12 jan 2021
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A GOLF R MK7.5 is the next project! I think this car has a story to tell and i try to crack it. The damage doesn't look so bad at first look but we will soon find out the extent of it once we begin stripping the damaged parts off.
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  • Matt I stopped wrapping my mum's birthday presents for tomorrow just to watch your video 😂

    Cameron McPheeCameron McPhee4 dagar sedan
    • Just shove 'em in a glitzy bag! She can always reuse the bag again for your birthday!

      computerbob06computerbob062 dagar sedan
    • Same bday date as me, your mum must be a very cool lady 🥴

      Vision From AboveVision From Above2 dagar sedan
    • thought he was gonna say he stopped wrapping presents to wrap his car

      DeamesDeames3 dagar sedan
    • @Cameron McPhee hope you got it sorted by now 👍

      Zain KZain K3 dagar sedan
    • @Cameron McPhee I'm only joking mate, happy birthday to your mom.

      Rusty NailRusty Nail4 dagar sedan
  • DMO needs a golf R cat front end damage salvage repair

    nathan taylornathan taylor11 minuter sedan
  • Hi Matt if you check out Dmo Deejay on SEworld they have golf r that’s just been smashed so they might have parts! Just a thought 🤟🏻

    Mr BoothMr Booth51 minut sedan
  • Bet the engine in that is fucked, sounds pretty rattly and tired when you first started it. I'm going with the guess that its been stolen and ragged within an inch of its life from cold until whatever muppet took it crashed. Wouldn't be surprised if it got on a rolling road and has lost a fair portion of its power output.

    CalCalTimme sedan
  • Could of brought dmos

    Ben BayatBen Bayat2 timmar sedan
  • You should buy @dmodeejays wrecked golf r, would make a decent collab

    LEAH BLEAH B3 timmar sedan
  • If its registered stolen and you fix it get pulled over the police will take it back off you regardless of how you bought it

    VizoMediaVizoMedia3 timmar sedan
  • Hey there mat, how are ya? Hope your good, we are part of the DMO army and maybe you could give him a shout and collab with him coz hes had his vw wrecked too so yh that would be a good collab mate.cheers

    F22 RAPTORF22 RAPTOR3 timmar sedan
  • dmo

    multiimultii4 timmar sedan
  • Dmo dj might need some help bro.

    Darren mDarren m4 timmar sedan
  • Love the new project mate can't wait to see want you have in store for us 👍

    Mathew AshMathew Ash4 timmar sedan
  • Cant wait to see what you do with as I own a 7.5

    MrRevstarMrRevstar5 timmar sedan
  • Have a look at KR salvage on eBay. We just broke one not long back and have a fair few parts left for sale. We also offer worldwide shipping so don't worry about how its gonna get there

    Kai FletcherKai Fletcher5 timmar sedan
  • Fool me Once...Shame on You..Fool me twice...Shame on Mat😁

    Fin HorFin Hor6 timmar sedan
  • This probably wasnt stolen. It's the dust released from the air bags. It's all over the interior

    John GalbraithJohn Galbraith7 timmar sedan
  • YESSIR YESSIR finally i wanted this

    Suzann BrownSuzann Brown8 timmar sedan
  • do these cars come from copart?

    Lukasz KLukasz K11 timmar sedan
  • Well that’s a bit of a curveball you’ve given us. Never thought I’d see you do a Golf ..let the journey begin

    ColeCole12 timmar sedan
  • Dust is probably talc from the airbags going. Interior is where covid 19 started 🤣🤣🤣

    Dave DeweyDave Dewey12 timmar sedan
  • Inside is dirty as like as a fast food restaurant table!

    Nick RossNick Ross12 timmar sedan
  • The powder is from the airbags, not fingerprint dusting...

    Ryan RetallickRyan Retallick13 timmar sedan
  • Should be a beauty once she's done, looking forward to it 😎😎

    Jack MillinJack Millin17 timmar sedan
  • 7:15 nah mate its cocaine

    Matteo AngiusMatteo Angius23 timmar sedan
  • That's not finger print dust

    Mark JacksonMark JacksonDag sedan
  • I’m not a mechanic, but I thought you was only meant to put the spacer wheels on the rear of t he car because the front end can sometimes be too heavy (with the engine etc) ??

    SkyWalkerSkyWalkerDag sedan
  • Hi! Put the Osram headlights on if u can, i have them on my mk7 and they are so good.

    Rico KRico KDag sedan
  • Someone shat on the back seat huh?

    Dennis TafeltennisDennis TafeltennisDag sedan
  • What age is that Golf!? 🧐😜

    D GD GDag sedan
  • white stuff on the door cards is called sodium azide came of the airbags

    Justas -no-info-Justas -no-info-Dag sedan
    • @Mat Armstrong than it proves your story 😁 Thanks for great content! Waiting for next golf r episode 👍

      Justas -no-info-Justas -no-info-Dag sedan
    • Its also on the outside door handles aswell

      Mat ArmstrongMat ArmstrongDag sedan
  • my dream car :)

    Justas -no-info-Justas -no-info-Dag sedan
  • Where do you buy wrecked cars from ?

