Last To Get Knocked Out Wins iPhone 12 ft Beta Squad

10 jan 2021
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Last To Get Knocked Out Wins iPhone 12 ft @Beta Squad
In this video @Chunkz @Sharky @Johnny Carey @Aj Shabeel and myself all competed in a boxing tournament to win an iPhone 12 Pro Max. We also had the best referee of all time, @Niko Omilana LOL enjoy.

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Family Friendly PG Clean

  • Safe to say niko is an awful ref LOL

    KingKennyTvKingKennyTv7 dagar sedan
    • Ay king kenny is named the king

      BTVAKA JaydenBTVAKA JaydenDag sedan
    • Shush

      Dan SwiftDan SwiftDag sedan
    • Johnny blatantly won that😂😂

      Puckpulu 133Puckpulu 1332 dagar sedan
    • Go check LIL MACKS - PROTECT ME !!!! Grm Daily Out Now !!!

      Slatty IshhSlatty Ishh3 dagar sedan
    • He sucks bad ref

      Berserk_JordanBerserk_Jordan3 dagar sedan
  • Pure comedy😂😂😂, my favorite SEworld channel by far!

    ceasar isabelceasar isabel2 timmar sedan
  • Niko is the most knacks ref ever he's like Kevin Friend ffs looooool juss letting everything slide. Chunkz was on it ngl but he was obviously gunna win he's like 130 KG haha. Ilias n AJ looked like 2 cats fighting on the corner that was too jokes. Big up Johnny he held it down still.

    Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni7 timmar sedan
  • johnny has hands

    dewan soyerdewan soyer7 timmar sedan
  • This is the only fight niko can be ringside and inside the ring

    Joel HeathJoel Heath8 timmar sedan
  • 12:29 Franklin from gta🤣🤣

    I hacked This accountI hacked This account8 timmar sedan
  • The diversity is strong here I'm expecting that everybody must be engineers or doctors. Thank you for contributing so much to British society what did Britain do without the likes of you. Apart from controller quarter of the world's population.

    Ba d NeighbourBa d Neighbour8 timmar sedan
  • He made it back from this video. Congrats on the upload kenny let’s make this a weekly thing

    Ur WetUr Wet9 timmar sedan
  • Johnny actually looks like a decent fighter

    Hasana BegumHasana Begum10 timmar sedan
  • Chunkz is one dirty fighter 🏆

    MoMo11 timmar sedan
  • Johnny won that any one who knows boxing will agree chunkz don’t even have a stance and Johnny landed way more bangs

    Jamzz 786Jamzz 78614 timmar sedan
  • 2:59 He is saying “hit harder” “Do you understand what i’m saying”. Weird seeing a cantonese dude in a Beta Squad video 😂

    Beese ChurgerBeese Churger14 timmar sedan
  • ears do be needing them 1phone 12 minis lol

    firenationnnfirenationnn14 timmar sedan
  • these men fight like it’s wii sports boxing

    Mr FraserMr Fraser14 timmar sedan
  • AJ dodges Kenny : he's Mike Tyson Sharky dodges Kenny : he's like Muhammad ali

    mikin liroumikin lirou16 timmar sedan
  • petition for johnny to join beta squad ⬇️⬇️

    Danny BoyDanny Boy16 timmar sedan
  • 06:37 Niko- Social Distancing lol🤣

    A LA L17 timmar sedan
    • That Asian bloke on Aj's corner had me dying 😂

      mikin liroumikin lirou16 timmar sedan
  • The guy was speaking Cantonese lol He said u need to hit harder , u understand what I’m saying?

    Shirley YShirley Y17 timmar sedan
  • Johnny should of won but chunkz was just in a different weight class so im not sure whether it was a fair fight... still entertaining

    s ds d18 timmar sedan
  • Please no one here boxed like Mohamed Ali!!!! Quit the disrespect

    FaZe TRAPOFaZe TRAPO20 timmar sedan
  • Audio peaking

    Ske004Ske00420 timmar sedan
  • Chunkz is a legend “I wanna call out K..” 😂😂😂😂🐐

    ITZ AMOMANB9ITZ AMOMANB921 timme sedan
  • Chuks

    CsiCsi21 timme sedan
  • Chunkz is an ultra instinct butterbean

    ITZ AMOMANB9ITZ AMOMANB921 timme sedan
  • Wow never knew Niko was so tall

    ITZ AMOMANB9ITZ AMOMANB921 timme sedan
  • is it just me or chucks didnt win that fight.

