CallMeCarson VODS: Pax West w/ Slimecicle

2 sep 2019
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Streamed on 8/31/19
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  • Remember guys... This is a good stream

    ThatartguyThatartguy21 dag sedan
  • This is literally a year old but like I wanted to say how nice it was Carson kept supporting Charlie saying he was cool 2 so he wasn't left out and stuff ^^ Carson and Charlie are such nice people

    Clown HoursClown Hours27 dagar sedan
  • Is anyone gonna note that at 19:45 the guy in orange finally musted the courage to show up, cause he was nervous minute beforehand.

    DeepSearch27DeepSearch27Månad sedan
  • Ngl, I was watching Narwal and Condi in the glass's reflection the entire time

    Sophie DawsonSophie Dawson2 månader sedan
  • 1:01:00 Did Charlie just give the mic a kiss-

    SoSketchySoSketchy2 månader sedan
  • When Narwhal came in my deflated headass got confused bc my brain didn't register that he wasn't another Charlie bc when they both face the same way I swear they look like brothers (1:01:12)

    No I no when I no you Know that I NoNo I no when I no you Know that I No3 månader sedan
  • This made me really uncomfortable, because i love charlie and the entire time he seemed really sad that chat, the subs, and the people there didn't care about him

    dispiriteddaysdispiriteddays3 månader sedan
  • 1:01:12 its carson

    megaultraboopmegaultraboop3 månader sedan
  • jared added flavor to the stream

    megaultraboopmegaultraboop3 månader sedan
    • jared maked the stream 100% better

      MobliMobli20 timmar sedan
  • 39:15

    Autismo-The-MagicianAutismo-The-Magician3 månader sedan
  • Caa

    Deacon Blue-AJADeacon Blue-AJA3 månader sedan
  • Dude seeing charile left out from pictures makes me sad & angry >:'(

    Ruben GarciaRuben Garcia3 månader sedan
  • Was that dude about to cry beacuse a gamer he likes got a bf/gf?

    emrysemrys4 månader sedan
  • Did anyone else see the kokichi in the background 10:56

    Sher SullivanSher Sullivan4 månader sedan
  • 39:23 Ouch....... that's....... ouch.

    Leo TokarevLeo Tokarev4 månader sedan
  • 37:40 the funny voice crack funny

    • Sanoth •• Sanoth •4 månader sedan
  • Carson with baby voice is the best thing ever

    Oscar SmithOscar Smith4 månader sedan
  • It just warmed my heart after Charlie said, “I’ll support you!” And then Carson getting really happy about it. ❤️

    Erin BeaulieuErin Beaulieu5 månader sedan
  • 24:28 bruh I can’t read this

    Jaake HillssJaake Hillss6 månader sedan
  • 1:01:00 twins

    Janti DestuaJanti Destua6 månader sedan
  • How is Charlie one of the most popular while also one of the most underrated lunch club member

    sockssocks6 månader sedan
  • Bruh moment

    DDos Your fatherDDos Your father6 månader sedan
  • 1:12:11 "CAA, Callmecomon"

    jesuisoriginale pointcomjesuisoriginale pointcom7 månader sedan
  • Hippo hoppo It went from Pitz To *f a t* e r i n o

  • carson supporting schlatt's company with that schlatt and co shirt

    Raoul AkhatovRaoul Akhatov7 månader sedan
  • 1:01:20 I did not expect Jared to look like this

    ItsNoWonderItsNoWonder7 månader sedan
    • @Nicole Cortes idk if you still need it but hes Narwhal

      Fatin ZamriFatin Zamri4 månader sedan
    • who is he ive been trying to find him.

      Nicole CortesNicole Cortes6 månader sedan
  • lowkey the purple haired girl and the other one were annoyinga f

    its_charlseyyyits_charlseyyy7 månader sedan
  • Alright I have a question that I’d like answered,does Carson like pokimane or what?cause I thought he was into Kate or Kate was into him.

    Trevor RossTrevor Ross8 månader sedan
    • TGArcher 720 ohh ok thanks

      Trevor RossTrevor Ross7 månader sedan
    • Its a meme

      TGArcher 720TGArcher 7207 månader sedan
  • 1:28:41 they evaluate the clip

    sarahwhatsarahwhat8 månader sedan
    • Sarah Buckman thank you so much

      Hannah MendilloHannah Mendillo7 månader sedan
  • Jesus Schlatt sucks at throwing

    Pepper MintPepper Mint10 månader sedan
    • Timestamp?

      Little BirdieLittle Birdie6 månader sedan
  • 24:55 ah that’s me back there

    misty6xxmisty6xx10 månader sedan
  • 45:50 coming back later

    dayang sofeadayang sofea10 månader sedan
  • lowkey cooper kinda look like fred figglehorn

    dustdust11 månader sedan
  • oh, is that a water bottle i see, charlie?

    ANA LUGOANA LUGO11 månader sedan
  • 1:36:15 L I P S

    sunflowerstickersunflowerstickerÅr sedan
  • anyone know the dude with the whiteboard?

