Wilbur Soot - I'm in Love with an E-Girl / Internet Ruined Me

27 maj 2020
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Credit to Wilbur: seworld.info/tv/1n_PfsVqxllCcnMPlxBIjw.html
Discord: discord.gg/Z6p9V6Z

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  • Listeing to this with headphones at the end of E-girl made me think Wilbur was speaking from all around me

    G LovelandG Loveland12 timmar sedan
  • u stole it

    Jesper ZoetJesper Zoet11 dagar sedan
    • @chuuology didnt see the credit lol

      Jesper ZoetJesper Zoet23 timmar sedan
    • they didn't steal it. they stated the og artist (wilbur) in the title and said "Credit to Wilbur" in the description. it would only be stealing if they didnt credit wilbur and claimed it was their own.

      chuuologychuuology8 dagar sedan
  • i have listened to this on loop when ever i sleep for a month now

    coldwafflescoldwaffles21 dag sedan
  • Now do this with his new song your new boyfriend

    PistonPiston22 dagar sedan
    • already did seworld.info/will/mZ6zmd-Yi4h_raM/video

      The New ArcadeThe New Arcade22 dagar sedan
  • Hey are you guys ok use my reply’s to vent if you need too

    MystiqueDevMystiqueDev22 dagar sedan
  • can you be DNCAed by this?

    Ava GarciaAva Garcia27 dagar sedan
  • Whalebur soot

    Officially_AiOfficially_Ai27 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know who the girl singing is? i can't figure it out

    Blxssom ;DBlxssom ;D28 dagar sedan
    • chevy

      The New ArcadeThe New Arcade28 dagar sedan
  • Instead of whats poppppppppppppppingggggggggg what about whats pogginnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg

    KiyomieKiyomieMånad sedan
  • shes beauty, shes grace, shes mew mew power in your face (please tell me somebody gets this)

    lenqklenqkMånad sedan

    euphzriiaeuphzriiaMånad sedan
  • This is the theme of the Camel stalker from Aggretsuko.

    12ft Narcoleptic Panda12ft Narcoleptic PandaMånad sedan
  • Me too

    PowtacPowtacMånad sedan
  • It might be just me, but "internet ruined me" is giving me modest mouse vibes.... The instrumental that is.

    Fenn JacksonFenn JacksonMånad sedan
  • our generation:

    millitary107millitary107Månad sedan
  • ocra

    CantBeMoreRandomCantBeMoreRandomMånad sedan
  • call me a simp bc I sing this song to my crush in online school on mute and pin her but we have all done it before.

    Melvin AlvarezMelvin AlvarezMånad sedan
  • Are you gonna do this mixup again but add your new boyfriend?

    Scipio MaximusScipio MaximusMånad sedan
    • i plan to

      The New ArcadeThe New ArcadeMånad sedan
  • Sound pog

    abdiel silvaabdiel silvaMånad sedan

    Cami WeigelCami WeigelMånad sedan
    • i didnt know this- she sounds so good in it though--

      EmmyEmmyMånad sedan
    • @The New Arcade yea i found that out when i went to the OG video haha:)

      Courtney MatthewsCourtney MatthewsMånad sedan
    • @The New Arcade thank you 😊

      Cami WeigelCami WeigelMånad sedan
    • it's chevy

      The New ArcadeThe New ArcadeMånad sedan

      Courtney MatthewsCourtney MatthewsMånad sedan

    Graciella RaeGraciella RaeMånad sedan
  • I'm slowly falling asleep while my friends are just chilling and wilbur's music is soooo good

    GrolthGrolthMånad sedan
  • That Guy should start a SEworld Channel

    Mr SlimeyMr SlimeyMånad sedan
    • and maybe go insane and blow up a nation he created from selling drugs? just a thought

      (STUDENT)Alyssa Evans(STUDENT)Alyssa EvansMånad sedan
  • “Mom took away my PS4, so I punched a hole through my bedroom wall” Wilbur seriously, CALM DOWN jkjk

    Booksrule07 BooksBooksrule07 BooksMånad sedan
  • WoAHHhh.. his voice is so soothing and warm, Im not gay though.

