Wilbur hijacks Niki's stream and performs his new song (stream highlights)

18 aug 2020
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I'm not shipping Niki and Wilbur, don't ship real life people unless they approve of being shipped :)
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  • Edit: Wilbur said in Tommy's stream that he and Niki are NOT dating, just to clarify things Niki also clarified that they aren't dating here: seworld.info/will/bnzS2s63oZ2lsX0/video Timestamps! 3:00 Height comparison 6:00 *I'm In Love With An E-girl* (and a lil Internet Ruined Me) 11:54 Minx joins 16:00 *I'm In Love With An E-girl* with Minx 26:26 Tommy joins 29:40 *Wilbur's new song*

    PurrpawzPurrpawz5 månader sedan
    • They look sweet together tho

      SheekySheeky14 timmar sedan
    • @Chris Is Cheems we will have to wait for their “we are getting married” video

      Shadow WolfShadow Wolf2 dagar sedan
    • And the fact that they are staying together

      Louis MoultonLouis Moulton2 dagar sedan
    • 29:40 I didn't even know any lyrics back then. Now its famous

      Sofia Was hereSofia Was here2 dagar sedan
    • It’s at 199 comments, now it’s 200

      Alex WagnerAlex Wagner3 dagar sedan
  • They are already like the coolest married couple ever sadly they’re not married

    Bradly McintoshBradly Mcintosh3 timmar sedan
  • This contains a really interesting glimpse at early YNBF, I love this kinda thing!

    KapinKapin5 timmar sedan
  • How swift did he turn when going for the (Trumbone) damn I wish I was like Wilbur

    Cheeseburg0701Cheeseburg07017 timmar sedan
  • 2:09 “it’s an official wilbur soot” me having that painting in my house “WAIT WHAT”

    avery. hmorrillavery. hmorrill10 timmar sedan
  • I’ve never been so happy to realise that I have a bigger version of Nikis shark plushie that I bought at IKEA

    WarMorWarMor10 timmar sedan
  • And there was only one beb

    Samia IslamSamia Islam10 timmar sedan
  • There so cute😍🥰❤️

    Kaylieh MayKaylieh May10 timmar sedan
  • Everybody's talking about how tall Wilbur is, but I never really realized how tall Niki is; she's actually pretty tall but nobody realizes because she's constantly around people who are over 6 foot

    KikoushiiKikoushii11 timmar sedan
  • Hello! I just became an fan of dream team so are Niki and Wilbur siblings or friends

    CubbyBearCubbyBear11 timmar sedan
    • i thought they were siblings at first aswell lol

      xtea ; .xtea ; .2 timmar sedan
    • They are just friends, rumours of possible relation ship. But those are just ships so ignore them till Wilbur and Niki themselves conform, so far it has been denied

      Turtle ProductionsTurtle Productions5 timmar sedan
  • Wait.. niki and Wilbur are like the new pat and Jen...

    Rachel KavanaghRachel Kavanagh12 timmar sedan
  • Tommy is so cute here )))

    Дарья ПинчукДарья Пинчук13 timmar sedan
  • I like when nikki feels like shes not singing well, wilbur sing terribly to make her sound better.... ITS SOO CUTE!!!

    Lukas MazzullaLukas Mazzulla13 timmar sedan
  • so this is where that hayloft edit comes from

    bark barkbark bark14 timmar sedan
  • They are so sweet together

    SheekySheeky14 timmar sedan
  • Adorable

    Stephanie DeaconStephanie Deacon15 timmar sedan
  • I wish i had a friendship like this

    I am RinI am Rin16 timmar sedan

    Minecraft PineappleMinecraft Pineapple17 timmar sedan
  • they are soulmates. i want something like they have

    madeline boyermadeline boyer17 timmar sedan
  • minx screaming cause they are doing a duet is literally me rn

    madeline boyermadeline boyer17 timmar sedan
  • They would look so cute together

    SlimerKingGOATSlimerKingGOAT19 timmar sedan
    • I have some news for you buddy

      AA gjAA gj11 timmar sedan
  • I'm 6'8 my uncle is 7'2

    Cameron StubbsCameron Stubbs23 timmar sedan
  • I'm 6'8 my uncle is 7'2

    Cameron StubbsCameron Stubbs23 timmar sedan
  • they're platonic soulmates holy hell

    stellz2stellz2Dag sedan
  • why hes so good

    SurcentSurcentDag sedan
  • *wilber pulling shirt back up* “everyone liked that”