    Jeffrey KellyJeffrey KellyÅr sedan
  • 43:00 dont mind me

    killer 1987killer 1987År sedan
  • 1:08:05 why is the way he say okay funny to me

    BrightyBrightyÅr sedan
    • Brighty ‘o-gay’

      lokiisqueenlokiisqueenÅr sedan
  • 3:19 Alanah Pierce from Funhaus, cringe

    Keve PoteczkiKeve PoteczkiÅr sedan
  • 39:13

    panpaneapanpaneaÅr sedan
  • Carson and Charlie's shipname would be CallMeSlimecicle.

    Ry21GuRy21GuÅr sedan
  • callmecarson got mads bitches tho. He hella ballin damn

    Ocean ManOcean ManÅr sedan
  • their shirts be drippin tho

    elian ljelian ljÅr sedan
  • 40:03

    AbiAbiÅr sedan
    • why is he so cute wait

      moon childmoon child9 månader sedan
  • 20:57 is such a gamer moment

    Nora SaraultNora SaraultÅr sedan
  • 1:26:07 is that Jared, aka the DM, aka Mr. Narwhal!?

    Samurai SorcererSamurai SorcererÅr sedan
  • Dude why the fuvk people aren't taking pics with slime too

  • Bro...Charlie kinda cute f u c k

    DingirDingirÅr sedan
  • 1:01:58 I legitimately do not know this man, educate me

    DingirDingirÅr sedan
    • YOO that's Jared. He's the DM for Charlie's DnD campaign with condi grizz bizly and wheatie. He's also a really funny dude would definitely check out his stuff he goes by Narhwal

      Hannah 123Hannah 123Månad sedan
    • Oh, its Jared, Narwhal, he's another youtuber and Charlie's dm for their D&D podcast called "Just Roll With It"

      Cris SaitaCris Saita2 månader sedan
    • his name is jared ( his channel is just called Narwhal ) but idrk who he is

      Ada FenderAda FenderÅr sedan
    • thought I heard Carson call him dash but idk who he is either

      nani naninani naniÅr sedan
  • 26:34 this is my favourite thing to exist

    DingirDingirÅr sedan
    • Dingir yes

      Piickle boi 2.0Piickle boi 2.06 månader sedan
  • Uhoh stinky

    Nix CageNix CageÅr sedan
  • If been a fan of slimesicle since 700k and this makes me sad and angry

    Angry BananaAngry BananaÅr sedan
    • lmao you pressed

      CIRCIR2 månader sedan
    • you don't even know how to spell slimecicle lmaoo.... But I agree they should have taken the photos with charlie as well.

      Isabella AcuñaIsabella Acuña5 månader sedan
    • ikr he just had to move out of the pictures. i would’ve taken one with just him. 😭😭

      God _God _5 månader sedan
  • Was that asian Andy in the very beginning?

    InsanegamenrdInsanegamenrdÅr sedan
  • This is a great stream by the way Remember that.

    Space BoySpace BoyÅr sedan
  • Weird how bowser drank at the exact same time as slimcicle at 18:40

    NUM.14NUM.14År sedan
    • NUM.14 bowser consumed that bottle holy

      Fairy.Fairy.5 månader sedan

      lokiisqueenlokiisqueenÅr sedan

    gary thenggary thengÅr sedan
  • 54:56 they’re just a vending machine and so proud

    BirdæBirdæÅr sedan

    BruhBruhÅr sedan
  • Why does Carson’s head LowKey look blurred

    Ray LeungRay LeungÅr sedan
  • 2 nerds with glasses on

    funny manfunny manÅr sedan
  • my man cargon just want a hot gf

    Yxs LunaYxs LunaÅr sedan
  • 37:54 how dare she be that damn thicc in public

    BlockybodyguardBlockybodyguardÅr sedan
  • 34:52 the madman

    mooglemoogleÅr sedan
  • When he went baby I felt that

    LeTwinkyLeTwinkyÅr sedan
  • Mfw Fitz and Poki

    SourAsianSourAsianÅr sedan
  • he ate my kids.

    YodahYodahÅr sedan
    • N O T T H E K I D S

      lokiisqueenlokiisqueenÅr sedan
  • CAAl me Carson

    Andrew DogaruAndrew DogaruÅr sedan
  • That was the perfect way to start the vod

    Fireball FlareblitzFireball FlareblitzÅr sedan
  • Carson is mad that Pokimane smokes weed with Fitz. He punches a Fitz yootooz figurine until both his hands as well as the vynil mini Fitz are bloody stumps.

    Andrew DogaruAndrew DogaruÅr sedan
  • if you havent noticed, they both have sims eyeglasses

    Thea KjeksrudThea KjeksrudÅr sedan
  • carsicle

    B L I F F O R DB L I F F O R DÅr sedan
  • Wait I thought that was a greenscreen the whole time

    Christopher ColumbusChristopher ColumbusÅr sedan
  • OMG! I was at pax west for monday and I am so so so mad I didn't see carson there.