    Sufiyan BayusufSufiyan Bayusuf21 timme sedan
  • Kenny says ‘Gib your a shit fighter’ then gets in the ring and fights like a 16 year old girl

    KyleKyle22 timmar sedan
  • they all sound like niko

    Kev MattKev Matt23 timmar sedan
  • See you after a month for your next upload

    master yonmaster yonDag sedan
  • 20:02 great words from a great man

    k abdul aziz karimk abdul aziz karimDag sedan
  • This is what u call entertainment

    DoN AtIDoN AtIDag sedan
  • That Asian bloke on Aj's corner had me dying 😂

    SupaaSupaaDag sedan
  • make fortnite vids pppppppppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssss

    Heman MidaliarHeman MidaliarDag sedan
  • There's nothing that Chunkz can't do. I'm sure! 🙏🏾

    6ugust6ugustDag sedan
  • Where's Niko videos 😭

    6ugust6ugustDag sedan
  • where have you ben kenny

    Kemari ClipsKemari ClipsDag sedan
  • Wow, Chunkz got some power in his punches 👏👏👏👏💪😝

    Kim AguilarKim AguilarDag sedan
  • Chunkz got hands bro

    Tommy 5Tommy 5Dag sedan
  • Love the way Sharky set up Johnny with the jabs to the body, then faked it and come over the top 👏👏

    Rampage Smacks sonsRampage Smacks sonsDag sedan
  • Please say recorded before a second lockdown

    Maximus SmithyMaximus SmithyDag sedan
  • I think chunks could take jake paul 😂

    Chance TaylopChance TaylopDag sedan
  • who else wanted to watch Johnny get knocked out

  • “Brilliant uppercut” *Throws a hook*🤦🏾

    Jokes HQJokes HQDag sedan
  • Love the energy 😂😂

    AmanAmanDag sedan
  • What is it armshouse? What should man come Watford?

    Radical EdwardsRadical EdwardsDag sedan
  • Last time Niko punched Chunkz’s belly he broke his wrist

    Aman HakzAman HakzDag sedan
  • I would smoke chunks in boxing and basketball he can hold these Ls

    Munir liveMunir liveDag sedan
  • I genuinely believe chunkz could beat jj

    Ted AdamsTed AdamsDag sedan
  • Whens da next beta squad vid

    LemonadeLemonadeDag sedan
  • Fam where’s jj

  • A few illegal elbow but chunkz was on smoke

    NuArmaNuArmaDag sedan
  • I mean y'all could always call up ksi yk chunks vs ksi or kenny vs ksi

    2KiwiKii22KiwiKii2Dag sedan
  • 16:33

    The grand PriestThe grand PriestDag sedan
  • Deji said he’d spar u

    Ewan CEwan CDag sedan
  • Ayy is that Ricky 😂😂

    T SavvT SavvDag sedan
  • The king is back!!!

    Shocker BoyShocker BoyDag sedan
  • looooooool Sharkys got a punch on him

    PackAPunchBSLPackAPunchBSLDag sedan
  • Johnny can fight

    Mr dark OMr dark ODag sedan
  • If only I was here I would ace it easily they call me little Izzy bec I’m skinny and hit hard and fast

    Mr dark OMr dark ODag sedan
  • johnny took round 2 fair play to him

    TrapsterTrapsterDag sedan
  • 15:47

    J.P.J.P.Dag sedan
  • How many kids do u have in ur basment?