    Aoto SAoto SMånad sedan
    • @Aoto S yeah yeah I can

      milkmelatoninmilkmelatoninMånad sedan
    • @milkmelatonin cool can you relate?

      Aoto SAoto SMånad sedan
    • I am

      milkmelatoninmilkmelatoninMånad sedan
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  • I refuse this is wilbur

    W1ld.f0x_W1ld.f0x_Månad sedan
  • I'm Still Not Okay From Nov 16th- And These Comments Aren't Helping- So I'll Keep Reading Them

    _tubbyinnit__tubbyinnit_Månad sedan
  • 3:55 start of Internet Ruined Me

    Trinity LanniganTrinity LanniganMånad sedan
  • Whats pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooping, whats poooooooooooooooooooooooping

    Isabella MartinezIsabella MartinezMånad sedan
    • haha poop funny

      W4VDragonW4VDragonMånad sedan

    Steve MatthewSteve MatthewMånad sedan

    songbird 64songbird 64Månad sedan
  • I love how his music just is perfect for 2020

    SoulLorianSoulLorianMånad sedan
  • pog

    LupiterLupiterMånad sedan
  • im convinced that the girl is just Wilbur on helium

    oscaval5oscaval5Månad sedan
    • the girl is chevy

      EmmyEmmyMånad sedan
  • Wilbur from minecraft and wilbur from his songs are two very different people but that's what I love. I'm able to relate to most of his songs and be able to laugh at his mc videos.

    Lemon be3Lemon be3Månad sedan
    • What part, the endless, cyclic depression or the involuntarily celibate part?

      Cactus_GamesCactus_Games4 dagar sedan
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  • i died 1 week ago

    johnny hileriojohnny hilerioMånad sedan
  • i like his music it gives my brain the happy chemical :)

    MakamaariMakamaariMånad sedan
  • "Mom Took Away My PS4" This is what led to the clustercuck, of what we call l'manberg.

    Angel From HellAngel From HellMånad sedan
  • what's ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    Midnight._.Strawberry !Midnight._.Strawberry !Månad sedan
  • I wonder if Wilber has watched this 🤔

    OakTreeOakTreeMånad sedan
    • @The New Arcade - true

      OakTreeOakTreeMånad sedan
    • that'd be pretty pog but i doubt it

      The New ArcadeThe New ArcadeMånad sedan
  • Ok but this song is actually so good, I thought it was just gonna be a meme song for comedy but it sounds great

    afarensisafarensis2 månader sedan
  • recommend putting the speed to .75 its like a slowed version 😎

    (STUDENT)Alyssa Evans(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans2 månader sedan
    • @(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans ...

      Eleriin IdionEleriin IdionMånad sedan
    • @Eleriin Idion i just am (;

      (STUDENT)Alyssa Evans(STUDENT)Alyssa EvansMånad sedan
    • ....how are you everywhere....

      Eleriin IdionEleriin IdionMånad sedan
    • its terrifying mate-

      Blake J#Blake J#Månad sedan
    • Its lowkey creepy 😳

      Erin SeedErin SeedMånad sedan

    Charis LapkaCharis Lapka2 månader sedan
  • this is absolutely lovely, pog.

    kira h.kira h.2 månader sedan
  • I like the cover art. Orcas are one of my favourite animal.

    Zach RodriguezZach Rodriguez2 månader sedan
  • mum took away my Nintendo switch so i punched a hole f*****in b****

    glitch commanderglitch commander2 månader sedan
  • Epic song bro

    Haven TomkinsonHaven Tomkinson2 månader sedan
  • god i love both the girl and wilburs voice

    zellezelle2 månader sedan
    • @Blxssom ;D twitter.com/chiffonhaha

      zellezelle28 dagar sedan
    • do u know who the girl is, im trying to find out

      Blxssom ;DBlxssom ;D28 dagar sedan

    RevengeonQRevengeonQ2 månader sedan
    • @Mr. Watermelon nope! also i was wrong about internet, it released in may but still came after e-girl

      CygerionCygerion11 dagar sedan
    • @Cygerion i thought internet was first?