    Zachary HapperZachary HapperDag sedan
  • When Wilbur puts his glasses on he kinda looks like he’s teaching art in Harvard

    Odyesp _Odyesp _Dag sedan
  • 7:50 I thought this was one of the most wholesome things of human kind

    NeosoulNeosoulDag sedan
  • Hello new comfort video to help me sleep

    Bee LawrdBee LawrdDag sedan
  • A long time ago Kingdoms married the sons and daughters of each other to have peace now a days they do it with their twitch streamers :-)

    Fabsch \öFabsch \öDag sedan
  • I felt nikkis embarrassment when she was singing lmfaooo

    Fortnite ClipsFortnite ClipsDag sedan
  • Bisexual culture is me gay panicking over them both the entire video

    Kai3wastakenKai3wastakenDag sedan
  • I love how niki just knows better where wills stuff is then will knows

    joren folkertsjoren folkertsDag sedan
  • they're both so attractive i can't 😭😭❤

    Lolly BerryLolly BerryDag sedan

    dynastydynastyDag sedan
  • I reaaaaallly like Will in a coat, it looks good on him.

    AlbondogusAlbondogusDag sedan
  • This 4 are best lol

    Cameron GCameron GDag sedan
  • Wilbur and niki: singing normally Minx: Im In LoVe WiTh An E-gIrL

    Maximiliano GonzalezMaximiliano GonzalezDag sedan
  • The painting is called bleu and was painted by an artist i studied. It sold for 37 million dollars lol

    KillProffitKillProffitDag sedan
  • Wilburchu Nihasoot

    Niall TierneyNiall TierneyDag sedan
  • I need someone to treat me like Wilbur and niki treat each other

    • S o m e R a n d o m W e e b •• S o m e R a n d o m W e e b •Dag sedan
  • Wilbur is like my dad when he walks in and im in a zoom

    TheVegetarianSayianTheVegetarianSayianDag sedan
  • 18:00 this cover 😩

    pspsppspspDag sedan
  • will irl name sounds cool Will Gold

    Xpert_Viper 1174Xpert_Viper 1174Dag sedan
  • they are my bi panic

    AlexaWrldAlexaWrldDag sedan
  • Wilbur sounded drunk, but dam I ship em And why does Wilbur Snoot act so fricking weird around Nihachu

    NuB_NuB_Dag sedan
  • Not me sing I’m in love with an g-girl 😭🤚🏼

    Lena GonzalezLena GonzalezDag sedan
  • this is so comforting to me🥺

    lucy xolucy xoDag sedan
  • Alternate title: wilbur being a dick for 33 minutes and 15 seconds

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  • :)

    Mashal AdeelMashal AdeelDag sedan
  • just realised that im 13 and im the same height as nihachu

    CloneFNCloneFNDag sedan
  • I like the part when he used the guitar

    Fakie CarrotFakie CarrotDag sedan
  • Honestly niki is pretty tall considering wilbur is 6'5

    SakuraLoves 15SakuraLoves 15Dag sedan
  • Proper content right here

    HellohowareyouHellohowareyouDag sedan
  • Not gonna lie when I take a good look at Wilbur I see a Disney XD actor.

    Marl0w The1stMarl0w The1stDag sedan
  • are they dating now? i cant remember

    Libby LesterLibby LesterDag sedan
  • 4:00 He keeps WHAT?