    Sam HowieSam HowieDag sedan
  • take seats out and jetwash them with tfr

    James EasonJames EasonDag sedan
  • Strip out the airbags, fashion them into a hazmat suit, then you can tackle the rest of the interior 🤢

    Stormy177Stormy177Dag sedan
  • Been hit the same side as merc hasnt it 🙈🙈

    lea tubelea tubeDag sedan
  • Get stuck in, really enjoy the challenges you take on.

    Mick de BrouMick de BrouDag sedan
  • Actually looking forward to this

    lea tubelea tubeDag sedan
  • Video's need to be longer 12 minates is far to short

    mark bensonmark bensonDag sedan
  • Great video as always Matthew !

    Mark DrakeMark DrakeDag sedan
  • Looking forward to this one 😁

    Darren DaviesDarren DaviesDag sedan
  • I feel like I just watch 10 minutes of you saying "I bought a Golf R that's a bit bent" and doing sweet f-a else. Step it up Mat. Tavarish would have done 90 seconds on "it's bent" and 9.5 minutes on "here's dis-assembly"

    C-J WatsonC-J WatsonDag sedan
    • @Mat Armstrong I see your point. Perhaps upload once a week with much more workshop time. Still think your heart is in the right place and the channel's going in a positive direction, so well done.

      C-J WatsonC-J WatsonDag sedan
    • But also tavarish uploads only a couple times a month. I do a couple times a week.it wouldn’t be possible for me to do that,film it and edit it in 2 days haha Everything in this video is needed to show the full story of the golf

      Mat ArmstrongMat ArmstrongDag sedan
  • Just do what most people do when they repair a golf r, go steal another one. Educated guess youll be about 2k under book once you're done.

    jake walshjake walshDag sedan
  • My next car for sure ! Beautiful &so powerful

    Bodiroga96Bodiroga96Dag sedan
  • You must be dying that stubble evry day...

    Brad HardyBrad HardyDag sedan
  • You should have worn mask and gloves while filming this video man, that car is really filthy

    scar101fulscar101fulDag sedan
  • do a video driving around trying to get pulled over

    preciousmetals168preciousmetals168Dag sedan
  • I think that white powder is just airbag dust 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Philip WatsonPhilip Watson2 dagar sedan
  • Hey mat, I cant wait to watch this build Thanks for bringing it to the channel. All the best mate.

    Anthony CrossAnthony Cross2 dagar sedan
  • Ex dinger

    G TG T2 dagar sedan
  • Don’t believe the seller on it being categorised , Experian drag heels . It could be CAT S tomorrow or in 3 years you never know

    A SA S2 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video as usual dude 🙂

    Mr LJMr LJ2 dagar sedan
  • What year is it? 2019? 😂 😂

    Deeman 888Deeman 8882 dagar sedan
  • Time to get the chisel out Mat!!, Looking forward to this this one, We'll done mate.

    Andrew KidgerAndrew Kidger2 dagar sedan
  • Looks a right mess looking forward to seeing it looking fresh 👌🥳

    George HarveyGeorge Harvey2 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Absolutley nobody: Mat Armstrong:oh a wrecked car I WANT IT 😂🤣😂🤣 KEEP GOING BRO

    Alexis_ Ore_BoceAlexis_ Ore_Boce2 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂😂

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong2 dagar sedan
  • C63 engine into an old Vito. Make a beast Camper van! I feel like Golf R content has been done to death...

    Mike YounesMike Younes2 dagar sedan
  • Stolen recovered🤔 Hpi check will check that out👍

    Bru BruBru Bru2 dagar sedan
  • Which auction did you buy the golf r from?

    RAYRAY2 dagar sedan
  • HI Matt great to see you into new project how does it feel not working on the C63 pal - this is great car to work keep up the work

    Amit PatelAmit Patel2 dagar sedan
  • You shouldn’t be stopped by the police, there’s no stolen marker when you run the plate on my car check. 👍🏻

    Jaguar 1991Jaguar 19912 dagar sedan
  • Really looking forwards to this one Matt. I’m looking to replace my octavia vrs with a golf r estate next , so be great to see the mods. Make sure you do some engine work . Think it’s quite easy to release a fair amount of extra power from these. All the best mate . Love your positivity , even when things seem hopeless, your enthusiasm always shines through which is very refreshing at the moment 🤩👌🏻

    Mark spearingMark spearing2 dagar sedan
  • I’ve bought one off Copart last week all inspired by you 😂😂 would be good fun repairing it with you 👊🏽

    Danyal HussainDanyal Hussain2 dagar sedan
  • Well, I did not expect that. This will be very interesting with your taste

    DarcChyldeUKDarcChyldeUK2 dagar sedan
  • I love Kevin!

    mrdood740mrdood7402 dagar sedan
  • Some VW group cars require the screen out first before the Dash can come out - hope that's not the case for this...

