the cock

    Max's InventionsMax's InventionsÅr sedan
  • What is that outro song?? I NEED to know!

    random soulrandom soulÅr sedan
    • @random soul Indeed, child

      KrynekKrynekÅr sedan
    • Krynek bless your soul

      random soulrandom soulÅr sedan
    • seworld.info/will/eYHYx7XHhWOU1qc/video

      KrynekKrynekÅr sedan
  • Omg I love this

    Shelby’s TarotShelby’s TarotÅr sedan
  • 0:39 internally oppressed

    Graham LumsdenGraham LumsdenÅr sedan
  • he did end up meeting Ian hecox in the main streamy awards

    CallMeZyloCallMeZyloÅr sedan

    Dr SockMonkeyDr SockMonkey2 år sedan
  • Is that a Koopah?

    TotenkopfTotenkopf2 år sedan
  • Real good animation Andrei. Maybe one day you will get popular and help pewdiepie beat t series

    PinesyPinesy2 år sedan
  • Guys why his name is ian hecox and i remember his name is ian

    garconesia garcongarconesia garcon2 år sedan
  • This had no meaning honestly ,it lasted like a minute

    Talia DelgadoTalia Delgado2 år sedan
  • 0:38 The face you make when you got to go but your friend keeps talking

    Señor RaccoonSeñor Raccoon2 år sedan
  • 200

    JoeJoe2 år sedan
  • DAAAYUMM that finger moving animation was awesome

    WahabWahab2 år sedan
  • *Hiccups*

    AlternateRacoonAlternateRacoon2 år sedan
  • I don’t like the finger nails

    Joaquin ???Joaquin ???2 år sedan
  • i miss these

    sinteya yeosinteya yeo2 år sedan
  • Need more of this please

    Diego RosasDiego Rosas2 år sedan
  • First person named kleiner is so fucking cringeyey

    Big BoieBig Boie2 år sedan
  • What’s the intro and outdo song?

    Cal BairdCal Baird2 år sedan
  • oof

    Maybe Idubbbz, I can be, I might not thoMaybe Idubbbz, I can be, I might not tho2 år sedan
  • Its ian from smosh

    Carl ArizCarl Ariz2 år sedan
  • 0:37 *Internalized Oppression*

    Sandvich ManSandvich Man2 år sedan
  • Please make 10 hour of Ian waving his hands with that music because i can't stop watching it :))))

    Don't AskDon't Ask2 år sedan
  • the animation makes it more entertaining than it actually is

    TheRealShrekVevoTheRealShrekVevo2 år sedan
  • Awesome! I want to start making animations now. I really loved that slow motion tapping, I appreciate the 5 hours you put into it, it added so much to the animation.

    Gibbster DoggettGibbster Doggett2 år sedan
  • I was expecting a big anime fight

    stovestove2 år sedan
  • H3h3 needs to see this!!!!

    NoNo2 år sedan
  • *Hecocks*

    BlueBlue2 år sedan
  • "Wow" top 10 anime heroic scene

    Ng WCNg WC2 år sedan
  • Fuckin awesome!

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  • Do more please

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  • Love u and ur content

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  • Wow Ethan great moves keep it up proud of u

    The very HUngry dogThe very HUngry dog2 år sedan
  • fiddlesticks

    LoserTMLoserTM2 år sedan
  • the end dancing ethan is my favorite part

    Angelo's WorkshopAngelo's Workshop2 år sedan
  • Ian is not a happy boi

    Maddi KersteterMaddi Kersteter2 år sedan
  • I luv ur vids

    JeeflieJeeflie2 år sedan
  • Has Ethan seen your videos? I feel like you two would be a great team to work together

    Elijah O'DellElijah O'Dell2 år sedan
  • duuuude! I am falling more and more in love with your channel every video I watch. commence binge watching NOW!

    Bethany RobinsonBethany Robinson2 år sedan
  • I should make the outro music my ring tone

    WTHstudiosWTHstudios2 år sedan
  • Nice animation, I hope you have a good day.

    NitgoNitgo2 år sedan
  • What?

    I’m Not Faze ApexI’m Not Faze Apex2 år sedan
  • Ahhhhh I loved the animation! The animation of the hand was soooo good!!!

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  • tulai cacat. ce bun a fost asta :)))).

    Sergiu SalcauSergiu Salcau2 år sedan
  • Lol Ethans face

    Hugh SilvaHugh Silva2 år sedan
  • H E C O C K S

    Reupload hubReupload hub2 år sedan
  • These are fucking amazing

    Snoop DoopSnoop Doop2 år sedan
  • Where can I find the song at the end?

    LuccaLucca2 år sedan
  • I really love what you are doing just started watching you and i love it

    Andromeda GamingAndromeda Gaming2 år sedan
  • I never understood the appeal of h3 podcasts, they are uninteresting af...

    ferfer2 år sedan
  • a small place is easier to find gold in. and with videos too

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  • He-cocks

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  • Noise animation dude

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  • Hecuck's

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  • this man did a 3d hand in a 2d animation, next level

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  • Nice

    Schutzstaffel - 1925Schutzstaffel - 19252 år sedan
  • These are gold,have they mentioned these before in their podcast?

    Blade BKBlade BK2 år sedan
  • read captions

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  • the outro is V A P E Y

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  • MAKE MORE FOR MUH TUM TUM OR GET EATEN BY THE GREAT PIANO SPIDER *im sorry for the cancer no hate nor homo*

    The Tru Cheese ManThe Tru Cheese Man2 år sedan
  • Nice video

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  • I thought he was trying a cock joke and after that dramatic scene I thought he was going to say "It sounds like cock"

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  • There are no 👃 nose on your vdo But love your cartoon animation

    Learn with ShiFatLearn with ShiFat2 år sedan
  • Ian is the worst

    nightowlnightowl2 år sedan
  • I love his face he looks so scared, but for real was he joking or did he really do that? it's hard to tell cuz he trolls so much.

    The jerryriggerThe jerryrigger2 år sedan
  • Am I the only one that notices his back ground is like in a notebook That's pretty cool

    elisaelisa2 år sedan
  • Ethan and ian???

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  • need to do one of edward watermelon hands

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  • i love these so much!! keep up the good work

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  • He have 4 fingers...

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  • 0:37 me when someone touches my food!

    nono2 år sedan
  • Do the story on how Ethan was late to jacksfilm wedding

    TheRealShrekVevoTheRealShrekVevo2 år sedan
  • Omg Hila 😂😂😂

    Kevin RamirezKevin Ramirez2 år sedan
  • 0:44

    Irma IrmaIrma Irma2 år sedan
  • h3h3: We used to be drug dealers !!!!!!!! Please!!

    Kārlis KrūzbergsKārlis Krūzbergs2 år sedan
  • Mmm yep, he triggered.

    L-sqweirdL-sqweird2 år sedan
  • Ceaw

    Acalfoaie BogdanAcalfoaie Bogdan2 år sedan
  • I'm suprised there is no ghost story animations from the h3podcast... (ps love your work XD)

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  • you made my day thanks papa bless dude ☺ and dude keep up making videos I love your content it trigger happy me 👻👻

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  • Papa bless👏👏👏

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  • Can I get the intro/outro

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  • Holy crap, that hand animation is absolutely amazing!

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  • That hand move though

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  • esti roman ?

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    • Dolocan Catalin da

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  • Dam dude the animations are hard-core never saw someone do something like this

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