    RiceRice2 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur and tubbo’s sister Lani should sing this song together

    Julie SukumarbarnabasJulie Sukumarbarnabas2 dagar sedan
  • Not on THAT guitar

    Imbles ChristiansonImbles Christianson2 dagar sedan
  • 23:22 / 26:30

    oyaoya2 dagar sedan

    Gaming like crazy 0506Gaming like crazy 05062 dagar sedan
  • 5:09 this whole bit is literally something schlatt would do to minx except Wilbur is way toned down

    Spoon SpoonSpoon Spoon2 dagar sedan
  • i know they arent dating but god i want a romantic relationship like theirs so bad

    EmelieEmelie2 dagar sedan
  • Niki and Wilbur: 8:55 The neighbours: ...-

    Molello GirlMolello Girl2 dagar sedan
  • ive seen this live it was great

    Shay LShay L2 dagar sedan
  • This is literally couple goals

    Louis MoultonLouis Moulton2 dagar sedan
  • Nihachu and wilbuur are perfect they likea couple

    CocacolaGaming OfficialCocacolaGaming Official2 dagar sedan
  • wilbur with tommy: 🤬🤯😈👺👹 wilbur with niki: ☺️😉🤩🤪🥺😇

    lindsaylindsay2 dagar sedan
  • The fact that they aren’t dating... I-

    V.O.I.DV.O.I.D2 dagar sedan
  • Why cant they just date alreadyyyyyyyyy

    Brigit RisdalBrigit Risdal2 dagar sedan
  • Wilburs drunk in the beginning

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    Lukas MazzullaLukas Mazzulla2 dagar sedan

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  • 2:25 nice morse code

    kuhkniikuhknii2 dagar sedan
  • Minx and Wilber talking was funny

    BryantBryant2 dagar sedan
  • This is so fooking cute

    BryantBryant2 dagar sedan
  • 31:36 Wilbur says OwO

    Ziah LiangZiah Liang2 dagar sedan
  • oh god- ik they aren't dating but I can't help but fangirl like- This is adorable like they are so close QwQ

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    valval2 dagar sedan
  • I ship them so much

    Addison BermudezAddison Bermudez2 dagar sedan
  • The your new boyfriend tho- like its so different now omg

    Likely_LivvyLikely_Livvy2 dagar sedan
  • *"What is this, a romance movie?"* my thoughts completely, minx.

    bi udonbi udon2 dagar sedan
  • Hagamiganagaghbsjsnmjnsk that is what minx said

    Ryker_Emerson BrynesRyker_Emerson Brynes3 dagar sedan

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  • can anyone send me a link or just tell me what stream this is? i cant find it anywhere

    isabelle parkerisabelle parker3 dagar sedan
  • can anyone send me a link or just tell me what stream this is? i cant find it anywhere

    isabelle parkerisabelle parker3 dagar sedan
  • the yoyo is gone forever... oh wait pHySiCs

    Avry RoybalAvry Roybal3 dagar sedan
  • Well he is drunk

    elhassen saidelhassen said3 dagar sedan
  • Tommy in the back asking if they're dating i cant- "r u two boyfriend and girlfriend?...." *gets ignored* ".......i bet u r" BAAHAHAHA

    Julie M.RJulie M.R3 dagar sedan
  • Nicki: do you wanna say bye? 😊 Wilbur: *no.*

    mxrleytomxrleyto3 dagar sedan
  • I'm not smiling, your smiling!

    Pixel WolfPixel Wolf3 dagar sedan
  • Happy your new boyfriend is a song now it’s great :)

    Raven TailRaven Tail3 dagar sedan
  • 13:32

    MoonBoom v2.0MoonBoom v2.03 dagar sedan
  • 11:44 hahahahhaha

    Tyler OuwersTyler Ouwers3 dagar sedan
  • It’s the cute chill brother and sister

    FearFul DucksFearFul Ducks3 dagar sedan
  • Damn i wish i someday meet someone like wilbur

    stefa rstefa r3 dagar sedan
  • They'r so cute tigheter i can't

    stefa rstefa r3 dagar sedan
  • 15:26 when u ate 5 taco bells

    Osamu MiyaOsamu Miya3 dagar sedan
  • i want their friendship just gimme

    Ducky DingusDucky Dingus3 dagar sedan
  • 13:41 wilburs gone forever 13:43 OH WAIT PHYSICS

    Taco man Plays pianoTaco man Plays piano3 dagar sedan
  • Niki is like a puppy. Smol, adorable, and scared of the vacuum.

    OakArtemis PlaysOakArtemis Plays3 dagar sedan