    BobPlays_YTBobPlays_YTDag sedan
  • you can tell johnny was goin easy on him

    Dan DeenDan DeenDag sedan
  • Niko is toooo joke 😂😂😂

    Olivia JayneOlivia JayneDag sedan
  • Oh my God I have not been watching for a couple months

    RxcklezzYTRxcklezzYTDag sedan
  • I would pay money to see Chunkz box

    Anonymous VRAnonymous VRDag sedan
  • The needless walk arguably delight because toothbrush formally telephone an a fragile protest. unwieldy, jobless bridge

    ArkArkDag sedan
  • Chunkz is craaazzy what a beast

    T-OnTheBeatT-OnTheBeatDag sedan
  • Kenny I got a question why do u only post 1 vid every month??

    Darkleaf GamerDarkleaf GamerDag sedan
  • I wanted to see niko beat everyone up

    switch Somethingswitch SomethingDag sedan
  • Nobody got knocked out

    LRN 247LRN 247Dag sedan
  • Seems like who ever wore the pink one beat the hell out of the other

    Cljl 207Cljl 207Dag sedan
  • y did he say sharky is looking good after 3 doges

    ReefReefDag sedan
  • Chunkz man... won with less of a rest as well

    Jamie AaronJamie AaronDag sedan
  • Tbh Johnny should've won but o well

    TywrexTywrexDag sedan
  • 12:08 the way niko just snatched the mic 😭💀

    LOL OkLOL OkDag sedan
  • Hi

    Husnain Zaib1Husnain Zaib1Dag sedan
  • 9212

    ADzstat -_-ADzstat -_-Dag sedan
  • Chunkz I verified u on TikTok

    zara rahmanzara rahmanDag sedan
    • (Fact)

      zara rahmanzara rahmanDag sedan
  • AJ's got moves ngl.

    Aris TotleAris Totle2 dagar sedan
  • Cantonese

    Yeehern LooYeehern Loo2 dagar sedan
  • darkest man and loai and starplayer have to be involved next time

    Rahma ABdiRahma ABdi2 dagar sedan
  • i felt soo bad for ilyas he threw the tissue in and had to call it quits and niko has the most rubbish refing abilties yet he was the most funniest.

    Rahma ABdiRahma ABdi2 dagar sedan
  • chunkz made johnnys nose bleed watta gun

    Rahma ABdiRahma ABdi2 dagar sedan
  • omg a fight between niko and chunkz would be crazy

    Rahma ABdiRahma ABdi2 dagar sedan
  • why wlood you prank you boyfriend

    J a show Ja d showJ a show Ja d show2 dagar sedan
  • Johnny a tank uno

    Man like TudsMan like Tuds2 dagar sedan
  • Did not expect Chunkz to be that good. Chunkz has hands

    John FreemanJohn Freeman2 dagar sedan
  • Johnny lost as soon as he kept going in the corner

    C-Herbs 16C-Herbs 162 dagar sedan
  • ksi?

    R1SK EzR1SK Ez2 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see chunks vs KSI

    SpyrichSpyrich2 dagar sedan
  • Chunkz made it 😂😂😁🤭

    Maquuste ProductionMaquuste Production2 dagar sedan
  • i’ve watched the beta squad for a bit and when i read ur name now just realized ur king kenny remember ur little brother vids from like 2 years ago

    Elijah fordeElijah forde2 dagar sedan
  • 19:50 chunkz ran into mans hand 🤣

    ThommasThommas2 dagar sedan
  • chunks can scrap

    wordupdog 223wordupdog 2232 dagar sedan
  • Now chunks v ksi

    minij hooiminij hooi2 dagar sedan
  • I thought that was Johnny Carey in aj shabeels corner...

    Bernard G MulvihillBernard G Mulvihill2 dagar sedan
  • no one: Niko: bang bang bang, and then bang bang, bang bang, then bang

    GenderismymaleGenderismymale2 dagar sedan
    • Ooo and also arms

      minij hooiminij hooi2 dagar sedan
  • Where’s ksi

    Joseph BarbozaJoseph Barboza2 dagar sedan
  • Are you running out of ideas of a video

    KingWolf RobloxKingWolf Roblox2 dagar sedan