      Mr. WatermelonMr. Watermelon11 dagar sedan
    • This video has 2 songs and they're both from this year. It isn't a single song.

      FlamephoenixxFlamephoenixx15 dagar sedan
    • @Cygerion And "Your New Boyfriend" from December

      ScorpioWhimScorpioWhimMånad sedan
    • @RevengeonQ e-girl is from january and i'm pretty sure internet was in july

      CygerionCygerionMånad sedan
  • Wow I never even noticed that these songs matched. The guitar bits at the beginning are really similar.

    Flipflopz ThreeonethreeFlipflopz Threeonethree2 månader sedan
    • @abdiel silva listen. I am stupid and this was a relevation for me lmao

      Flipflopz ThreeonethreeFlipflopz Threeonethree16 dagar sedan
    • Well yea it in order its telling a story

      abdiel silvaabdiel silvaMånad sedan
  • rip milo if you know you know

    Zen OwoZen Owo2 månader sedan

    Just LuJust Lu2 månader sedan
  • 0:00 I'm in love with an e girl 3:55 Internet ruined me

    Crabbsy_Crabbsy_2 månader sedan
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    Емил МитевЕмил Митев2 månader sedan

    G0R3 S0D4G0R3 S0D42 månader sedan
    • @Aprianex Yeah thats basically what I meant,,,Wilbur is extremely talented

      G0R3 S0D4G0R3 S0D4Månad sedan
    • They're actually serious in a joking way I'm In Love with an E-Girl - "'Cause I base my ideals on obsessive media, maybe if I act like them you'll respond to my DMs" The Media always say don't stop what you're doing and keep pushing and pushing and pushing, and one day you'll get a reward(in this case, going out with an E-Girl). It's a toxic relationship, that's why on the Music Video notepad it says, "today i will show you how to get gf using my ideals of toxic romantic aspiration". They also share the same meaning with *The "Nice Guy" Ballad* . Internet Ruined Me - "It feels like my ideals of affection are based around artificial perfection." The way people craft their personalities is because they want to give the impression that they are perfect in every way, that's why it said "artificial perfection". Wilbur's songs are quite smart ngl, they're funny and comedic, but they serve a serious message and meaning.

      AprianexAprianexMånad sedan
  • i feel like corpse husband's song E-Girls Are Ruining My Life is the sequel to Wilbur Soot's song im in love with and e-girl

    ReFreezerReFreezer2 månader sedan
  • poggers

    Maeven CruzMaeven Cruz2 månader sedan
  • Is nihachu the girl singing on im in love with an egirl?

    Diego Acosta SauDiego Acosta Sau2 månader sedan
    • It's Chevy. She's the person who was the original singer for UwU.

      Reen the Sad SardineReen the Sad Sardine2 månader sedan
    • dont remember who it is singing, but i do know that its not nihachu

      The New ArcadeThe New Arcade2 månader sedan
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  • I have now liked every comment in this entire comment section except this one :D

    what happenedwhat happened2 månader sedan
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      Finn DelgadoFinn Delgado2 månader sedan
  • pogchamp

    vmvm2 månader sedan
    • Hi GaMzEe

      milkmelatoninmilkmelatoninMånad sedan
  • I used to be a broke incel, then I got a girlfriend, two exes later i'm just broke.