    CookieCookieÅr sedan
  • 32:55 i feel my body recoiling

    rikeyrikeyÅr sedan
  • Damn that chick at 50:14 is thirsty for Carson

    RyanTyanMyanRyanTyanMyanÅr sedan
    • Deadass trying to breach containment

      { rulBmutnauQ }{ rulBmutnauQ }20 dagar sedan
    • For Charlie

      animulord_48animulord_487 månader sedan
    • Ikr she wouldn’t leave him be 😂😂😂

      Lorelai ClarkeLorelai Clarke7 månader sedan
    • RyanTyanMyan thats me lmfao

      Chelsea PChelsea P11 månader sedan
    • she took his bottle to make a dna replica of him too

      Taco Bell employeeTaco Bell employeeÅr sedan
  • 54:05 I’m pissed

    TimpanTimpanÅr sedan
  • man cooper is cuter than what i remember him being editing this to add the time stamp for my thirsty times lol 1:20:23

    lazy pandalazy pandaÅr sedan
    • Bro I feel that

      DingirDingirÅr sedan
  • someone asks charlie if hes baby at 59:26 ,,, makes me happy

    Clan DestineClan DestineÅr sedan

    • Clan Destine OMG THATS ME

      Chelsea PChelsea P11 månader sedan
    • Clan Destine finally someone talking to baby boi

      Mr SimpletonMr SimpletonÅr sedan
  • God i fucking love Charlie so much

    Jesse McCreeJesse McCreeÅr sedan
  • This is low key depressing that Charlie had to move out the pics

    TheHentaiGodTheHentaiGodÅr sedan
    • @God _ God has spoken!

      ᴅᴏʀᴋʏ ᴀᴢᴢʏᴅᴏʀᴋʏ ᴀᴢᴢʏMånad sedan
    • i would go take a picture with just Charlie and leave Carson out lmao

      God _God _5 månader sedan
    • sry i was just scrolling down through the comments to go to time stamps

      lokiisqueenlokiisqueenÅr sedan
    • bob jr just watch it a little and you’ll see whenever they take pics with carson

      TheHentaiGodTheHentaiGodÅr sedan
    • TheHentaiGod when, bro

      lokiisqueenlokiisqueenÅr sedan
  • Seeing Carson wear Schlatt's merch is so wholesome

    koncentrakoncentraÅr sedan
  • This whole stream just sparked carson x charlie

    sarahwhatsarahwhatÅr sedan
    • I hope you mean this in a friendly and wholesome way cuz if not then...

      jesuisoriginale pointcomjesuisoriginale pointcom7 månader sedan
    • Oh god

      Gassoant TravelsGassoant Travels9 månader sedan
    • Sarah Buckman yeah- oops

      lokiisqueenlokiisqueenÅr sedan
  • just marking the best parts 2:13 1:20:22

    Bernard David DavidsonBernard David DavidsonÅr sedan
  • Ted and pokimane would’ve been cute

    Josspeh DuazoJosspeh DuazoÅr sedan
  • the fan interactions were so fucking wholesome 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    JamesonJamesonÅr sedan
  • 39:30 The face of a defeated man

    Saiyan GoombaSaiyan GoombaÅr sedan
  • F for the guy whose chips he piad money for got robbed

    zevannahzevannahÅr sedan
  • 18:00 quiet takes a selfie with carson

    hobohoboÅr sedan
  • 1:00:15 Saitama has joined the call.

    Myerss 0843Myerss 0843År sedan
  • 18:20 Carson met Quiet and got wooed by her. Carsons impression is priceless

    Mochi MozuMochi MozuÅr sedan
    • what's quiets social media

      AHHHAHHHÅr sedan
    • He is a virgin no more

      Zac van den HeuvelZac van den HeuvelÅr sedan
  • i appear at 18:35

    MattMattÅr sedan
  • 31:36 gotcha bitch

    Davin O'MearaDavin O'MearaÅr sedan
  • charlie kinda cute tho 👀👀

    Cameron LovedayCameron LovedayÅr sedan
    • @2080 Yes, yes we are.

      Marceline [ Marcie ] KimMarceline [ Marcie ] Kim2 månader sedan
    • Gay

      208020802 månader sedan
    • Yes.

      Marceline [ Marcie ] KimMarceline [ Marcie ] Kim3 månader sedan
    • i think they both are

      sagegrovee ytsagegrovee yt5 månader sedan
    • Yooo me too I was like “hol’ up-“

      PapababbiboboPapababbibobo5 månader sedan
  • carson's hairline is actually going ape gay and pog mode lmao

    tacheeetacheeeÅr sedan
  • The pure fear on Charlie’s face when he turned around at the beginning aahahahaahahahah im dying

    LaceyLaceyÅr sedan
  • My fellow Washingtonians, No

    Thog Don’t caareThog Don’t caareÅr sedan
    • Hello brother.

      The Official Lois Griffin Youtube ChannelThe Official Lois Griffin Youtube Channel5 månader sedan
  • Ape mode ooo pooh oooo

    Greyson NealyGreyson NealyÅr sedan
  • Fitz and Pokimane💕❤💕

    Greyson NealyGreyson NealyÅr sedan
  • CMC a college you dingos

    Kellen GainesKellen GainesÅr sedan
  • Was that girl with the purple hair cosplaying an inkling? 8D poggers

    OkanjitendoOkanjitendoÅr sedan