    Cameron AckroydCameron Ackroyd2 dagar sedan
  • Please can I have the broken headlights? 🤭 Keep up the good work ! F from Manchester

    F AF A2 dagar sedan
  • Same as my car but mine is worse inside .

    frogsfrogs2 dagar sedan
  • Sent you a DM through Facebook messenger. Will definitely help you out on the golf. If you don’t get it, DM me

    M4dhatter MotorsportM4dhatter Motorsport2 dagar sedan
  • You cN never go wrong with VW, i was sad to see the C63 project crush before it stared

    okambambookambambo2 dagar sedan
  • Nice to see another sporty hatch 😍

    Shaun WrightShaun Wright2 dagar sedan
  • You did absolutely the right thing unloading that merc, it would have been a massive headache & possibly lost even more money on it!

    Roy BradleyRoy Bradley2 dagar sedan
  • You sure it weren’t a drug dealer that crashed fucked of his face and coke went everywhere, I would taste test not saying I know anything 😳

    WankatizerWankatizer2 dagar sedan
  • LLF and all them other channels are dead compared to Matt! #bentleeeehgang

    Ss CSs C2 dagar sedan
  • Mat what is happening with the Maserati. Have you given up on it???

    John SJohn S2 dagar sedan
    • video this week

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong2 dagar sedan
  • What’s the song called at the end ????

    Joe HowesJoe Howes2 dagar sedan
  • How much did u pay for it

    Kasem AbbasKasem Abbas2 dagar sedan
  • No PCN record for Stolen so hopefully all good man!

    mjj4mjj42 dagar sedan
  • I assume now you'll get new license plates with GB flag instead of EU one, lol. Great buy, tbh.

    Radu MalicaRadu Malica2 dagar sedan
  • ah yes , the face Lift really did age Well

    DaWiDaWi2 dagar sedan
  • Hi Matt. How will you fix the front assist unavailable error that comes up on the dash board ?

    CALLmeZAINCALLmeZAIN2 dagar sedan
  • The R8 is looking great with that colour

    Mark LehmannMark Lehmann2 dagar sedan
  • Mat Slowly but surely working his way through the entire VAG Range. Where's your Gloves man? That car interior is toxic!! One thing for sure. This is gonna be good 😊

    1881Gordon1881Gordon2 dagar sedan
  • Nice project mat👌 i owne a seat leon cupra 280 also an mqb car and the same engine as yours🔥 look forward for the videos to come. Dutchcupra5f on Instagram

    MM2 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to this, looking forward to seeing what's happening with the R8. Are you rebuilding the engine to fix the low compression?

    Tony GarlingewarrenTony Garlingewarren2 dagar sedan
  • Respect for doing this 🖒🖒

    Dee KoonerDee Kooner2 dagar sedan
  • I only came to your channel to learn how to change the lowering springs on one of these about 4 years ago. Stuck around since! Good luck with this one, doesn’t look too bad at all.

    Josh BanksJosh Banks2 dagar sedan
  • This is going to be so beautiful once you fix her up🥺

    Owethu MavusoOwethu Mavuso2 dagar sedan
  • I love the dash on these 😍

    412Driven412Driven2 dagar sedan
  • Can I have it when it's fixed😧

    WorldsWorlds2 dagar sedan
  • We were disappointed you spoilt things 😩People here giving you support and you tell us watch the video and I will tell you how much it cost me for the golf ect , Then we get to the end of the video and you say I will tell you in another video , Trust and honestty is a two way street , 🤔 Quote of the day To improve is to Change to perfect is to Change often ! By the great Winston Churchill good luck & god bless you ☘️👍🙏

    Anthony scottAnthony scott2 dagar sedan
  • Sweet will be fun rebuilding this Golf R 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Shakkx20@gmail.com I have a breakers yard. I would have most of the parts. Get in touch pal.

    Shakk RajaShakk Raja2 dagar sedan
  • I’ve got curtain airbags from a golf mk7.5 if needed. 👍

    Rob TreborRob Trebor2 dagar sedan
  • Mat seems like a bloke you could sit and have a pint with

    Graeme ElliottGraeme Elliott2 dagar sedan
  • Savage motors 🤟 can’t wait for your take on modding one 🍿

    starski4578starski45782 dagar sedan
  • To bad it's not Blue

    Lee PriceLee Price2 dagar sedan
  • What dog is kevin mat ???

    craig wolstenholmecraig wolstenholme2 dagar sedan
  • Please put the audi badge onnnnnn!!

    Aaron AAaron A2 dagar sedan
  • I have a 7.0 & 7.5. Cracking cars. You’ll love it.

    griltiggriltig3 dagar sedan
  • RS3 engine it!! 😉

    Richard PenillaRichard Penilla3 dagar sedan
  • Nooooooo!!!! Whyyyyy Goooolf ????!!!! Can you get back to Maserati or R8 now ? Good luck with it

    miro kostialmiro kostial3 dagar sedan