    Paxton CargillPaxton Cargill2 månader sedan
    • what a fucking madlad, he just proved you can be uninceled.

      el inquisidor perseveranteel inquisidor perseverante13 dagar sedan
  • Deadass just thought that this was another alternative/indie artist, but, like, THIS IS WILBUR SOOT L i k e , L ' M a n b u r g W i l b u r

    Hello DollyHello Dolly2 månader sedan
    • @Hello Dolly All warfare is based on deception. - Tsun Tzu, The Art of War

      Cactus_GamesCactus_Games4 dagar sedan
    • FREAKIN SAME. I left it on a random mix and it came on and when I looked at it,it said Wilbur soot and I was Holy shite!?

      Aztec the grimAztec the grimMånad sedan
    • Ghostbur

      AshesCorners VODSAshesCorners VODSMånad sedan
    • we been knew but yeah i get where you're coming from lol

      Aurora STUDENKAAurora STUDENKAMånad sedan
    • Yep

      Booksrule07 BooksBooksrule07 BooksMånad sedan
  • This sounds like something that would play when you're shopping haha.

    Poggers ChampPoggers Champ2 månader sedan
  • i always come to this video to calm myself, i just had presentation in class and i started crying but this video calmed myself down

    aestheticallyxashaestheticallyxash2 månader sedan
  • U know there is called song name e-girl ruining my life

    Jalpa AupliaJalpa Auplia2 månader sedan
  • o m g my fav wilbur songs IN ONE B)

    Gyro ZeppeliGyro Zeppeli3 månader sedan
  • Wilbur really is the British version of The Front Bottoms but it's also fused in with this amazing sense of Midwest Emo. God speed my emo British friend, you legend.

    Proto_DodoProto_Dodo3 månader sedan
    • MIDWEST EMO YES i wondered why i love this so much, i'm a midwest emo

      molly engelbergmolly engelberg2 månader sedan
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    WondermittensWondermittens3 månader sedan
  • if this comment section was a minecraft command it would be /sudo @e pog

    I Will Drink YouI Will Drink You3 månader sedan
    • Techno pfp nice

      Flaminga The FlamingoFlaminga The Flamingo2 månader sedan
  • time to procrastinate boissssss

    PeachysweeticedteaPeachysweeticedtea3 månader sedan
  • POG?

    01Shipley _6401Shipley _643 månader sedan
  • pog champ

    z0eyz0ey3 månader sedan
  • Poggahs

    MidgisaurMidgisaur3 månader sedan
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    ThonkingRThonkingR3 månader sedan
  • thats crazy bro i feel you , my momma died and now no one can take my ps5

    Steven FernandezSteven Fernandez3 månader sedan
    • bro?

      Finn DelgadoFinn Delgado2 månader sedan
    • @Peachysweeticedtea i-

      _yasmin08_yasmin083 månader sedan
    • uh..nice..?-

      PeachysweeticedteaPeachysweeticedtea3 månader sedan
  • e girl really?? eww

    Steven FernandezSteven Fernandez3 månader sedan
    • uh

      _yasmin08_yasmin083 månader sedan
  • Pog

    ツPuffleツツPuffleツ3 månader sedan
  • Swag

    Scipio MaximusScipio Maximus3 månader sedan
    • i think you spelled "pog" wrong

      The New ArcadeThe New Arcade3 månader sedan
  • Whats pooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    SungateSungate3 månader sedan
    • *lip bite* Wats pApieeeN?

      Peachy Live!Peachy Live!Månad sedan

      Booksrule07 BooksBooksrule07 BooksMånad sedan
    • just a single message more sends her rubbing up my ethernet cord

      mochilokimochilokiMånad sedan
    • *She’s Beauty, she’s grace. She has profile picture of an anime girl’s face*

      Idontbelonginthisowrld -Idontbelonginthisowrld -Månad sedan
    • whats popEEeeeEnguh

      (STUDENT)Alyssa Evans(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans2 månader sedan
  • went from oliver tree to wilbur soot and im not complaining but hope after the wilbur songs i get grandson

    ratbaxratbax3 månader sedan
  • cock and ball torture (cbt) from wikipedia the free encyclopedia

    Shader1X DerpShader1X Derp3 månader sedan
    • cock and ball torture (cbt) from wikipedia the free encyclopedia

      The New ArcadeThe New Arcade3 månader sedan
  • This is good music Wilbur soot noiceeeee

    antonio reginaldo silvaantonio reginaldo silva3 månader sedan
  • 50% of the comments - *P O G* 45% of the comments - Talking about something else 5% of the comments - Talking about how Wilbur is a good musician/a cool person/etc.

    ItssJustLlamaItssJustLlama4 månader sedan
    • nah the 5% is now basically 40%

      LemonGamerLemonGamer22 dagar sedan
    • @MashGore :o

      (STUDENT)Alyssa Evans(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans2 månader sedan
    • @(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans you can like it now mwahahah such evil

      MashGoreMashGore2 månader sedan
    • @(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans bruh I understand tho

      ItssJustLlamaItssJustLlama2 månader sedan
    • homie i cant like the comment its at 69 i'll like it when someone ruins it

      (STUDENT)Alyssa Evans(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans2 månader sedan
  • poggers

    ShimpShimp4 månader sedan
  • pog

    Miley CarrilloMiley Carrillo4 månader sedan
  • Anyone else awake at 5am singing along to any version of these songs?

    ꧁Vibing_Potato꧂꧁Vibing_Potato꧂4 månader sedan
  • 100 hundred comment hehe

    DotToDotDotToDot4 månader sedan
  • ... when he said "I'm so lonley" , he says horny after it lol

    Nicholas_Plays99V2Nicholas_Plays99V24 månader sedan
    • OK SO I HUST FOUND THIS OUT!! on youtube music it doesnt have the ‘horny’ bit, but in the mv he does. Im not sure about spotify as i do not use it but i only jUST FOUND IT AND LITERALLY WHEEZED OUT ONE OF MY LUNGS-

      AirynynAirynynMånad sedan
  • testing the chat say the next line your in her bed but I'm in her twitch chat

    scarlett mariescarlett marie4 månader sedan
    • @Lilly mae OF COURSE I'VE MET JARED

      Julie GoodeJulie Goode6 dagar sedan
    • @Julie Goode *intense guitar noises* YEAH I MET JARED

      Lilly maeLilly mae6 dagar sedan
    • @Lilly mae (ohohhh) Your new boyfriend's an arsehole... WOOH!

      Julie GoodeJulie Goode25 dagar sedan
    • @greedy feline anyways make the most of him she moves on pretty bloody quick

      Lilly maeLilly mae2 månader sedan
    • @greedy feline anyways make the most of him

      what happenedwhat happened2 månader sedan

    scarlett mariescarlett marie4 månader sedan
  • The internet ruined an e-girl

    JayOhBiJayOhBi4 månader sedan
  • Pog

    PotatoPotato5 månader sedan
  • ive had this on a loop for hours now lol soot2020

    BiancaBianca5 månader sedan
    • @what happened fr,, working on my essay while listening to this and its perfect

      Ayisha ChinAyisha Chin2 månader sedan
    • I listen to this while doing homework. I'm getting good grades now :D

      what happenedwhat happened2 månader sedan
  • 3:55 for The Internet Ruined Me! :)

    Paola LaraPaola Lara5 månader sedan
  • pog

    GrimascentGrimascent6 månader sedan
  • The gunshot scared me

    Cameron BunceCameron Bunce6 månader sedan

      Samantha HillSamantha HillMånad sedan
    • living here in america, if it was a gunshot, i'd be used to it

      (STUDENT)Alyssa Evans(STUDENT)Alyssa Evans2 månader sedan
    • @That Studio I KNEW IT THANK YOU :))

      soggy_boi69soggy_boi692 månader sedan
    • Cool fact for those who seem to not know: At the beginning of Internet Ruined Me, it's actually the sound of Wilbur smacking his desk with a rolled up magazine. Enjoy your fun fact! :D

      That StudioThat Studio2 månader sedan
    • It's surprisingly loud

      FinnuggetFinnugget3 månader sedan